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Best At-home Hormone Testing Kit

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When To Contact A Doctor

PEAK Biomarker Testing, an easy at home hormone kit

Contact a doctor if your test results are abnormal, which could indicate a thyroid disorder. If your results are normal, you may want to see a doctor if you have any health concerns, symptoms of a thyroid disorder, or a personal or family history of thyroid conditions.

You can also visit your doctor to discuss or interpret your test results. They can confirm the results of your home test, which may include a diagnosis of a thyroid condition. Your doctor can also recommend treatments, additional tests, and any lifestyle changes.

See a doctor if you have symptoms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, which may include:

Male Fertility Hormone Levels And Reproduction

The testicles, the pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus produce key hormones that drive sperm production and sexual function. When there is too much or too little of these hormones, individuals may experience azoospermia, in which there is no sperm in the , or low sperm counts, oligospermia or the more severe cryptozoospermia. Any of these conditions can negatively affect fertility.

The three most important hormones impacting reproduction are follicle-stimulating hormone , luteinizing hormone , and testosterone. Because the hormones work collaboratively, if there is an imbalance of one hormone, it can cause an imbalance in another. Testing for hormonal imbalances typically assess these three hormones.

How Do I Choose The Right Home Testosterone Test For Me

There are many different factors that go into choosing an at-home test, such as:

  • Would you rather avoid a finger prick?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • Are you on a time crunch?

You may also want to look at reviews to see if other people have found that certain brands provide better accuracy than others.

Also, certain brands may not be able to deliver results to certain states, so make sure you live in a state where the results of at-home kits can eventually be sent to you.

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What Others Are Saying About Dutch

I tend to use the Precision Analytical panel. Its the one that I found to be the most accurate.

Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD

Using genetic testing is an excellent way to demonstrate susceptibility. DUTCH combined with genetic testing shows how genes are working in real time. A winning combination.

Dr. Ben Lynch

Epigenetic Pioneer

DUTCH is a complete game changer in the functional medicine landscape, and far superior to saliva hormone testing in most circumstances.

Chris Kresser, MS, LAC

New York Times best selling author of The Paleo Cure

The Precision Analytical panel is used routinely in our clinical practice, and I so appreciate the quality, reliability, and breadth of data Im seeing.

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Functional Medicine thought-leader, educator, clinician, author, and host of New Frontiers in Functional Medicine.

We know every sample received by our lab comes from a real person, with a real story.

What Tests Are Included In This Package

Top 10 Hormone Test Kit  Home Health Tests  HcaKNI

Luteinising hormone

Luteinising hormone plays a key role in reproduction. Mid-cycle, your LH levels increase which triggers your ovaries to release an egg ovulation. If your LH levels are too high or low you might have irregular periods and have trouble getting pregnant. High LH levels can be a sign that youre menopausal or have PCOS.

Follicle-stimulating hormone helps your ovaries to function normally and plays a key role in egg production and ovulation. Your FSH levels naturally increase as you age high levels can be a sign that youâre menopausal. If your FSH levels are too high or low you might have trouble getting pregnant.


Testosterone is a sex hormone thatâs important for your sex drive, bone and muscle health, mood, and cognitive function. Your levels gradually drop as you age this process speeds up around perimenopause and menopause. If your levels are out of range you might feel tired, have a low sex drive, and have low mood.


Sex hormone-binding globulin binds with certain hormones and transports them in your blood. When these hormones are bound to SHBG your body canât use them. This helps regulate how much is available for your body to use. If your SHBG levels are too high or low it can cause affect your testosterone and oestradiol levels.

Thyroid function

A basic thyroid profile measures Thyroxine , the main hormone produced by your thyroid, and thyroid-stimulating hormone a hormone that regulates your thyroid.


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Can You Test Hormone Levels

Yes, you can. Hormone testing is routinely done these days and is available for all types of hormones that commonly become unbalanced, including women hormones, men hormones, thyroid hormones, cortisol and much more. Most hormone imbalance tests are blood tests that measure the level of certain hormones circulating in the blood stream, and in some cases, whether complimentary hormones estrogen and progesterone, for instance are present in the proper ratios to work together effectively.

  • Hormone tests are commonly done for the following purposes:
  • To diagnose hormonal imbalances

What Are Hormone Test Kits

Hormone test kits can give you an indication of whether the hormone levels in your body are within a healthy range and whether your hormones are able to function properly.

Hormones are messenger substances in your body that carry out important processes. They travel with the blood to pass chemically encoded information from one part of the body to another. Depending on the hormone, this information transfer takes varying lengths of time, from a few seconds to several hours. Once they have reached their destination, hormones usually trigger a complex chain of reactions.

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How Reliable Are Home Thyroid Tests

Home thyroid tests from reputable companies are usually reliable if you perform the test correctly. To ensure quality and accuracy, choose a company with CAP accreditation and CLIA certification.

Compared with tests done in a healthcare setting, home thyroid tests are less accurate and reliable. Theyre not a replacement for routine exams at a doctors office.

When To Call A Doctor

Home Hormone Test Kit Review

While home testing is a convenient method for checking your cortisol, it may be best to see a doctor first if youre experiencing severe symptoms of possible low or high cortisol. These may include sudden, unexplained weight changes, darkened areas of your skin, or significant changes in mood.

You should also see a doctor if you decide to take an at-home cortisol test and you receive abnormal results. They may order follow-up tests and determine an appropriate treatment plan. Its also important to communicate any at-home test results with a doctor if youre currently being treated for Cushing syndrome or Addison disease.

Finally, if you receive normal at-home cortisol results but still dont feel right, make an appointment with your doctor to help determine what could be the underlying cause of your symptoms.

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Short On Time Here Are The Best At

  • LetsGetChecked Fast and affordable at-home testosterone test with medical support available 24/7.
  • Everlywell Determine if youre producing adequate testosterone for your age.
  • MyLAB Box Convenient at-home testosterone test including free physician consultation.

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What Age Does Perimenopause Usually Start

Perimenopause typically begins in the mid to late 40s. If you menstruate, youll likely experience menopause between ages 40 and 58, according to NAMS. But some people go through early menopause before this time. Usually, the transitional phase of perimenopause begins around 4 to 8 years before this.

The menstrual cycle becomes variable during perimenopause. And eventually, it stops completely. Youve transitioned through menopause following 12 months with no menstrual periods.

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Mylab Box Womens Health And Fertility Test

Price: $$

The myLAB Box Womens Health and Fertility Test measures 10 hormones, including testosterone, TSH, LH, FSH, and DHEA. Plus, it includes a free telemedicine consultation with a doctor to discuss your results if theyre out of range. So, its a great option for anyone who appreciates the reassurance of qualified medical support.

MyLAB Box states that the test is 100 percent pain-free, but you will require a finger-prick blood sample and a saliva sample. Once you take your samples, mail them in, and expect to receive your results online in 2 to 5 days.

Youre assured of accurate testing, as the company uses CLIA certified labs and is listed with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .

Why Should You Use At Home Testing Kit

Top 10 Hormone Test Kit  Home Health Tests  HcaKNI

If you have been spending a lot of hours in the gym but still cannot see much progress, you may need to use a hormone self-test kit to see if you are on the right track. Other reasons for such a test may be your decreased libido, fatigue, or mood swings. All these symptoms may be caused by numerous other factors, so being able to check your T levels at home is much more practical or efficient. Additionally, if you are regularly taking testosterone, performing the test at home may save you a lot of time.

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Best At Home Hormone Testing Kit Reviews

Choosing the appropriate at home hormone testing kit can be tough. However, if you consider these factors, your job will be easier.

  • Product Quality: A product that you wont have to buy again or that will last you a long time is an important consideration, especially when it comes to the at home hormone testing kit. Nobody would want a low-quality or easily worn-out object. They are even willing to spend a somewhat greater price for a good product.
  • Ease of Use- A vital trait of any replace_keyword] is its ease of use, so most item did well in this metric. How easily can you use your product?
  • Ergonomics Ergonomics was a much simpler metric for these products. We split it into three aspects: comfort, aesthetics, and profile design. Most of our listed products are decently comfortable, and we think it is one of the groups sleeker and more stylish designs.
  • Comfort Comfort is the other primary factor we took into consideration when evaluating at home hormone testing kit. After all, the more comfortable a at home hormone testing kit is, the less likely you will dislike it. We pay attention to softness, shape, and size.
  • Value is always important, but the range for at home hormone testing kit is relatively narrow. We feel that the #1 model offers a great value for most people and that the #2 is great for advanced users.

#1 Best Overall at home hormone testing kit:

After considering the above, we nominated this model as our Top Pick.

See the details features here:

How To Choose At Home Hormone Testing Kit: The Buying Guide

How do you choose the at home hormone testing kit? You must consider many things, such as the brand name, price, and product quality. In addition, you should also consider whether it is suitable for your needs or not.

So how do you choose the right at home hormone testing kit? Here are some tips that you can use to help you find a good product:

  • You first need to consider the products brand name. A good brand will always produce quality products, so a product with an established name should be good enough for your needs.
  • You need to consider the products price next. A high-quality product does not always mean that it will cost more, but if it costs too much, there must be something wrong with it, or nobody will buy it!
  • The final thing you need to look at is how well suited this item is for your needs and requirements and how well suited it is for others with similar requirements!
  • What you Should Keep in Mind When Buying at home hormone testing kit

    When shopping for a at home hormone testing kit, there are several things to consider. You need to think about the quality of the product, the price, and even how much it will benefit your life. However, you also need to keep these factors in mind:

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    What To Consider When Searching For An At

    In your search for an at-home thyroid test, decide what is most important for your needs. Most tests measure TSH and T4 levels. You may need further tests that measure levels such as T3, T7, TSI, and antibodies. Find out what types of recommendations for additional testing or treatment plans each company offers.

    At-home tests can be considered if you have symptoms that cause you to suspect a thyroid disorder. You may also want to test your thyroid levels after implementing lifestyle changes, starting a new medication, or beginning a treatment plan. Its also a good idea to do a home test if you are at risk of developing a thyroid disorder.

    At-home thyroid tests offer plenty of advantages and drawbacks to consider.

    What Is Testosterone

    MY HORMONE TEST RESULTS | Best At-Home Lab Tests for Overall Health

    Testosterone is a sex hormone produced in the testicles and ovaries. Production of testosterone ramps up during puberty and begins to gradually decline in adulthood.

    Its often considered the male sex hormone, but people of all sexes and genders produce testosterone. People assigned male at birth produce more testosterone than people assigned female at birth , though.

    Your body uses testosterone for many purposes, including:

    • voice deepening during puberty
    • development of facial hair and body hair as well as the progression of balding later in life
    • development, growth, and strength of bones
    • muscle mass and body fat distribution
    • production of sperm
    • production of red blood cells

    Testosterone levels may also play a role in regulating your mood and supporting cognitive function, though research is still inconclusive on exactly how this works. A decrease in testosterone levels is a normal part of aging for people assigned male at birth, especially after age 30.

    When your testosterone levels are too high or too low , you may experience uncomfortable symptoms. A blood or saliva test can check the amount of testosterone your body is making.

    In males, testosterone levels should generally fall between 3001,000 nanograms per deciliter , or 1035 nanomoles per liter .

    In females, the testosterone levels produced in the ovaries are quite low, between 1570 ng/dL, or .52.4 nmol/L.

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    How Much Do At

    At-home testosterone tests can vary in costs, but most start at about $60$105. Some testing companies will offer bundles, in which you can buy multiple tests for a lower price or special discounts for purchasing the test. These may vary by season and by the test you purchase.

    Companies also may offer subscribe-and-save options in which you can agree to get more testing kits at a duration of your choosing to receive a discount. If you are tracking your progress with testosterone supplements, this option may be cost-effective for you.

    Are There Regular Follow

    Yes. Youll retest your hormones and follow-up with your Hone doctor after 90, 180 and 360 days. Failure to comply with either of these requirements can result in delayed shipment of your medication.

    Hone will notify you well in advance when it is nearly time for you to retest and reschedule your follow-up appointments.

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    Everlywell Womens Health Test

    The Everlywell womens health test measures levels of 10 key hormones in your body, including total testosterone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, free T3, free T4, cortisol, DHEAS, luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, progesterone, and estradiol. It also checks for thyroid peroxidase antibodies, which can interfere with the function of your thyroid gland.

    When youre ready to check out, youll be able to pay for your at-home hormone test with a credit or debit card, HSA or FSA account, or PayPal. Your kit comes with everything you need to collect blood and saliva samples and send them to the lab for processing. Everlywell also offers free shipping both ways to help keep your testing costs low.

    Everlywell uses CLIA-certified laboratories to ensure the accuracy of your results. Once your sample arrives at the lab, you can expect to receive the results via email in no more than five business days. Physician support is included in the price of the kit to ensure you can ask questions and find out if theres anything you need to do to follow up on results that fall outside of normal ranges. Everlywell doesnt accept insurance, but you dont need to see a doctor before you order a hormone test kit, so home testing can still help you save money.

    Cost: $199

    Best Budget: Stix Ovulation Tests


    Stix Ovulation Tests

    Why We Chose It: You cant beat a double digit price point. We chose Stix ovulation tests because of how affordable it is.

    What We Like

    • Easy to use FDA and OBGYN-approved

    What We Dont Like

    • No data on specific hormones
    • Cant track progress

    With its discreet packaging, you can find out when you are most fertile with Stixs ovulation tests. And like the other tests on this list, you can get these tests delivered right to your door.

    Stix doctors recommend using the test mid-day. To do so, remove the purple cap and pee on the absorbent strip of paper for 5 seconds. If you want to avoid the splash, remember to point your strip downwards.

    Lay the test down on a flat surface with the results window facing up. The results should be available within 10 minutes. We love that the test is over 99% accurate.

    A negative result means there was no luteinizing hormone detected, and you are not ovulating in the next 24 to 48 hours. If you test positive , ovulation is likely to happen in 24 to 48 hours.

    For a one-time delivery, seven tests will cost about $17. If you subscribe, you can save roughly 5%. Its a win-win for your wallet.

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