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Best Tea For Hormonal Imbalance

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Top Four Teas for Hormone Imbalance and Estrogen Dominance

Consult with your doctor before using tea to treat perimenopause symptoms, since some teas have adverse effects on prescription medications.

Some teas are natural blood thinners, so speak with a doctor about your tea usage, especially before elective surgery. Occasionally drinking tea has little risk and might be a good option for a gentle approach to the symptoms of perimenopause.

If you choose to drink tea to combat the symptoms of perimenopause, purchase organic herbal teas, and opt for caffeine-free varieties, since caffeine may worsen menopausal symptoms.

Be careful with consuming hot teas especially if hot flashes are your biggest symptom because they can increase the occurrence of hot flashes and night sweats. This may be especially true if you drink them before bed. You can brew the tea in advance and drink it cold for a cooler alternative.

Top 10 Herbs And Teas For Women

As women, our lives are dictated by our hormones. Hormones influence our energy levels, mood, fertility, even the appearance of our skin, hair, and figure. When our hormones become unbalanced, we experience things like mood swings, lowered immunity, acne, monthly cramps, and fluctuations in our weight. But with a little bit of wisdom, we can learn ways to keep our hormones more balanced naturally, without having to take synthetic hormones or other drugs.

The first step in regaining healthy hormone balance is to figure out if you’re unwittingly causing the problem because of something in your diet or lifestyle.

Herbs To Balance Your Hormones

Nowadays, a high percentage of women may experience hormonal imbalances, from PMS to menopause associated symptoms. In recent years, people have started to talk more rigorously about this topic: period pain, symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome, etc. Now we know that the period should not hurt and that if it does it is very possible that we have an excess of estrogens in our body or an imbalance between progesterone and estrogens, for example. We also know that diet and lifestyle significantly influence our hormonal system, therefore, although each case is particular and should be individually addresses, the strong drop in estrogen that women suffer during menopause and all the related can be supported by introducing more phytoestrogens into our diet .

Some of the symptoms that can show a hormonal imbalance are:

  • Irregular menstrual cycles
5. Oatstraw
Natural ingredients to balance our hormones naturally

Omega-6 is often linked to unhealthy fats, namely trans and ultra-processed fats. Even so, consumed in its proper measure and combined with omega-3 in a specific proportion, it can bring us great benefits. The correct ratio should be between 1: 1 and 4: 1 of omega-6 and 3 respectively. The problem is that most diets have more omega-6s than omega-3s.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy :

For my women who have more severe symptoms supplements to balance hormones may not be enough and in this case Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can be a great option. With proper labs, follow-up, and customized dosing, this can be a safe step up in a patients therapy from more natural treatments. Remember, its all about safety first, so using the lowest level of therapy to provide adequate symptom relief is ideal!

There is no one herb, nutritional plan, product, or therapy that is good for everything hormones related. It is vital to determine what type of hormone imbalance you have and why. Finding the root cause to your health issues can bring you back to long-lasting optimal health herbals, nutrition, and medications can help you there. A qualified health care professional can offer testing, interpretation, diagnosis, and treatment for your unique needs and goals!

Balancing Hormones With Adaptogenic Herbs

Pin on Hormonal Imbalance Tips

Abnormal hormone levels can be serious, so I always recommend working with a qualified holistic or integrative provider who can first test your hormone levels, and make informed recommendations. In the meantime, you can use herbs and other remedies to support hormone balance naturally.

Herbs are a simple and easy way to get the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients your body needs to balance hormones and regulate the menstrual cycle. They can also help alleviate symptoms of PMS, menopause, and PCOS. herbs are also thought to improve fertility by helping to regulate hormone levels.


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Herbs For Hormonal Acne And Pms

The cause of hormonal acne and PMS is often due to hormonal imbalance which is influenced by dietary and lifestyle factors, stress, poor blood sugar regulation, exposure to environmental toxins and reduced detoxification capabilities. All of these aspects need to be addressed when managing PMS and acne.

Herbal medicine is highly effective for tackling hormonal imbalance, as well as supporting the stress response, improving liver and gut function and regulating blood sugar levels.

The following herbs are highly effective for addressing PMS and hormonal acne.

Vitex agnus-castus is all-round excellent herb for hormonal issues in women. It has remarkable hormone balancing activity and has been used by herbalists for centuries for menstrual issues, regulating cycles, boosting fertility and to support women during menopause. Vitex works by facilitating the hypothalamus gland , rather than having any hormonal compounds of its own. It is known to balance a womans oestrogen/progesterone ratio by raising progesterone and consequently lowering oestrogen. So, vitex is particularly helpful for low progesterone conditions including short cycles, irregular periods, PMS and acne. Vitex can also lower prolactin levels and increase LH . High prolactin is linked to infertility and a cessation of periods. LH is the hormone that helps control the menstrual cycle and trigger ovulation .

You can drink dandelion tea using the dried herbs or as a liquid tincture, capsule or tablet.

% Natural Quality Tea

Teacurry sources its ingredients from the best certified tea plantations and providers of herbs to ensure that our teas of highest quality. All are ingredients are 100 percent natural and does not contain any artificial flavor, coloring or additives. We make sure that our herbs stay most authentic, to deliver maximum health benefits to our customers.

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Dong Quai To Balance Female Hormones

Dong quai, also known as female ginseng, is an herb typically used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has been used for centuries as an herb to balance female hormones and prevent symptoms of PMS. Dong quai has been shown to balance levels of estrogen, which in return alleviates common symptoms of menopause or PMS . It can be found in supplement form or you can even purchase dong quai tea.

What Are Some Way Of Life Changes You Can Make To Keep Hormone Balance

Top 5 Teas for Hormone Balance

Hormonal agents can be such a discomfort, however there are things you can do to assist. Here are some way of life modifications you can make to preserve hormone balance:

  • Eat a healthy diet plan. Hormone Balance Tea
  • Guarantee you get plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Limit processed foods, hydrogenated fats, and sugar. Eating a healthy diet will help your body to function at its best.

  • Get regular exercise.
  • Workout assists to reduce stress, which can impact hormonal agent levels. It likewise helps to control blood sugar levels. Go for 30 minutes of moderate activity most days of the week.

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Sleep is vital for overall health and can also impact hormone levels. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

    Stress can have a considerable influence on hormonal agent levels. If youre stressed out, try relaxation strategies like yoga or meditation.

  • Avoid cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol.
  • Smoking and extreme alcohol can both impact hormonal agent levels. If you can, try to avoid these things.

    Making these way of life changes can help to keep hormone balance. If youre feeling out of balance, provide them a shot!

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    Get Back In Harmony With Your Hormones

    A tea for the girls, aids hormone balancing & improves mood

    This organic blend of tea for women tastes as pretty as it looks. Unbalanced hormones can have a huge effect on your body, mood, sleep, skin, gut and energy levels. Femmes combination of powerful herbs promotes the balance of both pre-menstrual and menopausal hormones, has a calming effect on the body and anti-inflammatory properties aiding digestion and reduce bloating. Fill your cup up with Femme to feel back in balance.

    This tea has made a huge difference to me. I no longer have the brain fog when I wake up and I feel less lethargic than I did before. I will be buying more and would definitely recommend this to other women! Verified buyer

    • Free from gluten, soy and dairy
    • No added flavours or sugars
    • Naturopath formulated


    Dong Quai, Liquorice, Ashwagandha, Red clover, Spearmint, Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon Verbena and Rose petals.

    Ashwagandha Improves hormonal imbalance while strengthening the function of adrenal glands. Ashwagandha nourishes he nervous system it is an adaptogen that helps control the stress mediators, reducing stress and anxiety. It also aids recovery from illness or nervous exhaustion and may improve memory and focus.

    Red Clover âAnti-spasmodic and as an alternative focused on cleansing the body great for skin conditions.

    Spearmint âExcellent for the whole endocrine system, balances and calms and promotes a sense of wellbeing.


    Dandelion Root To Balance Female Hormones

    Dandelion root is high in plant estrogens and plays a significant role in the detoxification of the body, which plays a crucial role in detoxifying excess hormones in the body . This herb may help to prevent constipation, which is an important step in clearing hormones from the body. It can be found in tea or supplements.

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    Health Benefits Of Green Tea

    Green tea is known for its outstanding health benefits. Many people credit green tea improvements to their overall health and wellbeing. Some of the most significant health benefits for green tea drinkers include:

    • Improved brain functions such as memory
    • Supports fat burning
    • May prevent type 2 diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity and decreasing blood glucose levels
    • Improves main risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, which includes LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol
    • Promotes weight loss
    • Cancer prevention

    Green tea is safe for general consumption and doesnt induce side effects unless you have sensitivity to caffeine consumption. Drinking three to five cups of green tea a day is enough to obtain its effects. To get the best results, make sure you buy high-quality green tea from a reputable brand.

    Stay Lifted Throughout The Winter Season

    Hormone imbalance tea 2

    Make tea time a boost for your hormones and neurotransmitters.

    While most herbal or green teas you choose are likely to be a nourishing treat, look for the following herbs that are especially effective for hormone and neurotransmitter support. Enjoyed as yummy teas, they will keep you warm, hydrated, and balanced all winter long.

    Whats the best thing about the holidays? Certainly not shopping, traveling, or annoying holiday articles! Being with friends and family of course. Sharing tea is a time-honored, cross-cultural ritual that you can introduce into your holidays. Pouring anothers tea is considered a blessing to both parties. Offering these herbal tea options is a healthy gift you can give while spending time together, and a gift for your hormones at the same time!

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    Herbal Hormone Balance Teas For Women

    Wracked with female problems because its that time of the month?

    Youre in luck: there’s tea for that. Drinking tea for hormone balance is not a new concept, as women around the world have been using these natural remedies for hundreds of years.

    For example, studies show that drinking green tea can help reduce the risk of breast cancer, thanks to its antioxidant content and other tumor-inhibiting natural properties. It can also reduce estrogen dominance, which is a common cause of PMS symptoms.

    But its not just green tea!

    There are many other herbs out there linked to boosting other aspects of female health. The good news is that many of these hormone balance herbs can also be used in teas.

    In this article, youll learn which herbal hormone balance teas you need to stock up on for every stage and phase of your cyclical body.

    Does Green Tea Balance Female Hormones

    Green tea is rich in antioxidants, such as EGCG which has been studied for its ability to improve insulin sensitivity and regulate blood glucose levels. In addition, a study with PCOS patients indicated that green tea may help to reduce testosterone levels.

    For a deeper dive on this topic, be sure to read this guide on how to use matcha green tea for hormone balance.

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    Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones

    Hormones are chemical messengers that have profound effects on your mental, physical, and emotional health. For instance, they play a major role in controlling your appetite, weight, and mood.

    Typically, your body produces the precise amount of each hormone needed for various processes to keep you healthy.

    However, sedentary lifestyles and Western dietary patterns may affect your hormonal environment. In addition, levels of certain hormones decline with age, and some people experience a more dramatic decrease than others.

    However, a nutritious diet and other healthy lifestyle habits may help improve your hormonal health and allow you to feel and perform your best.

    Here are 10 natural ways to balance your hormones.

    Symptoms Of Hormonal Imbalance

    BEST HERBS FOR HORMONE BALANCING: Support Your Body with Herbal Teas!

    Today, were dealing with hormone imbalances like never before, but women are often quick to dismiss the signs, attributing them to stress, age, or just coincidence. However, if youre experiencing any of the following, theres a good chance your symptoms are due to a hormone imbalance.

    • Painful periods

    Symptoms of hormonal imbalance can be broad, and difficult to pin down, even in your doctors office. Often, synthetic hormones like those found in birth control are prescribed as the only solution to treating symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Instead, we can look at other ways to balance hormones naturally.

    For a gentle way to support hormone balance, learn more about Hormone Helper.

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    White Peony & Licorice

    White peony contains a constituent called paeoniflorin, which has been shown to reduce serum testosterone levels. It promotes the aromatization of testosterone into estrogen, making white peony one of the herbs for PCOS. TJ-68 is a traditional Chinese formula containing a combination of equal parts white peony and licorice. In a trial of 34 women with PCOS this combination significantly reduced serum testosterone levels. A small study of nine women aged 22-26 found a reduction in serum testosterone levels after daily licorice intake for two cycles. Testosterone levels returned to pre-treatment levels when discontinued. Licorice can also help if you have low blood pressure or low cortisol levels. This is why white peony and licorice are teas for hormonal acne.

    Source: 25524718, 1897494, 8012442, 7108310, 15579328

    Herbal And Alternative Medicine:

    I love using herbal formulations with my patients in order to provide safe and effective relief for their symptoms. Herbals are a gentle way to treat for many symptoms such as hot flashes, painful periods, unpredictable periods, hormonal acne, fertility, sleep, and more! Here are some common herbal supplements to balance hormones and combat these unwanted issues

    Unfortunately, there are so many wonderful herbal supplements to balance hormones that I cannot possibly mention them all. It is also important to know that there is more to herbs that simply checking what health issues they are indicated for. They also have synergistic properties, which means that some herbs work better together! A naturopathic doctor can come up with a herbal formula that is dosed safely and appropriately for your individualized health history and concerns. There are also pre-made supplements on the market which are formulated for hormone balance. My trustworthy brands in this category include Vitanica and Femenessence.

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    What Is Cysterhood Hormone Balance Tea

    Cysterhood tea is a powerful blend of the highest quality, organic and ethically sourced herbs that have been specifically created to help with the many frustrating symptoms of hormonal imbalances and fertility issues.

    Every ingredient in this powerful hormone balancing tea has a specific purpose , and the ratio of each herb has been carefully weighed out to ensure the perfect amount of each herb is are added into every single bag. Perfect ratios + Highest quality organic herbs = Optimal hormone balancing results!

    Maintain A Moderate Weight

    Great Hormonal Imbalance Control Herbal Tea X20teabags

    Weight gain is directly associated with hormonal imbalances that may lead to complications in insulin sensitivity and reproductive health.

    Obesity is strongly related to the development of insulin resistance, while losing excess weight is linked to improvements in insulin resistance and reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease .

    Obesity is also associated with hypogonadism, a reduction or absence of hormone secretion from the testes or ovaries. In fact, this condition is one of the most relevant hormonal complications of obesity in men .

    This means obesity is strongly related to lower levels of the reproductive hormone testosterone in men and contributes to a lack of ovulation in women, both of which are common causes of infertility .

    Nonetheless, studies indicate that weight loss may reverse this condition. Eating within your own personal calorie range can help you maintain hormonal balance and a moderate weight .


    Maintaining a moderate weight is crucial for hormone health, as obesity is strongly related to hormonal imbalances that may impair insulin sensitivity and fertility.

    26 ).

    For example, when your gut microbiome ferments fiber, it produces short-chain fatty acids such as acetate, propionate, and butyrate. Both acetate and butyrate aid weight management by increasing calorie burning and thus help prevent insulin resistance (

    27 ).

    Here are some tips to improve your gut bacteria to positively affect your hormones.

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