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Bio Identical Hormones And Weight Gain

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Bioidentical Hormones & Your Body Weight

How Quickly Does Bio-Identical HRT Help Reverse Weight Gain?

For many years, physicians and researchers struggled to connect the dots between hormones and their role in weight loss. Women have long known that food cravings and sluggish metabolisms were very real problems, making it hard to lose weight, but convincing the medical world of their link to weight was difficult. Recent studies have linked hormones and weight gain, indicating that hormonal treatment for weight loss is a viable option.

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You Probably Have A Hormone/metabolism Imbalance

What Makes Us Different?

  • Specialized saliva/urine testing to identify metabolism and hormone imbalances that cause weight gain and resistant weight loss. Fat cells make estrogen which causes Estrogen Dominance and Weight Gain as well as chronic stress and sleep disorders that exhaust adrenal glands causing Cortisol deficiency and hormone imbalances. This forces your body to convert other hormones into Cortisol, further preventing weight loss.
  • We use the most advanced, effective natural protocols designed for this purpose, such as bio-identical topical hormones, standardized glandular extracts, powerful herbal products, targeted nutritional, vitamin, mineral and lifestyle changes directed by YOUR SPECIFIC testing results.
  • A customized treatment plan designed for you will naturally reverse the hormone/metabolism imbalance and allow you to SUCCEED AT REVERSING YOUR SYMPTOMS. Metabolism, hormonal, nutritional, genetic and lifestyle stress factors are considered when we individually tailor your treatment to restore specific organ and whole system functioning. The result is rebalancing your hormone and restoring you to a slimmer, youthful vitality and health to feel and look your best!

The Role Of Hormones In Weight Loss

Understanding the role hormones play in your body and how bioidentical hormones affect your body regulating your weight will help you choose the best treatment option.

When added to a healthy diet and proper exercise, these hormones can help you lose those extra unwanted pounds. These hormones include:

  • Sex hormones: Testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are sex hormones produced by both men and women that regulate weight. Testosterone found in men breaks down fat stored, especially in the abdomen. Estrogen helps with womens appetite and cravings. And progesterone aids in converting fat stored in the body into energy. When these hormone levels become low or unbalanced, weight management becomes hard, hence weight gain or loss.
  • Growth Hormone: Human growth hormones play the main role in the human bodys growth. Height, muscle, and bone growth are all influenced by this hormone. HGH helps regulate fat burning in the body and inhibits the production of body fats.
  • Insulin: This is the hormone responsible for carrying glucose to the cells. It also aids in regulating fat metabolism, causing the bodys energy to be released, and maintaining balanced glucose levels.
  • Pregnenolone: It is a steroid hormone whose key role is to regulate other hormones, boost metabolism, increase energy, and improve mood.

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Bioidentical Hormones Can Improve Quality Of Life After Cancer

Some women found relief from symptoms caused by lower estrogen after treatment for breast cancer. These women were treated with BHRT via patch. Notably, most of the women in the study reported better sleep. Thankfully, fewer migraines, less incontinence, and decreased symptoms of menopause were also noted.

In addition, these women experienced more focus and increased libido. The study also noted that there was no increase in recurrence of breast cancer following bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

What Are Hormones And Why Do They Impact My Weight

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Hormones control metabolism, where fat is deposited, overall appetite, and weight balance. The most effective way to get hormones back on track, stop the scale creep, and return to a healthy weight is to correct hormonal imbalances with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy . BHRT is made from yams and is identical to the hormones our body naturally makes. Once hormones are back in balance, weight loss can begin.

Hormone regulation is complicated because the bodys hormones are all interconnected. The bodys hormone systems must all work in harmony and continually rebalance in response to physical and emotional events in your life. Peri- and menopause are the phases where women will experience huge drops in hormone levels. Those drops are normal, but the symptoms of low hormones can be debilitating and lead to lifelong medical complications.

Menopause weight gain, or also called hormonal weight gain, is a struggle that very few talks about. At the age of 40, most women dont want to think about menopause but meanwhile, the hormones that regulate weight are spiraling down. Ignoring what is happening is not a method to prevent weight gain. Weight loss after 40 is possible. By understanding the true source of weight gain, women can shed excess weight and prevent further weight gain ultimately helping women to feel happier and healthier.

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The First 3 Months: Potential Side Effects

Every person is unique, so your experience with hormone replacement therapy may be different from someone elses. For instance, some individuals wont experience any side effects from BHRT. Others, on the other hand, may have unexpected side effects the first few weeks.

When you first start hormone replacement therapy, you might experience a few side effects as your body adjusts to the hormone fluctuations. Side effects may vary by person, dose, method, and type of hormone taken. Your age also plays a role in the side effects you may experience.

However, here are some common side effects of oestrogen and/or progestogen:

Higher risks may result, especially depending on the balance of your hormones. Do your research and talk to your doctor about the best preventative methods.

Its always recommended that you talk with your doctor about your risk factors and personal circumstances involved and keep seeing them every 3-6 months during treatment.

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What You Need To Know About Leptin Resistance

When your body becomes resistant to leptin, leptin levels become too high. In fact, overweight individuals who get their leptin levels tested typically find their leptin levels to be as high as four times the normal level. Whats more, its really difficult to balance leptin levels once theyve become resistant.

With leptin resistance, communication between the brain and leptin is impaired, so that your brain doesnt understand that its full, and tells your body to keep eating. Its as if your brain thinks youre starving when in reality, youre just leptin resistant.

To reverse leptin resistance or prevent it from happening to you in the first place, lets talk food, drink, and supplements. Everything in your body impacted by what you put into it, and leptins no different. Sugar, in particular, can cause leptin levels in your body to skyrocket, so youll want to eat less sugar. Other ways to prevent or reduce leptin resistance include:

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What Are The Side Effects Of Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

For most men and women, plant-based hormone pellets cause fewer side effects when compared with synthetic hormone replacement therapy. Because BioTE pellets are made from natural substances that mimic the bodys own hormones, patients are typically able to absorb and process the hormones more efficiently and avoid complications, such as adverse or allergic reactions, rollercoaster symptoms, and more. However, there are some potential side effects associated with taking BioTE hormone pellets, many of which can be attributed to the change in hormone levels themselves rather than a reaction to the medication. These may include:

  • Weight fluctuation
  • Spotting or cramping

Again, many of these potential side effects are temporary and often occur as the result of the body adjusting to the sudden increase in hormones. Once the hormone levels reach the normal physiologic range and become balanced, patients will likely notice a dramatic improvement in any side effects they may have been experiencing. Additionally, the innovative BioTE system allows your provider to precisely customize your BHRT plan to ensure you get the most appropriate and effective hormone dose. During your follow-up appointments, Dr. Christy will carefully monitor your hormone levels with blood work and discuss any symptoms or negative side effects you may have. Using this information, Dr. Christy can adjust your BioTE dose accordingly.

The Zrt Laboratory Blog

Weight Gain, Hormones and Menopause

Hormone Health Educator Candace Burch hosted an informational webinar explaining how hormones affect our weight – specifically, how they inhibit our ability to lose weight and keep the pounds off. During the webinar, we received many great questions from the audience and Candace has answered them below.

I’ve reduced my stress and eat well, but still have high cortisol levels. What else can I do?

It sounds like you are making progress in reducing your stress and eating well, but as someone once said – “it’s not always what you’re eating, but what’s eating you that is the real problem.” You may need to dig a little deeper to tackle some of the thornier issues that may still remain unresolved in your life – particularly unresolved anger or frustration. Nothing keeps those cortisol fires burning better than a sense of feeling overwhelmed by life – that your stress is controlling you – rather than you controlling your stress.

I’m on BHRT but am still gaining weight. What more can I do?

How long will it be before I see results after I start hormone therapy?

Can you help me find a doctor to test my levels?

Your doctor can work with our doctors on staff to review and discuss test results and considerations for natural treatments. To find a provider in your area who is knowledgeable about hormone testing and natural hormone therapy, please .

To watch the complete webinar on hormones and weight gain, click below.

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Can Progesterone Cause Weight Loss

Progesterone therapy can be useful for weight loss if progesterone levels are unbalanced. Identifying triggers for weight changes can be hugely tricky, and its essential to work with a qualified practitioner to understand our bodies needs fully. Hormone therapy should never be used as a quick fix for weight loss, and its misuse can cause serious problems.

Remember, were working to understand our hormones, not blame them. Our hormones are a beautiful, complex system that cares for us in ways were still learning to understand.

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Hormones Can Affect Weight Loss

The reason many diets dont work, especially for women, is because they dont address hormonal imbalances that can cause weight loss resistance. Several hormones have a role in dictating your metabolism rate, managing your energy, and regulating your sugar levels which all affect your ability to lose weight.

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Bioidentical Hormones Can Contribute To Weight Loss In Some Cases

Contrary to popular belief, bioidentical hormones are not an instant weight loss solution. These medications were designed to address symptoms related to menopause, andropause, or hormone disorders. Significantly, estrogen, testosterone, and other hormones are powerful chemicals that have far-reaching effects throughout the body. While certain medications may have an impact on your appetite or metabolism, theyre not designed to facilitate quick and easy weight loss.

The reason bioidentical hormones are so commonly equated with weight loss is that hormone imbalances can result in plenty of weight-related problems. Men with low testosterone and women with PCOS, for example, may experience stubborn weight gain that doesnt seem to respond to typical diet and exercise strategies. Hypothyroidism is another common contributing factor to weight gain.

In some cases, supplementing with the hormones your body needs can help your endocrine system function more effectively, improving metabolism and influencing gradual weight loss. But so many other factors influence your bodys natural resting weight. Indeed, diet and exercise are the most important factors for healthy weight loss in the majority of cases. As such, its important that you speak with a qualified medical professional to determine which factors matter most for your bodyand how they can be combined to help you feel your best.

Does Insurance Cover Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Do you want to boost your #energy levels and strengthen your ...

In general, insurance coverage for bioidentical hormone therapy is not widespread, because physicians who provide this service do not participate in insurance networks to allow the time needed for a thorough assessment.

Insurance companies will be more likely to provide BHRT coverage if the patient is first evaluated by their private physician or gynecologist prior to the time of treatment. Most insurance companies will not fully cover BHRT offered through pharmacies or other over-the-counter medications.

Its important to speak to your individual insurance company and carrier for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Do Bioidentical Hormones Really Work

Yes, they work for some people. You will have different results depending on your symptoms and health history. Talk with your healthcare provider about bioidentical hormones and what form may work best for you. In some cases, your healthcare provider may recommend against using bioidentical hormones in favor of a more traditional hormone replacement therapy option.

Forms Of Bhrt Hormones

Below are the forms in which BHRT can be administered:

Topical Creams

This is the form many health experts prefer as chemical substances applied topically go straight into the bloodstream and bypasses the first round of metabolism by the liver. When using these creams, it is important to beware of the possibility of transference of estrogen to other people through skin-to-skin contact for the first six hours. Application should be done on the inner under arm or inner thigh for best absorption.


While the oral route is the most common administration route for estrogen replacement therapy, it is not necessarily the best for several reasons. Firstly, oral estrogen undergoes first-pass liver metabolism, which can put undue pressure on the livers of people with liver congestion. Also, it can cause breast swelling, headache, vaginal discharge, and nausea. Progesterone and dehydroepiandrosterone can also be administered orally and have different function. Many practitioners recommend progesterone orally for those with sleep issues as the metabolite that the liver produces from breaking down progesterone actually makes people sleepy. Therefore, taking progesterone orally might be a better option for you if you have sleep issues.



This is a good way of administering testosterone weekly. It remains in the body for a relatively long time and enters the bloodstream directly, making them useful for people with liver problems.



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Pros & Cons Of Weight Loss During Menopause

Maintaining or reaching a healthy weight is advisable at any stage in life, however, there are important factors to consider when losing weight during menopause. Extreme weight loss, such as that often seen during yoyo dieting, can lead to a loss in bone mineral density . It is therefore very important to get healthy in the right way and to take the necessary steps to aid bone health with nutrition and supplements. You can read all about how weight impacts menopause symptoms and bone health here.

Are you struggling with menopause or worried about perimenopause symptoms? Get in touch today to book an appointment with one of our doctors and find out how bio-identical hormones can make a difference for you. Dont forget to too, for all of the latest news, advice and information.

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Can Bioidentical Hormones Cause Weight Gain What You Should Know Before Starting Bhrt

Does Hormone Therapy Cause Weight gain?

Patients seek bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for a multitude of different reasons. Perhaps you feel sluggish, fatigued, or unmotivated. Maybe youre experiencing hot flashes. Or perhaps youve run up against a wall when it comes to weight loss, and youre wondering if hormones have something to do with your inability to lose weight.

Bioidentical hormones can be a powerful contributor to weight loss for some individualsthough that isnt their primary purpose. In fact, because hormones heavily impact metabolism, minor weight fluctuations are a common side effect that patients experience when starting bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. If youre determined to lose a few unwanted pounds, the possibility of medication-induced weight gain could be a major concern.

So, can bioidentical hormones cause weight gain? Possibly. It might take a while for you to find the right dose of hormone medications and reach equilibrium, especially if your hormone levels arent being monitored appropriately by a qualified practitioner. But with proper maintenance and a comprehensive treatment plan designed to meet your unique needs, BHRT is more likely to help you reach a stable, healthy weight than to put on pounds. An expert hormone health practitioner will be able to provide you with the customized medication, diet, exercise, and stress management strategies you need to alleviate your symptoms and promote overall well-being.

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Hormone Pellets And Weight Loss

Many people think of testosterone as a mens treatment, but this isnt true! Women also need the proper levels of testosterone to stay physically fit. When your hormones are properly balanced, youll have more energy to exercise. Youre also better able to convert the food you eat into energy and build lean muscle mass. However, when your testosterone is low, that same food is converted into body fat. Having the proper testosterone levels also means that youll sleep better. This will allow your body to properly recover from exercise.

In addition to the advantages youll gain from testosterone, the estrogen youll receive can help protect you from developing Alzheimers disease, heart attacks, strokes, and osteoporosis. It also helps to keep you looking young and healthy.

Weight loss is far from the only reason to undergo this treatment. However, many women seek hormone replacement therapy hoping to shed some of those stubborn pounds.

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