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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cream

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: It is not just for women!

When it comes to methods of delivery for bioidentical hormones, there actually is a difference. So are creams better, or should you be receiving injections? Ultimately, that will be determined by the type of hormones you are being given. Some hormones need to be metabolized more quickly than others, while others need to be received in exact dosages. Testosterone, for example, requires more precise levels than estrogen, which can be absorbed into the body at a more varying rate without causing damage.

Much like creams, injections are not directly introduced into the bloodstream. However, Transdermal creams are absorbed into the skin, while injections are intra-muscular and will be absorbed by the muscles before they are delivered into the bloodstream. Both are equally effective, but injections can be painful and are generally considered to be impractical outside of a hospital setting. While injections allow a more precise dosage, many people who are uncomfortable with receiving injections can greatly benefit from the use of hormone creams.

When May Female Bhrt Be Most Beneficial

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women may help any woman whose hormones are out of balance. However, the most common time women seek bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is when theyre experiencing menopause. Women typically experience three stages of menopauseperimenopause, menopause, and post menopause. There are also rare instances regarding women who have never had balanced hormones, often causing excessively uncomfortable menstrual cycles and extreme mood swings. The Biote Method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women may help address the cause of these issues.*

Benefits & Risks Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

By Jillian Levy, CHHC

Hormone replacement therapy is now a widely available treatment option thats growing in popularity among women over the age of 35 specifically those who feel run-down, prone to weight gain and out of other options when it comes to managing symptoms of menopause. This includes options like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to balance hormones and improve certain conditions.

The use of hormones to to help control symptoms like fatigue, bloating, low sex drive and thinning hair is very controversial. Some women swear by its beneficial effects, while others remain fearful of potential side effects. When it comes to the effectiveness and safety of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, studies also show mixed results. The FDA states that its concerned that BHRT claims mislead women and health care professionals, giving them a false sense of assurance about using potentially dangerous hormone products BHRT is a marketing term not recognized by the FDA, and the FDA is taking action against pharmacies that make false and misleading claims about BHRT drugs.

Heres my opinion: While hormone therapy might be better than some other standard medical options, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is not the ideal treatment approach either.

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Bioidentical Hormones: Capsules Creams Pellets Which Is Best

Comments: 45 | May 25th, 2017

Bioidentical hormone therapy has become common today as both women and men are realizing its many benefits. They sleep better, have more energy and lose weight. Restoring and balancing hormones also improves mood and libido, and relieves PMS, hot flashes, depression and anxiety. It improves memory and helps get rid of brain fog.

Since more doctors are dabbling in bioidentical hormones and offering an array of options, we want to help give you the best information so that you can make an informed decision for your health. Many people ask whats the best dosage form for bioidentical hormones? While pellet therapy has recently become popular with some doctors, is it really the best way to take bioidentical hormones? We dont believe so, and heres why.

Bioidentical Hormones Bioidentical hormones have the exact molecular structure as hormones produced by your body, so when you restore them, your body knows what to do with them. Just as a key fits perfectly into the right keyhole, bioidentical hormones do the same in your cells. Research shows that hormonal decline is associated with loss of body function and increase in disease. Studies demonstrate that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can improve sleep, fatigue, mood, cognitive function, bone mass, sexual function, muscle strength and body composition, and decrease inflammation.

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Why Bioidentical Hormones Work Better


Our hormones are comprised of a solid steroid base , decorated with arms, legs, and tails pinned on here and there. These attachments are what turn hormones into specialized molecules, allowing them to plug into receptor molecules throughout the body, turning on and off much of the cellular behavior that makes us tick.

When we take hormonal replacement therapy that doesnt fit the original design that our cells have evolved to recognize, the end result simply may not feel or act quite right. Hence, all those side effects, ranging from annoying and uncomfortable to downright dangerous, can occur.

Bioidentical hormones, on the other hand, duplicate the structure of our hormones exactly as they are found in our bodies. This is why they work better in our bodies.

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What Are Bioidentical Hormones Used For

As you get older, your hormone levels decline. These changes are usually most significant during menopause, especially with estrogen and progesterone. Lower levels of these hormones can result in symptoms like hot flashes, sleeping problems, and vaginal dryness.

Hormones including bioidentical hormones are used to replace these hormones in your body to help provide relief. This is referred to as hormone replacement therapy . Sometimes the term BHRT is used when specifically talking about bioidentical hormones.

Bioidentical hormones are used to treat a number of menopause symptoms, including:

  • Pain during sex

  • Bladder problems

Some hormone products are also used to help prevent certain medical conditions that are influenced by hormone levels, like osteoporosis.

Depending on your specific symptoms, your healthcare provider will recommend the best option for you. For example, vaginal estradiol may work best if youre experiencing vaginal symptoms. And some healthcare providers may treat other symptoms, like low libido, with testosterone. But this is considered an off-label use for FDA-approved testosterone products.

Bioidentical hormones arent just for women. Theyre used in men, too. Thats because age and other factors can cause testosterone levels in men to decline. Low testosterone can cause symptoms like hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and mood changes. Read more about testosterone replacement options here.

Are There Any Scientifically Proven Advantages For Rbhrt Over Conventional Hrt


Progestogens may not be alike with regard to potential adverse metabolic effects or associated breast cancer risk when combined with long-term estrogen therapy. Micronised progesterone and some progestogens have specific beneficial effects that could justify their use besides their expected actions on the endometrium. Synthetic analogues of progesterone bind to the glucocorticoid, mineralocorticoid and androgen receptors. This can lead to unwanted side effects such as fluid retention, acne and weight gain. Progestogens and progesterone can lower mood through stimulation of the neurotransmitter gamma amino butyric acid whilst progesterone has sedative effects through its intermediate metabolites, progestogens can cause PMS-type side effects including anxiety and irritability.

Venous thromboembolism

It is well recognised that unlike oral estrogen, transdermal estrogen does not appear to increase the risk of VTE. Observational and case control data suggest that the use of certain progestogens e.g. dydrogesterone and micronised progesterone may reduce the increased risk of VTE conferred by oral estrogen, compared to that noted with other synthetic progestogens.

Cardiovascular risks
Breast cancer
Endometrial protection

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What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are many benefits gained by the natural, customized approach of BHRT, including:

  • Improved weight loss
  • Improved look and feel of hair and skin and nails
  • Improved mental health
  • Improved mood and emotional balance
  • Relief of hot flushes and night sweats
  • Restful and restorative sleep
  • Feeling yourself again

As a Bio-identical Hormone Specialist, Dr. Arnold can provide you with detailed safety information, answer all your questions, and discuss any concerns you may have. He will listen carefully to your description of your symptoms, and will give you information about the hormone testing that is best suited to your symptoms.

Please note that Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy is viewed by OHIP as complimentary or alternative medicine and as such is NOT COVERED by OHIP. All services at the clinic are billed directly to you and payment is due at the time the service is provided. Although your insurance may cover you for these services, you are responsible for paying for all services and submitting your receipts to your insurance company for re-imbursement.

Signature Hormones by Dr. Arnold is not able to tell you whether your insurance plan will cover any of the services provided. All medical services provided can be deducted on your taxes. Signature Hormones by Dr. Arnold accepts payment by cash, INTERAC, VISA and MASTERCARD.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Health Freedom

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: It is not just for women!

Frankly, I trust Mother Natures millions of years of wisdom much more than I trust 50 years of biochemical wizardry from Big Pharma. If you feel the same way and want to be able to preserve your freedom of choice when it comes to your body and your health and stop the FDA from banning bioidentical hormones and other safe, natural therapies , one of the best things you can do is write to your senator, representative, and the FDA. Here is a letter created by the Alliance for Natural Health USA that you can use. Another thing you can do is join Millions Against Medical Mandates, an organization fighting for your rights to medical freedom and bodily autonomy. The Childrens Health Defense is another wonderful organization founded and run by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Have you tried bioidentical hormones? What was your experience? Do you think the FDA is wrong in banning bioidentical hormones? Leave your comments below.

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Top Bioidentical Progesterone Things You Should Know:

I think you would agree with me when I tell you how difficult it is to find truthful and actionable information on bioidentical progesterone cream.

The problem is that for years education on female hormones was limited at best. This compounded the fact that the pharmaceutical companies have been pushing their own agendas, and confusing not only doctors but patients about bioidentical progesterone and how using natural progesterone has less if any, side effects than synthetic progesterone. In our clinic we have helped hundreds of women work through hormonal balance issues, perimenopause, menopause, recovery from the removal of the thyroid, and hysterectomies, etc. We have helped turn once desperate and frustrated women into happy, loving, productive, sexually active, stress-free women and more.

In this post, I am going to teach you all about bioidentical progesterone, how to use it, and what to avoid.

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How Bioidentical Hormones Work In The Body

Bioidentical hormone therapy also includes the route of administration of the hormones. Not only do bioidentical hormones look just like what our body makes, but how you take them is a part of BHRT. Since our ovaries are not in our digestive tract, the route the hormones take is different. Naturally, when your ovaries make estrogen and progesterone, the parent hormone circulates around your body and performs its action. Upon completion, the hormone then goes to the liver for elimination.

This process has three steps:

  • The parent hormone goes to the liver and gets filtered through Phase I of the liver
  • The hormone goes into the second filtration of the liver called methylation
  • The final step is in the colon where the microbiome makes a compound called Calcium D Glucarate to break down the estrogen metabolite even more to ensure that it gets eliminated
  • Of note, if the liver pathways dont detoxify well or the colon is not working properly, estrogen metabolites can recirculate in the body and wreak havoc. I will discuss this in another blog post. Whereas when you swallow hormones, the parent hormone goes straight to the liver and is metabolized as described above. The hormone that circulates around is a downstream metabolite of the hormone and NOT the parent hormone.

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    Biest Cream Side Effects

    Most women who use biest cream do not experience side effects that are worse than menopausal symptoms. There are some women who will experience one or more of these side effects who may benefit from a change in dose before discontinuing treatment. These are some biest cream side effects that a woman may experience:

    • Breast tenderness

    Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Creams: Everything You Need To Know


    Hormones are chemical messengers that control basic functions and processes in your body and they help coordinate development, growth, metabolism, mood, cognitive function, and libido. When these hormones are out of balance, even just slightly, it can cause mild to severe symptoms.

    As we age, our hormone levels naturally decline. As a result, this can lead to many common symptoms typically associated with aging, including weight gain, fatigue, low sex drive, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, lack of focus, and irritability. Furthermore, long-term, an untreated hormone imbalance may lead to certain diseases, including heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, Alzheimers, dementia, osteoporosis, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.

    If you suffer from a hormone imbalance, it can be debilitating if not properly addressed. The good news? You dont have to suffer, since there are now options available to treat hormone imbalance, relieve symptoms, and get your life back on track.

    The symptoms of hormone imbalance that you are feeling are not inevitable. There is relief available. One of the best options available is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT.

    Bio-identical hormones come in a range of hormonal products including, pellets, injections, and creams. This article will focus on BHRT creams, the benefits, and risks, to help you decide whether its the right option for you.

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    How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost

    The cost of bioidentical hormone replacement depends on your specific regimen. For example, several FDA-approved bioidentical hormones, like Estrace, have lower-cost generic versions. Other brand-name-only products, like Bijuva, may be more expensive.

    The cost of compounded bioidentical hormones can be even more varied. Thats because pricing can be different from pharmacy to pharmacy, even for a similar product. And compounded medications arent always covered by insurance. So, youll likely need to pay out-of-pocket for your prescription.

    The Optimal Type Of Hrt

    There is now evidence demonstrating that transdermal estrogen in association with natural micronised progesterone represents one of the optimal HRT regimens. Transdermal estrogen is the preferred route of administration because, in contrast with oral estrogen, estrogen as a patch or gel is not associated with an increased risk of venous thromboembolism. It can be safely given to women who have a history of migraines, gallbladder disease, diabetes, or who are obese. The optimal progestogen is micronised progesterone which is body identical. This usually has less side effects associated with it compared with the older progestogens. In addition, there is no increased risk of breast cancer for the first 5 years of taking estrogen with micronised progesterone.

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    What Is Female Bhrt

    Female BHRT is an acronymic phrase that stands for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Hormone therapy for women has been a common practice to cope with aging for decades. Female hormone replacement therapy may help women who are suffering from unbalanced hormones. Bioidentical hormones delivered through BHRT pellets closely replicate the molecular structure of human hormones.*

    Side Effects Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Dr. Jackie Thielen – What is compounded bioidentical hormone therapy

    As with most medications, bioidentical hormones can cause side effects. Some examples of side effects you may experience with estrogen and progesterone replacement include:

    Call 911 or get immediate medical attention if you develop symptoms like chest pain that doesnt go away, shortness of breath, or slurred speech. And make sure that youre performing regular self-exams to check for lumps in your breasts.

    If you still have a uterus, using estrogen by itself can raise the risk of uterine cancer. Taking progesterone with it may help lower this risk. But if youve had a hysterectomy , using estrogen by itself is typically OK.

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    Which Bioidentical Hormones Should You Take

    The molecules naturally produced in the human female body for which we most often seek replacement include:

    • Estrone , estradiol , and estriol
    • DHEA, an adrenal precursor to testosterone.

    These truly natural hormones are available by prescription. Estradiol is available as Estrace pills, Estrace vaginal cream, or transdermals as the Vivelle Dot, and Climera. (Pharmaceutical companies have been able to patent the delivery system on these hormones, though the hormone itself is still bioidentical. Estriol is available only through formulary pharmacies. Most women do fine with just estradiol plus or minus some progesterone. And sometimes a bit of testosterone, which is available by prescription as AndroGel.

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    Get Help From The Experts

    If youre considering BHRT cream as an option to rebalance your hormones and bring health back to your body, Nava Health is here to help. With Navas BHRT, you have the chance to rejuvenate your body and your outlook on aging.

    Our goal is to help you live the best, healthiest life possible. With the help from our expert physicians, you will be on your way to feeling revitalized.

    Schedule an appointment with one of our expert physicians today and start feeling tomorrow!


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    Bioidentical Vs Synthetic Hormones

    The term synthetic is typically used to describe hormones that arent bioidentical. One example is Premarin , a synthetic hormone product that was first approved to treat menopause symptoms in 1942. It contains a mixture of estrogens from the urine of pregnant horses.

    Synthetic hormones were put under the spotlight in 2002, when the initial results of the Womens Health Initiative were released. This was the largest womens health prevention study ever conducted. The findings showed that hormone therapy in postmenopausal women could raise the risk of breast cancer, blood clots, heart disease, and other conditions.

    Since then, bioidentical hormones specifically compounded products have been promoted as a safer alternative. However, theres no definitive evidence to suggest theyre safer or more effective.

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