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Bioidentical Hormones Vs Synthetic Hormones

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Why People Use Bio

Bio-Identical vs. Synthetic Hormones

As people age, their bodies experience a decline in the levels of various hormones. These hormones are estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. The drop in the level of these hormones can cause certain symptoms.

Some of the common effects of reduced hormones that are common among woman who are in their post menopause phase are the following:

  • Night sweats
  • Floggy thinking
  • Loss of muscle mass

Hormone therapy is the treatment for these conditions as it replaces the hormones. After using hormone therapy, hormone levels rise, and symptoms improve as well.

Recommendations from national societies and medical experts state that people should consider the benefits and risks of both bioidentical and conventional hormones. Your physician can share with you the available options and guide you on what to use depending on what you prefer.

Not All Hormones Are Created Equal: Bio

Although not all hormones are created equal, you may find that when speaking to your doctor about hormone therapy, the names are used interchangeably and without regard for source or structure. Thats why its important for you to know the disparities in hormonal therapy and how those variations can make a huge difference in how you feel and your overall, long-term health.

If you are interested in learning more about the value and efficacy of Bioidentical hormones in HRT as an alternative to medication-based therapies, please consider our four part hormone optimization workshop series.

A Word For The Horses

The popular estrogen-replacement drug Premarin is produced from pregnant mares urine. About 750,000 mares are impregnated and subjected to inhumane treatment each year to collect their estrogen-rich urine.

Were proud to support Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary. Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains of Southeastern Arizona, Equine Voices is home to horses and burros rescued from neglect, abuse, abandonment and slaughter.

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The Dangers Of Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy


The menopause is a normal life event for women, not an illness or a medical condition. However, the effects of the menopause often have a negative impact on womens wellbeing and quality of life, and are frequently underestimated by noth women and their doctors. Furthermore, the low estrogen levels and other biological changes that occur in menopausal women are also associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, and dementia.

Around 75% of menopausal women experience symptoms, with around one-third of these experiencing severe symptoms which are having a negative effect on their lives, both at home and at work.

Over the past two decades, there has been a huge amount of confusion regarding hormone replacement therapy . We now have clear, evidence-based guidelines available to ensure women have individualised care and treatment for their perimenopause and menopause.,

Making Health About Prevention And Optimization


At the end of the day, its crucial to take a preventative approach to your health. Optimize your health and wellness the best you can. It shouldnt be just about scrapping by when we have so much data and resources available to us.

At optimal levels, you perform and feel your best. Consequently, you get the maximum benefits that can last a lifetime and even expand it. Stay in front of your health. Technology and innovation has granted us the ability to do so. For instance, there is a ton of wearable technology that can give insight into your health. From there, you can use this data to determine what improvements work and what dont.

Surprisingly, Hormone Replacement Therapy, specifically estrogen-only therapy, actually lowers the risk of breast cancer . Taking this a step further, research shows that Hormone Replacement Therapy, especially done safely in symptomatic women starting at the brink of menopause, is not associated with hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and cancer-related deaths .

Estrogen, itself, is protective in many ways. It protects your bone, heart, brain, circulatory vessels, teeth, and eyes. It can also prevent an increase in abdominal fat caused by high cortisol .

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Identifying The Best Testosterone Replacement Therapy For You

If both bioidentical and traditional testosterone medications have roughly the same effect on the body, why is there so much conversation surrounding bioidentical testosterone vs. synthetic?After all, both options come with the same variety of preparations and may come with comparable costs. The real difference lies in the treatment experience.

When symptoms of low testosterone or andropause begin to emerge, many men seek TRT from their primary physicians. Often, they receive a standard dose of a commonly-prescribed medication and report back regularly to assess the effectiveness of the treatment and make adjustments as necessary. Only when symptoms dont improve or medication side effects emerge would a man be referred to a specialist for further guidance.

In contrast, the experience with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is far more individualized. Practitioners who offer this specialized therapy are often experts in hormone imbalances, symptoms, and treatments. The best hormone health practitioners typically spend more one-on-one time with each patient to fully understand their symptoms on an ongoing basis. They may request more extensive lab work for comprehensive blood, saliva, or urine samples to make the most accurate diagnosis. And theyre better equipped to adjust doses or change medications whenever necessary in order to minimize side effects and produce better results.

Delivering Hormone Replacement Therapy

In addition to differing in chemical structure, bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones are delivered in different ways. Synthetic hormones are delivered orally, in pill form. Bioidentical hormones are not taken orally, but are instead chiefly delivered through the skin via patches, creams, lotions, or gels. The reason for this is that medicines taken orally dont enter the bloodstream in the same form as they are swallowed. Substances taken in through the gastrointestinal tract pass through the liver first, where their chemical structures are altered. For example, when a woman takes an oral dose of the estradiola form of the hormone estrogen that declines precipitously at menopauseit is converted in the liver to estrone, a weaker form of estrogen. However, when estradiol is absorbed through the skina process called transdermal administrationit enters the bloodstream immediately as estradiol.

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Bioidentical Hormones Vs Traditional Hormone Replacement Preparations

Hormone fluctuations that people experience during menopause or andropause can cause physical and emotional changes such as mood swings, insomnia, lethargy, brain fog, lack of energy, dry skin, hair loss, and more. Whether youre a man or a woman, these symptoms can affect your lifestyle and even your productivity.

Fortunately, there is a therapeutic treatment that helps to balance out your hormone levels and thereby alleviate the symptoms, and its called hormone replacement therapy. This therapy comes in either traditional or bioidentical forms, so lets talk about the differences and similarities of these treatments and where you can go to receive this specialized therapy and start feeling revitalized and renewed.

The Real Risks Of Hrt Myths Patient Confusion And Synthetic Vs Bioidentical Hormones

Bio-Identical Hormones and Synthetic Hormones – Suzanne Somers Breaking Through

By Rhett Richardson

The various risks and side effects of hormone replacement therapy cause patient confusion and possibly delay treatment that can prevent many lifestyle diseases. Things like heart attacks and cancer, plus the secondary side effects of facial hair and a deeper voice in women, can cause fear and confusion.

However, if you can explain these myths in a way your patients will understand, their health and compliance to the treatment not only increases, but you can offset many later health risks by getting HRT started early.

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How Are Pellets Administered

Bio-identical hormone pellets are obtained in various strengths from a highly rated commercially licensed compounding pharmacy. The hormones are derived from an ingredient found in many vegetables, including yams and soy beans. They are placed via time released pellets inserted in the body fat. The pellets are extremely small, usually painless to insert, and provide a steady hormone level for months.

Pellets cannot be obtained without a prescription to the patient. Prescriptions are sent to the office, where they will be implanted. Bio-identical estrogen and testosterone are not suitable for oral ingestion as they are chemically inactivated during the intestinal absorption process. Any estrogen or testosterone drug taken by mouth is not bio-identical.

Are Saliva And Blood Tests Fda Approved

Yes, those tests are FDA approved for diagnostic purposes — but not to tailor hormone treatment.

“The tests are not approved for use to measure hormone levels to adjust hormone therapy,” says Uhl, who points out that hormone levels can fluctuate throughout the day.

Schwartz says she doesn’t believe saliva testing is appropriate and only uses blood tests with her patients.

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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Vs Synthetic Options

There are more HRT treatment options than ever before. While this means there are more opportunities for symptom relief, having so many choices can also be overwhelmingbut it doesnt have to be. Today, patients are increasingly opting for bioidentical hormone therapy vs. synthetic HRT due to the following features:

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Vs Synthetic Hormones

Bio Identical vs Synthetic Hormones

Q: What is the difference between Bioidentical Hormones and Synthetic hormones? A: Bioidentical hormones are made to have the same molecular structure as the hormones made by your own body. Synthetic hormones laboratory made and are completely different from those found in the human body.

Q: Why do they make Synthetic hormones?

A: Drug companies arent allowed patent a bioidentical structure. They must invent synthetic hormones so that are patentable and they can become big money makers.

Q: Why does my Doctor not believe in BHRT?

A: Though bioidentical hormones have been around for many years, and still people as well as some doctors are very unfamiliar with them. Suzanne Summers and Oprah Winfrey have brought BHRT into the news. European studies have proven that bioidentical hormones are much safer than the synthetic hormones. Most drug companies are not as involved in this type of natural hormones with a few exceptions.

Q: Which is safer? BHRT or Synthetic hormones?

Q: How do they make BHRT?

A:Bioidentical hormones are custom-mixed formulas made by an expert compounding pharmacist, containing various hormones which are chemically identical to the hormones that your body makes naturally.

Q: How do you know how much BHRT I need?

If you have any questions about the difference between Bioidentical Hormones and the synthetic prescriptions, call the experts at Beyond-Biology, we can help 1-888-908-0804 Today!

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Traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy

The conventional method of hormone replacement therapy uses synthetic hormones that mimic natural human hormones. They are mass-produced and not customizable, so this is a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.

Most doctors still employ this traditional method of hormone replacement therapy because it is easy. However, a patient who is receiving traditional hormone replacement therapy may go through a lengthy process of trial-and-error before finding the right dosage that works to reduce their symptoms.

Compounded Bioidentical Hormones Have Been Associated With Endometrial Cancer

If you still have your uterus, your doctor can prescribe conventional MHT containing progestogens to protect your uterus and reduce the risk of endometrial cancer.

Of concern, compounded BHTs have been associated with cases of endometrial cancer, after the compounded progestogen component did not protect women from endometrial cancer.

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The Body Does Not Respond The Same To Synthetic Hormones

While our options today are synthetic hormones or bioidentical, and both are made in a laboratory, the bioidentical hormones are derived from natural sources such as plants. Plants such as Red Clover can be extracted and formed into the right compounds to mimic or appear identical to our own hormones, hence their name bioidentical. The body also responds to these hormones as they would hormones produced by the body.

Synthetic hormones on the other hand are completely synthesized and man-made and do not derive from plants. Drug companies cannot patent bioidentical hormones extracted from plants so they have to recreate their own synthetic chemical versions that they hoped will act the same. We know how our body responds to processed foods and synthetic chemicals it is much the same with synthetic hormones.

Despite the fact that many woman recognize that their bodies adapt to bioidenticals more easily and comfortably than synthetics, and most certainly they feel better on them and get more benefits, doctors still often prescribe synthetic hormones because of the insurance coverage and the pharmaceutical industrys push. However, those benefits come with greater risks than bioidentical hormones.

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical vs Synthetic Hormones

The North American Menopause Society defines hormone therapy as the prescription drugs used most often to treat hot flashes and genitourinary syndrome of menopause , which includes vaginal dryness, after menopause .

Basically, these prescription drugs are chemicals that interact in the body in a very similar way to common hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone. And hormone therapy can take on many forms, including pills, patches, gels, vaginal rings, and sprays. Usually, the option a woman chooses depends on her health history, personal preference, and symptoms being treated.

Now, hormone replacement therapy isnt necessarily a bad thing. In fact, in a way, many women use hormone therapy as a way to avoid becoming pregnant. They take the pill which causes certain processes in the body and reproductive system to halt, which means pregnancy cannot occur. Yet, many other women also take it to help combat various symptoms that happen during menopause. These symptoms, such as hot flashes and more, are happening due to hormonal imbalances.

Yet, then, theres the confusion surrounding bioidentical hormones versus synthetic hormones. Whats the difference? Why does it matter?

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Are There Any Scientifically Proven Advantages For Rbhrt Over Conventional Hrt


Progestogens may not be alike with regard to potential adverse metabolic effects or associated breast cancer risk when combined with long-term estrogen therapy. Micronised progesterone and some progestogens have specific beneficial effects that could justify their use besides their expected actions on the endometrium. Synthetic analogues of progesterone bind to the glucocorticoid, mineralocorticoid and androgen receptors. This can lead to unwanted side effects such as fluid retention, acne and weight gain. Progestogens and progesterone can lower mood through stimulation of the neurotransmitter gamma amino butyric acid whilst progesterone has sedative effects through its intermediate metabolites, progestogens can cause PMS-type side effects including anxiety and irritability.

Venous thromboembolism

It is well recognised that unlike oral estrogen, transdermal estrogen does not appear to increase the risk of VTE. Observational and case control data suggest that the use of certain progestogens e.g. dydrogesterone and micronised progesterone may reduce the increased risk of VTE conferred by oral estrogen, compared to that noted with other synthetic progestogens.

Cardiovascular risks
Breast cancer
Endometrial protection

How Can I Learn More About Bio

The best way to fully address health problems is to treat their root causes. This may be surprising to some but one way to do this is through hormone replacement therapy. Simply stated, hormone replacement therapy replaces hormones that decline as we age. In essence, it treats the root cause of many age-related ailments.

Hormones, Bioidentical. A comprehensive review of the safety and efficacy of bioidentical hormones for the management of menopause and related health risks. Altern Med Rev 11.3 : 208-223.

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Whats The Difference Between Synthetic And Bioidentical

The main difference between synthetic or synthesized hormones and bioidentical hormones is accuracy. Bioidentical hormones replicate the exact molecular structure of naturally produced hormones , resulting in a hormone that functions far better than synthetic forms.

Hormones and other bodily chemicals work like a lock and key. A molecule with a unique structure is sent to a receptor , if they fit, a further chemical process takes place resulting in body functions. If youve ever accidentally used the wrong key in a lock, you know all too well that the lock wont function, the key may get stuck, or ultimately the lock may break. If a chemical in the body doesnt exactly fit a receptor, issues may arise.

Bioidentical hormones aim to get around the problem of mismatched hormones by starting with a natural hormone as a base, treating menopause, hot flashes and a myriad of other conditions more efficiently.

Risk Factors: Synthetic Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical VS Synthetic Hormones

Synthetic hormones are obtained from animal hormones, such as Premarin — synthesized from the estrogen of pregnant horses. Although synthetic progestin is not approximately parallel to human hormones, they are thought to be nearly equal enough to work.

Series of research conducted in 2002 pinpointed the distinctions between synthetic and bioidentical hormones therapy. Researchers emphasized not in their initial function but their adverse effects. When they compared a natural form of progesterone to a synthetic form, they discovered that it poses a greater risk to patients’ health.

Among the most severe side effects of synthetic progestins was an increased risk of breast cancer. Synthetic forms can potentially cause an increase in estrogen-related breast cell mitosis or cell division and spreading. Cancer is the result of uncontrollable cellular division.

Endogenous estrogens can be converted into relatively strong variants by synthetic hormones . These more potent, even toxic, forms of estrogen can promote cancer formation.

Bioidentical progesterone, on the other hand, has the opposite effect as synthetic progesterone. Bioidentical hormones such as progesterone inhibit breast cell division and are linked to the prevention of breast cancer .

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Where Are Bioidentical Hormones Sold

Unlike synthetic hormones, which are patented drugs and are available at conventional pharmacies, bioidentical hormones are typically acquired through specific types of pharmacies, called compounding pharmacies. These pharmacies have access to bulk chemicals from the United States Pharmacopeia , and they have the state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate formulation of hormone treatments from the bulk chemicals.

Bijuva Launched for Moderate to Severe Hot Flashes Due to Menopause

Bijuva is a bio-identical hormone therapy that combines estradiol and progesterone into a single capsule. Bijuva capsules became available in 2019 for the treatment of women with a uterus for the treatment of moderate to severe hot flashes) due to menopause. Bijvua carries a Boxed Warning regarding cardiovascular disorders, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and probable dementia. Breast tenderness, headache, vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, and pelvic pain were the most common adverse reactions associated with Bijuva.

Based on a physicians prescription, compounding pharmacists can also prepare plant-derived bio-identical hormones in a variety of dosage forms, strengths, and combinations. This is, in fact, one of the purported benefits of bio-identical hormonesthey can be formulated at individualized doses and mixtures that are not available commercially.

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