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Does Birth Control Increase Estrogen

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What Types Of Birth Control Stimulate Appetite

Do Birth Control Pills Increase My Breast Cancer Risk?

Some birth control pills can cause women to feel hungrier than usual, which can lead to excess calorie consumption and weight gain. Unlike water retention, this type of weight gain is much harder to get rid of and is more permanent. It can be incredibly hard to make smart diet choices when a person is experiencing cravings for calorie-dense foods thanks to hormones.

Certain birth control pills increase insulin levels. High levels of insulin cause any calories obtained from carbohydrates to be converted into fat cells. Women who already have abnormal glucose metabolism are at high-risk of experiencing this side effect.

The types of hormonal birth control that are the biggest culprits for appetite stimulation are, again, pills with higher levels of estrogen. Low dose estrogen pills do not cause significant increases in appetite and insulin levels. For women who do experience weight gain on the pill, the average weight gained is 4.4 pounds within 12 months on a progestin-only pill.

Also, if a woman experiences significant weight gain after taking the pill, the birth control isnt necessarily to blame. Its possible that another health issue is causing weight gain, and its crucial that women speak to their doctor if this happens. Cushings Syndrome, thyroid disorders, and diabetes can cause sudden, unexplained weight gain.

Do Birth Control Pills Increase Or Decrease Estrogen Levels

Birth control pills use synthetic hormones to prevent pregnancies. Synthetic versions of estrogen and progesterone often work together to not only prevent ovulation, but also create undesirable for conditions for fertilized egg implantation. You may question whether or not these man-made hormones actually increase or decrease estrogen levels in the body. Depending on your current needs, this information is necessary when deciding which type of contraception to use.

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There are many variations of the birth control pill on the market today. There are pills that have a constant low dose of estrogen. There are very low-dose, having 20 mcg of estrogen. The next level of low dose typically contains about 33 mcg of estrogen. There are also high dose estrogen pills, which contain 50 mcg of estrogen per pill. Then there are phasic pills that have a different amount of estrogen throughout the cycle, which more closely mimics the bodys natural cycle. Other birth control pills, however, use no estrogen and merely depend on progesterone to prevent pregnancy.


Time Frame


Although birth control pills containing estrogen and progesterone are designed to regulate hormones and prevent sudden surges, small surges happen each day. Every time you take the pill, the body suddenly processes the hormones creating small peaks. Some women very sensitive to these may experience nausea and headaches.


Some People Should Not Take Birth Control Pills

There are some situations where taking birth control pills is riskier than its worth. One such situation is when a woman has migraines with aura, which put her at higher risk for stroke if she takes birth control pills that include estrogen.

Many doctors prefer to err on the side of caution and wont prescribe estrogen-containing pills to women who have migraines with aura. Micks typically works with patients to find other options, like progestin-only pills, hormonal birth control without estrogen or non-hormonal forms of contraception .

However, if you have migraines with aura and other options arent working for you, its worth having a discussion with your doctor, Sharma says.

You need to have something thats going to be manageable in your life and still work at keeping you from getting pregnant, Sharma says.

For women who smoke, have high blood pressure or have a blood-clotting disorder, there is also a strong connection between stroke and birth control pills, so doctors will probably recommend an estrogen-free form of contraception.

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Other Possible Benefits Of Birth Control

Birth control pills have benefits besides contraception. They lower your risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer and can help with acne. But it’s not clear if ultra-low-dose formulas do as good a job of providing these perks.

Birth control isn’t one-size-fits-all, so you should weigh the pros and cons of going extra-low with your doctor.

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Heres Why You Should Ask Your Doctor Test You For Shbg

Does Estrogen In Birth Control Cause Weight Gain Options ...
  • Low libido/sex drive
  • Fatigued,
  • Trouble focusing and staying on task
  • Hair loss or more likely your hair is not growing as quickly as it once did
  • Depression and or Anxiety
  • If those symptoms sounds familiar, testing your SHBG levels can offer insight into the hormonal imbalances associated with Low testosterone caused by the pill. Now

    and YES woman make them and they also ABSOLUTELY need them!

    Here is a study from the Journal of Sex Medicine titled, Impact of oral contraceptives on sex hormone binding globulin and androgen levels- a retrospective study in woman with sexual dysfunction.

    While so much emphasis in woman is placed on the levels of Estrogen and Progesterone as the main culprits of sexual dysfunction, its easy to overlook Testosterone, and DHT. If you look here, I summarized some of the most common symptoms in women associated with low Testosterone.

    Now, I want to show you some testing from a recent patient and the reason I show you this is that this could be happening to you! But you would never know, unless youre doctor run these tests for you.

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    Evaluation Of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

    Differential Diagnosis of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

    Hormonal contraception

    Endocrine abnormalities


    Differential Diagnosis of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

    Hormonal contraception

    Endocrine abnormalities


    Evaluation of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding in Women Using Hormonal Contraception

    History and physical examination

    Assessment of compliance with hormonal contraception

    Review of menstrual calendar

    Papanicolaou’s test

    Appropriate laboratory tests

    Tests for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae, if indicated

    Pelvic ultrasonography, if indicated

    Evaluation of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding in Women Using Hormonal Contraception

    History and physical examination

    Assessment of compliance with hormonal contraception

    Review of menstrual calendar

    Papanicolaou’s test

    Appropriate laboratory tests

    Tests for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae, if indicated

    Pelvic ultrasonography, if indicated

    Endometrial biopsy, if indicated

    Compliance with hormonal contraception should be assessed, and a menstrual calendar should be reviewed to determine the pattern of bleeding. Often, women are unaware of the impact missed contraceptive pills can have on their menstrual cycle. Even one missed pill can cause breakthrough bleeding.

    Clinical Clues and Appropriate Laboratory Tests for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

    Clinical Clues and Appropriate Laboratory Tests for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

    Is There A Link Between Birth Control Pills And Higher Breast Cancer Risk

    The need for safe, effective birth control is shared by many women around the world. More than 10 million American women use birth control pills. Besides effectively stopping unwanted pregnancies, birth control pills also help control other conditions, such as acne, PMS, heavy periods, and mood swings. Research also has shown that birth control pills can slightly lower the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer.

    Effective, uncomplicated birth control is important for many women. But its also important that birth control be safe. There are concerns that because birth control pills use hormones to block pregnancy they may overstimulate breast cells, which can increase the risk of breast cancer.

    The concern is greater if youre at high risk for breast cancer because of:

    • a strong family history of the disease
    • past breast biopsies showing abnormal cells
    • you or someone in your family has an abnormal breast cancer gene

    If youve been diagnosed with breast cancer, you SHOULD NOT use contraceptives that use hormones. Thats because theres evidence that these medicines might increase the risk of the cancer coming back .

    The study was published in the Aug. 1, 2014 issue of Cancer Research. Read the abstract of Recent Oral Contraceptive Use by Formulation and Breast Cancer Risk among Women 20 to 49 Years of Age.

    While these results sound very alarming, its important to know three things:

  • This risk varied with the formulation of the birth control pills:
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    What You Need To Know About Homocysteine

  • If you are on the pill or any other method of contraception you should ask your doctor to check your Homocysteine levels.
  • You might be wondering whats a good level or range for Homocysteine?
  • I like to see Homocysteine levels around 7, lab ranges from Labcorp or Quest show 0-15 being the range, but when you really dig into the research optimal levels around 7 and that should be your goal.
  • If these levels are elevated thats a sign of systemic inflammation in your brain and heart and it could be a very serious problem if you have symptoms like depression, anxiety Insomnia,
  • If you do have high levels, very next thing you want to do is get tested for a mutation in the MTHFR. If you want more information on this- I have a three part video series on MTHFR that explains what it is in simple language
  • If you look at this illustration showing the effects of oxidative stress you can see why I believe so strongly in testing for oxidative stress as well as Homocysteine levels.
  • CAD= Coronary Artery Disease

    How Is The Pill Taken

    how does birth control impact my hormones?

    Most combination pills come in either a 21-day pack or a 28-day pack. One hormone pill is taken each day at about the same time for 21 days. Depending on the pack, the birth control pills are either stopped for 7 days or a pill that contains no hormones is taken for 7 days. During the week that a woman is taking no pills or pills that don’t contain hormones, she has her period. Some women prefer the schedule in which pills are taken every day of the month because it helps keep them in the habit of taking a pill every day.

    Also available is a combination pill that reduces the frequency of a woman’s period by supplying a hormone pill for 12 weeks and then inactive pills for 7 days. This reduces the number of periods to one every 3 months instead of one every month.

    Another kind of pill that may change the number of monthly periods is the low-dose progesterone pill, sometimes called the mini-pill. This differs from other birth control pills in that it only contains one type of hormone progesterone rather than a combination of estrogen and progesterone. It changes the cervical mucus and the lining of the uterus, and sometimes by affects ovulation. It may be slightly less effective than the combination pills at preventing pregnancy.

    The mini-pill is taken every day without a break. A girl who is taking the mini-pill may have no period at all or she may have irregular periods. For the mini-pill to work, it must be taken at the same time every day, without missing any doses.


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    Do All Forms Of Birth Control Affect Shbg The Same

    Before tossing your pill pack out the window, know that not all birth controls are created equal. Some cause a much more drastic increase in SHBG levels, while others’ impacts are negligible. Overall, IUDs have the lowest impact on SHBG levels. They typically have lower hormone amounts and use of different forms of estrogen and progestin .

    On the other end of the spectrum, hormonal contraceptives in the form of a ring or patch are associated with the highest increase of SHBG levels. Falling somewhere in between are oral contraceptives.

    The hormones used also impact the degree of elevation in SHBG. Progestin- or progesterone-only medications are typically associated with the lowest increase in SHBG.3Levonorgesterel is also associated with low impact on SHBG. Perhaps the most used form of estrogen, ethinylestradiol , results in a slight increase. Low dose birth controls result in a lower level of elevation than high dose options. High dose is typically defined by 50ug of EE or more. Forms including progestogens gestodene, desogestrel, cyproterone acetate, and drospirenone are all associated with higher SHBG levels. Do your research read the active ingredients of any contraceptives you take to be informed about how they’ll affect your SHBG levels. As always, talk to your doctor before changing or stopping any medications you take.

    Progesterone Only Birth Control Pills

    There are some birth control pills without estrogen. These are called mini-pills and contain synthetic progesterone called progestin. Some women use these because they are breastfeeding or they cant take estrogen in the combined pill because they suffer migraine headaches or have a high risk of blood clots or heart disease.

    Taken daily, the synthetic progestin:

    Suppresses ovulation by stopping the production of the Luteinizing Hormone in your pituitary gland.

    Triggers changes in the lining of the uterus, so that it is harder for an egg to implant there.

    Causes a thickening in cervical mucus, which then makes it difficult for sperm to travel far enough to fertilize an egg.

    Unlike the combined pill, the progestin-only mini-pill gives shorter birth control protection. If you miss a dose or even take it later than usual, you may not be covered for contraception, and you may also experience breakthrough bleeding.

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    There Are Two More Things I Want You To Know About When It Comes To Depression Anxiety And The Pill

    Birth control pills are also known for disrupting Tryptophan metabolism. Tryptophan is a very important amino acid because Tryptophan

    is needed to make two very important chemicals that Im sure you have heard of.

    When you feel sad or depressed, anxious, when you cant think straight, irritable, cant focus- one of the main neurotransmitters that is associated with these feelings is serotonin.

    When you cant sleep at night, perhaps you reach for your melatonin supplements. Remember, both are made from Tryptophan and when you use birth control pills, the pill can disrupt your feel good chemicals and the chemicals that regulate your sleep cycle.

    This illustration that you see here, shows how Serotonin and Melatonin are made from Tryptophan.

    How Birth Control Pills Work Inside The Body


    Most oral contraceptives are made with combinations of synthetic estrogen and progestin, a synthetic form of the hormone progesterone. After taking the pill, these synthetic hormones enter the brain and act as endocrine disruptors, interfering with the signaling process that is necessary for ovulation. In particular, they prevent the hypothalamus from signaling to the pituitary gland to secrete the hormones that cause an egg to be released. In the unlikely event ovulation does occur and an egg is fertilized, the synthetic progestin thins the uterine lining, making it more likely that the egg will be shed.

    Many birth control pills include a week of placebo pills that induce monthly breakthrough bleeding, but this is not a real menstrual period. It is an artificial pattern that eliminates the natural ebb and flow of estrogen and progesterone throughout the cycle.

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    Best Birth Control Pill For Weight Loss

    The birth control pill Yasmin is the only birth control pill that has this effect. It is not marketed as a weight loss pill, and women can only expect to lose maybe a pound or two in excess water. As always, making smarter diet choices and exercising are the only ways to prevent weight gain or promote weight loss.

    With period cravings, it can be easy to eat all the food in the world. Of course you can eat the chocolate, but it is all about balance. We have some great delicious snacks that can help you beat the period munchies. Pandia Health is all about helping you live your healthiest, most fulfilling lifesnacks included!

    Why Should I Take Birth Control

    The obvious reason for taking birth control is to prevent pregnancy, but there are some women who are looking for ways to increase their breast size. Due to the estrogen in the pill, some women will definitely see an increase in the size of their breasts. Keep in mind that not every birth control pill contains estrogen. There is something called the mini pill which only contains progestin. So if youre wondering does the mini pill make your breasts bigger the answer is no, due to the lack of estrogen inside. Although birth control alone wont significantly increase the size of your breasts, adding a supplement that increases estrogen will certainly give it a boost. Bust Bunny helps to increase estrogen levels to give your bust the boost youve been needing! Use coupon code birthcontrol for 10% off or to have your coupon instantly applied.

    Most of the time, the changes in your breast size is due to fluid retention which is caused by the increase in hormones. Keep in mind, once off the pill it is likely that your breast size will go back to the size you started out with. Unless you are combining the pill with another supplement you may notice your breast size to no longer be as full as when you were active on the pill.

    Here are a few other possible side effects to keep a lookout for while taking birth control:

    • Headaches
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