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Does Female Hormones Cause Weight Gain

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What Does Hormonal Weight Gain Look Like

Does estrogen cause weight gain?

Since hormonal weight gain is different from weight gain due to excess caloric intake, its symptoms are also distinctive. While body weight and fat are distributed equally in weight gain due to excess caloric intake, people with hormonal weight gain usually notice increased weight around specific body parts, such as the waist, arms, thighs, chest, and lower body.

Can Bioidentical Hormones Cause Weight Gain

Metabolism is one of the many physiologic processes greatly influenced by hormone levels. When a persons hormones are elevated or too low, he or she can experience unexpected weight loss or weight gain. Additionally, the introduction of hormone replacement therapy can also cause the weight to fluctuate. However, weight gain as a side effect of BHRT is usually a temporary phenomenon related to the sudden change in hormone levels, an inappropriate dose of hormones, or another factor. As a patients hormones reach the normal range, he or she will likely be able to return to a stable, healthy weight. In fact, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is actually a highly effective tool for weight loss in certain cases. During your initial consultation for BioTE hormone therapy in Indiana, Dr. Christy will carefully discuss your symptoms and goals including weight gain and weight loss to help determine whether BHRT may be right for you.

Can Hormones Make You Gain Weight

Can hormones make you gain weight?

Hormones can play a role in weight gain. Certain hormones, such as insulin and cortisol, can affect your bodys ability to regulate appetite and metabolism. When these hormones are out of balance, it can lead to weight gain.

For example, insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels. When you eat, your body releases insulin to help your cells use glucose for energy. If you have too much insulin in your body, it can cause your cells to take up too much glucose from the bloodstream. This can lead to low blood sugar levels, which can trigger hunger and cravings for sugary or high-fat foods. Over time, this can contribute to weight gain.

Cortisol is a hormone that is released in response to stress. High levels of cortisol can increase appetite and cravings for high-fat and high-sugar foods. This can lead to weight gain, particularly in the abdominal area.

Other hormones that can affect weight include estrogen, testosterone, and thyroid hormones. Imbalances in these hormones can affect appetite, metabolism, and body composition.

Estrogen is a hormone that is produced in the ovaries and other glands in the body. It plays a role in the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and other reproductive functions. High levels of estrogen can lead to weight gain, particularly in the hips and thighs. On the other hand, low levels of estrogen can lead to weight loss.

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Pin On Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

Web women struggling with weight gain, acne, excessive hairiness, menstrual problems and other symptoms might be suffering from more than just annoying health. Web additionally, antidepressants often have weight gain as a side effect, so treatment for both anxiety and depression associated with pcos could affect weight loss efforts.

How To Fix Your Hormones And Lose Weight

Menopause And Weight Gain

Ive hit a stubborn weight-loss plateau, writes this weeks house call, even though I seem to be doing everything right, like eating the right foods and exercising. How can I overcome that obstacle?

Ive discussed different reasons for weight-loss resistance in past blogs. Many obstacles have nothing to do with what you eat or how much you exercise. Instead, they involve things like nutritional imbalances, chronic inflammation, metabolic challenges, leaky gut, changes in your microbiome, environmental toxins and your genes.

One huge but often-overlooked reason for weight-loss resistance involves hormonal imbalances.

No contest: The monster hormone that causes weight gain, inflammation and chronic disease is excess insulin. Think of this hormone as your fat cell fertilizer! My new book, Eat Fat, Get Thin, discusses how to naturally regulate insulin so you can shift your body from fat storage mode to fat-burning mode.

At the same time, insulin isnt the only player other hormones also affect your weight and health. Three big disruptors are: thyroid, cortisol and sex hormones. I discuss these hormones in-depth in The Blood Sugar Solution, however, lets briefly look at each of them here.


Research shows hypothyroidism, or low-thyroid function, affects one in five women and one in ten men. Unfortunately, in over half of these cases, this condition isnt diagnosed.

A common cause of hypothyroidism is gluten intolerance.


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Want To Learn More About Your Weight And Hormones

To make an appointment with Drs. McDonald or Wilson at OB/GYN Specialists, call 940-202-0566 today. You can also send us a message here on our website.

Our Denton, Texas, office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm to offer our patients the chance to ask questions, get informed, and start living the lives they most desire.

Taking The Next Steps Toward Health

If HRT doesnt cause weight gain, where does that leave women undergoing HRT who are having a hard time maintaining a healthy weight? The short answer is that youre probably better off taking the hormones than you would be without it. In fact, researchers have found strong evidence that HRT can prevent the shift in body fat proportions that typically accompanies menopause and mitigate some of the metabolic downregulation that occurs as a result of menopause, especially in energy-intensive places like the heart.

Nonetheless, theres a good chance that youll gain weight as a result of menopause, aging, and the associated lifestyle factors if you dont increase your level of physical activity and decrease your caloric intake. Working with a practitioner who combines an in-depth understanding of menopause and hormone replacement therapy with an integrative approach to treatment can help you create a comprehensive plan to optimize both your physical and emotional well-being. With the right tools and support, you can take charge of your health and enhance your confidence as you enter this new phase of life.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All content on this website is for informational purposes only. The content is not intended diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.

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Hormones Influence Body Weight

Fat storage and breakdown are strictly regulated by certain hormones in the body. Hormones also influence energy expenditure, or the number of calories your body burns on a daily basis.

For this reason, fluctuations in hormone levels may lead to weight gain or loss, as well as body fat accumulation in specific areas.

For example, the thyroid secretes hormones that are responsible for metabolism regulation.

When the thyroid gland is overactive, it releases too much thyroid hormone. This puts the body into a hypermetabolic state, where it burns more calories . This is known as hyperthyroidism.

Conversely, an underactive thyroid, characterized by low thyroid hormone levels, leads to less energy expenditure . This is known as hypothyroidism.

This is why people with hyperthyroidism may lose weight, while those with hypothyroidism may gain weight.

Insulin is another hormone that can affect body weight.

Cells need insulin to use glucose for energy and store it for later use in the form of glycogen. Insulin is also required for storing energy as fat and inhibiting fat breakdown to maintain body weight .

Keeping insulin levels within a standard range is critical. Chronically elevated insulin levels may lead to insulin resistance, where cells stop responding appropriately to insulin.

Human and animal studies indicate that this may lead to the impairment of hunger and fullness hormones, excessive fat uptake by organs like the liver, and compromised metabolism (

Regain Control Of Your Weight Health And Happiness With Biote Hormone Replacement Therapy In Terre Haute In

Does Hormone Therapy Cause Weight gain?

Hormonal imbalance can undoubtedly wreak havoc on a persons overall health, happiness, and day-to-day life. From weight gain to chronic fatigue, the frustrating symptoms of unbalanced hormone levels seem virtually endless. If you are looking for a reliable, effective, and long-lasting hormone solution in Terre Haute or Carmel, IN, call Body Bar MD to schedule your private consultation with sought-after wellness expert and board-certified physician Dr. Christy Watson today. We look forward to helping you get the relief you deserve with BioTE bioidentical hormone replacement therapy!

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Maintain Moderate Body Weight

Healthy weight loss and weight maintenance may increase insulin sensitivity inoverweight individuals. Additionally, since leptin resistance and obesity are linked, keeping a healthy weight is critical.

Maintaining amoderate weight may also help keep cortisol levels in line because obesity has been shown to raise cortisol levels, and high cortisol levels have been linked to weight growth.

What Is Biest Cream Made From

Currently, products such as Biest containing 20% estradiol and 80% estriol, and Triest containing 10% estradiol, 10% estrone and 80% estriol, expressed on a mg per mg basis, are prepared by compounding pharmacies for patients.

What are the side effects of bi-est?

Other side effects include: abdominal pain, limb pain, pruritus, sinusitis, nausea, skin rash, and vaginitis.

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Beware Rebound Weight Gain That Can Occur When Hormone Therapy Stops

There is something of a catch. The benefit may last only as long as the therapy. Ultimately, if youre stopping hormone therapy, also talk to your doctor about the risk of increasing belly fat, as well as what you can do in terms of diet and exercise to prevent this weight rebound, says Pinkerton.

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These Hormone Tests Will Give You A Clear Insight Into Your Well

Pin on Hormones

Youve tried each and every trick in the book to lose weight but it all seems in vain. Especially if you are a womanyou are bound to be more vulnerable to slow metabolism, food cravings and hormonal changes throughout your life. So everything from PMSing to pregnancy, menopause to daily stress could take you through a variety of ups and downs, courtesy your hormones.

Research has also revealed that appetite, weight-loss, metabolism and female hormones are all closely linked. So, if you cant find a happy solution to your weight gain, it is probably because of your skewed hormonal balance.

Therefore, you may want to get these 6 hormones tested before losing all hope:

  • Thyroid: Hypothyroidism is responsible for weight gain in women. The most common symptoms could include sudden weight gain, fatigue, dry skin and constipation. Weight is the result of decreased metabolic rate of the body which is deeply affected by the thyroid hormone.
  • Insulin: The hormone insulin is the one produced by beta cells in the pancreas which is primarily responsible for the regulation of fat and carbohydrates in the body. Insulin allows the body to use glucose, and high levels of insulin could also lead to weight gain.
  • Cortisol: It is a hormone that is released when you are stressed or are sleep deprived. Elevated cortisol levels can lead to weight gain, majorly in the abdominal area. It therefore triggers food cravings and you end up munching on junk food more than you would have otherwise.
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    Symptoms Of Hormonal Weight Gain

    The most common symptom of hormonal imbalance is weight gain, which may lead to:

    • Sexual dysfunction

    So, consult a doctor if you face any of the above symptoms and go for a routine hormonal check-up for proper management.

    Lets answer another common question that people have about hormonal weight gain.

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    Estrogen Dominance And Belly Fat

    Estrogen dominance causes weight gain around the belly, butt, thighs, and hips. Worse news: fat cells produce even more estrogen. When the body is estrogen dominant:

    • Hypothyroidism slows the bodys metabolism.
    • Abdominal tissues retain more water causing bloating to be a constant issue.
    • Unnatural insulin release results in constant hunger and food cravings for sweets.

    Heres what happens when the amount of progesterone circulating within the body is elevated to a level that is sufficient to neutralize the underlying condition of estrogen dominance:

    • The hypothyroid condition is eliminated. In other words, bioidentical progesterone triggers a metabolic response allowing weight loss to occur.
    • When progesterone is added back into the body via bioidentical progesterone cream, it acts as a natural diuretic, thereby reducing the bloating.
    • When progesterone and estrogen levels are re-balanced, insulin release is tempered.

    The result: normalized blood sugar levels and reduced food cravings.

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    Understanding Hormonal Weight Gain

    Hormonal weight gain is the increase in body weight, mainly body fat, in some parts of the body. Unlike typical weight gain, which occurs when the amount of energy gained by the body exceeds the amount of energy burned during metabolism and physical activity, hormonal weight gain occurs when there are imbalances of hormones or certain hormonal disorders.

    Body Weight And Body Fat

    Weight Gain, Hormones and Menopause

    People who are overweight and obese affect the level of estrogen, testosterone, ghrelin, and leptin hormones. For instance, obese men are much more prone to havelow testosterone levels than normal-weight men. This is mostly due to a decrease in the protein sex hormone-binding globulin that transports testosterone to the body tissues.

    The decrease of Sex hormone binding globulin in obesity is caused by Insulin resistance.

    Also, in men, lower levels oftestosterone are linked to increased body fat, especially in the abdominal area, and decreased muscle mass.

    Obesity is also significantly linked to irregularities in the leptin hormone, such as hyperleptinemia andleptin resistance when the body fails to respond adequately to leptin.

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    Will Bioidentical Hormones Make You Gain Weight

    For many women considering hormone replacement therapy, unwanted weight gain is one of their main complaints. So, the risk of gaining even more weight as a side effect of hormone replacement therapy is particularly concerning and often deters patients from getting the treatment they need. Board-certified physician and wellness expert Dr. Christy Watson of Body Bar MD understands the complex nature of hormone imbalance and is proud to offer advanced bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Carmel and Terre Haute, IN to help patients regain control of their lives and finally feel better than ever. Learn more about hormone replacement therapy here, including what side effects you may expect.

    Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones

    Most natural remedies for hormonal imbalance in females can be found in widely available supplements. Many people also experience relief from certain lifestyle changes, including:

    Hormones have a great role in many processes in our bodies. As weve seen, disruptions of these hormones can cause a variety of symptoms. Sometimes, a hormonal imbalance can have several serious effects. If you seek treatment as soon as possible, youll have the best chance of managing any complications.


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    Signs Your Hormones Are Causing Weight Gain

    Several different factors can cause belly fat, including gender, age, dietary habits and amounts of physical exercise and hormonal misfiring. So how can you tell if hormones are the cause of your abdominal weight gain? While you can look out for some signs, its important to discuss any of your questions with a doctor to identify the root cause. Sometimes its not always so obvious and can vary from person to person.

    Here are a few warning signs and symptoms you can look out for to help identify the cause of your belly fat:

    Hormone Imbalances In Men

    Pin on Health

    Low testosterone may be causing weight gain in men who have a lower metabolism and get poor sleep. Supplementing testosterone through hormone replacement therapy initially leads to more weight gain because it increases muscle mass, but this is only temporary.

    Muscle naturally weighs more than fat. You might go through an awkward stage during treatment where your weight increases until, of course, the muscle youre developing becomes more metabolically active and burns more calories at rest. At that point, your weight should decrease.

    Of course, supplemented testosterone comes with risks particularly, a higher risk of developing prostate cancer and poor cardiovascular health.

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    Do Hormones Cause Weight Gain

    Have you been constantly gaining weight even though you are exercising regularly and eating healthily? Have you been worried that you can`t shed that stubborn fat? Its time you understood your hormone levels.

    Hormonal imbalance is one of the major causes of weight gain. These hormones regulate metabolism and maintaining the bodys weight, reproductive health, and homeostasis. Women are more prone to hormonal imbalance and tend to gain more weight as a result. What hormones are these, you`re probably wondering? Let`s get talking.

    The Risks Of Weight Gain After Menopause

    Many of the risks of weight gain are well known: high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, to name a few. Extra fat at your waistline raises these risks more. Unfortunately, a bigger waistline is more likely after menopause. If you now have a waist measurement of more than 35 inches, it’s time to take steps to reverse this trend.

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    Hrt And Weight Gain: Is It The Hormones Or Is It Menopause

    If youve stepped on a scale recently and been unpleasantly surprised by the numbers, you may be searching for a reason behind your unintentional weight gain. If youve recently started taking hormone replacement therapy for menopause, you might suspect your new hormone regimen is the culprit. Or is it menopause itself?

    Both menopause and HRT can cause weight gain as well as redistribution of your bodys fat deposits. But you may be surprised to learn that neither menopause nor HRT guarantees that you will gain weightand many women even lose weight during this time. Given these facts, how can you figure out whats causing you to gain weight and come up with a plan for how to stop it?

    While it may not always be possible to isolate the cause of weight gain from confounding factors like aging or lifestyle factors, weight gain doesnt have to be mysterious or inevitable when you are in menopause or undergoing HRT. Understanding the link between HRT and weight gain as well as the effects of menopause on weight will go a long way toward giving you peace of mind as well as an action plan to take control of your weight. Despite how intimidating unexpected pounds can be, the good news is that you are far from powerless to counteract it even during menopause and HRT.

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