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Does Maca Help Balance Hormones

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Boosting Energy And Endurance

Maca Root for Fertility | Balance Hormones and Increase Energy

Some athletes and bodybuilders use maca root as a supplement to increase energy and performance. Some evidence exists to support this.

A pilot study in 2009 found that using maca extract for 14 days improved performance for male cyclists in a 40-kilometer time trial. However, the results were not significantly different from the improvement seen in those taking a placebo.

However, the same study found that maca extract improved libido in the participants who used it. However, the sample size of this study was very small, so more research is needed to confirm the results.

It Will Give Your Libido And Fertility A Boost

Forget the V pill because this Peruvian wonder has been used as a libido booster for centuries. Although the specific aphrodisiac effects of MACA have not been scientifically proven, this century-old remedy has been given the unofficial titles as natures Viagra. Having helped boost the libidos and vitality of Peruvian men and women for centuries, MACA has managed to retain its role as a libido booster to this day. In fact, one Australian study found that women who consumed 3.5 grams of MACA per day for a period of six weeks reported less anxiety and depression and an increased sexual drive. This becomes increasingly beneficial for post-menopausal women or individuals taking certain medications, that may need a little helping hand in getting their libido back on track. And lets be honest, not all of us are fans of oysters, so if a hot MACA tea or treat is on offer for that romantic date night, we will take it!

Hormone Balancing Wonders Of Maca

Let us MACA you a fan of this Peruvian superfood. Belonging to the mustard family, this cruciferous vegetable is grown deep in the Andes mountains, at an elevation of 14,000 feet so you can bet it packs a punch when it comes to delivering on nutrients. Storing its rich nutrients underground, this bulb-shaped plant is found to be dense in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, as well as Vitamins B2, B6, AND Niacin. The hardy root of this ancient remedy is also found to be packed full of iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, copper, magnesium and potassium. If this never-ending list of beneficial nutrients is not enough to cement MACAs status as a superfood, then perhaps the benefits that come from its storage of sterols will do the job. Packed full of hormone loving fats, MACA has long been revered as a hormone balancing wonder. As a natural adaptogen, it may assist us with rebalancing our hormones and with protecting our body from external stressors in several ways. But just in case you needed an extra push to add more MACA into your morning smoothies, these 5 amazing facts may do the job.

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How Does Maca Root Powder Affect Libido

Maca root powder is high in carbs and rich in a number of nutrients, including vitamin C, copper and iron. It also contains many bioactive plant compounds. 2. It Increases Libido in Men and Women Reduced sexual desire is a common problem among adults. Consequently, interest in herbs and plants that naturally boost libido is great.

The Right Maca For You Is Pure Safe And Certified

Does Maca Root Balance Hormones?

Wow, maca sounds great so lets all go out and buy some!

Yes, maca has a lot of health benefits, but you really do need to be careful when purchasing it to ensure you are buying a safe and quality product.

First, you need to buy Peruvian Maca.

Why? because Peruvian harvests of Lepidium meyenii are GMO-free as GMO is currently banned by the Peruvian government.

You should also buy organic. Note that I only purchase maca that has been certified as organic for my superfoods blend, and you should also require that certification. I always suggest people scrutinize labels.

The place of origin for any maca you purchase is an important distinction, as these days, more and more maca on the market is coming from other countries such as China showing a grower in Peru, where farms are often a family affair).

There is kind of a black market for Peruvian maca seeds and roots, with smuggling occurring for huge profits. The issue with farming in other countries is that the unregulated growing methods may be introducing fertilizers, pesticides, pollutants and even GMOs.

My maca supplier once showed me a picture of a maca root from China, and you could see it was quite stunted. Im not sure if it is because it isnt grown at the appropriate elevation, or whether the chemicals they add for fertilizer and pesticide control is to blame, but you could very much see the difference!

Nutritionally, the content of the different phenotypes appears similar.

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Adding Maca To Your Diet

Locals eat maca up to three times a day in Peru, usually boiled or roasted like potatoes. They use the dry powder in baking or heat it to make a dish resembling porridge. And they consume maca as a fermented drink called maca chichi.

If you are looking to trying maca, I recommend Mighty Maca formulated by the renowned OB-GYN Dr Anna Cabeca who specializes in womens health and has travelled to Peru to research and source safe and effective forms of maca. Instead of buying a whole canister, I recommend giving it a try first , by ordering the free 4-day trial pack of her Mighty Maca Plus superfoods blend. For many, this superfoods blend boosts energy, curbs cravings, and restores hormonal balance. Youll get the 4-pack for free, too, a $9.99 value. You can get the FREE 4-day sample here.

Maca can be added to many things like smoothies & green juices, muffins, protein balls & bars, homemade cacao chocolate, morning porridge or quinoa, pancakes, truffles, hot cocoa, or coconut milk, and more. Check out this great collection of maca recipe ideas weve put together.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy :

For my women who have more severe symptoms supplements to balance hormones may not be enough and in this case Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can be a great option. With proper labs, follow-up, and customized dosing, this can be a safe step up in a patients therapy from more natural treatments. Remember, its all about safety first, so using the lowest level of therapy to provide adequate symptom relief is ideal!

There is no one herb, nutritional plan, product, or therapy that is good for everything hormones related. It is vital to determine what type of hormone imbalance you have and why. Finding the root cause to your health issues can bring you back to long-lasting optimal health herbals, nutrition, and medications can help you there. A qualified health care professional can offer testing, interpretation, diagnosis, and treatment for your unique needs and goals!

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Not All Maca Is Created Equal

The effects youll experience from taking Maca directly depend upon the location where its grown, and the quality of its cultivation, drying and preparation.

Having done extensive research into the origins, types and preparations of Maca – we have discovered that the best Maca is the one that is prepared authentically, the way the local peoples of Peru have been enjoying it for millennia and satisfying the below conditions:

  • Specific elevation and dark black soil. For powerful effects Maca needs to be grown at altitudes of over 12,800 ft . Our Maca is grown over 14,000ft above sea level in the perfect dry, dark black soil.
  • Unique mix of 4 Maca varieties – the indigenous Peruvians know that to fully experience Macas effects one needs to consume all 4 of its ecotypes – white, red, black and purple. On our community-owned Maca farm all 4 Maca varieties grow together in nature, which also makes the plants stronger. We use a unique mix of the Maca colours for optimal benefits and flavour.
  • Traditional Peruvian preparation – our Maca undergoes sun-drying, and a month of fermentation in solar tents to develop its unique cameral notes and powerful benefits.
  • Ethically sourced – we believe that in order to bring you its harmonising and balancing benefits the Maca itself has to carry harmonious energy and be a result of a wholesome activity.

We believe that this loving, wholesome, content energy is passed on to you when taking our Maca.

Ancient Superfood Modern Medicine

Leda Lum apothecary Maca powder hormonal balancing

Maca, a root vegetable in the cruciferous family , was one of the original superfoods. Its grown high in the mountains of South America , and has served as a nutrient-dense food staple and health tonic for thousands of years.

The people of the Andes Mountains have long turned to maca for strength, endurance, and longevity. Its even considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac and magical fertility remedy.

The magic part aside, modern medical researchers are in agreement with these ancient opinions. An increasing number of studies conclusively demonstrate that maca is profoundly balancing for the endocrine system, which translates into increased fertility, strength, stamina, immune function, memory, focus, and more.

A number of doctors have reported remarkable results after using maca to treat hormonal imbalances like low estradiol , low testosterone, and sexual dysfunction. Dr. Jeffrey Dach observed that for one patient, maca had effects comparable to the prescription drug Clomid .

Dr. Hugo Malaspina gave 1,200-3,600 mg of maca to menopausal and post-menopausal women, and concluded that maca is an effective and superior substitute for a pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy. One patient, who switched to maca because HRT was causing her unpleasant side effects, saw her estradiol levels rise from 15 to 75 in just two monthsand she enjoyed complete relief from hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.

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Herbal And Alternative Medicine:

I love using herbal formulations with my patients in order to provide safe and effective relief for their symptoms. Herbals are a gentle way to treat for many symptoms such as hot flashes, painful periods, unpredictable periods, hormonal acne, fertility, sleep, and more! Here are some common herbal supplements to balance hormones and combat these unwanted issues

Unfortunately, there are so many wonderful herbal supplements to balance hormones that I cannot possibly mention them all. It is also important to know that there is more to herbs that simply checking what health issues they are indicated for. They also have synergistic properties, which means that some herbs work better together! A naturopathic doctor can come up with a herbal formula that is dosed safely and appropriately for your individualized health history and concerns. There are also pre-made supplements on the market which are formulated for hormone balance. My trustworthy brands in this category include Vitanica and Femenessence.

As An Adaptogen Maca Helps Your Body Deal With Stress And Hormone Imbalances

Probably in response to surviving its own harsh growing environment, Peruvian maca has been shown to have adaptogenic properties.

What does maca being an adaptogen mean for you? Well, for centuries it has been able to adapt, to resist disease and environmental stresses. The good news?

“Maca is able to pass along its adaptogenic properties to you as well! As an adrenal adaptogen, it nourishes and helps your body deal with chronic stress, including both mental and physical stressors. Additionally, it helps your body adapt to hormone imbalances, whether those be with your sex hormones, thyroid or elsewhere in your endocrine system.”

I use my Mighty Maca Plus superfoods drink in all of my womens restorative health programs for this reason!

The adrenals are typically my first focus in solving any number of health symptoms and conditions.

We know that stress and its effects on our adrenals can exacerbate hormone imbalances throughout our bodies, including impacting our thyroid health .

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How Maca Can Help With Thyroid Disorders

Who knew such great power could come from such a tiny adaptogen vegetable?

For those of you who are already familiar with maca, you know the amazing benefits this Peruvian superfood can have. In Peru, maca is grown in the mountains. The higher the elevation, typically the better the maca is.

It is considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Maca itself is similar in appearance to the common potato. Yet it is far from the tuber that so many Americans eat with every meal! It is considered a cruciferous vegetable, which puts it in the same family as broccoli, radishes, and watercress. However, it tastes NOTHING like broccoli or radishes. It is also adaptogenic, meaning over time it will help the body with stress. It has an earthy, nutty flavor that is almost sweet with a hint of caramel or butterscotch. Red, yellow, and black maca all have slightly different flavor profiles, though all have amazing health benefits. Our maca is a combination of all three!

Maca and Hormones

Given my own cancer diagnosis, it should come as no surprise that maca has powerful cancer-fighting properties. This is the first reason I was drawn to it. Mainly in its relation to what it can do for hormone balancing effects. A 2005 study showed that 42% of post menopausal women supplementing with maca experienced a significant reduction in menopause symptoms.

Does Our Thyroid And Hormones Go Hand In Hand?

How Maca Can Help With Specific Thyroid Disorders

Maca And Balancing Hormones In General

Where To Find And How To Use Maca Root Including Dosage

Maca Could Help with Hirsutism!

Thanks to its growing popularity, maca is widely available at health stores, pharmacies and even online retailers. It can also be found in capsule, liquid, powder or extract form. All forms are thought to be equally beneficial, however it is best to buy maca from a quality harvester that ensures its 100 percent pure maca root powder. Ideally, including for maca extract, you should also look for a variety that is raw and organic.

Additionally, maca is categorized based on the color of its roots and is most commonly yellow, black or red. All colors of maca have similar benefits, although specific maca types and colors are thought to be more beneficial for certain medical conditions. Red maca powder is the most common supplement form. Gelatinized maca powder is sometimes referred to as maca flour.

Maca tends to have an earthy, slightly nutty taste with a hint of butterscotch that works especially well when added to oatmeal or cereal. The flavor can also vary based on the type of maca, with black maca being a bit more bitter and cream-colored roots having an even sweeter taste. Maca powder can be easily added to smoothies and drinks or mixed into recipes.

Keep in mind that most people prefer not to microwave or heat their maca powder at high temperatures as the heating process may diminish some of the nutrients.

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How To Take Maca

As maca is a root vegetable in the radish family, it can safely be taken in small amounts daily. It is available in powder form or in capsules .

If you opt for maca powder, add it into smoothies or coffee for easy ingestion.

This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Scott Soerries, MD, Family Physician and Medical Director of SteadyMD. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor.

Have you ever taken maca? Did you notice a difference? Share below!

When Should I Take Maca During Cycle

You will notice that sperm will be more abundant and dense than usual. Women given Maca respond with increased regularity in cycles and easier ovulation. After 60 days, you should take Maca about one hour prior to sexual intercourse and reduce the daily intake to 4-5 days a week or as necessary before intercourse.

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How Does Maca Balance Hormones

helping you produce the right amounts of hormones, Various studies even show that the herb does not contain plant estrogens or hormones, which tells the body how much of each hormone to produce, pituitary gland, too much or just the right.Dr, pineal gland, At the same time, This means that it can be

Alzheimers And Parkinsons Treatment

Using Maca for Hormonal Issues

There have been a number of recent studies to determine if maca provides any benefit to patients suffering from neurological conditions such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease. Research to date shows that maca supplementation as part of treatment aids the bodys neurological system in maintaining protective sheaths over nerve and neuron endings in the nervous system and brain, slowing the effects of both diseases and reducing the severity of symptoms. Further study is still being conducted to confirm macas concentration-neuroprotective effects.

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Avoid Toxins And Chemicals

As part of a healthy lifestyle to balance hormones, you needto watch what you are putting on your body as well. Synthetic estrogens areoften found in common beauty products which can further contribute to hormonalimbalance. One of the biggest causes of pms is usually excess estrogen comparedto progesterone in the body.

Many of the chemicals found in beauty products cancontribute to infertility and hormonal imbalances. This is why I have ditchedmany conventional products full of phlalates, parabens, chemical filledfragrance, and others. Read my post on the Top10 Ingredients to Avoid in Beauty Products for a complete list of thechemicals you should be avoiding.

Plastic is another dangerous hormone disruptor that you wantto avoid. BPA and other harmful chemicals found in plastic release chemicalsthat mimic estrogen in the body. In a studydone of 450 plastic products from various grocery stores, 70 percent were foundto leach estrogen mimicking chemicals. This was without any kind of exposuresuch as dishwashers, microwaving, and sun exposure all of which cause toxicchemicals to leak out of plastic.

The 10 Hormone Balancing Wonders Of Maca

by Magdalena Wszelaki | Last updated May 6, 2021 | Articles, Thyroid |

I dove into deep research on maca as I wanted to understand why some women get such life-changing results from maca and others feel worse. If you are thinking of trying it or have tried it in the past with mixed results, read on as the phenotype, form and dose can make a big difference. You might try it again or put it away forever. I hope this article will help you get that clarity.

If you asked the ancient Incas to name their go to superfoods, maca would have been top of the list. Though most modern cultures are only just catching on to the perks of this sweet-tasting South American root, in Peru, the magic of maca to balance hormones and invigorate has been known for thousands of years. Maca is a potent nutritional supplement that boasts the following healing and health secrets:

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