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Does Myo-inositol Balance Hormones

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Good Safety Record With No To Few Side Effects

HOW TO BALANCE YOUR HORMONES NATURALLY | Eu Natural REGULATE Myo-Inositol Ovarian & Hormonal Balance

Inositol is found naturally in your body and in a variety of foods.

The quantity obtained from food can vary from less than 1 gram up to several grams, depending on the composition of your diet (

Though there may be other health effects of inositol, many of them currently have very limited evidence.

Summary Due to its many roles in the body, inositol may have numerous health effects, including weight loss and improvements in blood lipids or blood pressure in specific groups. Future research may identify other important effects of this molecule.

Inositol May Play A Role In The Prevention Of Gestational Diabetes

PCOS is linked with insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance, which increases your risk for gestational diabetes. It is a condition in which your glucose levels become high during pregnancy. Although evidence is limited, the use of Myo-Inositol and folic acid throughout pregnancy may help prevent gestational diabetes in women with a family history of diabetes.14

Myoinositol Pcos & Infertility

While myoinositol can be used for weight loss in many patients, it has some very beneficial effects for patients with PCOS.

You can think of PCOS as a combination of two major problems:

#1. Hormone imbalances -> high estrogen, high testosterone , low progesterone, infertility, insulin resistance

#2. Metabolic dysfunction -> High cholesterol, weight gain, high blood pressure, abdominal obesity, impaired glucose metabolism

The benefit of myoinositol is that it affects BOTH of these areas.

We already discussed both the hormonal effects as well as the metabolic effects .

The net effect is that myoinositol can also help with weight loss in patients with PCOS, reduce acne, improve mood and even reduce male patterned hair growth.

Another benefit is that myoinositol can be combined with existing therapies and doesn’t interfere with these medications.

It’s even better tolerated than metformin and doesn’t cause any GI issues.

In addition, it might be the treatment of choice for patients who are seeking to get pregnant or want to improve fertility.


Because myoinositol is one of the few treatments for PCOS which actually treats the symptoms and the root cause of PCOS without negative side effects.

Many patients with PCOS use birth control medication to control their side effects, but obviously, it’s very difficult to get pregnant while on these medications!

But how does myoinositol compare to metformin when it comes to improving fertility and increasing pregnancy rates?

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How Is Acne Treated

While there are pharmacological treatments available to treat acne for example, topical creams, oral antibiotics, and anti-androgens there are also methods that address hormone balance and function.

It is important that you speak with your doctor before embarking on any type of treatment. NICE guidelines acknowledge that topical treatment may be ineffective for some people and outline a range of different ways a doctor might approach your treatment plan.9 Acne can vary in severity, while treatment may include dietary interventions and techniques to manage scarring, depending on the patient.

Inositol May Be Better Than Metformin

Premium Myo

Myo-inositol is an effective insulin-sensitizing agent. So much so that it is now used as an alternative to metformin.

A 2019 meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials compared these two treatments. The research showed that myo-inositol was just as good as metformin at improving insulin sensitivity. It also performed just as well for improving testosterone levels, body mass index, and more . Some randomized controlled trials have even found myo-inositol to be more effective than metformin .

Metformin has well-documented side effects . Theyre one of several reasons Im against the use of metformin for PCOS. Myo-inositol by comparison is well-tolerated making it a preferred option for many women.

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Literature Search And Characteristics Of Included Studies

The flow diagram of the meta-analysis is presented in Fig. 1 . In the initial search, 104 potentially relevant articles were identified, and 94 studies remained after removing duplicates. Through a preliminary screening, 76 records were excluded because they did not meet the inclusion/exclusion criteria. The remaining 18 articles were assessed for eligibility, and 9 articles which met the criteria were finally included in the meta-analysis. Studies were excluded for several reasons including data of the outcome were unavailable or not expressed in the numerical form , patients were treated with MI combined with other molecules such as multivitamin complex , lactoferrin and bromelin or oral contraceptives pills , menopausal women with metabolic syndrome and the study was a non-randomized design .

PRISMA flow diagram of study selection . Reproduced under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License from Moher D, Liberati A, Tetzlaff J, Altman DG, The PRISMA Group. Preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses: the PRISMA statement. PLoS Medicine 2009 6 e1000097.

How To Supplement With Myoinositol

Why I like it

Improves insulin resistance, blood sugar levels, and insulin sensitivity

Helps reduce weight loss through hormonal balance

One of the few supplements to directly lower leptin levels and treat leptin resistance

Very well tolerated with very few side effects, can be used with other medications & therapies

How to tell if you Need it

Patients with the following conditions should consider using Myoinositol:

  • Patients interesting in weight loss or those with weight loss resistance
  • Patients with PCOS, high androgens or estrogen dominance
  • Patients suffering from infertility due to PCOS or endometriosis
  • Those with insulin resistance, high fasting blood sugar or blood sugar issues
  • Patients with a personal history of type II diabetes
  • Patients with insulin resistance
  • Patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Patients with known or suspected leptin resistance
How to Use
  • Take up to 2,000mg twice per day -> 2 scoops per day of the supplement listed below
  • Continue treatment for 3-6 months
  • You can also increase inositol bioavailability by using MIC injections
My Recommended Brand and Product:

I recommend using powder so that you have more control over your dose. If you prefer you can also try using capsules.

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You Can Get Inositols From Food And Supplements

You can get inositols by eating healthy foods such as:

  • Fruits: Cantaloupe, grapefruit, other citrus fruits
  • Beans: Lima, navy
  • Grains: Brown rice, whole wheat
  • Nuts: Almonds, walnuts
  • You can also buy inositol food supplements, pills, or powders you mix with water. Inositol supplements are generally well-tolerated.

Inositol Safety And Side Effects

BEST PCOS SUPPLEMENTS ð OVASITOL || Myo-Inositol || Vitex || Berberine || Hormone Balancing

When it comes to side effects and safety, myo-inositol is considered a safe supplement. Doses of 18,000 mg/day have been used in trials exploring the potential for inositol supplements to treat panic disorders . No relevant adverse effects were found in several human studies that looked at doses of 4000 mg per day throughout pregnancy .

To further illustrate the safety profile, women take myo-inositol during pregnancy. For PCOS women with insulin resistance, this nutritional supplement can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes .

D-chiro-inositol, above the levels found in a 40:1 formulation, should be approached more cautiously. Taking D-chiro-inositol alone, at high dosages can adversely affect egg quality. Experts warn against its use in certain circumstances .

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Impact Of Mi In Ivf/icsi

Table 1 Main randomized studies on the impact of Myo-inositol , alone or in combination, for induction, ovarian stimulation, or IVF/ICSI in women with PCOS

Therefore, MI administered 3 months prior to the start of ovarian stimulation, reduces the doses of FSH required for the follicular response, lowers the estradiol level on the day of ovulation triggering, thus reducing the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation and the number of cancelled cycles. Meanwhile, oocyte and embryo quality is increased.

Inositol Improves Insulin Resistance

Inositols are a kind of sugar the body makes. They help balance chemicals that control your blood sugar and fertility. They also affect your metabolism, the process of turning the food you eat into energy.

Many people with PCOS are insulin resistant. Their bodies make insulin but aren’t able to use it effectively. This increases the risk of diabetes, infertility, obesity, and high cholesterol.

Inositols make molecules involved in the body’s response to insulin. Researchers say inositols may be part of the body’s messaging system when the usual insulin signaling system fails.

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Jul 28, 2021 – Find the right fertility supplements for women by balancing your hormones and supporting your ovaries the natural way. Whether youre in the middle of conception, or just want a better balance to your system, REGULATE has the natural ingredients MyoInositol, D-Chiro-Inositol, and more to get your hormones working for. 6. MyoInositol& D-Chiro Inositol Blend with 100% of Daily Folate 40:1 Physiological Ratio Polycystic Ovary Syndrome , Hormonal Balance and Ovarian Support by Naturamone 120 Capsules. Features : 40:1 Ratio : MyoInositol 2000mg to D-Chiro Inositol 40mg ratio found naturally in the human body.

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As an added bonus, the essence of fertility is hormonal balance, so establishing a strong foundation early-on incites a lifetime of benefits . Essentially, a healthy lifestyle now may save a world of difficulty later on. … Myoinositol has been called the ovary vitamin, as studies show. ORGANIC BALANCE: Our Myoinositol contains an improved supplement B8, specially formulated for women that help to support healthy ovarian function, hormonal balance, and a healthy menstrual cycle. 40:1 INOSITOL RATIO: Each serving contains 2000mg MyoInositol and 50mg of DHEA. A natural supplement that lets you gain control of your hormones while clearing brain fog. FEATURES. – Boosts ovarian and hormonal balance with Myo-Inositol & D-Chiro. – Improves how your body uses insulin and raises chances of.

Inositol Isnt Great For Weight Loss


Its well understood that inositol improves insulin sensitivity. But many trials have shown only a very modest improvement in body composition.

For example, Nordio and Proietti 2012 showed positive fertility outcomes from 40:1 myo- / D-chiro-inositol. But when it came to weight loss, they found no change in hip-to-waist ratio or BMI .

In a 3-month trial of myo-inositol, women who were moderately overweight lost approximately two pounds on average. The women in this trial that were severely obese didnt lose any weight at all .

A more recent study found similar results. One trial compared diet only to diet + myo-inositol supplements. They also looked at diet + both myo- and D-chiro-inositol. Over 6 months, patients who took the myo-inositol lost only 1 pound more than those that dieted without supplementation. The women who took the combined supplements fared a little better. They lost an extra 2 pounds .

Two pounds is a statistically significant amount, but its well below most peoples expectations. Many women erroneously anticipate meaningful weight loss results after starting inositol supplements.

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Caution And Side Effects

Overall, myo-inositol is considered to be safe with few side effects. However, proper safety trials in different populations are needed.

High doses can cause some stomach upset. Typical side effects reported in some of the studies were mild and include digestive problems, nausea, and tiredness.

Studies suggest there are certain states when increasing myo-inositol in the body is not beneficial , such as in people with:

  • End-stage kidney disease, myo-inositol can worsen the immune response. Since people with serious kidney disease may have raised myo-inositol levels even without supplements, taking myo-inositol supplements can be especially harmful .
  • Cognitive impairment and neurological diseases like Alzheimers Disease. Other inositols are being researched, but no benefits have been proven yet .
  • Any kind of brain injury, such as traumatic brain injury .
  • Myo-inositol is increased in people with lymphomas, brain, and spinal cord tumors. Supplementing is probably not beneficial .

What Type Of Inositol Is Best For Pcos

Research shows that Myo-Inositol may have a role in improving menstrual cycles, ovulation, and improving metabolic changes in PCOS. But a combination therapy may also offer additional benefits, such as higher pregnancy rates in women undergoing fertility treatment. 15

Both Myo-Inositol and D-Chiro-inositol showed positive effects on glucose metabolism in different insulin-sensitive tissues. However, they exert opposing effects on ovarian function. In contrast, high D-Chiro-inositol levels showed detrimental effects, increasing the number of immature oocytes. Some authors call it the D-Chiro-inositol paradox.16

It appears that D-Chiro-inositol is only beneficial at a specific ratio with Myo-Inositol. Studies suggest that a ratio of 40:1 Myo-Inositol/D-Chiro-inositol may the best for PCOS treatment in restoring ovulation and normalizing hormone levels.17

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How To Support Ovarian Health And Hormonal Balance

Wondering how to support ovarian health and hormonal balance? Read on to learn more about inositol and hormone balance.

By OBGYN and reproductive health specialist Dr. Mare Mbaye

Perhaps youve heard of inositol as a recommendation to improve ovarian health for people with polycystic ovarian syndrome . In recent years, different types of inositol have been shown to be effective as a primary treatment for people with PCOS. Read on to see how this supplement can be beneficial towards treating the symptoms of PCOS and boosting overall ovarian health.

Difference Between Inositols: Myo

INOSITOL–Impact on Hormones and Blood Sugar

When we talk about inositol we have to be careful, because we refer in general to a number of 9 molecules, the difference of which is given by the spatial arrangement of the chemical group -OH.

Myo-inositol is the most present in nature. Thanks to a specific enzyme, it is converted into another stereoisomer, D-chiro-inositol, less abundant and which plays a different role from myo-inositol within the human body. A peculiarity of these two inositols is their distribution in the tissues . In fact, each tissue and / or organ maintains a specific relationship of these two molecules, fundamental for correct functionality.

Each tissue has a different MI: DCI ratio specific for the functions performed and the plasma ratio of MYO and DCI is 40:1.

To learn more read: The true story of MYO and D-Chiro 40:1

MYO constitutes 99% of the intracellular pool of inositols in the tissues, while the remainder is DCI. In particular, in the follicles high concentrations of MYO can support the correct maturation of the oocyte. Scientific studies have shown that, people with PCOS the ratio of Myo-inositol/D-chiro-inositol is altered compared to healthy subjects,instead. It is essential to re-establish and maintain this specific MYO:DCI relationship to optimally treat PCOS.

MI and DCI carry out various activities within the body: MI mainly promotes the absorption of glucose, while DCI promotes the synthesis of glycogen.

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May Reduce Anxiety By Affecting Serotonin

1 ).

Serotonin is one important neurotransmitter affected by inositol. This molecule has many roles in your body and impacts your behavior and mood .

Researchers have examined whether inositol supplements can improve symptoms associated with conditions affecting serotonin and the brain.

This includes anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder .

Several studies have shown that inositol may be able to reduce the number of panic attacks in those with panic disorders .

One study in 20 people with panic disorders found that 18 grams of inositol each day reduced the number of weekly panic attacks by 4 more than the reduction of 2.4 per week seen in individuals on anxiety medication .

Another study in people with OCD found that 18 grams of inositol each day improved symptoms better than a placebo (

In fact, some researchers have questioned whether inositol is effective in treating any of these anxiety disorders .

Overall, inositol could have benefits for certain types of anxiety disorders, but more studies are needed to determine these effects.

Summary Inositol can affect the neurotransmitters in your brain, including serotonin. High doses may be beneficial for treating some forms of anxiety disorders, such as panic disorders. However, mixed results have been reported, and more research is needed.

How To Supplement For Happier Hormones

You probably know The Food Doctor for their product range a staple in the health isle of most supermarkets and one of the first brands to bring the UK ready-to-eat meal components with real nutritional benefit. What you may not know is that they also have their own clinic on Londons Harley Street. Its here that I met their nutritionist, Alice Mackintosh, for a chat about a topic particularly close to my heartfemale hormones. Heres what Alice has to say

Why is hormone balance such an issue for women in particular?

Womens bodies are complex, and complexity means a greater potential for problems. This is especially the case when it comes to hormones as so many systems need to come together in order for them to remain balanced. Compounding this is the fact that hormones are incredibly sensitive to the environment meaning that stress, poor nutrition and exposure to many of the synthetic compounds that exist in modern life put us at greater risk of imbalance.

What are the typical symptoms of an imbalance?

In general we shouldnt really notice too many uncomfortable symptoms around our period so anything untoward can suggest a certain degree of imbalance. This will of course vary between individuals but bloating, fluid retention, mood changes, food cravings, anxiety, pain, heavy periods are all common signs of PMS. Imbalanced hormones can have more far reaching impact on the body and can contribute to skin problems such as acne and hair loss.

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Side Effects And Cautions

You may feel tempted to try using inositol supplements on your own. That’s not a good idea. Taking too much DCI, for example, can lower your estrogen levels and increase male hormone levels.

Estrogen has several benefits like protecting bones and preventing breast cancer. Increasing testosterone levels in females already at risk of infertility also isn’t wise.

Additionally, inositol for PCOS has been linked to hair loss as well as excessive hair growth. Some people with PCOS also experience acne, which can be treated with other medications.

If your healthcare provider agrees and you decide to try inositols, you may need to be extra careful of what you eat and drink. Some artificial sugars and sugar alcohols weaken the benefit of these supplements.

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