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Female Hormone Home Test Kit

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Mylab Box Womens Health And Fertility Test

LetsGetChecked Review | At Home Female Hormone Test

Price: $$

The myLAB Box Womens Health and Fertility Test measures 10 hormones, including testosterone, TSH, LH, FSH, and DHEA. Plus, it includes a free telemedicine consultation with a doctor to discuss your results if theyre out of range. So, its a great option for anyone who appreciates the reassurance of qualified medical support.

MyLAB Box states that the test is 100 percent pain-free, but you will require a finger-prick blood sample and a saliva sample. Once you take your samples, mail them in, and expect to receive your results online in 2 to 5 days.

Youre assured of accurate testing, as the company uses CLIA certified labs and is listed with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .

To Check Your Fertility

Low testosterone doesnt necessarily mean infertility. More specifically, sperm production is mainly stimulated by other hormones, so men with low T levels can produce healthy sperm. However, low T levels affect the amount of sperm produced. Furthermore, low testosterone may decrease the sex drive or cause erectile dysfunction, indirectly leading to infertility. So, even if you check your reproductive hormones, you should carefully interpret the results as well.

Even though testosterone, as the primary male hormone, is usually associated with sex, your body needs this hormone for many other functions. For instance, you need testosterone for your body development and overall physic build, bone growth and stability, blood formation, the building of muscle mass, body hair, etc.

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How Does This Test Work

Order your test from the panel on the right and we will post your kit to you first class. The kit will contain everything you need to collect a small blood sample in the comfort of your own home. For the test you prick your finger with the lancets provided in your kit. Step by step instructions are also provided via email, please follow them very carefully. When you have collected your sample, post it back to us in the pre-paid envelope provided. We will then email you with your results.

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Best Basic Hormone Test For Males: Everlywell Mens Health Test

  • Price: around $249 for a one-time purchase, $186211 for regular deliveries
  • Type: saliva sample
  • Hormones tested: free testosterone, DHEA-S, cortisol, estradiol
  • Sends results in: 57 business days

This test looks at four hormones associated with general health in males, including DHEA-S. This hormone plays an important role in producing testosterone and estrogen and supports the development of male sexual characteristics.

The other three hormones that the test checks for are:

  • free testosterone

The kit requires a person to give a saliva sample.

Doctors who are board certified in a persons state review the results, and a person can see their results online within a few days.

Customers also receive detailed information about what the results may indicate and other personalized information.

Everlywell states it only works with labs that have been certified at the state and federal levels.

This Everlywell Mens Health Test costs $199 for a one-off purchase.

However, the following subscription options are available, offering discounts for the tests:

  • quarterly: $159
  • semi-annually: $169

The positive aspects of this test include its accessibility and discrete packaging. Online reviewers describe the test as easy to use but note that it is somewhat expensive. Other users mention unclear instructions, lack of customer support, and concerns about poor privacy protection.

  • thyroid peroxidase antibodies

The Everlywell Womens Health Test costs $249 for a one-off testing kit.

How Much Do At

Home Hormone Testing  Dr Fertility Ltd

At-home testosterone tests can vary in costs, but most start at about $60$105. Some testing companies will offer bundles, in which you can buy multiple tests for a lower price or special discounts for purchasing the test. These may vary by season and by the test you purchase.

Companies also may offer subscribe-and-save options in which you can agree to get more testing kits at a duration of your choosing to receive a discount. If you are tracking your progress with testosterone supplements, this option may be cost-effective for you.

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How To Prepare For Your Test

Special instructions

Prepare for your Advanced Female Hormone Blood Test by following these instructions. Please take your sample before 10am. Take this test two to five days after the start of your period, ideally on day three. It can be taken any time if you do not have periods. Hormonal contraception can affect this test, taking a break from this and using barrier contraception will give more accurate results. You should take this test before you take any medication or vitamin/mineral supplements. Do not take biotin supplements for two days before this test, discuss this with your doctor if it is prescribed.

What Is The Best Way To Test Female Hormones

The best way to test female hormones depends on the reasons for testing hormone levels and the individuals circumstances. A person can use tests to indicate the presence of potential health conditions and monitor existing conditions.

However, a person should not use at-home hormone tests to replace the advice of a doctor.

Female hormone tests can help assess symptoms that may be due to hormonal imbalances, such as:

  • irregular periods
  • skin problems, such as acne
  • hot flashes and night sweats
  • vaginal dryness

Getting an in-person test conducted by a medical professional is more likely to yield a quality sample and provide a better test. However, people with busy schedules, limited access to healthcare, or who need frequent testing may find that at-home testing better meets their needs.

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Best Comprehensive Hormone Test For Males: Letsgetchecked Male Hormone Advanced

  • Price: around $119 for a one-time test, around $125143 for regular deliveries
  • Sample type: Finger prick blood sample
  • Hormones tested: Testosterone, estradiol, prolactin, sex-hormone binding globulin, free androgen index
  • Sends results in: 25 days

This male hormone test checks levels of:

  • sex hormone-binding globulin

Otherwise, the process is the same as the LetsGetChecked female hormone test. A person collects a finger-prick blood sample and sends it to the lab.

The results are available online within two to five days after the laboratory receives the specimens.

This LetsGetChecked Male Hormone Advanced Test costs $119 for a one-off testing kit. The following subscription options are available at a reduced cost:

  • quarterly: $125.30
  • semi-annually: $143.20
  • annually: $152.15

A basic version of this test is also available at a lower cost, though it tests for fewer hormones.

The company states that it provides test results within two to five days.

The test kit requires overnight fasting for at least eight hours and is not suitable for people under 18, which could be difficult for some people. Additionally, people should wait at least eight hours after their last dose of B7 before collecting their specimens.

This test kit is somewhat more expensive than others the company manufactures, although it also analyzes more hormone levels. Subscription options allow people to reduce costs and track their hormone levels over time.

Best Thyroid Hormone Test: Zrt Labs Comprehensive Thyroid Profile

Home Hormone Test Kit Review
  • Price: around $319
  • Sample type: Finger prick blood sample and urine sample
  • Hormones tested: TSH, free T3, free T4, T4, thyroglobulin, TPO, iodine, arsenic, creatinine, bromine, selenium, cadmium, mercury
  • Sends results in: 5 days

This test may help with evaluating thyroid function. It checks levels of the following hormones:

This test requires blood spots and urine samples.

A person can see their results within 57 days after the lab receives their samples.

The company claims it only works with CLIA-certified labs.

ZRT Labs is a research company and does offer access to a healthcare professional. It encourages people to contact a medical professional for further guidance.

Unlike some testing companies that provide general recommendations or follow-up appointments from a nurse or other medical professional, ZRT Labs emphasizes that users should see a healthcare professional to interpret their test results.

At $319, this test kit is the most expensive covered in this article, which could be too much for some people. However, it includes many tests, and the manufacturer states that it offers a comprehensive review of thyroid health indicators.

Some online reviewers complained that drawing enough blood for the sample was painful and difficult. However, other users did not find the blood sample collection process difficult.

Once a person makes a purchase, the company ships their testing kit.

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Does Insurance Cover The Costs

Most testing companies do not accept direct billing from health insurance providers.

Before buying a test, it may be a good idea to check whether the insurance company will reimburse the cost. If so, a person can forward an invoice from the lab to their insurer with their claim for reimbursement.

Some companies may also accept payments from flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts.

When Should I Test My Hormones In Person Vs At Home

If you are experiencing symptoms that hint at a hormone imbalance and know what youre looking for, home testing can be a great way to get started balancing your hormones. But the key is that you need to know what youre looking for and what the results mean. They can be useful to establish a baseline, but a healthcare practitioner can provide more clarity on your specific situation and recommend appropriate testing.

Of course, if you are using hormone testing as a means of detecting your fertile window and ovulation, home hormone tests can be extremely useful. Hormone levels that are relevant in IVF, menopause, hormone imbalances such as PCOS, and other conditions could benefit from a hormone monitoring system like the Mira Fertility Analyzer.

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What Are Hormone Test Kits

Hormone test kits can give you an indication of whether the hormone levels in your body are within a healthy range and whether your hormones are able to function properly.

Hormones are messenger substances in your body that carry out important processes. They travel with the blood to pass chemically encoded information from one part of the body to another. Depending on the hormone, this information transfer takes varying lengths of time, from a few seconds to several hours. Once they have reached their destination, hormones usually trigger a complex chain of reactions.

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Discover What Your Body’s Hormone Levels Are Like

Fertility Tests  Dr Fertility Ltd

This easy-to-use female hormone panel will provide you with your levels of each of the 11 biomarkers measured in our Womenâs Health test and whether your levels fall within established normal ranges for your age.

As with all of our tests, we encourage you to share your results with your doctor as he/she can best offer guidance in your health and hormonal questions.

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What Is Testosterone

Testosterone is a sex hormone produced in the testicles and ovaries. Production of testosterone ramps up during puberty and begins to gradually decline in adulthood.

Its often considered the male sex hormone, but people of all sexes and genders produce testosterone. People assigned male at birth produce more testosterone than people assigned female at birth , though.

Your body uses testosterone for many purposes, including:

  • voice deepening during puberty
  • development of facial hair and body hair as well as the progression of balding later in life
  • development, growth, and strength of bones
  • muscle mass and body fat distribution
  • production of sperm
  • production of red blood cells

Testosterone levels may also play a role in regulating your mood and supporting cognitive function, though research is still inconclusive on exactly how this works. A decrease in testosterone levels is a normal part of aging for people assigned male at birth, especially after age 30.

When your testosterone levels are too high or too low , you may experience uncomfortable symptoms. A blood or saliva test can check the amount of testosterone your body is making.

In males, testosterone levels should generally fall between 3001,000 nanograms per deciliter , or 1035 nanomoles per liter .

In females, the testosterone levels produced in the ovaries are quite low, between 1570 ng/dL, or .52.4 nmol/L.

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How Much Does At

The cost of at-home hormone testing depends on several factors, such as which company you use and whether you choose standard or express shipping. Costs also vary based on whether you want to test for one or two hormones or you need a full hormone panel. The least expensive kits cost as little as $45, while the most comprehensive kits, which test for more than 10 hormones, cost around $200. If your insurance company covers home testing kits, you may have to pay a copay or meet your deductible, so the cost may vary, depending on the terms of your health plan.

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Female Hormone Imbalance Saliva Test

Many hormone imbalances can be missed if comprehensive testing is not run. For example, many practitioners will not screen women for testosterone because it is considered a male dominant hormone. In fact, testosterone is the most common hormone imbalance in women.

Why Saliva Hormone Testing?

The reason why you want to run the salivary hormone test is simple. Most of the contents of the blood end up in the saliva, including female hormones. However, there is one important difference between the hormones in the blood vs. the hormones in saliva. Most female hormones in the blood are tightly bound to proteins and only hormones that are not bound can do their job and have an impact on your body. What is great about hormone saliva testing is that the salivary glands do the unbinding for you. The saliva sample gives you accurate levels of female hormones that ultimately impact your system.

11 Sample Female Hormone Saliva Test

This female hormone saliva test also tests hormone levels throughout your entire cycle. This map is important because it can reveal hormone imbalances that may otherwise be missed when testing just one sample. The information gathered is also used to give in-depth details information on breast cancer risk, infertility, and more.

Whats Being Tested:

  • Estradiol / Estrogen

Why Does It Test My Thyroid Function


Many of the symptoms of unbalanced or declining hormones that come with age can be similar to symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Thyroid disorders affect more women than men and are often caused by an autoimmune condition – when the body’s antibodies start attacking the thyroid gland. Our test identifies whether your thyroid is functioning normally or whether an autoimmune condition could be causing symptoms.

Elevated thyroid antibodies are also associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, even if your thyroid hormones are within the normal range. An under-treated thyroid disorder can increase risks to the mother and the foetus in pregnancy.

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How To Check Hormone Levels At Home

Hereâs how to test hormone levels from the comfort of home:

The Everlywell Womenâs Health test lets you easily check for 11 key hormones all from the comfort of your own home. The kit includes everything you needâ even a prepaid shipping label to send your samples to the lab.

This easy-to-use female hormone test can detect an imbalance, and it also includes detailed instructions for how to collect your blood and saliva samples.

To collect your blood sample, just prick your finger and apply a few drops of blood to the collection card. The saliva sample is collected by spitting into the saliva tubes provided in the kit.

Youâll then send your samples to the lab, and just a few days later, your test results will be ready to view on our secure, online portal.

Which Tests Are Best For Hormonal Imbalance

Most companies that offer hormone test kits have several options. If you suspect a specific hormone imbalance, like a thyroid issue, you can order a test kit that focuses on those hormones. Otherwise, most companies offer a comprehensive test option that will check the levels of most or all of your major hormone types.

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Advice Before Doing This Test

If you’re on hormonal treatment

Your results will only show what your hormone levels are from hormonal contraception the insights might be less useful. This includes the oral contraceptive pill, implant, ring, injection, and hormone replacement therapy .

If you just stopped hormonal contraception

Wait 3 months before doing this test this allows time for your natural cycle to return. If you were using the contraceptive injection, we recommended waiting a year.

If you use an oestrogen or testosterone cream/gel

If you use a topical oestrogen-containing or testosterone-containing cream or gel, always use a glove when applying it. Contact with your fingers could affect your finger-prick oestrogen or testosterone result.

If you’re breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can affect your hormone levels which can make it difficult to accurately interpret your results. We recommend waiting until you’ve stopped breastfeeding before doing this test.

If you’re pregnant

Dont do this test if you’re pregnant as we won’t be able to interpret your results.

If you’re 45 years or over

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence advise that the diagnosis of perimenopause or menopause should be made based on symptoms alone in women aged 45 years and over. You might like to do this test to get a snapshot of your current hormonal balance, but you must see your GP to discuss treatment options if your symptoms are affecting your life.

How Can You Measure Hormone Levels With Hormone Tests

13 Hormone Comprehensive Female Profile II Home Test Kit (Saliva: Cx4 ...

Since the symptoms of disrupted hormones are often ambiguous, it is always worthwhile checking your hormone levels. If hormone levels are too high or too low, this can also often give an indication of diseases and unhealthy habits against which you can take action.With the cerascreen® hormone testing kits, you can measure the levels of various hormones, including cortisol and testosterone. Our range of hormone test kits is constantly growing, so make sure that you keep your eyes peeled for new additions to our collections.

To perform a hormone test, you need to collect saliva samples and send them to our medical laboratory. You will then receive a detailed report with your individual hormone levels and tips on how to optimise certain hormone levels.

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