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Happy Hormone Cottage Centerville Ohio

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Centerville Happy Hormone Cottage

What goes on inside the Happy Hormone Cottage

Women helping women with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Happy Hormone Cottage takes pride in helping the Centerville and Mason, OH area with its hormone therapy needs.

Whether you need help with your hormone imbalance or thyroid therapy we are here to help. We are the experts in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Ohio. If youre feeling rundown, or just wanting more out of life, its time to call the Happy Hormone Cottage and schedule your appointment today!

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Fagron TrichoTest – Letting genes trigger treatmentsHair loss can be stressful in many ways. Finding out the whys of hair loss can be the key to treatment. We are proud to offer the Fagron TrichoTest.Here are the 6 easy steps to your personalized treatment:1. Order your Fagron TrichoTest here: – The cost of the kit includes your first consultation to go over your results2. Collect your DNA – Involves a simple saliva swab3. Mail Completed Kit – 4. Register Your Kit by filling out the questionnaire link we will provide to you5. Get Your Results in 2-4 Weeks – See our practitioner to go over your results & make your decisions on treatment6. Apply Your Personalized TreatmentRead reviews from our Fagron TrichoTest clients here:If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Kimi at Happy Hormone Cottage at 937-694-4750 or email her at

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World Menopause Day

I Have The Right Tools

Im excited to tell you some of the things that have been happening. Im sleeping through the night for the first time in years. Ive always woke up at 3:00 a.m. every morning. For the last week I have been sleeping right through the night. What a great feeling to wake up refreshed. I also have been noticing an increase in my energy. I was at the point of complete exhaustion. I can feel myself slowly gaining strength. I have also noticed some of my anxiety easing up. Anxiety will be the tough one for me. My whole life has been filled with anxiety but at least now I know that I can work on the problem without drugs. That is a big plus for me because I dont like to take drugs. The week after Thanksgiving I started working six days a week, ten hours a day. I hate to think of how hard, if not impossible it would have been for me to do this, if I hadnt found out about the Happy Hormone Cottage. I have a long way to go but I have the right tools to help me. I remember when I was little one of the things they taught us in school was, The Building Blocks of Life. I cant think of a better way to describe The Happy Hormone Cottage. To me this is the perfect description. Its going to be a daily routine but what a routine. This stuff really works. Im beginning to feel the difference and its great! It took me a long time to get this pooped! Its going to take a while to get healthy but Im willing to stick with the program. Thanks again for checking back with me.

Get Tested Get Treated Get Better

At the Happy Hormone Cottage, we are all about creating simple yet effective treatment plans for our patients. Our motto and modus operandi is straightforward- get tested, get treated, get better. From our initial step one consultations to our in-depth testing to our on-site compounding lab, we are a one stop shoppe for Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Our goal is to improve patient outcomes and make positive changes in all of our patients lives.

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Why Choose Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

At the HHC, we dont believe in harsh medications that radically affect our bodys chemistry. Ultimately, we believe in testing and optimizing our hormones naturally. Mother Nature provides us with all of the tools we need to live out our lives happily and healthily.

However, lifestyle habits, environmental factors and AGING, especially after age 35, may throw your balance off. When this happens, it takes an expert to determine whats going on and how to get back on track. If youre feeling rundown, or just wanting to get more out of life, its time to call the Happy Hormone Cottage and schedule your appointment today!

we provide bio identical hormone replacement therapy in Ohio, along with other treatments. However we welcome visitors from every state- come see us! Check out our locations for our office locations and hours of operation.

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Access All Of Your Health Information Through Our Patient Portal


Happy Hormone Cottage uses an electronic medical record called to ensure all your medical records and communications with our office are not only in one place but also protected and secure. You will be able to complete your health questionnaire, access lab results, update contact information, and check your next scheduled appointment date. We also encourage you to utilize your patient portal MESSAGES option for communications with our staff and with The IHC Pharmacy for refill requests .

Yearly appointments with your practitioner are required in order to renew your prescriptions. We also recommend yearly Dutch testing. We will remind you when it is time for your yearly appointment, or feel free to contact our office to see when you are due for your next visit.

Feeling your best is our health goal for you. If you have health concerns beyond hormone balance, contact our office to schedule a Functional Medicine or Genetic Testing consultation with Jeff Hogrefe, R.Ph., AFAARM.

You can now also communicate directly with your nurse practitioner through your patient portal. This is the preferred method of getting your questions and concerns addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

We reserve the right to charge for any/all correspondence.

Complete The Form Below And Well Get Back To You Immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Where is Centerville Happy Hormone Cottage?

    Centerville Happy Hormone Cottage is located at: 8101 Miller Farm Lane, Centerville, Ohio 45458.

  • Want to book a hotel in Minnesota?

    We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

  • What is the phone number of Centerville Happy Hormone Cottage?

    You can try to dialing this number: +15134446343 – or find more information on their website:

  • What is the opening hours of Centerville Happy Hormone Cottage?

    Monday: 09:00 – 18:00

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Happy Hormone Cottage Llc Of Kettering Ohio Announces The Opening Of Its Fifth Office In Piqua Ohio The Company Helps Women Balance Their Hormone Levels And Achieve Wellness Through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Resodyn Acoustic Mixer For Our Custom Mixed All Natural Hormone Medications

Lyn Hogrefe, CEO of Happy Hormone Cottage

Women need to get passionate about taking charge of their health, said Hogrefe. If they do nothing, then today is the best day they are going to have.

Dayton, OHIO July 02, 2014

Happy Hormone Cottage, LLC of Kettering, Ohio has opened a Piqua office to help women balance their hormones and improve their health, announced founder and chief executive officer Lyn Hogrefe today.

The office, which will be housed in the Piqua Consulting and Compounding Lab in Piqua at 649 W. High St., is the fifth wellness cottage to open in the past five years. Other Happy Hormone cottages are located in Kettering, Vandalia and Mason, Ohio, and Crestview Hills, Ky.

More than 5,000 Midwestern women have questioned traditional doctors diagnoses about their aging symptoms and been tested and treated by Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy through Happy Hormone Cottage.

As women age and hormone levels begin to fall, they need to begin refilling their hormone tanks in order to maintain a good quality of life, said Hogrefe. Traditionally-trained doctors dont often know that.

Functional medical doctors do. Estrogen performs 300 jobs in the body and as we reach 50 years old, we dont have much estrogen left. So a good question for women to start asking is, without balanced hormones, how will those jobs get done?

Peters began to research her symptoms and search for a solution to her anxiety about aging.

# # #

About Happy Hormone Cottage:

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My Hair Loss Is Almost Non

Hi Lyn,

Great news. I lost two pounds without even trying for the first time in over a year and my hair loss is almost non-existent. Isnt that great? Your husband was wonderful with the adrenal & thyroid advice. I still have to take the test next month with Dr. Guys office for the thyroid levels especially the T-3 which Jeff thinks is the culprit. The nutrition advice has been a godsend. The other good news is I received a 3.0 GPA for the first time at WSU and carrying a full load toobecause of my health, my grades were lacking for the requirements. However, now that I see that there is hope, I am beginning to believe again, it brings tears to my eyes! I told the story of how I came to this point to a group of colleagues the other day because they were asking me questions, they were all so shocked. Some of the women were getting close to the 35-40 ranges, and inquiring about how I found treatment. I shared my experiences and gave them the address to your web site for info. Interesting how I can see it in other women now and I feel for them. Ill keep passing the word & I know youll be there and as dedicated as always! I do look forward to meeting you. Thanks so much again, and Ill keep you posted!

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Now Serving Mason And Centerville Oh And Surrounding Areas

Welcome to the Happy Hormone Cottage! We are the experts in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Ohio. We operate as an educational facility and a medical facility. We are not your standard pill mill we are here to make a difference in peoples lives.

The Happy Hormone Cottage is all about women helping women learn the truth about natural hormone balance. We offer the educational portion of our services through the process of hormone testing. Then, our patients review and consult with our team of nurse practitioners to develop a treatment program for their best health naturally.

Hormone Cottage In Centerville Ohio


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Submitted By :

  • Where is Centerville Happy Hormone Cottage?

    Centerville Happy Hormone Cottage is located at: 8101 Miller Farm Lane, Centerville, Ohio 45458.

  • Want to book a hotel in Minnesota?

    We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

  • What is the phone number of Centerville Happy Hormone Cottage?

    You can try to dialing this number: +15134446343 or find more information on their website:

  • What is the opening hours of Centerville Happy Hormone Cottage?

    Monday: 09:00 18:00

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First place: Hocks Pharmacy & Medical Supply

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2237 S. Smithville Rd., Kettering

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Second place: Todd Leander Hicks, MD

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Menopausal Women Turn To Bioidentical Hormone Therapy For Relief


Every Tuesday in Life & Health, we will connect you with the local experts and local resources to help you improve your health and physical and mental well-being.

In 2004, then 49-year-old Lyn Hogrefe found herself on the verge of plunging headfirst into menopause after undergoing an emergency radical hysterectomy. She was fearful of the physical and emotional changes that lay ahead as her body adjusted to functioning sans a uterus and ovaries.

Hogrefes husband, Jeff, was also concerned. A longtime pharmacist, hed heard the stories of what women in similar situations as his wife experienced when they came in to pick up their prescription hormone products: significant weight gain, irritability, depression, anxiety, low energy, brain fog and no libido. Determined to do all he could to prevent these things from happening to his wife, he became a compounding pharmacist and created a bioidentical hormone replacement cream specifically for her.

Jeff went with me to my follow-up appointment and presented my doctor with the idea of trying the bioidentical hormone therapy, Hogrefe said. Thankfully, my doctor was very open-minded and supportive of me giving it a try.

The result?

Oakwood resident Linda Hart stumbled upon Happy Hormone Cottage three years ago, when she was researching her options for hormone replacement therapy after a sudden and severe onslaught of menopausal symptoms.

Educating community on hormone balancing therapy

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*why Is The Ihc And Pharmacy The Place To Get Your Hormone Prescriptions Compounded

The Happy Hormone Cottage works exclusively with the IHC and Pharmacy. We are known for the support we provide for the men and women who trust us their most important possession-their health. Not only do we provide consultation services- both in person, phone, and over zoom, but we also encourage continued contact after you begin to use your natural compounded hormones. We encourage you to keep a diary of how you are feeling, and then connect with us with any questions you may have. Using your Power2Patient portal is the easiest way to stay connected.

To benefit from all our services and special offers, you will need to have your hormone prescriptions filled at the IHC and Pharmacy.

Complete The Form Below And Well Get Back To You Immediately.

Happy Hormone Cottages Step

  • Understand the importance of hormone balance. Contact a consultant at one of our locations or online to gather information about customized hormone therapy.
  • Schedule a step one consultation by calling our office at 513-444-6343 or 513-449-2192. You can choose either an individual consultation with one of our patient consultants or you can sign up for one of our free small group zoom sessions, Hormones 101 with Lyn.
  • Purchase a Precision Analytical DUTCH hormone test kit at one of our locations or in our online store after completing your consultation. The lab fee is included with the purchase of our testing kit. Insurance reimbursement has been high because urine testing is an accepted means of checking hormone levels. If you want to check with your insurance company regarding reimbursement for hormone testing, . Note: this form is in pdf format, you need Adobe Reader to open it. If you are on a mobile device, download the Adobe Reader App to view.
  • Follow the instructions in the test kit and send your dried test strips and requisition form to the lab in the envelope provided with the prepaid UPS label. You will need to mail this from a UPS facility or a UPS dropbox.
  • The lab will send your results to us. Call our office when you complete your test kit and we will schedule an appointment for you to see one of our practitioners 4 weeks after you mail your kit to the lab.
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    Hot Flash: Hhc Consulting To Educate Doctors On Women’s Health And Hormone Balance

    Happy Hormone Cottage of Kettering, Ohio has helped 4,000 women in the Midwest achieve hormone balance and improve their health. HHC Consulting has been formed to help doctors and medical practitioners nationwide integrate bioidentical hormone therapy into their patient treatment plans.

    Cincinnati, Ohio December 09, 2013

    Lyn Hogrefe knows something that the average, middle-aged American woman may not: bioidentical hormone therapy can alleviate the hot flashes, weight gain, sleeplessness and libido drop that often become problems as women age.

    Hogrefe, a speaker, educator and blogger on women’s hormone health, is owner and chief executive officer of Happy Hormone Cottage in Kettering, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. She has now formed HHC Consulting to educate functional medicine doctors–MDs, doctors of osteopathic medicine and obstetricians– on hormone balancing therapy. She also aims to help doctors integrate bioidentical hormone therapy into patient treatment plans.

    HHC Consulting will introduce itself to the international medical community Dec. 12-15 at the 21st Congress of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine convention in Las Vegas. The organization represents 26,000 physicians from 120 countries worldwide.

    HHC Consulting will provide hands-on training and materials to teach doctors and medical staff how to work with women patients so programs are meaningful and successful. Curriculum includes clinical and staff training, and marketing support.

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