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Hormone Health And Weight Loss Reviews

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Hormone Balance For Weight Loss: Fact Or Fiction

Blue Sky MD Medical Weight Loss & Hormone Therapy Reviews

Originally appeared in the spring 2019 issue of the American Fitness Magazine.

A quick online search for weight loss strategies reveals a plethora of hormone-balancing diets, supplements and medications. The premise behind these products is that hormonestiny chemical messengers that regulate physiological processesget out of balance, causing weight gain or foiling attempts to lose weight.

That seems like a reasonable claim, but is it true? What should you say when clients ask about hormones and weight management? In this article, well provide answers on the links between body weight and five of the most talked about hormone imbalances: those relating to insulin, cortisol, the thyroid hormones, testosterone and estrogen. Ill review the science and outline nutrition and exercise strategies to help your clients overcome weight loss plateaus and succeed at long-term weight loss.

The hormone issues discussed below often fade away with proper diet, exercise, sleep and stress management. Supplements and specialized diets typically address the symptoms of hormone imbalances, not the causes. Your clients may get better results if they understand the difference between the two.

Lets dive in!

Get Help Shedding Those Extra Pounds

As women age, it can be even more difficult shedding those extra pounds. A healthy diet, exercise and the proper amount of sleep all help, but there are also environmental factors that can alter your hormone balance. The Ageless and Wellness Medical Center is here to help!

Dr. Randolph, author of the bestselling weight loss book, From Belly Fat to Belly Flat offers many services and options to reach your weight loss goals. From customized prescriptions to the energizing and fat burning Lipo B12 shots to a full range of pharmaceutical-grade supplements that target specific weight loss concerns, youll find your answer here.

Dr. Randolph can diagnose your hormone balance and suggest the proper supplements to help. Come visit the Medical Center in Jacksonville, FL. If you cant make it to Florida, check out the hormone balance test kit and Shape Up Pack at the Online Wellness Store. Get the help you need today!

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Kevin: Increased Energy After Testosterone Therapy*

Ive just recently completed my 3rd round of treatment for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Shortly after an insertion, I feel like I drank a large cup of coffee, a jittery feeling and a jolt of energy and then it levels out. The first 3-4 months there is a very noticeable change, increased energy level.I work 14 hour days so the fact that Im able to get through a work week without feeling lethargic has been a tremendous help. The little crazy things like forgetting your keys in the morning hasnt really happened, so it has definitely helped with clarity. I have always had a very high sex drive so I dont think that has changed much but Ive noticed improvement in my stamina and performance. Healthiness wise, I feel as if in the last year and a half I havent gotten sick as much. Overall as a whole I feel very healthy!

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Rob: Clearer Thinking And A New Lease On Life After Hormone Replacement Therapy*

Ill be honest I was a little skeptical before receiving hormone replacement therapy, but it is one of the best investments that I have ever made. I say its an investment because its an investment in you.

Prior to receiving my first SotoPelle testosterone, I had very low energy, lethargy, a sense of hopelessness and every year I found it harder and harder to keep the weight off. Then lo and behold I stumbled on Dr. Scinta and it has completely turned my life around. I am full of energy. I have clear thinking. My blood pressure even went down considerably. The feeling of melancholy that I once carried with me is now a faint memory. My outlook on life is much improved. The staff at Medical Weight Loss Of New York is friendly and very professional. From the ladies at the front office to the staff in the back, each and every one of them treats you with dignity and respect.

If you are skeptical like me and are not sure, believe me when I tell you the results are worth it. Remember its an investment in you. Godspeed.Robert

Debby: Hot Flashes Relief After Hormone Replacement*


I had accepted hot flashes, fatigue, brain fog, and losing sleep as part of maturing. I saw literature in Dr. Scintas office about Hormone Replacement Therapy so I asked about it. Dr. Scinta asked about my symptoms, then checked my hormone levels with blood tests. I have had two pellet insertions and havent looked back. The fog has lifted! Hot flashes less frequent, and being able to sleep is a life changer. I dont think women should have to endure these miserable symptoms when there is a safe and effective way to manage them. Dr. Scinta and her staff are, as always, knowledgeable, helpful and easy to talk to. If you ever feel like the oven is on when its not or cant finish a sentence because you cant remember the word you should ask about this treatment.

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Ignite Drops Vs Other Liquid Weight Loss Supplements

The latest buzz revealed in this Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops review showcases why so many consumers from around the world are relying on this liquid weight loss supplement to burn fat and optimize hormonal health naturally. But in order to truly review the Ignite weight loss drops in full, it is best if customers understand what other high-profile products are on the market that might rival up against the are getting today. Lets dive into how the Ignite Drops work for weight loss in comparison to two other prominent formulas available:

Steve: I Found New Motivation At Work And Have Started Numerous Projects

Over the past 8-9 months I have been working with MedicalWeight Loss of NY in Dewitt to get my testosterone back in balance. As oldermen we lose our stored up testosterone, and I really felt it. I was battling some depression, had a shortfuse, and was a little tired most of the time. Women have had hormoneinjections/supplements for years, and I sure am glad we realize that lots ofmen need testosterone supplements too.

I received my first testosterone implant at MWL and after afew weeks I could feel myself getting back to the old me. I found new motivation at work, and havestarted numerous projects that had gone by the wayside, because I was just alittle too tired to get them started. I am fortunate that I had a friend ofmine who is also involved with some testosterone therapy tell me about it. I started to research it, and boy am I glad Idid.

I couldnt recommend this any higher. And we are so lucky tohave Medical Weight Loss of NY to guide me through the process so that it fitsmy needs. Thanks MWL youve really helped me enjoy my Empty nester years,thanks. Steve.

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Recommendations For Physical Activity

Physical activity helps to achieve negative calorie balance and relieves vasomotor symptoms. Menopausal women are generally advised 150 min/week of moderate-intensity physical activity such as aerobic exercise coupled with household activities. The incorporation of resistance training exercises helps to maintain bone and muscle mass. A combination of aerobics, resistance training, and balance exercises is the most effective in managing weight, vasomotor symptom severity, and psychological distress in these women. Walking and aerobics have protective effect on vasomotor symptoms. Practicing yoga helps to relieve hot flashes and improves the quality of sleep in menopausal women.

The physical activity regime has to be progressive and individualized according to patient’s needs. Steps to a progressive activity regime incorporating recommended activities for menopausal women are given below:

Alternatives To Metabolic Renewal

BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center, Scottsdale discusses weight loss solutions

Whether youre looking to lose weight, balance your hormone levels, or improve your health, there are several alternatives to Metabolic Renewal to consider, including:

  • WW. Formerly known as Weight Watchers, WW is a weight loss program that assigns foods a points value and gives members a PersonalPoints budget to fit their needs. Members can opt for one-on-one coaching or group workshops for extra support.
  • Noom. This app-based program aims to help you build healthier habits to support weight loss and health. Foods and drinks are categorized as green, yellow, or red based on their calorie density. Members are also assigned a virtual support team and can easily connect with other members of the community.
  • Mayo Clinic Diet. Designed to promote long lasting, sustainable weight loss, the Mayo Clinic Diet is a digital program that provides meal plans, at-home workouts, and an online food log to help you stay on track.

Here is a closer look at how these programs compare:


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Challenges In The Management Of Menopausal Obesity

The management of obesity in menopausal women is a great challenge. Current weight management interventions result in modest weight loss outcomes, which are poorly sustained in the long term. This can be attributed to a number of barriers that undermine the efficacy of weight-loss strategies producing insignificant weight loss. Some of these factors include specific physiological state, underlying metabolic condition or psychological distress, behavioral issues , obesogenic environment, and lack of social support. Most of these barriers are commonly present at menopausal stage making weight management even more challenging.

Menopausal women encounter more barriers during weight loss attempts than the general adult population. These challenges are specific to their physiological stage. The menopausal stage favors adiposity and might coexist with a number of metabolic comorbidities, functional disability, and body image issues. The presence of menopausal symptoms may also impede successful compliance with weight loss advice. Failure to lose and maintain weight enhances psychological distress, which acts as cues for unhealthy eating behavior and noncompliance to the given weight loss regime favoring further weight gain.

Where Do I Start

If you think hormones are sabotaging your weight loss, it may be worth getting a blood test , to check key biomarkers such as your thyroid and oestrogen levels.

Knowing whether you have an imbalance in hormones is a great starting point and depending on which hormones may be affected will depend on the best lifestyle changes to make. For example, if your cortisol levels are found high, then your first step may be to look at ways to de-stress.

Ultimately though, improving your diet, increasing your physical activity, and finding ways to manage your stress levels will have a positive impact on your health, body weight, and hormone production.

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Why Does This Happen

Hormones travel through the bloodstream, transmitting messages from cells to glands. When hormones are in balance, the human body functions at an optimal level. Aging causes hormone levels to decline and subsequently the body does not function at its best.

At Rocky Mountain Hormone and Weight Loss Clinic, we offer a variety of treatment methods to help with weight issues, lack of energy, and mood swings. From bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to B12 injections, and more, we can help you start to feel healthier and like yourself again*. Schedule a free consultation with us today if youre ready to get started.

How To Follow It

Hormone drops for weight loss reviews

The first step of Metabolic Renewal is to determine your hormone type using an online quiz, which collects information about your age, menstrual cycle, medical history, and health goals.

A guide called The Hormone-Balancing Roadmap provides detailed information on how to follow the plan, depending on your hormone type.

Meal plans are based on what Teta calls the 3-2-1 Diet, which provides three meals per day, two of which contain only protein and vegetables and one of which includes a small portion of starch.

The program includes a detailed meal plan with recipes, but youre permitted to create your own meals based on the 3-2-1 Diets principles, adding snacks as needed.

Metabolic Renewal also includes a 12-week workout plan thats divided into 4 phases. Throughout the program, youre required to exercise for 15 minutes 3 times per week using the plans Intelligent Workouts, which claim to combine resistance and cardio training.

On your days off, youre encouraged to walk for a set amount of time thats determined by your hormone type. Doing so is said to help maintain any changes to your metabolism.

Furthermore, Metabolic Renewal offers a private online community for its customers.

For a one-time fee, customers can purchase an online version of the program or a collection of DVDs and printed materials, which includes all the resources needed to get started.

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Brenda W: Life After 55 For This Retired Rn*

Here they are all of the verbs that were my life: Hot flashing, brain foggy, irritable, insomniac, with no libido and no ability to concentrate, and zero focus. Until I found Dr. Scintas office and her staff that saved me from a soggy, cranky forgetful, sexless future, that was surely mine. From the first blood draw, they measured everything, and quite frankly it was OBVIOUS why I was feeling like I was! They implanted the first pellet and about 2 nights later, I was sleeping really well, I cant explain why, but I was. In about 3-4 weeks I was feeling so much better, no more hot flashes, no more night sweats! I was actually able to think and concentrate and focus. And believe it or not about 2 months in my libido came back! Lets just say my husband is no longer I had a second pellet placed about 3.5 months after the first, and I am feeling amazing. I look great and I feel wonderful.

The only complaint I have with the therapy is that my insurance doesnt cover it. But I feel so great that I do not care. I will continue to work and pay for it myself. It is worth it. I am 57, I play tennis, I play golf, I work 65-80 hours a week and I look great. My son told me the other day, you dont look close to 60 Mom.

If you are having all or some of the symptoms I described, quit suffering, we are so fortunate to live near Dr. Scintas office. Give them a call and TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK! I did and I will not look back.

Why Am I Putting On Weight And Why Is It So Hard To Take It Off

If you are putting weight on easily and having a hard time taking it off, you should know that hormonal imbalances affect weight-loss and weight gain and could be part of the problem or maybe even the whole problem. In fact, some hormonal imbalances can make it down right impossible to lose weight!

Plenty of people attempt various diets and exercise programs with the intention of taking off any excess weight. Sometimes it can be frustrating when results are not forthcoming, which can end by giving up all together. What many people dont realize is that there can be many underlying health issues which impede weight loss attempts. Not only that, but these same issues can actually be the cause of the weight gain in the first place, in addition to poor diet and lack of exercise.

Hormone imbalances and other deficiencies can very likely be the reason. We frequently get phone calls from patients who are desperate for help because the pounds keep packing on no matter what they do. Unfortunately, many of them have sought help from their doctor, only to be told that they just need to eat less and exercise more, period. This not only leads to feelings of shame, but also helplessness and can be quite demoralizing.

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Kelly: I Feel I Have My Life Back*

I have had BHRT pellet insertions for four years. I struggled with HRT for years after my complete hysterectomy. Finally, with the pellets, I feel I have my life back. It has helped me physically and mentally. The pellets have helped with my anxiety, memory, migraines, energy, and sex drive.

I love Dr. Scintas energy and compassion. The staff is super supportive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the bio identical pellets to any women entering the menopausal phase of life. You can feel young again!

Risk Factors Of Menopausal Obesity

Real Patients Review SynergenX | Testosterone & Weight Loss (Jason)

Obesity in menopausal women is a result of several modifiable and nonmodifiable factors. Nonmodifiable factors comprise of physiological factors, whereas psychosocial and lifestyle-related behaviors are categorized as modifiable risk factors, as depicted in Table 1. Physiological risk factors such as chronological aging, slower basal metabolic rate , hormonal fluctuations, and the presence of metabolic disorders affect the pace of weight gain. Hormonal fluctuations experienced during the transition are strongly associated with psychological distress. Women generally deal with distress by indulging in unhealthy eating behavior. Excessive caloric intake coupled with an overall sedentary lifestyle is conventionally associated with weight gain in menopausal women. The key factors driving the prevalence of obesity in menopausal women are briefly discussed below:

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How Does Supplement Hormonal Harmony Work

HB-5 weight loss supplement works to rectify the five hormones. Different organs in the body secrete various hormones. These hormones are what keep our bodies running efficiently. If even one of them is out of balance, it can have a drastic effect on weight.

HB-5 supplement targets two thyroid hormones, cortisol, estrogen, insulin, and leptin. When all of these hormones are working well, then a person can have a harmonious life. However, when they are off of sync, the pounds can really pack on. Another alternative you can try is the Over 30 Hormonal Solution, which contains similar ingredients.

  • Thyroid hormone

Thyroid hormone is secreted in the thyroid gland. This hormone is important since it controls the rate of metabolism. When the metabolic rate is high, calories and fat are burned into energy, thus eliminating fat build-up and leading to weight loss. This energy ensures essential functions in your body are carried out properly.

  • Cortisol hormone

Cortisol hormone is also known as the stress hormone. When you are in stressful situations the cortisol hormone level increases. When this happens your body goes into survival mode. The brain stops metabolism, digestion, and other important processes.

When metabolism stops, the levels of calories and fat increase resulting in weight gain. Thus, it becomes difficult to lose weight. Taking the HB-5 supplement helps regulate this hormone even when you are under stress.

  • Insulin hormone
  • Estrogen hormone

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