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Hormone Health And Wellness Reviews

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How Do Hormone Tests Work

My Update on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

The simplicity of at-home hormone tests makes them an easy, effective option. After ordering your test, a box will arrive with thorough instructions to collect testing samples.

Depending on the test selected, youll be asked to take a urine sample or blood sample using a finger pricking tool.

Once you finish your test, youll ship your results to a lab for review. Results are typically provided online between 2 and 5 business days after the samples reach the lab.

Regaining Hormonal Balance Is Easier Than You Think

At our Bioidentical Hormone Clinic, located in Austin, TX, we treat men and women who are suffering from low or suboptimal hormone levels.

It is our mission to go beyond normal and find what is OPTIMAL!

We also understand the long journey it can take to find a Board Certified Medical Doctor who knows the science, has done the research, and has the experience to treat the symptoms that can keep you from enjoying life to its fullest.

Premier Health & Wellness offers consultations by telephone giving you a chance to discuss your symptoms, ask questions and find out how Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can change your life!

Heres Why Were The Best Hormone Clinic

Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness is Orlandos leading provider of tailored, expert led hormone replacement therapy as well as age management and sexual wellness treatments. Our Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy is designed to breathe new life into our patients, giving them the energy, clarity, and vitality theyve been living without. Through our full concierge service, we make it our mission to ensure you feel amazing so you can

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Eat Enough Protein At Every Meal

Consuming adequate amounts of protein is extremely important.

Not only does protein provide essential amino acids that your body cant make on its own, but your body also needs it to produce protein-derived hormones also known as peptide hormones .

Your endocrine glands make these hormones from amino acids. Peptide hormones play a crucial role in regulating many physiological processes, such as growth, energy metabolism, appetite, stress, and reproduction .

For example, protein intake influences hormones that control appetite and food intake, communicating information about energy status to your brain .

Research has shown that eating protein decreases the hunger hormone ghrelin and stimulates the production of hormones that help you feel full, including peptide YY and glucagon-like peptide-1 .

One 3-month study in 156 teenagers with obesity associated a high protein breakfast with increased PYY and GLP-1 levels, which resulted in weight loss due to increased feelings of fullness .

Experts recommend eating a minimum of 2030 grams of protein per meal. You can do this by including high protein foods such as eggs, chicken breast, lentils, or fish at each meal .


Eating sufficient protein triggers the production of peptide hormones, some of which suppress appetite and help you feel full. Aim for a minimum of 2030 grams of protein per meal.

Hormone Health And Wellness Reviews

Rodale Wellness

Many women suffer with premenstrual syndrome , endometriosis and period problems. Curt mondell, doctor and owner of hormone health and wellness of the palm beaches, specializes in all aspects of integrated medicine, focusing on total body health using a personalized touch and placing the care of his patients above all else.

Hghx2 Hormone supplements, Bodybuilding supplements

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Wellness Begins On The Inside

Whether you are a man or a woman , they are simple things that we tend to shrug offanxiety, irritability, depression, fatigue, decreased libido, muscle aches/joint pain, decreased stamina and motivation, mental fogginess, forgetfulness, hot flashes, night sweats, poor sleep, headaches, weight gain, just to name a few. Any of these symptoms can be a sign of a hormone imbalance. Bio Identical Hormone Replacement therapy is an all natural solution to finding your inner balance.

Which Tests Are Best For Hormonal Imbalance

Most companies that offer hormone test kits have several options. If you suspect a specific hormone imbalance, like a thyroid issue, you can order a test kit that focuses on those hormones. Otherwise, most companies offer a comprehensive test option that will check the levels of most or all of your major hormone types.

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Lower Your Sugar Intake

Minimizing added sugar intake may be instrumental in optimizing hormone function and avoiding obesity, diabetes, and other diseases.

The simple sugar fructose is present in many types of sugar, comprising up to 43% of honey, 50% of refined table sugar, 55% of high fructose corn syrup, and 90% of agave .

In addition, sugar-sweetened beverages are the primary source of added sugars in the Western diet, and fructose is commonly used commercially in soft drinks, fruit juice, and sport and energy drinks .

Fructose intake has increased exponentially in the United States since around 1980, and studies consistently show that eating added sugar promotes insulin resistance regardless of total calorie intake or weight gain .

Long-term fructose intake has been linked to disruptions of the gut microbiome, which may lead to other hormonal imbalances .

Whats more, fructose may fail to stimulate the production of the fullness hormone leptin, leading to decreased calorie burning and increased weight gain .

Therefore, reducing your intake of sugary drinks and other sources of added sugar may improve hormone health.


Diets high in sugar have been shown to promote insulin resistance, disrupt your gut microbiome, and reduce leptin production. Thus, lowering your sugar intake may aid hormonal health.

What You Can Eat

EVOLVE Patient Success Story with Stacy Peardon – Women’s BHRT Review

Turner calls her food plan âGlyci-Med,” since it’s a mix of foods low on the glycemic index and a traditional Mediterranean diet.

Foods you can eat include lean protein vegetables and most fruit chia seeds, flaxseeds, and most nuts olive oil and some other unsaturated oils and fats, like canola oil and whole grains like buckwheat, brown rice, and quinoa.

On this plan, you’ll avoid or minimize caffeine, alcohol, fried foods, processed meat, peanuts, saturated fat, full-fat dairy, artificial sweeteners, and simple high-GI carbs like white bread.

You’ll eat often — every 3-4 hours — making healthy food choices at least 80% of the time. But you do get one to two âcheat mealsâ a week.

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Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones

Hormones are chemical messengers that have profound effects on your mental, physical, and emotional health. For instance, they play a major role in controlling your appetite, weight, and mood.

Typically, your body produces the precise amount of each hormone needed for various processes to keep you healthy.

However, sedentary lifestyles and Western dietary patterns may affect your hormonal environment. In addition, levels of certain hormones decline with age, and some people experience a more dramatic decrease than others.

However, a nutritious diet and other healthy lifestyle habits may help improve your hormonal health and allow you to feel and perform your best.

Here are 10 natural ways to balance your hormones.

Engage In Regular Exercise

Physical activity strongly influences hormonal health. Aside from improving blood flow to your muscles, exercise increases hormone receptor sensitivity, meaning that it enhances the delivery of nutrients and hormone signals (

7 ).

Insulin is a hormone that allows cells to take up sugar from your bloodstream to use for energy. However, if you have a condition called insulin resistance, your cells may not effectively react to insulin. This condition is a risk factor for diabetes, obesity, and heart disease .

However, while some researchers still debate whether the improvements come from exercise itself or from losing weight or fat, evidence shows that regular exercise may improve insulin resistance independently of body weight or fat mass reduction .

Many types of physical activity have been found to help prevent insulin resistance, including high intensity interval training, strength training, and cardio .

Being physically active may also help boost levels of muscle-maintaining hormones that decline with age, such as testosterone, IGF-1, DHEA, and human growth hormone .

For people who cannot perform vigorous exercise, even regular walking may increase these hormone levels, potentially improving strength and quality of life .


Strength training, aerobics, walking, and other forms of exercise may modify hormone levels to reduce your risk of disease and prevent muscle mass decline as you age.

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Hormones Are Involved In Weight Management

If youre carrying extra weight and you cant seem to get it off no matter how strict your diet is or how diligent you are to exercise, hormone fluctuations are likely the culprit. There are three main hormones that impact weight:

  • Insulin: regulates fat storage
  • Estrogen: causes abdominal fat during menopause
  • Cortisol: influences your stress response, which is linked to fat around internal organs

When your hormones are in balance, you feel alert, vibrant, and happy. If you suspect your hormones are out of whack, turn to our team for a confidential and comprehensive evaluation. We offer a range of treatment options to help bring your hormones back into balance to improve your overall wellness. Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Bioidentical hormone therapy
  • Thyroid and adrenal optimization
  • Lifestyle review and modifications

To improve your overall health, balancing your hormones should be step one. Call to learn more about how we can help support your hormone function or request an appointment online.

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Dont Just Take Our Word For It

Hormone &  Wellness Therapies

You’ll Be Thrilled With the Results

“Strongly recommend! I have seen Kaitlyn a few times now for dysport and not only is the product amazing but so is Kaitlyn and her staff. Each visit has been extremely enjoyable and Kaitlyn is very knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions I have. Kaitlyn and her staff are so welcoming and make you feel comfortable in their professional environment. I am so happy to have found them…”

“I’ve always been a big guy as far back as I can remember. It’s always been chalked up to eating too much… Which sure, I could throw down on wing night or the occasional visit to the buffet but I was never the person laying on the couch with a Coca-Cola IV and greasy potato chip fingers. Most of you who have been to my shows over the years know I’ve been an active person. Since my injury last…”

“I just started on the hormone therapy treatment in August and am already feeling like a completely new and YOUNGER person. I’m happy, balanced, positive, excited to face each day, and have regained my libido . It truly is worth the money that I spend and I look forward to continuing on my journey to wellness and weight loss in the near future.”

“I enrolled in the Hormone Replacement Therapy program, which has given me the strength and energy of my youth. Now at 69 years old, I feel great and am able to do anything that I want and all the things I need to do for my son and his two small children.”


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What Else You Should Know

Cost: Eating organic will probably add to your grocery bill. Beyond your food shopping and supplements, the hormone tests Turner recommends may not be covered by your insurance.

Support: None, though Turner runs a Toronto clinic that offers health assessments, nutrition and exercise coaching, and other health and wellness services.

Types Of Hormone Imbalances

Estrogen Dominance Estrogen dominance is a quite common cause of hormone imbalance that occurs when estrogen levels are too high relative to progesterone levels. This can happen in a few ways:

  • Elevated estrogen levels: Estrogen levels can become elevated due to environmental exposures, medications, poor hormone metabolism, or ovarian cysts/tumors.
  • Depressed progesterone levels: Progesterone levels may depress due to various conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome , menopause, or hypothyroidism.
  • Combination: Any pattern in between the that causes higher estrogen relative to progesterone can also result in estrogen dominance
  • Symptoms of estrogen dominance include: Tender breasts, irregular cycles long or short, bloating, acne, breast cysts, PMS, headaches, anxiety, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, hair loss, and difficulties getting pregnant. However, this is not an all-inclusive list.

    The graphic above shows a healthy pattern and 3 patterns of estrogen dominance. Please take note that all of the unhealthy patterns are still within a typical lab reference range. Your hormones will come back normal. Its the ratio between the hormones that are important! Adding a healthy pattern to the previously mentioned reasons for Estrogen Dominance leaves us with the following patterns for your hormones.

  • Healthy Pattern: Levels of Estrogen and Progesterone are at optimal levels. Estrogen and Progesterone are balanced
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    Hrt Clinic In California Services At Ca Hormones

    In order to reach optimal health, we utilize advanced medical treatments. Some services we offer at CA Hormones include the following.

    • Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Our individualized approach to your health and wellness starts with an initial phone consultation with a customer service associate. Every patient is treated with compassion and care.

    We will walk through what the process will look like for you going forward.

    The First Consultation

    They will go over the process going forward you know what to expect and answer any questions you might have regarding health optimization and our hrt clinic.

    Advanced Health Testing
    Discussing Your Customized Plan

    Herbal And Alternative Medicine:

    Real Patients Review SynergenX | Testosterone & Weight Loss (Jason)

    I love using herbal formulations with my patients in order to provide safe and effective relief for their symptoms. Herbals are a gentle way to treat for many symptoms such as hot flashes, painful periods, unpredictable periods, hormonal acne, fertility, sleep, and more! Here are some common herbal supplements to balance hormones and combat these unwanted issues

    Unfortunately, there are so many wonderful herbal supplements to balance hormones that I cannot possibly mention them all. It is also important to know that there is more to herbs that simply checking what health issues they are indicated for. They also have synergistic properties, which means that some herbs work better together! A naturopathic doctor can come up with a herbal formula that is dosed safely and appropriately for your individualized health history and concerns. There are also pre-made supplements on the market which are formulated for hormone balance. My trustworthy brands in this category include Vitanica and Femenessence.

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    Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy :

    For my women who have more severe symptoms supplements to balance hormones may not be enough and in this case Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can be a great option. With proper labs, follow-up, and customized dosing, this can be a safe step up in a patients therapy from more natural treatments. Remember, its all about safety first, so using the lowest level of therapy to provide adequate symptom relief is ideal!

    There is no one herb, nutritional plan, product, or therapy that is good for everything hormones related. It is vital to determine what type of hormone imbalance you have and why. Finding the root cause to your health issues can bring you back to long-lasting optimal health herbals, nutrition, and medications can help you there. A qualified health care professional can offer testing, interpretation, diagnosis, and treatment for your unique needs and goals!

    Welcome To Your Wellness Center

    We recognize that you have a choice when it comes to your provider for Hormone Replacement Therapy, Sexual Medicine, Weight Loss, & Food Sensitivity Testing. Thats why we want you to be informed as possible about our Center and the unique services we offer. Weve created this information-rich website to provide you with a thorough overview of everything we have to offer at Your Wellness Center dedicated to helping you Feel BetterLive BetterLook Better.

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    Herbs Nutrients And Nutrition Options For Hormone Balance

    As a Naturopathic Physician, I am lucky to have so many tools in my toolbox to provide treatment options to my patients having hormonal balance issues! Depending on symptom severity and patient preference, I can choose between a variety of options that will work best for them. This is one of the many reasons that I love Naturopathic Medicine and one of the reasons I often use supplements to balance hormones.

    Tier 1 Health And Wellness Offers A Variety Of Effective Therapies To Restore Health Energy Confidence And Vitality


    Hormone health and wellness reviews. These include topical creams, oral tablets, injections and pellet therapy. Having the right hormone balance can. From hormone optimization to sonicgains therapy, the priapus shot® and prp hair restoration, we can help you get back to optimal living.

    Women going through hormone changes later in life can be difficult. Intuitive eating, mindful movement and daily meditation. To date, were thrilled to have collected 79 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

    He is the best in his field hands down. Hormone health and wellness of the palm beaches is dedicated to improving the quality of life of our clients. Get the best health, lifestyle, fitness, yoga, beauty and hormone imbalance tips from hormonely, a wellness and hormone brand devoted to womens health.

    Hormone and wellness centers of texas offers an expertise in hormone replacement therapy and high ethical standards for all of their products and services. Patients can get labs drawn at their convenience near where they live or work and usually visit us just a few times a year. Dr watsons practice of gynecology for almost 20 years has taught her that many women are getting incorrect or out of date information from their primary care doctors and hormone pellet clinics.

    Integrative nutrition and lifestyle guidance for women and children. From angie’s list members or join today to leave your own review. Out of the pharmacy and into the kitchen.

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