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Hormone Imbalance Blue Toilet Seat

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Causes Of Blue Toilet Seats:

The Mystery of the Blue Toilet Seat!

The recent phenomenon of toilet seat covers turning blue raises consternation as to what is creating it. High estrogen and progesterone levels have been shown to change pH and bacteria in our bodies. The low pH level means an acidity in urine and sweat, which causes toilet seats to turn blue.

But lets not narrow down our discussion solely to pregnancy being the cause of these issues. Multiple other reasons can prompt your toilet seat to turn blue. Lets discuss them!

Pollution In The River Thames

In July 2019 alone, 23,000 wet wipes were found on the shore of the River Thames in Barnes, southwest London. This was within two hours of a volunteer clean-up organised by Thames21.

Katy McCoy, a master’s student at Royal Holloway, University of London, was one of the volunteers.

Katy is looking into the impacts of plastic pollution in the River Thames, with a focus on how wet wipes are affecting Asian clams .

‘Researching the impacts of wet wipes on the wildlife that live in our rivers is a new subject area,’ says Katy. ‘I’m keen on finding a solution to our plastic pollution.’

Wet wipes are currently one of the biggest contributors to river pollution, having become a popular alternative to toilet paper since the 90s.

Wet wipes are non-woven materials bonded together using resins, chemicals or high pressure. This prevents them from breaking apart easily when wiping with force, such as when scrubbing a stubborn stain off a table. They are also designed to remain wet and therefore do not break up as easily as toilet paper in water.

Clean-up of the River Thames, organised by Thames21. A large build-up of sanitary products was also found among the wet wipes. © Thames21/

The Science Behind Why Your Toilet Seat Turns Blue

Chromhidrosis is a disorder in which the oils and perspiration on our bodies take on a blue or even gray hue. Lipofuscin is a kind of sweat gland that is found throughout our bodies.

However, individuals with chromhidrosis have a greater concentration of lipofuscin, which results in the staining of sweat and body oils. If you have this disease, you will most likely see blue stains on your skin, clothing, and bed linens as well.

This is an uncommon occurrence in which nonpathogenic bacteria and perspiration combine. It is referred to as pseudochromhidrosis. When this chemical reaction occurs, discoloration may occur in regions such as the armpits.

Apart from a blue hue, it may produce crimson or even black. As a result, we may leave a stain on the toilet seat when we use it. Indeed, you may see discoloration on adjacent surfaces, such as the bathtub.

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How Do You Get Blue Stains Off A Toilet Seat

People have tried Magic Erasers, alcohol, bleach, ammonia and more, with little success. Because the blue coloration is likely due to a chemical reaction , theres no turning back. Youre welcome to scrub and see for yourself, but it seems that the only way to make your seat white again is to go out and buy a new one. You might want to wait until youre no longer pregnant, in case your blue butt strikes again.

How Do I Know If My Sperm Went Inside

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    Why Would My Toilet Seat Turn Blue

    Your first instinct will probably be to blame your partner. After all, you certainly didnt dip your ass into a can of blue ink, smear it all over the toilet seat and then have the nerve to leave it there. Of course, youll check in the mirror to be sure youre in the clear and will likely see that your trusty butt is the same color its always been. After some awkward investigating of your partners derriere, however, youre going to have to sheepishly apologize, since their cheeks wont be blue either. So who in the hell is the blue-butted bandit?

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    People sometimes wonder if getting a lot of cervical mucus just before their period is a possible early pregnancy sign. The truth is that it could be a sign of pregnancy but it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between “early pregnancy” cervical mucus and regular “just before your period comes” cervical mucus. So, you’ll have to wait a few more days to see if you menstruate or not.

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    Should I See A Doctor If My Toilet Seat Turned Blue

    Seeing your doctor after your toilet seat has turned blue is definitely an option but probably not necessary. Other causes might have happened that arent health-related.

    Chromhidrosis is very rare and isnt a condition to be worried about. It only makes you stand out a bit, but thats it.

    Although, a blue toilet seat with many other pregnancy symptoms could be because you are pregnant. If you are unsure, take a pregnancy test before consulting a doctor.

    Does Vinegar Remove Blue Stains From A Toilet Seat

    Woman Turns Toilet Seat Blue, Then Finds Out Why

    You can use a mixture of vinegar and table salt to scrub at your blue stains. You will need to take the proper precautions by wearing gloves and leaving the window open. You will need to spread vinegar over the toilet seat and then spread the table salt over it.

    You will have to leave this mixture sitting for at least 30 minutes. After that, you are free to scrub at the spots. Repeat if necessary.

    Thankfully, contrary to popular belief, vinegar does not damage any part of your toilet.

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    Does Bleach Damage A Plastic Toilet Seat

    Bleach will damage a plastic toilet seat over time. Many people have reported their plastic toilet seats turning yellow and peeling after many cleanings with bleach. However, this is a controversial opinion, with several people reporting no issues using bleach to clean a toilet seat.

    People have experienced flushing issues when using bleach to clean a porcelain toilet seat. Bleach can damage porcelain more than plastic.

    Be sure to know what your toilet seat is made of before cleaning.

    Hormonal Changes Can Cause The Color To Appear

    Hormonal changes play an important part in this too. Thats why the largest number of people who reported a blue toilet seat were pregnant women. The increased levels of hormones that are present during pregnancy might be the reason. So when the skin interacts with the toilet seat, it can cause a change of color. This is because of the coating that the seat is made of.

    If youre pregnant, remember that it will all go away once the hormones start to balance. Still, it would be wise to contact your doctor and tell them about your experience. You might need to get your hormones checked, especially if youre not expecting. Dont be surprised if your doctor finds this unreal and even funny but in the end, they will help you for sure.

    This blue stain is hard and even impossible to clean. So it would be good to wait until after you deliver the baby to get a new toilet seat.

    Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever stained your toilet seat blue before? Please share your experience with this phenomenon down in the comment section.

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    When Bacteria Gets Mixed With Our Sweat It Creates A Color

    This is a rare case when nonpathogenic bacteria and sweat mix together and its called pseudochromhidrosis. When this chemical reaction happens, we might notice discoloration in areas like the armpits. Aside from a blue color, it can result in red and even black. So when we use the toilet, we may leave a stain on the toilet seat. In fact, you might notice discoloration on other surfaces like the bathtub.

    Some oral and topical antibiotics can fight the bacteria and cure this condition. But dont try anything without talking to your doctor first.

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    First Of All Lets Talk About Whats Not Turning It Blue

    • Your toilet seat is not treating you to an impromptu gender reveal.
    • Your toilet seat is also not acting as a makeshift pregnancy test. This phenomenon has happened to men and women of all ages and well-outside of childbearing years.
    • Members of The Blue Man Group have probably not invaded your home.
    • Its not ink transfer from your skin to the seat due to wearing new jeans, as many people who have experienced this phenomenon were not wearing jeans prior to their seat turning a gorgeous shade of indigo.

    The Obscure Reason Your Body Can Turn Your Toilet Seat Blue

    Sweating is an important bodily function that keeps you cool during hot weather and tough workouts. The end result is usually nothing more than sticky skin and the occasional pit-stained tee â but for a small percentage of people, sweating can also leave behind a blue toilet seat.

    Video of the Day

    The phenomenon might be thanks to chromhidrosis, a rare skin condition marked by the production of colored sweat .

    According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, there’s very little data on the condition, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly how many people are affected and whether there’s a link between chromhidrosis and things like race, sex, occupation, geographic location or the weather.

    Here’s what experts have managed to suss out about this puzzling skin condition so far:

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    How Can I Prevent My Toilet Seat From Turning Blue

    If you want to prevent a toilet seat from turning blue, theres not much you can do other than putting a cover over your toilet seat to protect it. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to prevent blue stains on your toilet.

    However, if you buy atoilet seat cover, you can now choose whatever color you want your toilet to beif thats important to you.

    Do you still have questions? Okay, here are some more answers to your blue toilet-related concerns.

    Why Pregnant Women Can Turn Toilet Seats Blue

    Weirdest Pregnancy Symptoms: 9 Strange Pregnancy Symptoms (Bigger Feet, Blue Toilet Seat & More!)

    If youre pregnant and youve noticed your toilet seat turning blue, its not a figment of your imagination. In fact, a quick Google search reveals that its quite common.

    Taking to Reddit, a mum-to-be said: This is REALLY weird, is it happening to anyone else?

    Has anyone here turned their toilet seat blue? I just realised last night that our toilet seat is now a lovely blue/purple hue. After some googling, apparently, this is something that happens to pregnant people? Please tell me Im not alone in this!

    And nope, she is not alone.

    My pregnant wife has turned our toilet seat blue. Apparently this is somewhat common amongst pregnant women and no one really knows why. from r/mildlyinteresting

    A husband also hopped on Reddit to try and get some answers as to why his pregnant wife turned their cushioned toilet seat blue.

    My pregnant wife has turned our toilet seat blue. Apparently, this is somewhat common amongst pregnant women, and no one really knows why, he writes.

    While there are some theories about why this happens, the answer is a bit of a mystery.

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    Have You Switched Cleaning Products Recently

    Many padded toilet seats are cleaned and sanitized, and they come with materials designed to be anti-microbial.

    Another possibility is that you use cleaning products containing bleach or other harsh chemicals.

    Chemical cleaners are good for health and cleanliness, but depending on the coat used, materials used, and the chemicals in the cleaner, this can cause a reaction.

    These reactions arent harmful, but in certain circumstances, they can interact chemically, causing a weird side effect like the padding of a toilet seat changing into a noticeable blue color.

    When the issue isnt with changing bodily chemicals in a person, this is the reason for the color change.

    Because most of the time, padded toilet seats that turn blue do so when either the materials making up your seat or cleaning chemicals are not wiped off thoroughly after a toilet cleaning.

    They then react with the coating most padded toilet seats put on to fight germs and microbes.

    This interaction then causes them to change color.

    While this may seem like a big deal, its usually not harmful and is fixable. If youre concerned about the blue color, try washing the seat or using a different cleaning product.

    Note What Medications You’re On

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    You’re Growing Hair In Unexpected Places

    With PCOS, the ovaries produce excessive amounts of a type of hormones called androgens, which stimulate hair growth. We’re not talking about the hairs on your head. “You’ll get hair growth in funny placesâaround the nipples, on your chest, the inside of your thighs, and your belly,” says Siddiqui. “Places were women don’t typically have a lot of hair growth.”

    What Are The Best Products To Remove Blue Stains From A Toilet Seat

    The best products to use to remove blue stains from your toilet are rubbing alcohol, oxygen bleach, chlorine bleach, magic eraser, paper towels, and a sponge of some sort. These have been found to be most effective by people.

    If scrubbing away at your blue toilet seat doesnt seem too appealing to you, you can always buy a brand-new, sparkly toilet seat.

    In some cases, the toilet seat will cost less than buying a mixture of cleaning products.

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    How To Clean A Cracked Or Stained Toilet Bowl

    Bleach, baking soda, or vinegar are all acceptable alternatives. Each of them functions perfectly well. To use the bleach:

  • Remove the toilet seat from the toilet and soak it in a solution of bleach and water.
  • After a few minutes, scrub until the stains are gone.
  • Rinse it well and replace it in the toilet.
    • Clean all around bowl quickly
    • Drain down the bowls water level. This procedure should be used if the stain is located under the water level in your toilet bowl.
    • To remove the stain, scrape the bowl
    • Use a toilet to disinfect the mess the remainder of the toilet should be cleaned with a brush

    Pregnant womens elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone may alter the pH on their skin, which then interacts with ionized silver antimicrobial coating in toilet seats. Elevated estradiol causes sweat to become blue due to corynebacterium that colonizes around pores but changes color when reacting with other substances like oils secreted by sebum glands or bacteria found on various surfaces . Makes sense since urine is mostly water!

    Hormones Reacting To The Seat

    Others thought the toilet seat is reacting to pregnancy hormones.

    Theres something in her sweat that reacts with the cushion to cause it to turn blue. Maybe something basic, someone added.

    The original poster clarified saying he had heard of this.

    Pregnancy hormones mixing with antimicrobial silver something many toilet seats are covered in, he said.

    But theres more.

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    Can You Clean A Blue Toilet Seat

    You can clean a blue toilet seat. To clean a blue toilet seat, you can scrub it with rubbing alcohol, bleach, a magic eraser, or water and soap. Its good to have a plastic eraser on hand if these stains are prevalent so you can remove them quickly.

    Be sure to test a small area before cleaning so you can check if the cleaner damages your toilet. This will help you prevent further damage to the seat.

    Your Hormones Are Likely To Be Blamed

    Best Cushioned Toilet Seats 2021 | Top 10 Cushioned Toilet Seat Buying Guide

    Most men and women reporting the blue seat phenomenon shared one characteristic: imbalances in hormones.

    The hormonal fluctuations in the body during pregnancy are associated with temporary chromhidrosis. The temporary condition produces a mild sweat condition which reacts with some of the surface bacteria in the air Blue/White stains are found on certain surfaces like toilet seats.

    So, Do women have the tendency for toilets to be blue? Hormone level imbalance is causing discoloration to the toilet seats in the bathroom again.

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