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Hormone Pills For Hot Flashes

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Testosterone Gel For Reduced Sex Drive

Non-Hormonal Alternatives for Menopause

If HRT does not help restore your sex drive, you might be offered a testosterone gel or cream. It can help improve sex drive, mood and energy levels.

Testosterone is produced by the ovaries and your levels usually get lower with age.

It’s not currently licenced for use in women, although it can be prescribed after the menopause by a specialist doctor if they think it might help restore your sex drive.

You can safely use this at the same time as HRT.

Side effects of using testosterone are not common but include acne and unwanted hair growth.

Read more about loss of libido.

Sex Sexuality And Intimacy

Cognitive behavioral therapy may improve sexual functioning in breast cancer survivors .

A randomized controlled trial studied an internet-based cognitive therapy program . Women who got therapy reported better overall sexual functioning including improved desire, arousal and vaginal lubrication compared to women who did not . They also reported reduced discomfort during intercourse .

How To Stop Hot Flashes

How to stop hot flashes? The most effective treatment is optimizing your estradiol.

Estradiol is the most powerful and most important estrogen, made by your ovaries.

At least your ovaries make estradiol up until about age 51. After that time, they’re genetically programmed to completely stop making it. And that’s the real reason, the root problem, that causes you to have hot flashes and a bunch of other menopause symptoms.

The loss of estradiol is THE reason for a whole bunch of your menopause symptoms:

  • itchy, dry skin
  • urinary incontinence

Other menopause symptoms like insomnia, depression, and anxiety that are caused by the loss of different hormones. I’ll talk about those in another post.

As I’ve already alluded to, the loss of estradiol at menopause also puts you at serious risk for a bunch of long-term health issues. Things like:

  • your insulin doesn’t work like it used to and you get insulin resistance
  • insulin resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes
  • your bones get hollow and weak and you can eventually get osteoporosis
  • osteoporosis might land you in a rehab hospital or even a nursing home after a broken hip
  • low estradiol makes it more likely you’re going to develop Alzheimer’s
  • estradiol that’s low for years makes you MUCH more likely to get heart disease

I have a whole different video about heart disease. It’s the #1 killer of women over 50 – after 50. Heart disease kills 10 times the number of women as breast cancer does.

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Is This Safe For Long Term Use How Long Can I Take This

Multiple clinical trials for Rhapontic Rhubarb Extract including a year-long trial, demonstrate the safety of the ingredient. In addition, it has been used by women in Europe for decades. Check with your healthcare practitioner, if they agree, you may take it as long as you have symptoms. We recommend continued use for best results.

Will Estroven Menopause Relief Sleep Cool Cause Me To Feel Drowsy And/or Groggy In The Morning

Womens DIM Complex 150mg  Bioperine Estrogen Balancing Pills for ...

Estroven® Menopause Relief Sleep Cool® contains clinically proven Melatonin to help you fall asleep easier & stay asleep.* Melatonin is non-habit forming. It should not cause you to wake up feeling drowsy, and may improve daytime functioning as a result of a restful night’s sleep.* However, we do not recommend operating a motor vehicle or machinery after taking this product.

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Using Hormones To Treat Hot Flashes And Night Sweats

Some women may choose to take hormones to treat their hot flashes or night sweats. A hormone is a chemical substance made by an organ like the thyroid gland or ovary. During the menopausal transition, the ovaries begin to work less effectively, and the production of hormones like estrogen and progesterone declines over time. It is believed that such changes cause hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.

Hormone therapy steadies the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body. It is a very effective treatment for hot flashes in women who are able to use it. They can also help with vaginal dryness, sleep, and maintaining bone density.

Hormone treatments can take the form of pills, patches, rings, implants, gels, or creams. Patches, which stick to the skin, may be best for women with cardiac risk factors, such as a family history of heart disease.

There are risks associated with taking hormones, including increased risk of heart attack, stroke, blood clots, breast cancer, gallbladder disease, and dementia. Women are encouraged to discuss the risks with their health care provider. The risks vary by a woman’s age and whether she has had a hysterectomy. Women who still have a uterus would take estrogen combined with progesterone or another therapy to protect the uterus. Progesterone is added to estrogen to protect the uterus against cancer, but it also seems to increase the risk of blood clots and stroke.

Menopausal Hormone Therapy After Breast Cancer

Taking post-menopausal hormone therapy , also called hormone replacement therapy , to help with menopause symptoms may not be safe for women who have had breast cancer. If you are bothered by menopause symptoms, talk to your doctor about ways to get relief.

Many women have menopause symptoms such as hot flashes after treatment for breast cancer. This can happen naturally as women get older, but it can also be caused by some breast cancer treatments. Some pre-menopausal women have menopause symptoms as a result of chemotherapy or from hormone therapy drugs used to treat breast cancer . Women who are past menopause might also get symptoms if they had to stop taking PHT when they were diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Ginseng As A Menopause Supplement

Similar to red clover and soy isoflavones, ginseng has been shown to help reduce night sweats and hot flashes in menopausal women . One clinical trial also demonstrated that ginseng supplementation has a positive effect on sexual arousal and sexual function .

You can get the positive effects of ginseng by sipping on ginseng tea. Always consult your healthcare provider before starting a new supplement.

Bioidentical Hormones: Are They Better

Treating Hot Flashes Caused by Hormone Therapy

After concerns began to be raised about the dangers of menopausal hormone therapy, some women and their doctors began to tout the benefits of bioidentical hormones. Practitioners who use these drugs and the compounding pharmacies that make them claim that bioidentical hormones are better because they are made with natural, rather than synthetic, hormones that are better absorbed by the body. They also claim that because these hormones are similar to those a woman produces, side effects are less likely to occur. Is this true?

Bioidentical hormones are plant-derived they are made from concentrated soy and yam. So, yes, they are natural in that they are produced by nature. But that doesnt necessarily mean they are better than the drugs made by pharmaceutical companies. In fact, Premarin and Prempro contain estrogen that comes from pregnant mares urine. That is certainly natural.

But just because something is natural does not mean its safe. Currently, only a handful of small studies have been conducted on compounded bioidentical hormones. They indicate that these drugs are effective. But that does not mean they are safe, or safer than other types of HRT. Not one large randomized trialthe gold standard of medical researchhas been conducted with bioidentical hormones. And there have been no randomized trials comparing bioidentical hormones to a drug like Prempro.

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Lifestyle Changes To Improve Hot Flashes

Before considering medication, first try making changes to your lifestyle. If hot flashes keep you up at night, lower the temperature in your bedroom and try drinking small amounts of cold water before bed. Layer your bedding so it can be adjusted as needed and turn on a fan. Here are some other lifestyle changes you can make:

  • Dress in layers that can be removed at the start of a hot flash.
  • Carry a portable fan to use when a hot flash strikes.
  • Avoid alcohol, spicy foods, and caffeine. These can make menopausal symptoms worse.
  • If you smoke, try to quit, not only for hot flashes, but for your overall health.
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight. Women who are overweight or obese may experience more frequent and severe hot flashes.
  • Explore mind-body practices. Some early-stage research has shown that hypnotherapy and mindfulness meditation could help with management of hot flashes.

Best Menopause Supplements Of 2022

To help you choose the best menopause supplements, weve compiled a list of the best quality menopause supplements regarding manufacturer transparency, ingredients quality, and client satisfaction.

Here are the 7 best menopause supplements on the market today:

Amberen is manufactured by Lunada Biomedical, which is a company with an overall good rating. This product was also designed to address the common menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, irritability, and low libido weight gain, joint pain, headaches, stress, and fatigue.

Amberen is different from your regular menopause supplements in that it contains natural metabolites instead of herbs. The product does not contain synthetic hormones, such as estrogen, but instead relies on natural substances that can assist a woman in dealing with the symptoms that are caused by menopause. Furthermore, the product does not contain soy and has been manufactured with top-quality ingredients.

The aim of the formula introduced by the users body through Amberen is to restore a natural balance of hormones, but without utilizing any synthetic hormones, as these are known to contribute to the development of adverse effects. Some ingredients found in Amberen include a series of amino acids, as well as vitamin E, and several beneficial minerals.

Additionally, numerous reviews claim that the benefits of the product can be experienced, but at a mild level.

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May Boost Weight Loss

Given that estrogen plays an important role in regulating fat accumulation, DIM supplements may aid weight loss although no human research currently supports this effect.

All the same, studies link an imbalance of estrogen either too much or too little to an increased risk of weight gain in both men and women (

3 ).

As DIM supplements interact with estrogen levels, they may affect people with hormone-sensitive cancers or who are on hormone therapies. Such individuals should steer clear of DIM supplements unless under the supervision of a medical professional.

No matter your medical history, its important to consult your healthcare provider before taking these supplements.


DIM supplements have not been shown to cause serious side effects, though more safety research is needed. People on hormone therapies or with certain hormone-related cancers should avoid these supplements.

Uses And Potential Benefits Of Dim Supplements

DIM Hormonal Support Menopause Relief Supplement for Hot Flashes ...

DIM supplements are being studied for their protective effects against certain cancers. Theyre also used to help prevent prostate enlargement, treat acne, aid weight loss, and reduce premenstrual syndrome and menopause symptoms.

While these benefits are promising, overall research on DIMs effectiveness and long-term safety in humans is limited.

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Clinically Tested Safe & Effective For Perimenopausal Women

Trust is a significant component in choosing a product. With over 45 years of research on its main ingredients and excellent safety data backed by a rigorous clinical trial on perimenopausal women, Amberen Perimenopause offers a safe and effective solution for all women seeking relief during perimenopause.*

How Does Estroven Menopause Relief Sleep Cool Relieve Hot Flashes And Night Sweats

Estroven® Menopause Relief Sleep Cool® is designed to address hot flashes and night sweats with the ingredients of naturally sourced Black Cohosh, plus clinically proven Soy Isoflavones .* Both ingredients have a relatively long safety profile history and demonstrated efficacy supporting their use to reduce hot flashes and night sweats.*

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Licorice Root For Hot Flashes

Licorice root is an effective home remedy for reducing hot flashes both their frequency and duration. While it’s effective at managing these common menopausal symptoms, its important to note that licorice root can interfere with many prescription medications .

Before taking a daily licorice dietary supplement, consult your healthcare provider and consider the other medications you take regularly.

How Does Estroven Complete Menopause Relief Relieve Multiple Menopause Symptoms

Mayo Clinic Minute: Help with hot flashes due to menopause

During menopause, estrogen level decrease, leading to menopausal symptoms. There are two receptors in the body activated by estrogen, estrogen receptor alpha and estrogen receptor beta . The active ingredient in Estroven® Complete Menopause Relief, rhubarb extract, selectively stimulates the ER. Stimulation of ER has been shown to elicit beneficial estrogen-like activities and reduce adverse side effects. By activating this estrogen receptor, rhubarb extract has been studied and clinically demonstrated to show efficacy in relieving menopause symptoms.The clinical trials for Rhapontic Rhubarb Extract, the ingredient in Estroven® Complete Menopause Relief, showed women were helped with hot flashes and night sweats,* restful sleep,* energy,* daily stress and mood,* irritability,* physical and mental exhaustion,* concentration,* joint and muscular comfort,* menopausal anxiety,* urinary and bladder health,* vaginal dryness,* and libido.* Since we are all unique in how our bodies experience menopause, some women may experience different levels of relief from others. We recommend daily continued use for maximum benefit.

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What About Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are made in a lab from chemicals found in plants. Theyre said to be more similar to hormones your body naturally produces than those used in HRT.

Researchers are still working to figure out if bioidentical hormones are a safe and effective way to treat menopause symptoms.

These supplements havent been rigorously tested on humans, so they could pose long-term health risks we dont know about yet. As of now, theres no evidence to suggest these are safer or more effective than traditional HRT.

If youre interested in bioidentical hormones, talk to a doctor. They can discuss your options and may be able to prescribe an appropriate pill, patch, or cream.

Vaginal Therapies That Contain Hormones

Hormonal options for the relief of vaginal symptoms include:

  • An estrogen-containing soft ring
  • Vaginal estrogen suppositories
  • Vaginal estrogen cream

Vaginal estrogen rings and suppositories may slightly increase blood estrogen levels, but for only a short time .

Creams may slightly increase blood estrogen levels for a longer time . If your breast cancer was hormone receptor-positive, using a vaginal estrogen ring or vaginal estrogen suppositories is preferred over a vaginal estrogen cream .

Talk with your health care provider about whether these products may be safe options for you. All require a prescription.

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What Causes Hot Flashes

Unfortunately, despite the common occurrence of hot flashes and the high number of women who experience the symptom, very little is known about the cause of hot flashes. For many years, science had no insight on why this happened or how to influence it. Although we have learned more in recent years, much of the mechanism of hot flashes is still a mystery.

To Cope With Hot Flashes Dress In Layers

Hormone Balance for Women  Natural Female Energy &  Mood Enhancement ...

Youre hot, then youre cold, and then youre hot again. Instead of changing outfits several times a day, pile on layers that can easily be removed and put back on. Avoid fabrics that dont breathe, such as polyester and rayon.

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What Other Drugs Will Affect Estradiol

Sometimes it is not safe to use certain medications at the same time. Some drugs can affect your blood levels of other drugs you take, which may increase side effects or make the medications less effective.

Many drugs can interact with estradiol. This includes prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. Not all possible interactions are listed in this medication guide. Tell your doctor about all your current medicines and any medicine you start or stop using.

Therapies Offered By Integrative Medicine

Memorial Sloan Ketterings Integrative Medicine department has many services that may help you manage hot flashes without using hormones, such as:

  • Acupuncture. Acupuncture is a form of treatment done by inserting thin needles to certain points of the body.
  • Meditation. Meditationis the practice of looking inside yourself to develop a relaxed and clear mind
  • Hypnosis. A trained therapist does hypnosis. The therapist will help you get into a calm and relaxed state to help you find ways to cope and manage your symptoms

To learn more about the many services that Integrative Medicine Service has to complement traditional medical care, and for prices, call or visit:

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How To Choose The Best Menopause Supplements

Because most BDS for menopause symptoms rely on similar ingredients, youll want to focus on the product manufacturer and quality when choosing your product.

When choosing , make sure that the product manufacturer is reliable and trustworthy. You can easily determine a manufacturers trustworthiness by looking at the info provided on their website.

Is there a physical address and contact information?

Are there any details regarding product manufacturing?

The more information was given, the higher the possibility that you are dealing with a responsible company that does not sell ineffective and contaminated products.

You also need to look carefully at the product description, the ingredients listed, and the studies behind their efficiency. When it comes to buying health products, taking safety precautions is of utmost importance.

How Do We Know Estrogen Is Involved

Hormones, Hot Flashes & Hysteria – Healthy Head to Toe Series: Menopause

Changes in hormones, and especially in estrogen levels, are what cause nearly all of the symptoms associated with menopause. All menopause symptoms are likely to have a connection to estrogen, even if the connection is not a direct one.

However, it has been shown that hormone replacement therapy involving estrogen can help to reduce or even eliminate hot flashes. This provides clear evidence that estrogen is an important component of hot flashes, since taking the hormone can eliminate the symptoms.

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