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Hormone Replacement Therapy Anti Aging

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What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Richard Walker Discusses Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy for Anti-Aging

Hormone replacement therapy, referred to as HRT, is the most common medical treatment for symptoms of menopause. It works by introducing specific hormones into the body that are reduced during menopause and thereby cause the symptoms.

Estrogen and progesterone are the main hormones used in hormone replacement therapy, as it is their decline in levels within the body that result in the typical menopausal symptoms. Weight gain, hair loss, hot flashes, insomnia, and reduction in sexual libido are all common complaints of this time of life.

Hormone replacement therapy seeks to medically increase the levels of these particular hormones within the body, therefore reducing and in some cases eliminating these worrying and uncomfortable symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy is safest when used for approximately one year, with doctors recommending that treatment not go beyond this.

An Overview Of Hormone Therapy

There isnt any one type of hormone therapy. Many different programs and procedures have been developed to address a wide variety of hormonal issues. The best-known is hormone replacement therapy. This is most often used during menopause to help replace the bodys estrogen. Doing so counteracts hot flashes, loss of libido, mood swings, and other menopausal symptoms.

An anti-aging hormone therapy program is designed to correct hormonal imbalances. Proponents believe that hormone growth techniques can slow the aging process, boost energy levels, and increase both libido and overall sexual performance. The therapy is performed through the injection of bio-synthetic growth hormones.

Female Hormone Deficiency Treatment In Murfreesboro

Aging is difficult enough for women in Murfreesboro without having to suffer from declining hormone levels. Women often complain of a diminished sense of well-being, chronic fatigue, and a loss of libido just to mention a few hormone imbalance symptoms. This is not necessary! Once women realize they can restore their natural hormones with bioidentical hormones, they can restore their energy, feelings of well-being, and sexuality.

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As You Age You Will Notice Differences In Your Body

As you age, the hormone levels tend to decline, reducing the bodys capacity to work optimally. This hormonal imbalance can have serious negative effects on the health of the affected person.

Hormones are chemicals that are secreted by the human endocrine system such as the pineal gland, the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and the thyroid gland.

These hormones act as messengers and are carried by the bloodstream to transport important information to specific cells in order to regulate body processes associated with reproduction, metabolism, and growth.

Continued Care: The Asandramd Difference

Hormone Replacement Therapy

This HRT process does not end with the insertion of your pellets. In fact, Dr. Asandras dedication to monitoring and attention to detail only intensify. You will be in constant communication with the doctor and his professional staff. They will invite you to report on how you feel as the hormone therapy takes effect in your system.

AsandraMD will routinely check your blood in the 3-4 months following your initial HRT session. If necessary, Dr. Asandra will fine tune your hormone plan to deliver the optimal results you deserve.

* Results May Vary

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Therapy For Testosterone Deficiency In Murfreesboro

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for men in Murfreesboro is an extremely effective therapy that has been proven to offer a greatly improved quality of life and is a safe way to help men deal with the impact of aging.

As men age, several changes occur that reduce the testosterone level available to the body. While testosterone replacement is often the foundation of a good anti-aging program for most men, it is by no means the only thing to be addressed. It is extremely important to also evaluate the Thyroid and Human Growth Hormone activity.

The functions of these hormones if often interdependent and addressing one area without adequately assessing other areas is not in the patients best interests. Monitoring and addressing these levels is so very important and is the cornerstone of properly administered Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

How Do I Know If I Am Hormone Deficient

  • Low energy, fatigue or weakness
  • Lack of enthusiasm, drive or motivation
  • Loss of figure or muscle tone
  • Poor focus or concentration

At our Murfreesboro area Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic we have helped hundreds of men and women just like you, overcome the issues of age-related hormone decline, with the best quality service and most competitive pricing on a doctor certified Hormone Replacement Therapy, including, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement ,Testosterone replacement, and HGH replacement.

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Does Hormone Therapy Have Anti

Posted on October 14, 2019

The United States has been using hormone therapy for multiple innovative purposes for years. In the US, its common to use hormones to reduce the appearance of aging. By contrast, in the UK, utilizing the anti-aging effects of hormone therapy is a fairly new concept. Many people dont even know an anti-aging hormone therapy treatment is an option.

The Benefits & Risks Of Ht For Men

Rewind Anti-Aging BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Before and After Pictures.

Men who have led active, engaged lifestyles may find themselves struggling with symptoms of aging. For them, anti-aging HT can bring back a sense of vitality and add vigor to their lives. Many men report a renewed feeling of youthfulness after receiving HT. For them, anti-aging HT addresses their symptoms of memory fog, fatigue, low energy, sexual concerns, and weight gain, while decreasing their vulnerability to heart disease, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases.

Of course, its important for men considering HT to think about the risks of treatment. For men, these risks include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • Increased number of red blood cells resulting in muscle pain, high blood pressure, blurry vision, chest pain, and blood clots

Men who make the best candidates for anti-aging HT include those who are experiencing low libido, lethargy, weakness, lack of stamina, weight gain, anxiety, depression, and erectile dysfunction.

Men who have a history of prostate or breast cancer, and those with a family history of heart disease, high red blood cell counts, kidney disease, or liver disease should consider other options for treating their symptoms instead.

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How Hormones Contribute To The Realities Of Aging

Certain lifestyle choices can contribute to many of these and make you look and feel older. Smoking restricts blood flow and causes vessels to stiffen over time. Heavy or regular alcohol use can cause cancer and damage multiple organ systems. Eliminating these habits and emphasizing supportive nutrition and exercise routines go a long way toward protecting our bodies as we age. But if you are wondering how to slow aging, there is even more you can do to support your long-term well-being: consider your hormones.

During midlife, hormone levels fluctuate and eventually decline. For women, hormone levels begin to change during perimenopause and then drop steeply, initiating menopause. For most men, testosterone levels begin to drop gradually in their 30s. Some men, however, experience a more dramatic drop, resulting in a low testosterone level for their age.

The decline of sex hormones is inextricably tied to aging. Some changes, like the loss of bone density, changes in libido, and skin texture, have been directly linked to hormones. Scientists continue to investigate the causal effects that hormonal changes may have on other systems, including cognitive impairment and dementia that often affect the brains of older adults.

The Epigenetic Clock Should Enable Therapies That Are Individually Tailored To Female Patients Could You Describe This

To date, we have analyzed the effects of hormones on epigenetic aging specifically, the effects of hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women, as well as those of so-called anti-progesterones. The latter are drugs that inhibit the action of the hormone progesterone, which has been implicated in the development of breast cancer.Currently, we are conducting studies to investigate the effects of other potentially health-preserving interventions. We want to use epigenetic clocks to determine how a particular measure affects epigenetic aging. This will allow us to achieve an individualized delay of the aging process.

The delay of the aging process and thus the increase of healthy life years plays a decisive role also economically: A targeted slowing of the aging process offers potentially greater economic benefits than the eradication of individual diseases. This was shown in a recent study by authors from the London Business School, Oxford University and Harvard Medical School. The authors calculated that just slowing aging, which increases life expectancy by one year, is worth $38 billion.

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Hrt Can Help Men And Women Reduce Unpleasant Symptoms

Part of the benefits of HRT, whether you are a man or woman, is that because these medicines stimulate hormone production in the body, they can alleviate symptoms related to hormone loss.

For women, this might encourage mood stability and hair growth in places where thinning occurred and discourage hot flashes and insomnia. HRT can also be used to treat osteoporosis and has seen improvements in patients who suffered from bone loss.

For men, TRT can boost energy levels and muscle growth. It can also regulate their sexual libido and reduce fluctuations in mood, among other benefits.

Your physician can describe other benefits that hormone replacement therapy can offer you in relation to your gender.

Renew Your Sense Of Vitality With Anti

Pin on Testosterone

There are two main ways that you can begin to rebalance your bodys anti-aging hormones. The first way is with bio-identical hormone therapy. With this form of therapy, blood testing is performed to find out exactly which hormones your body is lacking in sufficient amounts. Then, a personalized infusion will be developed that helps to put your hormones at the correct levels for your optimum functioning.

The second way to treat aging with hormones is to use peptide therapy. Growth hormone peptides are simply short chains of amino acids that communicate with your brain. As with other parts of your bodys systems, peptides can deplete and lose their ability to send cycles of signals to your brain that stimulate it to make hormones. With peptide therapy, you can start to restore your brains awareness that it needs to produce the correct amount of hormones. Being able to jumpstart your bodys ability to make its own hormones is often preferable to other options since it is more natural.

Using both peptide and bio-identical hormone therapy provides you with multiple benefits for your mind and body. Although hormone therapy is not a one-time, overnight solution, youll find that you gradually start to notice changes in how you look and feel. These are just a few of the benefits that youll enjoy from restoring your anti-aging hormones.

  • improved skin and muscle tone
  • increased energy and stamina
  • fewer mood swings
  • reduced hair loss and wrinkles

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Has Science Found The Fountain Of Youth In Hormone Replacement Therapy

Research into the science of how and why we age has discovered the many antiaging properties of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

For centuries humans have been searching for the so-called Fountain of Youth. Now, we know that we may need to look no further than our own bloodstream.

We are all familiar with what it feels like to grow old. Skin starts to sag and wrinkle. We no longer have the strength and vitality we once did. Depression is common, as is a loss of desire for sex. Why do all of these things occur? The science of aging tells us that most, if not all, of these symptoms of getting old are caused by the decline of critical hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone.

Human growth hormone, in particular, has been found to be intimately related to the science of why we age. HGH is responsible for cellular growth and rejuvenation. As we age, HGH levels drop, and your bodys ability to replace dead and dying cells with healthy new ones slows. Eventually, your reach a point where more cells are dying than are being replaced. This results in most if not all of the symptoms we think of as aging.

Growth hormone replacement therapy has been clinically proven to turn back the clock and reverse these symptoms.

Elderly patients in this and later studies looking into the antiaging benefits of HGH also reported a general feeling of better health and improved vitality.

HGH optimization therapy has been shown to:

Cloning And Body Part Replacement

Some life extensionists suggest that therapeutic cloning and stem cell research could one day provide a way to generate cells, body parts, or even entire bodies that would be genetically identical to a prospective patient. Recently, the US Department of Defense initiated a program to research the possibility of growing human body parts on mice. Complex biological structures, such as mammalian joints and limbs, have not yet been replicated. Dog and primate brain transplantation experiments were conducted in the mid-20th century but failed due to rejection and the inability to restore nerve connections. As of 2006, the implantation of bio-engineered bladders grown from patients’ own cells has proven to be a viable treatment for bladder disease. Proponents of body part replacement and cloning contend that the required biotechnologies are likely to appear earlier than other life-extension technologies.

The use of human stem cells, particularly embryonic stem cells, is controversial. Opponents’ objections generally are based on interpretations of religious teachings or ethical considerations. Proponents of stem cell research point out that cells are routinely formed and destroyed in a variety of contexts. Use of stem cells taken from the umbilical cord or parts of the adult body may not provoke controversy.

Replacement of biological organs with mechanical ones could extend life. This is the goal of the 2045 Initiative.

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How To Know If Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Right For You

Hormone replacement therapy can offer many benefits to help you feel and look younger. The list above is just a starting point. Many women discover that hormone therapy helps them with aches and pains they forgot they even had.

Still, its a medical treatment and it isnt a choice you should take lightly. To find out if hormone therapy is right for you, contact our anti-aging experts. We can evaluate your health, discuss your symptoms, and determine whether hormone therapy is the best way to address your needs.

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Find Out How Menopause Treatment And Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Helping Women Near Gurnee Il Feel Their Best

Hormone Replacement Therapy, HRT, with Dr. George Weiss Anti-Aging Medicine

We believe in delivering the quality of Menopause care that will help you look and feel your best. We are pleased to offer the latest in anti-aging medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy, to patients from all over the Lake County, IL area.

An important aspect of health and wellness is hormonal balance. With age, men and women experience changes to physical and psychological health as various sex hormones decline. Sometimes these changes are subtle, such as a drop in energy levels. Sometimes, they are dramatic, causing upheaval in every aspect of life. Whether you are in the midst of menopause symptoms or perimenopause, or you have just begun your journey, a simple blood test can alert you to hormonal imbalance at the root of unpleasant symptoms.

We understand that you have choices in how you manage your aging process. When you schedule a consultation at our Gurnee, IL Menopause Clinic, Dr. Tack will answer all of your questions and help you identify ways that we can meet your needs for optimizing your hormones.

Take the next step by contacting our office today at to schedule an appointment.

Mrs. Susan Reinhardt – Lost 35 lbs and counting with Dr. Tack’s Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement Therapy Program

Mrs. Melissa Slater – Lost 60 lbs and counting with Dr. Tack’s Weight Loss and Wellness Program

Mrs. Alyssa Ibraham – Lost over 60lbs on her Journey to Fertility with Dr. Tack’s Weight Loss Program

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Dr Colbert Uses Natural Hormones Which Are Referred To As Bio

Estrogen is secreted primarily by the female ovaries. It helps to stimulate the development of secondary sex characterizes in females such as breasts and pubic hair. Some other important functions of estrogen are:

  • Regulates the menstrual cycle while helping to promote the growth of the inner lining of the uterus during the cycle.
  • Prevents osteoporosis by increasing bone formation.
  • Maintains the health of the cardiovascular system and reduces blood pressure by relaxing the lining of blood vessels and preventing the deposition of plaque.
  • Helps improve mental health, learning abilities, and memory.

Certain Hormone Preparations Were Classified As Potentially Leading To Breast Cancer At The Beginning Of The Noughties How Does Science View The Facts Today

The type of hormone replacement therapy we studied is a combination of estrogen and progesterone. The effect of these hormones on breast cancer risk depends on a number of factors such as age at the time of initiation and the type and duration of use. Our data indicate that our epithelial epigenetic clock, presumably after only a few months of use, can measure whether or not hormone replacement therapy triggers an epithelial anti-aging effect. In women in whom this is not the case, this could indicate an increased risk of breast cancer. Thus, one would advise against further implementation of hormone replacement therapy and switch to alternative treatment options for postmenopausal symptoms.

Publication: Barrett, J.E., Herzog, C., Kim, YN. et al. Susceptibility to hormone-mediated cancer is reflected by different tick rates of the epithelial and general epigenetic clock. Genome Biol 23, 52 .

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Orlando Hormone Replacement Therapy

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As men and women age, their bodies stop producing reproductive hormones, which affect other functions in the body besides their ability to procreate. Women lose estrogen, whereas men lose testosterone, and both types of hormone loss can result in weaker bones, hair loss, and mood changes, among other negative side effects.

If you are experiencing negative symptoms due to hormone loss and reside in Orlando, hormone replacement therapy might be a viable option for your condition. Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates offers hormone replacement therapy treatment to help patients restore their estrogen or testosterone levels and alleviate negative side effects.

If you are interested in getting HRT treatment, call our facility to schedule an appointment at .

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