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Hormone Replacement Therapy Newport Beach

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Am I A Good Candidate For Hormone Replacement Therapy

Female Hormone Pellets Insertion (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy)

Hormone replacement therapy is a good choice for men and women who have been confirmed to have a hormone imbalance and whose general medical and physical history is conducive to hormone replacement.

If you have the following symptoms most days of the week, it may be hormone imbalance:

  • Mood swings.
  • Unexplained weight gain that is hard to lose.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Loss of libido/changes in sexual health.
  • Low energy.
  • Brain fogginess.

Our Clinic Medical Advisors Provide You With Hgh And Testosterone Renovation Programs

Every man tends to age. That sad truth can be sweetened by a healthy body and optimized ageing process that help you staying vital and energized through the years passing by.

Unfortunately, lots of men and women face hormone deficit in their andropause and menopause. Our medical specialists may help you to avoid hormone disbalance and keep your body and mind in good condition.

We strive to make our patients healthy and rigorous. For this, special medical programs are developed in our clinic. Each program takes into account sex, body condition, current hormone level and other valuable factors that should be considered. As we provide precise optimization of key hormones that are HGH and Testosterone, we offer our patients customized programs to renew their hormone level to the normal state.

In our clinic, there are effective programs for:

  • Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy
  • Testosterone therapy for men
  • Growth Hormone therapy for men
  • Bioidentical Hormones for females.

Every program is prescribed after thorough anamnesis research and blood testing for hormone level. After the prescription, every patient is constantly supervised by our doctors and only clinically tested and proven medicines are used for the therapy.

Human Growth Hormone Newport Beach For Man

Hormones influence different aspects of mens health. When they age, males see the importance of hormones when their production in their bodies reduces. Hormonal imbalance affects their physical health, metabolism, immune system sexual life, mental health, emotional state, and more. We aim to provide medical support to our clients and help men return to full life. Human growth hormone therapy in Newport Beach provides effective and safe treatment based on thorough diagnostics and individual approaches to every patient. Get rid of hormone deficiency symptoms and improve your life with HGH therapy

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Obgyn Specialists Located In Newport Beach Ca And Orange County Ca

Some women go through menopause with few symptoms, but many experience vaginal dryness and up to 75% of women have the most common symptom: hot flashes. Affiliated with Hoag Hospital, Dr. Yonatan Mahller works with each woman, helping you find the relief you need based on your symptoms. Contact his office in Newport Beach, Orange County, California, or schedule an appointment online to learn about hormone replacement therapy and other treatment options for menopausal symptoms.

How Long Does It Take Hrt To Work

Call the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center for your FREE Bio

It may take a few weeks for you to feel the initial effects of hormone replacement therapy. These benefits will increase over the next few months as your body adjusts. The key to successful HRT is respecting your bodys unique chemistry and complementing it with the correct formula. To learn more about how hormone replacement therapy can work for you, contact AsandraMA.

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We Treat All Male Hormones Related To Aging

Despite what the makers of various testosterone supplements and drugs may try to tell you, testosterone is not a magic bullet that can destroy all of your andropause symptoms forever. There are hundreds of hormones at work in your body, and testosterone is not the only hormone that affects male aging. At Renew Youth we recognize this and we account for all vital hormones in our hormone replacement therapy for men in Newport Beach CA, including:

  • Testosterone

Hormone Replacement Clinic For Women’s Health

Hormones rule our bodies providing their well-being when they are in balance and signaling by various symptoms when there is hormonal imbalance. For women’s health, hormones are incredibly important as they affect all the processes at once. Sometimes, due to aging or some difficult life periods along with some diseases, hormonal levels could decrease which leads to low life quality. To avoid that and decrease harmful processes, Hormone Replacement Therapy is recognized to be among the most effective therapeutical methods. It is our goal to help women stay young, active, healthy, and full of life. All these can be real for you with the help of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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What Are Hormones And Why Do They Matter

Hormones are signaling molecules that work as messengers in your body: they travel to different body parts and regulate both your physiology and behavior. They influence your growth, development, metabolism, sexual desires, and moods.

When the organism ages and the level of hormones decreases, it regulates the body slower and less effectively. That is why you may experience physical and mental health issues like bones brittleness, body hair loss, weight gain due to worse metabolism, lower sexual drive, mood swings, depression, anxiety. Everything becomes imbalanced.

In order to return to homeostasis, the balance in your body, you can take such hormones as testosterone or estrogen. It is available as tablets, creams or gels, vaginal rings, and skin patches. You should consult with your doctor to get the best advice on how to take it.

Start The Path To Reclaim Your Vitality With Bio

The Importance of Pregnenolone | Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center

As we age, hormone levels decline, which can cause significant changes in the body such as lack of energy, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, and loss of libido. The levels of essential hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can get depleted. These hormones have many functions, including keeping the body strong and youthful and contributing to secondary sex characteristics.

Bones and tissues can start degrading as the levels of these hormones decrease, resulting in problems like:

  • Psychogenic symptoms loss of self-esteem, anger, irritability, depression
  • Urogenital symptoms discomfort during sex, dryness, urge incontinence, stress incontinence
  • Vasomotor symptoms migraines, night sweats, palpitations, hot flashes

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Common Signs And Symptoms Of Menopause To Look Out For

During perimenopause, a woman will still have periods, however, her cycle may change, and her hormone levels will shift. Women who think they may be going this perimenopause should also look out for the following symptoms:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Cardiovascular disease

Our clinic has helped thousands of menopausal women eliminate the symptoms described above. Thanks to our effective and custom hormone replacement treatment plans, we can help you live life to the fullest!

Get Comprehensive Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men In Newport Beach Ca To Help Relieve All Your Andropause Symptoms

Have you been feeling fatigued and moody no matter how much you sleep? Has your workout routine stopped giving results? Your hormones may be to blame. Men as young as their 30s can begin experiencing an age-related hormone decline, aka andropause. The good news is that our hormone replacement therapy for men in Newport Beach CA can help you boost vital hormones like testosterone back up to healthy levels so you can recapture the energy, vigor, and health of your younger days.

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Pro Age Medical & Aesthetics

Pro Age is an age management clinic in South California, on a mission to ensure that each and every patient of ours receives the best possible care. We give our all to each patient whether it is a small amount of BOTOX, or a complete hormone evaluation. We want to ensure that the facility is clean and comfortable. It is our goal for everyone who enters our office to feel comfortable and cared for.

We prescribe bioidentical hormones, such as testosterone , bio-E-Thyroid , estrogen and testosterone pellets for women. We prescribe based on your symptoms of menopause or andropause.

Ask us about our proven and trusted treatment options today growth hormones, testosterone pellets, liquid rhinoplasty, dermal lip fillers, bio-identical hormone replacement, bio e-thyroid, skin tightening, filler corrections, and more.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Procedure

Progesterone: A Key Ingredient for Optimal Health

From the moment you enter our Beverly Hills office, you will be put at ease. Dr. Asandra and his associates will answer your questions, listen to your concerns, and strategize a plan. Our strategy will depend on your current health status, so we begin with a gentle blood draw. This allows Dr. Asandra to see exactly whats going on in your body.

Once we get the results of your blood sample, our dialogue continues. Dr. Asandra will communicate his findings and explain their dimensions. Using this data, Dr. Asandra can begin to tailor a unique hormone replacement plan for you.

There have been vast advances in the fields of HRT and BHRT over recent years. Gone are the days of troublesome gels and creams. At AsandraMD, we utilize the pellet and injection methods for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

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Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Benefits of hormone replacement therapy can significantly improve every aspect of your life and well-being from your appearance to your mental health. Hormone therapy is a safe and effective way to revitalize energy and happiness in the lives of women and men who are experiencing hormonal changes. Some of the top benefits include:

Growth hormone therapy increases energy levels, helps you lose weight, strengthens bones, improves heart health, and reduces fatigue associated with aging.

Why Are Hormones So Valuable For The Body

These chemical compounds produced by our body play a significant role in the regulation of almost every function our body performs. They are produced by glands of the endocrine system and permanently injected into the blood to get to the body part they regulate. And their area of regulation is extremely wide as they are responsible for:

  • Reproductive system functionality including libido, erection, fertility and genitals’ health.
  • Human growth and body progress.
  • Digestive system and metabolism.
  • Emotional and cognitive functions.

The peak of hormones production comes in the age of maximal fertility that is from 20 to 30 YO. After that, with ageing, the level of hormones decreases step by step. It is quite natural, yet a decrease of HGH and testosterone impacts the body with the hugest effect. Those hormones have the most prominent impact on the body themselves, so their lack is felt the most.

What to do if the level of these hormones is decreasing? The way out is to apply special methods that are called Hormone Replacement Therapy. With their help, you can get on your healthy and vital way with no traits of ageing felt or visible.

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Hormone Therapy Newport Beach

Growth hormone is important for cells and tissues’ growth and regeneration. As people age, their level of HGH drops, and they start to experience many problems with their health, memory, mood, appearance and sleep. With Human Growth Hormone in Newport Beach, you can benefit from significant health improvement due to the latest therapy methods. We know how it is crucial to maintain a balanced hormone level for men and women. And we do our best to help them feel the taste of life and be full of energy and health to make the world a better place.

Key Elements Of Safe & Effective Hormone Replacement Therapy In Newport Beach Ca

Hormone Therapy is all we want to talk about! | truMD | Newport Beach, CA

If you are concerned about the safety of hormone replacement therapy in Newport Beach CA, it is probably because you have seen estrogen therapy getting a lot of negative attention in the media. What the media didnt tell you was that the negative outcomes resulted not from estrogen itself, but from improper treatment protocols. At Renew Youth, we provide safe treatments in accordance with the following important guidelines.:

  • We prescribe customized dosages.
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    Continued Care: The Asandramd Difference

    This HRT process does not end with the insertion of your pellets. In fact, Dr. Asandras dedication to monitoring and attention to detail only intensify. You will be in constant communication with the doctor and his professional staff. They will invite you to report on how you feel as the hormone therapy takes effect in your system.

    AsandraMD will routinely check your blood in the 3-4 months following your initial HRT session. If necessary, Dr. Asandra will fine tune your hormone plan to deliver the optimal results you deserve.

    * Results May Vary

    At Home Tips To Manage Minor Symptoms

    Hot flashes/night sweats

    As mentioned, hot flashes are a common symptom of menopause and it helps to:

    • Dress in loose clothing.
    • Layering clothing is also helpful when a hot flash hits.
    • A handheld mini fan should be kept close to cool down when feeling a bit flushed.
    • To reduce night sweats, it may help to keep your bedroom cool. If night sweats is a regular problem, using a waterproof sheet to protect your mattress.

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    Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

    Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testicles that are responsible for mens health. When a person gets older, they experience hormone deficiency that affects many body functions. Men suffer from erectile dysfunction, loss of muscular strength and bone density, depression, and many other symptoms. We aim at helping every person live a full life with testosterone replacement therapy.

    Testing For Hormone Deficiency In Newport Beach

    Low T? Try a Trusted Testosterone Injection Treatment, Newport Beach CA ...

    Getting tested for HGH or Testosterone deficiency is the first step on your way to anti-ageing routines. In clinic you can pass your Hormone Level Tests by the newest methods. We provide you with accurate results of your testing you can show your medical advisor to get launched to an HRT program. Results of Hormone Level Tests are of high importance, as they are the basis for choosing the program, the type of bioidentical hormone replacement medicines and their dosage. Please, apply for a Hormone Level Test if you have any concerns about your hormone balance to improve your body and mood condition in a safe and efficient way that is HRT.

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    Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

    Whether you call it low testosterone, hypogonadism, testosterone deficiency, or low T, this hormonal deficiency can have a wide ranging impact on a persons life, since it affects both physical and mental health.

    Physical Symptoms

    Physical signs of low testosterone include fatigue and declining energy levels. While everyone feels tired sometimes, low testosterone can make it difficult to get out of bed and through the work day. The tired feeling may interfere with daily life and wont improve after rest.

    Men with low testosterone often have higher body fat and lower muscle mass. Scientific studies have linked low testosterone to a higher body mass index , slower walking speeds, and even difficulty climbing stairs. Low testosterone can also result in a reduction of bone mass, potentially increasing the likelihood of fractures and osteoporosis.

    Low testosterone doesnt just affect how you feel. It impacts your health too. Men with low testosterone may be more at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. New research shows that TRT may be able to lessen some of these health risks.

    Mental Symptoms

    If youre feeling off your game lately, it could be low testosterone. Low testosterone is linked to lower motivation and reduced self-confidence. Men with low testosterone sometimes have difficulty concentrating and trouble remembering things.

    What Are The Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Estrogen has been shown to be the best course of treatment for hot flashes and night sweats that have been known to happen during perimenopause and menopause. It likewise prevents vaginal dryness and protects against the bone loss that commonly occurs in the early years of menopause. When combined with progestin, estrogen therapy has also been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

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    What Are The Merits Of Taking Hgh Replacement Therapy

    Human Growth Hormone is among the most important hormones impacting our body. With age, its level begins to decline yet, it is not a sentence! You may appreciate all the merits of HGH Replacement Therapy if you are diagnosed with GHD .

    With hormonal injections, the effect can be seen in a matter of weeks.

    • The energy level is rising.
    • Your weight begins to decline.
    • Bones mineralisation and as a result, their strengthening activates.
    • Your heart and vessels’ condition improves.

    And it’s not all! Overall body condition becomes better since you start your HGH Replacement Therapy.

    Hormone Replacement Therapy In Newport Beach

    Dr. Kristen Vierregger Discusses Hormone Replacement Therapy with Dr. Thomas Barnes

    As hormones rule our body supporting them on a balanced level is a key factor for health and well-being. Our clinic provides you with special Hormone Replacement Therapy that keeps your hormones balanced. The HRT by clinic includes:

    • HGH therapy program for men
    • HGH therapy program for women
    • Testosterone replacement program for men and women
    • Hormone Level Analyses.

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    Urogynecologists & Sola Therapy Located In Newport Beach Ca

    Hormone replacement therapy is often associated with women going through menopause. But you can experience shifts in hormones at any time in your life for any reason. Dr. Matthew Clark and the experienced team at The Clark Center For Urogynecology in Newport Beach and Irvine, California, offer hormone replacement therapy throughout all stages of life using creams, oral tablets, and custom-made bioidentical hormone pellets. To schedule a consultation, call the office or book online today.

    Answering Faq About Hrt

    • Q: What is HRT?
    • A: It is a complex method of returning your hormone level to homeostasis. As with age, our body cannot produce hormones on a needed level, HRT is a medical method of supplying our body with missing hormones.
    • Q: How can I know for sure, that I need HRT?
    • A: Prescription for HRT can be given only after thorough research that includes Hormone Level Testing and studying your medical history as well. You can apply for testing your hormones level if you regularly feel dissatisfaction with life, low sexual drive, decreased stamina and energy level. These are the most common symptoms of hormone deficiency.
    • Q: Are there any side effect when taking Hormone Replacement Therapy?
    • A: As usual, HRT is considered to be a safe and effective method for improving your life quality. Medical researches show that there are a few side effects that can occur. They are:
    • Pain in joints,
    • A light inflamation of the skin in the injection site.

    HRT side effects are rare, they are associated with dosage and type of medicine used. As usual, correction of dosage and choosing another medicine can solve that problem.

    Q: At what age can I start my HRT?

    A: HRT is considered to be anti-age treatment, yet, there are no age restrictions. You should listen to your body. If there are symptoms that are key for hormone disbalance, it is the right time to start your HRT after diagnostics.

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