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Hormone Replacement Therapy North Carolina

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Bioidentical Hormonal Replacement Therapy

Testosterone & Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) | Dr. Peter Attia & Dr. Andrew Huberman

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy refers to compounds that are chemically identical to the hormones produced in the body. These compounds are derived either by natural plant derivatives or synthetically replicated. Both are Bioidentical. We do not use equine estrogens or progestins. These are not identical to the hormones in the body and may have unintended responses in the body.

What Makes Dr Yap And Biofunctional Med Different

Biofunctional Med operates under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Yap, a medical professional who takes a holistic approach to each patients health. This means you can expect to be treated as a real person with real physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

Taking a patient-centered approach to wellness, Dr. Yap considers each patients individual challenges, lifestyles, medical history, and treatment preferences into her Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy plans. As a result of her dedicated care and attention, her patients have been able to reach peak levels of health.

Our mission at Biofunctional Med is to optimize health with a holistic approach and prevent disease. What makes out practice unique is we are great listeners and we do not just manage sex hormones but many of the other issues that affect ones overall sense of well-being.

Menopause Treatment Kenly Nc

Are you going through menopause and dealing with some serious symptoms? Dont suffer anymore! We offer the latest scientifically researched hormone replacement therapies in Kenly to ensure you can live a healthy and happy life. We have years of successful experience treating women going through menopause and know we can help you too! Here are some of the services we offer.

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Primary Care Practice & Gynecology Located In Greenville Nc

Even a slight imbalance in your hormone levels can throw your body out of whack. To replenish your natural hormone levels, Carolina Clinic for Health and Wellness offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy services in-office. The team can prescribe creams, patches, shots, or pellets to relieve symptoms of a hormone imbalance and improve your quality of life. Call the office in Greenville, North Carolina, to schedule a consultation for bioidentical hormone replacement today, or book an appointment online.

Dr Richards Explains Bio

trans nonbinary hormone therapy healthcare

How Does Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Work?

Candidates for this therapy will be reviewed with a consultation and appropriate blood testing. After you are approved, we will schedule an appointment in which a small area of skin over your buttock will be numbed with a local anesthetic. Then, the doctor will make an approximately 1/16 inch incision and insert a very small testosterone pellet into the fat layer. You will not be able to feel the pellet when it is inserted. Finally, the incision will be covered by a strip, which will fall off on its own in 4-5 days. Do not engage in high-impact activities or put direct pressure on the pellets for 5 days after treatment. The process should be repeated every three months for women and four months for men for consistent results.

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What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Bioidentical hormone replacement is a therapeutic treatment to rebalance your natural hormone levels. Structurally similar to the hormones your body makes naturally, bioidentical hormones come from yams and other plant materials.

The team at Carolina Clinic for Health and Wellness offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy services to treat hormone imbalances, which can occur in women during menopause and in men because of low testosterone levels.

Male Hormone Deficiency Treatment In Chapel Hill

Men in Chapel Hill suffer needlessly from testosterone deficiency either because hormone deficiency goes unrecognized or the male does not talk about it, especially as it relates to any perceived decline in sexual function. Decreased enjoyment of life, a decline in competitive drive or decreased enthusiasm, are all symptoms of hormone imbalance in men.

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What Happens During Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Dr. Patterson discusses bioidentical hormone therapy treatment options to find one with which youre comfortable. BioTE hormone pellets are tiny pellets that Dr. Patterson implants just beneath your skin to slowly release hormones into your body over time. He first numbs the treatment area to make you more comfortable during the procedure.

The Back to Basics Medical Practice PLLC team might recommend hormone creams, gels, patches, or injections, depending on your needs and preferences. They individualize each hormone therapy treatment and make adjustments when necessary.

Dont live with fatigue, low muscle mass, weight gain, hair thinning, or other symptoms of hormone imbalance when simple bioidentical hormone treatments are available at Back to Basics Medical Practice PLLC. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online today.

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Low T causes many troubling symptoms that reduce your quality of life such as poor concentration, decrease in motivation, fatigue, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, weight gain and decreased muscle mass. At Spartan Medical Associates we specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men in Asheville and have vast experience. We will customize a program specifically for you based on symptoms and extensive blood testing. We have years of experience treating both men and women in the Asheville, North Carolina area.

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How We Can Help

Our Raleigh health center offers hormone replacement therapy for transgender patients. We may be able to start or continue hormone therapy and provide referrals for gender-qualified resources if needed. If you are on hormone therapy, you can utilize the health center for ongoing care and monitoring.

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy

As people grow older, they produce fewer hormones, eventually leading to a hormonal imbalance. As hormone levels decline, imbalances can lead to the development of emotional and physical symptoms such as fatigue, depression and decreased sex drive. Hormone replacement therapy can effectively treat many of these symptoms.

At the Coley Cosmetic & Hand Surgery Center, we first measure your hormone levels to best determine the most effective treatment to raise your energy levels and increase physical and mental balance. Your hormone levels can be brought into balance using dietary changes, supplements or hormone replacement therapy. At the Coley Cosmetic & Hand Surgery Center, we provide men and women hormone replacement therapy to manage their symptoms and improve their general well-being.

We understand the significant effects of hormone imbalance when it comes to poor health and aging. We see daily examples of the effects that bioidentical hormones have in fostering a consistent attitude of well-being. Life management medicine was created to help you both physically and emotionally during this difficult period of life.

We normally recommend that women take part in a comprehensive treatment plan that usually includes bioidentical hormone replacement. This therapy alleviates the symptoms of menopause by bringing estrogen and progesterone levels into balance.

Hormones regulate a number of bodily processes such as:

  • Greater muscle strength

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Why Do We Stand Out

All of our doctors are experts with years of experience helping women from all backgrounds shed their menopause symptoms. Our unique HRT and HGH treatment plans are incredibly effective at managing and eliminating even the nastiest menopause symptoms.

Our female patients frequently state that their overall well-being is significantly improved since starting their HRT and HGH treatments. They report they feel fitter, more confident, and healthier. Our female patients have even said that thanks to our effective treatment options it doesnt even feel like they are going through menopause.

With our menopause treatment plans, we will supercharge your hormone levels and help you unlock that youthful feeling you deserve! Dont suffer another day of anxiety, hot flashes, or other treatable symptoms. Call us today at and chat with one of our specialists to find out how we can help you!

How Does Hormone Replacement Help

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Hormone replacement helps by restoring levels of specific hormones to their optimum level. For example, if youre experiencing problems as a result of menopause, taking estrogen can reduce and reverse some symptoms, such as vaginal dryness and hot flashes.

If you have hypothyroidism, where your thyroid is producing insufficient hormones, replacing it by taking oral thyroxin medication makes a dramatic difference, restoring you to full health when your thyroid levels are back to normal.

The first stage is an accurate diagnosis and assessment, which your team at Vitality Center of Charlotte provides for you. They take blood samples to check current levels of hormones, then create a custom plan to restore hormone levels and minimize the effects of any imbalance.

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Say Goodbye To Menopausal Symptoms Thanks To Hormone Replacement And Hgh

Contrary to popular belief, menopause does not happen instantly. As a woman ages, her ability to store egg cells declines, and the likelihood of conception decreases. As menopause occurs, a womans estrogen levels also drop, which can cause a wide range of side effects and affect a womans mood and overall well-being. Declining estrogen can occur over many years, and symptoms can appear slowly.

Once a woman hits the age of 50, her monthly cycle is halted, ovulation permanently stops, and menstruation ends. When this happens, a woman can no longer become pregnant. This official phase is known as menopause. After a woman has gone through menopause and her estrogen levels are low, it is common for her to suffer a range of different debilitating symptoms. These symptoms can affect all aspects of a womans life, from sexual satisfaction to emotional well-being.

Fortunately, these nasty symptoms of menopause can be significantly reduced or even eliminated thanks to our cutting-edge and scientifically proven hormone replacement treatments. So, if you are tired of suffering from menopause symptoms, it is time to reach out to our clinic and let us help you reclaim your vigor for life!

Pellet Therapy For Women

While most women may not realize it, testosterone is an essential hormone to optimal health and wellbeing. For some women, testosterone levels deplete with aging or menopause, while other women may never experience adequate testosterone levels, as their bodies do not produce sufficient amounts. Pellet therapy offers women the opportunity to restore or supplement testosterone with all the benefits of natural testosterone without daily dosing hassles or risk of side effects. Testosterone pellet therapy for women has been shown to offer women multiple health advantages, including:

  • Improved lean body mass*
  • Relief of migraines*
  • Improved energy levels*

Working with a physician specially-trained in hormone therapy is imperative to receiving comprehensive treatment and an expert that understands the needs of the endocrine system as well as the emotional impacts related to estrogen imbalances. Symptoms of low estrogen include the list described above as well as:

  • Vaginal dryness

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Common Signs And Symptoms Of Menopause To Look Out For

During perimenopause, a woman will still have periods, however, her cycle may change, and her hormone levels will shift. Women who think they may be going this perimenopause should also look out for the following symptoms:

  • Cardiovascular disease

Our clinic has helped thousands of menopausal women eliminate the symptoms described above. Thanks to our effective and custom hormone replacement treatment plans, we can help you live life to the fullest!

Pellet Therapy Charlotte Nc

Breast tenderness and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) – from Tonic TV

Dr. Gretchen Reis of Integrity Wellness MD forms every treatment plan by harnessing the tools of advanced diagnostic lab testing. A one-on-one consultation is then employed to identify the root cause of illness or imbalance thereby effectively addressing the issues through a customized pellet therapy Charlotte NC plan. To begin your journey to a better quality of life, take the first step by contacting Integrity Wellness MD today.

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Will Insurance Cover My Hormone Replacement Therapy

The short answer is: It depends.

While it may not seem right or fair, the hard truth is that many insurance companies do not look upon hormone therapy as being medically necessary. Instead, they classify it as being an elective treatment, and therefore not covered.

The reality is that the insurance industry, large healthcare systems, and big pharma are primarily focused on treating disease after it has already happened, rather than being focused on preventing illness in the first place. Hormone therapy, meanwhile, falls within the preventative medicine categoryan arena that the insurance industry generally avoids.

Hormone Replacement Therapy In Greensboro Nc

Hormone imbalances can create a variety of emotional and physical conditions that can significantly alter a persons overall quality of life. The use of bioidentical hormones in hormone replacement therapy can address these symptoms, instead of merely dealing with each isolated symptom individually. Residents of Greensboro, Burlington, and neighboring communities in North Carolina can rely on the proven skill and experience of double board-certified surgeon Dr. H. Christopher Coley.

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Recapture Your Life With Help From The Top Testosterone Physicians In North Carolina

Our North Carolina physicians will work specifically with you to get you back to feeling the way you did when you felt your best. It is not about pumping up your testosterone levels but returning them to your normal levels and balancing your symphony of hormones. Are you fatigued, looking to lose weight, gain energy, rebuild or maintain muscle, recapture your desire, retain consistent mental clarity? We help men with all of these issues.

  • $199 per Month for Treatment
  • All Blood Testing
  • Physician Consultation
  • All Medications, Shipping, Supplies and Treatments
  • Ongoing Consultations

Contact Hormone Therapeutics to discuss Testosterone and Hormone Replacement Therapy across Georgia. Here are some of the biggest cities we serve in North Carolina:

If you do not live in one of these cities we have a number of additional locations for you to get your blood tested at across North Carolina that are listed below. Please contact us first to discuss your symptoms and our Physicians will order the specific blood tests with our partner that you need and they want to review based on your symptoms. If you are not close to any of these facilities we also have the option of mailing you a home testing blood kit as well to administer in your own home or office. Call now at or fill out the form on the right, and find out about these options or to set up your blood tests at one of these locations:

The Most Effective Form Of Hormonal Treatment

Biofunctional Med

Both men and women experience hormone deficiency as they age. The changes in testosterone and estrogen can have many effects on health, in varying degrees of seriousness, including everything from fatigue and weight gain to cardiac discomfort and even death. Luckily, bio-identical hormone pellets provide a solution to hormone deficiencies naturally, closing the gap in the same way your body would on its own.

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When Hormone Therapy Is Covered By Insurance: Incomplete And/or Outdated Protocols

Have you been told by your insurance company that your policy will cover hormone therapy? You may want to look a little closer. Even when insurance companies say hormone therapy is a covered treatment, the devil is in the details.

Too often the hormone therapy that will be covered consists of partial protocols , or protocols that are outdated .

Dosing can be problematic, too. Frequently insurance companies will only cover the smallest doses necessary to get a patient into the lower threshold of lab tested ranges, rather than being focused on whats optimal for the patients health and wellbeing. In other words, some form of hormone therapy may be covered by your insurance company, but will your hormone levels be optimized?

Compounded medications can present another obstacle to insurance coverage, primarily because the vast majority of insurance companies will not cover medications that are provided by a compounding pharmacy. And yet, compounded medications are necessary if hormone therapy is being done correctly. When medications are compounded, they are custom made on a patient-by-patient basis. This enables physicians to finely tune dosing to each patients unique needs. The hormones that may be covered by insurance, on the other hand, are likely to be prescribed on a one-size-fits-all basis. The chances that the perfect dose for you is available off the shelf are slim.

Are You Looking For Hormone Replacement And Anti

Hormone Logics provides American Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men & Women across the USA including those living in North Carolina.

Hormone Logics specializes in anti-aging and hormone replacement for men and women in North Carolina. This includes Human Growth Hormone-HGH Therapy, Testosterone Therapy, Hormone Deficiency Education, Therapy for Testosterone Deficiency, Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction, Andropause Therapy, Menopause Therapy, Growth Hormone Deficiency, Peptides for Men & Women, Sermorelin Therapy, Ipamorelin Acetate Therapy, GHRP-6 & GHRP-2 Therapy, CJC-1295 Therapy, BPC-157 Therapy, PT-141 Therapy, Adrenal Imbalances, Insulin Imbalance, Thyroid Functional Imbalance, Medical Weight Loss With HCG, Lipotropic Weight Loss Injections, Fitness & Nutrition Programs, Nutraceuticals & Blood Tests.

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When Should I Consider Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

You should schedule a consultation at Carolina Clinic for Health and Wellness to see if bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is right for you if youre dealing with symptoms of a hormone imbalance.

Since your hormones control many of your bodys functions, you can develop a wide variety of symptoms that range from mild to severe.

Symptoms of a hormone imbalance in women can include:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Anxiety and depression

In both men and women, a hormone imbalance can cause persistent fatigue, sleep problems, changes in sex drive, and memory loss.

The team at Carolina Clinic for Health and Wellness offers on-site blood testing services to identify imbalanced hormone levels. They review your medical history and the severity of your symptoms to determine if bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is right for you.

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