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Hormone Replacement Therapy Roanoke Va

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Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy Physical Changes Part 2

Benefits of hormone replacement therapy can significantly improve every aspect of your life and well-being from your appearance to your mental health. Hormone therapy is a safe and effective way to revitalize energy and happiness in the lives of women and men who are experiencing hormonal changes. Some of the top benefits include:

Growth hormone therapy increases energy levels, helps you lose weight, strengthens bones, improves heart health, and reduces fatigue associated with aging.

Precautions While Taking Hrt

Long-term use of HRT may significantly increase a woman’s risks of: Blood clots, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, endometrial cancer, strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, ovarian cancer, and gastroesophageal reflux disease .

If you’ve had cancer or certain other conditions, certain hormone treatments may not be advisable. Talk to your doctor.

How To Find The Hrt That Works For You

A woman’s body is a complex and delicate system, so it’s no wonder that hormonal imbalance is a common and often misunderstood problem. When hormone levels are out of sync, it can cause a range of symptoms, from fatigue and weight gain to mood swings and hair loss. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options available, from lifestyle changes to hormone replacement therapy . But with so many choices, how do you know which one is right for you?The first step is to see your doctor for a complete physical exam and blood tests. This will help to identify any imbalances or deficiencies. Once the cause of your symptoms has been determined, your doctor will work with you to create a treatment plan that includes the best possible HRT for your individual needs. In some cases, this may mean taking oral contraceptives or undergoing hormone therapy. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so be sure to ask lots of questions and get all the information you need before making any decisions. With the right treatment plan in place, you can soon enjoy relief from your symptoms and start feeling like yourself again.

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Risks Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

The risks of HRT vary with the type, dose, route of administration, duration of use, and age of initiation. Results from the WHI, with treatment consisting of oral estrogen and medroxyprogesterone acetate, demonstrated an increased risk of invasive breast cancer and cardiovascular events including heart attacks, cerebrovascular events, and blood clots.. Further analysis and research has shown that oral HRT increases the risk of thromboembolic events, with risk of stroke increasing with age and with initiation of therapy > 10 years from onset of menopause. Estrogen plus progesterone therapy is associated with a small increased risk of breast cancer, which is greater with use of synthetic progestins . HRT is also associated with an increased risk of gallbladder disease, although overall risk is low.

The Importance Of Hormone Balance


For men and women, the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone perform several important processes. Both men and women begin to produce less of these hormones as they age, which can start as early as someones mid 20s or early 30s. Most women see a significant drop in estrogen and testosterone during menopause, while many men may experience a similar phenomenon relating to testosterone, known as andropause. Hormonal imbalances occur when there is too much or too little of a hormone in the bloodstream. Hormones are important for regulating most major bodily processes. Because of their essential role in the body, even the smallest hormonal imbalance can cause side effects throughout the body.

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms for Women:

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms for Men:

  • Increased body fat

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When Should A Woman Start Hormone Therapy

A womans body goes through numerous changes during her lifetime. These changes are largely regulated by hormones, which can fluctuate due to a variety of factors, including stress, diet, and age. When the hormone balance is disrupted, it can lead to a host of symptoms, such as weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, and hot flashes. For many women, hormone therapy is an effective way to restore balance and alleviate these symptoms. But when is the best time to start HRT?Ideally, HRT should be started once the hormone imbalance is diagnosed. This can be easily checked with a comprehensive medical examination and blood tests. Afterward, the doctor can create a personalized treatment strategy that ideally targets the existing symptoms and hormonal issues. In some cases, HRT may need to be started before menopause in order to prevent uncomfortable symptoms from developing. However, every woman is unique, so its important to discuss all of your options with your doctor in order to make the best decision for your individual needs.

Benefits Of Bhrt In Roanoke From Our Clinic

To appreciate all the benefits that you will receive when taking Bioidentical Hormones, it is better to know in advance what effects you can expect.

  • Improving the psychological state, including the elimination of insomnia, anxiety, and signs of depression.
  • Improvement of physical condition, growth of muscle mass, and strengthening of bone tissue.
  • Increasing strength and endurance.
  • Prolongation of the reproductive period in men and women.
  • Increasing efficiency and energy.

And that’s not all, because depending on the type of drug and your characteristics, the effects can be much more diverse, but all of them will benefit your body.

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What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Growth Hormone Deficiency

Inadequate production of Growth Hormone can manifest itself in a variety of physical and physiological symptoms. A change in the type of constitution is possible, which can lead to an upper type of obesity, reduced muscle strength, loss of strength, and a decrease in the ability to endure physical activity. Blood cholesterol levels can skyrocket, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. All of these can lead to psychological problems, including depression, anxiety, and memory impairment, and as a result, social isolation. Sounds terrible? Do not panic! The Bioidentical hormone in Roanoke will cope with all these symptoms.

Looking For Hormone Replacement Therapy In Roanoke Get It In Clinic


Our clinic provides high-resultative Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women throughout the US having a branch in Roanoke.

We specialize in HGH Replacement Therapy, Menopause and Andropause Therapy, Testosterone Therapy for men and women, Erectile Dysfunctions Treatment and other methods of HRT.

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What Is The Function Of Human Growth Hormone

First of all, the function of Somatropin is to regulate the growth of the male body in childhood and adolescence. After growing up, the hormone decreases slightly in quantity but remains an important part of the endocrine system. It regulates the regeneration processes of the body, primarily muscles, and bones. It also affects the level of sexual activity, psychological aspects, and it is HGH that is responsible for the health and endurance of the body.

Why Do We Stand Out

All of our doctors are experts with years of experience helping women from all backgrounds shed their menopause symptoms. Our unique HRT and HGH treatment plans are incredibly effective at managing and eliminating even the nastiest menopause symptoms.

Our female patients frequently state that their overall well-being is significantly improved since starting their HRT and HGH treatments. They report they feel fitter, more confident, and healthier. Our female patients have even said that thanks to our effective treatment options it doesnt even feel like they are going through menopause.

With our menopause treatment plans, we will supercharge your hormone levels and help you unlock that youthful feeling you deserve! Dont suffer another day of anxiety, hot flashes, or other treatable symptoms. Call us today at and chat with one of our specialists to find out how we can help you!

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Hormone Deficit Treatment For Men In Roanoke

In our clinic, you may get HRT for improving your erectile and sexual dysfunctions, Testosterone lack and muscle mass decrease. As usual, men are not eager to talk about these problems. In our clinic, we provide a friendly and confidential approach to every patient to make his body healthier and his life quality higher.

We Provide Free Health Care Consultation


Your Health is Our Top Priority with Comprehensive, Affordable medical.

  • Personalized treatments

Our testosterone and HGH doctors in Roanoke, are committed to your results. Through extensive research, and the use of the latest, high-quality bioidentical hormones, they can safely restore hormonal balance to men and women.

Working closely with our nurses and medical advisors, our Roanoke testosterone replacement and HGH therapy doctors focus on your success. When necessary, adjustments are made to medication dosages to provide the best possible results. We begin the process with a free and confidential consultation by phone. Our clinic has always been a leader in the field of telemedicine, saving our clients hours of time and considerable money by eliminating costly office visits.

How do you get the best possible hormone replacement therapy to improve your quality of life? Contact our hormone doctors. Roanoke is a great place to live and work as long as you have the energy and health to enjoy it.

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Hormone Imbalance In Women

Though it is commonly assumed that only older women suffer from hormonal imbalance, the truth is that this problem can affect women of any age. The most common hormones involved in hormone imbalance are progesterone and estrogen, which change levels throughout a woman’s lifetime. However, other hormones can also be involved, and the symptoms of hormone imbalance can vary widely from one woman to the next. For some, the symptoms may be relatively mild and manageable. For others, however, the symptoms can be debilitating and have a significant impact on quality of life. In general, the symptoms of hormone imbalance include fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, anxiety, depression, irritability, sleep disturbances, hair loss, and hot flashes. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to consult with your doctor to see if hormonal imbalance may be the cause. With proper treatment, many women are able to find relief from their symptoms and regain their quality of life.

Schedule Hormone Therapy Today

In addition to helping with symptoms, hormone therapy can also reduce your risk for diabetes, tooth loss, and cataracts. For people with cancer who have treatments that affect their estrogen levels, BHRT can be effective in improving general well-being and quality of life. Also, one study documented that people with cancer who underwent BHRT had relief from treatment-related symptoms. These symptoms included migraines, incontinence, low libido, and insomnia. Lastly, the study found their recurrence rate of breast cancer was no higher than average.

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Answering Faq About Hrt

  • Q: What is HRT?
  • A: It is a complex method of returning your hormone level to homeostasis. As with age, our body cannot produce hormones on a needed level, HRT is a medical method of supplying our body with missing hormones.
  • Q: How can I know for sure, that I need HRT?
  • A: Prescription for HRT can be given only after thorough research that includes Hormone Level Testing and studying your medical history as well. You can apply for testing your hormones level if you regularly feel dissatisfaction with life, low sexual drive, decreased stamina and energy level. These are the most common symptoms of hormone deficiency.
  • Q: Are there any side effect when taking Hormone Replacement Therapy?
  • A: As usual, HRT is considered to be a safe and effective method for improving your life quality. Medical researches show that there are a few side effects that can occur. They are:
  • Pain in joints,
  • A light inflamation of the skin in the injection site.

HRT side effects are rare, they are associated with dosage and type of medicine used. As usual, correction of dosage and choosing another medicine can solve that problem.

Q: At what age can I start my HRT?

A: HRT is considered to be anti-age treatment, yet, there are no age restrictions. You should listen to your body. If there are symptoms that are key for hormone disbalance, it is the right time to start your HRT after diagnostics.

Amy Kossoff Md Burke Virginia Bioidentical Hormone Doctor

What You Need to know About Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) with Dr. Sharon Malone

Burke Virginia Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Dr. Amy Kossoff has been in practice for over 30 years. She is passionate about Integrative Medicine and ensures every patient receives optimal care. Using an integrative approach, Dr. Kossoff treats the whole person in a dynamic physician-patient partnership combining the best of Family Medicine with medicinal scientific-based natural therapies. She treats most medical conditions to include cardiovascular, fatigue thyroid/adrenal, womens health with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy , diabetes, metabolic syndrome, immune- allergies, infections, and integrative cancer support as well as pain and stress with anxiety and depressive components.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Roanoke Va

Hormones are the main regulators of all the processes arising in our bodies. Their balance is a key to a healthy life and the whole well-being. It is hard to imagine high life quality when hormones are lacking or, on the contrary, overproduced. One of the most important human hormones is Human Growth Hormone aka HGH. Its deficiency makes life harder as this hormone is responsible for lots of things from muscle loss to bad sleeping and decreased libido.

Our Clinic Medical Advisors Provide You With Hgh And Testosterone Renovation Programs

Every man tends to age. That sad truth can be sweetened by a healthy body and optimized ageing process that help you staying vital and energized through the years passing by.

Unfortunately, lots of men and women face hormone deficit in their andropause and menopause. Our medical specialists may help you to avoid hormone disbalance and keep your body and mind in good condition.

We strive to make our patients healthy and rigorous. For this, special medical programs are developed in our clinic. Each program takes into account sex, body condition, current hormone level and other valuable factors that should be considered. As we provide precise optimization of key hormones that are HGH and Testosterone, we offer our patients customized programs to renew their hormone level to the normal state.

In our clinic, there are effective programs for:

  • Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy
  • Testosterone therapy for men
  • Growth Hormone therapy for men
  • Bioidentical Hormones for females.

Every program is prescribed after thorough anamnesis research and blood testing for hormone level. After the prescription, every patient is constantly supervised by our doctors and only clinically tested and proven medicines are used for the therapy.

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What Are Hormones And Why Are They So Important

Hormones are the basis of healthy human life. They are produced throughout life, regulating all processes. As we get older, our bodies begin to release fewer hormones, which can lead to a host of uncomfortable symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, hot flashes, weight gain, and more. However, you may have heard about the risks of taking hormone replacement, so you’re just still struggling with symptoms. Now you can rebalance safely, because there are Bioidentical Hormones that are safe and effective.

Welcome To Castro Integrative Medicine Of Charlottesville


Dr. Castro specializes in treating chronic illness and promoting health. He addresses the root causes of diseases and aging allowing the body to regain its natural state of balance and health. Treatments utilize naturally occurring substances and promote healthy processes.

Tuesday Friday 9AM to 5PMAlso open one Saturday each month

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Common Signs And Symptoms Of Menopause To Look Out For

During perimenopause, a woman will still have periods, however, her cycle may change, and her hormone levels will shift. Women who think they may be going this perimenopause should also look out for the following symptoms:

  • Cardiovascular disease

Our clinic has helped thousands of menopausal women eliminate the symptoms described above. Thanks to our effective and custom hormone replacement treatment plans, we can help you live life to the fullest!

Do I Need A Prescription For Growth Hormone

In the US, it is an obligatory rule. You need to get a prescription from your therapist or just apply for medical services in our clinic. We have professional specialists who can diagnose, evaluate and make prescriptions for HGH replacement therapy if you need it. There is nothing difficult in the process.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Roanoke Va

The clinic specializes in providing HGH therapy to people who are experiencing the side effects of aging and the clinically diagnosed disorders associated with declining hormone levels, such as fatigue, weight gain, memory decline, muscle loss, aging appearance, and low libido. If you are an active and busy adult and looking for a safe and effective treatment that provides you with a real benefit, look no further.

At our Roanoke clinic, we focus on individualized hormone therapy for men and women. We are committed to restoring your health and vitality with bioidentical hormone therapy for men and women. With our hormone replacement for Low Testosterone in men and HRT for menopause for women, we hope to help you feel younger, healthier, and more vibrant.

Specifics Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

I Stopped Taking HRT (Hormone Replacement)… Here’s What Happened!

There are several different types of hormone replacement therapy, and the specific method used will depend on the needs of the individual patient. One common type of HRT is estradiol therapy, which is used to replace the estrogen that is no longer being produced by the ovaries. This can be done using a patch, gel, cream, or tablet, and is often prescribed for menopausal women who are experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, or vaginal dryness. Another type of HRT is progesterone therapy, which is used to supplement the progesterone that is no longer being produced by the ovaries. This can be done using a cream or gel, and is often prescribed for women who are experience heavy or irregular periods. finally, testosterone therapy may also be prescribed for women who are experiencing a loss of libido or other symptoms of low testosterone levels. This can be done using a patch, gel, cream, or injection, and is often prescribed in conjunction with other forms of HRT.

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