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How Do You Know If Testosterone Is Low

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Mood Swings And Irritability

10 Signs You May Have Low Testosterone

Being hormonal or highly emotional can be an issue for men with low testosterone levels. A healthy level of testosterone is needed to help keep your mood in check. Because mood swings can be caused by many other health issues, though, you should talk to your doctor if you have any sudden mood changes you cant explain.

Checking Your Testosterone Levels At Home

Lets face it, not many men like going to the doctors, and some of us hate needles so the thought of a blood test fills us with dread.

Now although a blood test is probably the most accurate, you can in fact check your testosterone levels at home.

There are companies that offer an at home blood test now these might suit some, but if you really dont like the thought of pricking your finger to get blood, you also have another option.

Saliva tests are available, now although these can be a great and simple way to get your T levels tested. They are however, not considered to be as accurate as blood tests.

Low Testosterone Levels Can Cause Problems

Testosterone decline is a part of the natural ageing process.

Unless you can do something about it, you will start to experience some of the side effects linked to reduced testosterone.

If you testosterone levels drop below 300ng.dl, you are likely to start experiencing some these problems:

  • Lost libido, weak erections
  • Reduced strength and muscle mass
  • Increased body fat, particularly in the belly area
  • Loss of stamina and energy
  • Reduced sleep and poor moods
  • You will also have a higher risk of developing certain diseases and possible even early death.

This is why knowing your testosterone levels is so important.

Testing is the only way. Test dont guess.

Point To Note Testosterone is the Main Male Hormone That Regulates Your Health And Physical Performance

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When To See A Doctor

A doctor may prescribe testosterone replacement therapy if a person displays a number of symptoms.

Low testosterone does not always present symptoms, and some people only learn about it after a routine physical examination with bloodwork.

However, anyone who experiences one or more of the symptoms listed above should seek medical attention.

To diagnose low testosterone, a doctor will often perform a physical evaluation and review the personâs symptoms. The doctor may also request testing to look for additional signs.

For example, a bone density test can show diminished bone mass, one result of low testosterone.

Causes Of Low Testosterone In Men

How Do You Know If You Have Low Testosterone?

What causes your testosterone to dip downwards? As it turns out, there are both direct and indirect causes of low T levels in both young and older men:

  • Testicular failure â resulting from genetic and metabolic disorders, as well as autoimmune diseases and testicular trauma â is a direct cause.
  • Indirect causes of low testosterone include excessive exercise, malnutrition, synthetic steroid abuse, and hormonal imbalances in the pituitary gland.

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Problems In The Bedroom

A sure fire way of knowing that something is wrong is in the bedroom.

If you cannot get your man to stand to attention when you need him to, then something is wrong.

A one off case of erectile dysfunction could be down to a whole lot of reasons, anxiety, stress, alcohol or simply nerves, especially off you are with a new partner.

but if it becomes the norm then its a clear sign that something is possibly wrong with your testosterone levels.

After all it is the driving force behind your sex drive and performance

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Low Testosterone: How Do You Know When Levels Are Too Low

What You Need To Know About Low Testosterone

The only accurate way to know when low testosterone levels are too low is to get the proper blood testing completed. When you work with a reputable clinic, they will mandate that blood testing and a physical examination be completed. The clinical advisor with whom you work will set up the appointment for you in a local hormone replacement therapy HRT clinic in your city.

Blood testing is very simple. It is a quick and easy process, such as what you would get in a routine physical exam. Once completed, the blood work will be sent back to the clinic where the licensed physician of endocrinology will analyze the results. Our trained doctors are highly skilled in reading blood work and can tell a patient whether or not he or she is dealing with low T.

After a blood sample confirms low T, the doctor can then presume that the problems a person is dealing with physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually may be symptoms of low testosterone levels. This is when they can correctly diagnose a patient and prescribe the right medication and dosage for the unique needs of each individual patient.

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What’s A Normal Testosterone Level

Testosterone is a natural hormone produced primarily in the testicles, and it helps men maintain everything from bone density and body hair to sex drive and sperm production. However, you don’t have to hit a certain number or level to be “a real man,” despite what the constant flow of ads may tell you. What matters is who you are and where you are in your life.

On average, a testosterone level of 3001,000 nanograms per deciliter of blood is normal. Hypogonadism reduced testicular function generally occurs when the total testosterone is less than 300 ng/dL. However, a healthy level for you depends on your age, lifestyle, and bioavailable testosterone level the unbound testosterone your body isn’t using for daily functions.

Unlike many low-T clinics, we calculate bioavailable testosterone by measuring levels of two proteins, sex hormone binding globulin and albumin, that typically bind to testosterone. It’s possible to have a normal total testosterone level and experience low-T symptoms if this balance is off.

Having a normal bioavailable testosterone level tells us your body is making plenty and you likely won’t benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. If your bioavailable testosterone level is low, we can discuss options.

What If My Testosterone Is Low

If your test results show your testosterone levels are clinically deficientmeaning well below normal levelsyour Hone physician will review the results with you, tell you what the levels mean, discuss how youre feeling and recommend forms of treatment. Sometimes the treatment may consist of changes in diet and exercise or supplements. Yet, when the numbers are too low, the doctor is likely to make a recommendation that you undergo hormone replacement therapy .

If the doctor recommends HRT, Hone will require confirmatory testing with a second at-home test or we can write you a LabCorp requisition. You will perform the same procedure as the initial test and send your collection to our affiliated labs. Your doctor and Hone will review those lab results when they become available if the secondary results confirm the original diagnosis and recommended treatment, the doctor will document and issue a valid, current, electronic prescription for treatment.

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How Do I Get My Results

When you register your at-home test within our secure patient portal on the Hone site, youll have exclusive access to all records, tests and consultations with your Hone physician. That includes the results from the sample you collected with your testing.

Results may vary, though we work with our affiliated labs to make your test results available to you within three to five business days after they receive your sample. Depending on when you mail your collection, the lab should receive it within 24 to 48 hours. Combining that with the turnaround time, youre looking at a five- to seven-business day window before youre notified that your results are available.

What Does Hones At

Why Your Testosterone Is Low &  How To Fix It!

Weve already established that salivary at-home tests only measure your free testosterone, but not your total T levels. Most assessments, in fact, can be rather limited in that they test only your testosterone. Hone, however, is one of the most comprehensive assessments available on the market. We test for a wide range of biological markers, or biomarkers, that are pivotal to maintaining normal levels of testosterone, including:

  • Total testosterone the complete amount of testosterone, bound to SHBG or albumin, thats produced by the testes

  • Free testosterone the remaining testosterone that isnt bound to a protein

  • Luteinizing hormone directs its secretion into the testes, creating testosterone that produces sperm

  • Estradiol modulates your libido, erectile function and spermatogenesis

  • Sex-hormone binding globulin a protein thats produced in the liver, SHGB binds to estrogen, dihydrotestosterone and testosterone, then transports them in the blood as biologically inactive forms

  • Albumin in addition to transporting hormones, vitamins and nutrients throughout your body, it accounts for about 60 percent of the total protein in the blood

  • Alanine aminotransferase an enzyme that converts food into energy

  • Aspartate transaminase an enzyme found in the liver, heart, kidney, red blood cells and skeletal tissue, released whenever muscle or liver damage occur.

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How To Treat Low Testosterone

Treating low testosterone levels is easy with therapy using injectable medications that are doctor prescribed. Women will use a cream. When prescription medication is taken as directed and a healthy lifestyle is lived, a person can be in the best shape physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually than they have been in a long time.

Following your prescription and treatment plan exactly as written is imperative. In addition, living a healthy lifestyle will consist of eating right, sleeping enough hours per evening, exercising daily, keeping stress levels low and keeping alcoholic consumption to a responsible amount.

Making sure to keep up with medical supervision and keeping in close contact with your clinical advisor is important too. Never allow any negative side effects to go unattended. Use responsible judgement while in treatment and if anything seems out of the ordinary, inform your advisor.

Three Signs You Have Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is a big problem for many men. Changes in your hormone levels as you age are normal, but they can be troublesome. There are some treatments available that can boost testosterone so that you are more comfortable and have fewer health risks. Here are five signs that show you have low testosterone and should talk to your doctor.

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Testosterone Gels Or Patches

These are placed directly on your skin. The hormone seeps through the skin, and is slowly released into the blood. Because gels and patches are applied every day, they keep a steady level of testosterone. However, they can cause itching, irritation, and blisters at the spot where they’re applied. Women and children should not touch skin treated with a gel or patch.

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5 Signs You Have Low Testosterone

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Signs You May Be Suffering From Low Testosterone

After age 30, testosterone levels in men can decline somewhat, and this is often not problematic. But if your testosterone levels get too low, it can cause a range of symptoms and interfere with your daily life, overall wellness, and relationships.

If you suspect youre dealing with such symptoms, the team at Arlington Family Practice in Arlington, Massachusetts, can test your testosterone levels and treat your symptoms. Read on to learn some of the common symptoms of low testosterone, which can improve significantly with proper treatment.

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Diet And Hypogonadism: What Foods Boost Testosterone What Foods Destroy Testosterone Levels

A 2018 study concluded that there are correlations between dietary patterns and male hormone levels.

Not surprisingly, Western Diet characteristics were highly likely to predict low T and hypogonadism in men. For example, eating a lot of breads, desserts, dairy, and eating out more often were factors that positively correlated with low T.

However, the men studied who were eating more home cooked meals and dark leafy greens were less likely to have low testosterone.

Foods that are rich in vitamin D and zinc are important for the diet of someone with low T. These nutrients are essential and they are the precursor to testosterone production in the body. Some examples of good foods to include in your diet are:

  • cereal and milk, both fortified with vitamin D
  • eggs with yolk are high in vitamin D
  • fish like tuna, salmon, and sardines are rich in vitamin D
  • shellfish like oysters are rich in zinc
  • beans are high in zinc

While there are foods that have been linked to impacting healthy T levels, its wise to note that obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are also important. When you start to review your diet, try to recognize other lifestyle changes you can make to help increase testosterone naturally. Some examples of food that may have a negative effect on T levels are:

  • soy based products
  • high consumption of polyunsaturated fats , like vegetable oil
  • processed foods high in sugar and trans fats
  • heavy alcohol consumption

Vitamin B Complex

Appendix A: Testosterone Literature Methodology Review

T Rewind Publishers Special

As with all AUA guideline documents, recommendations are based where possible on data extracted from the evidence report, which was generated by methodologists from Mayo Clinic. The development of the evidence report was particularly challenging in the testosterone space due to the heterogeneity in the literature resulting in difficulties comparing data across studies. As the reader delves into this guideline, and more importantly reads the literature, it should be borne in mind that studies have varied significantly in areas, such as patient age, failure to control for concomitant comorbidities associated with low testosterone levels, use of total versus free testosterone, and the testosterone cut-offs used to define low levels. This is further complicated by laboratory methodology issues, such as time of day for the blood draws analyzed, number of levels checked, and assays used.

Thousands of articles on testosterone deficiency and testosterone therapy have been published over the past several decades. To accurately interpret the published testosterone literature, it is important to critically evaluate various aspects of study design, including the population evaluated, study inclusion/exclusion criteria, duration of follow-up, primary endpoints, adverse event reporting, statistical reporting, and clinical relevance of findings.

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Men Naturally Lose Testosterone As They Age But There Are Low

Testosterone is the hormone that gives men their manliness. Produced by the testicles, it is responsible for male characteristics like a deep voice, muscular build, and facial hair. Testosterone also fosters the production of red blood cells, boosts mood, keeps bones strong, and aids thinking ability. Lack of testosterone, often nicknamed, low-t, can cause unwanted symptoms.

Testosterone levels peak by early adulthood and drop as you ageabout 1% to 2% a year beginning in the 40s. As men reach their 50s and beyond, this may lead to signs and symptoms, such as impotence or changes in sexual desire, depression or anxiety, reduced muscle mass, less energy, weight gain, anemia, and hot flashes. While falling testosterone levels are a normal part of aging, certain conditions can hasten the decline. Low t risk factors include:

  • injury or infection
  • chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer
  • medications, especially hormones used to treat prostate cancer and corticosteroid drugs
  • chronic illness
  • alcoholism
  • obesity

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