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How Expensive Are Bioidentical Hormones

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Why We Use These Compounding Pharmacies:

Pharmaceutical Options for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Is their lab sterile
  • Do they get their compounded hormones from plants
  • What certifications do the compounding pharmacy have
  • Where are the plants from, are they safe
  • Are their compounds free of contaminants
  • Are the pharmacies compounds truly bioidentical
  • Do patients feel the difference on these specific bioidentical hormones

Compounded Bioidentical Hormones Are Sold Outside Pharmacy Board Guidelines

Compounded BHTs are sold outside Pharmacy Board Guidelines, which state that medications can be compounded only for research purposes or if a commercial product is not available or not suitable.

As pharmaceutical-grade MHTs are available and can deliver body-identical hormones, this means compounded BHTs are not required and their preparation and sale is outside the guidelines.

How Much Does It Cost For Hormone Replacement Therapy

One of the hallmarks of aging is a natural decline in the production of hormones that help us maintain our health and lifestyles. For men, testosterone levels begin to taper near age 50, which can mean a sudden change in many of your normal habits and practices. Fortunately, the advantage of modern science means no man has to live with the symptoms of rapidly decreasing hormones. Know about hormone replacement therapy cost at Medical Transformation Center in Louisville, KY led by Dr. Paige. We believe your wellness can be protected and improved.

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Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Covered By Insurance

With hormones serving as chemical messengers in the body, their importance cannot be overstated. Thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones are just a few of the hormone categories that play key roles in helping us to function at our peak. Whether due to normal changes in our natural lifecycle or as the result of a disease process , hormonal fluctuations and imbalances can greatly impact multiple body systems and overall quality of life.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a personalized treatment preferred by many patients over conventional hormone replacement therapyand interest is growing. But while you may be intrigued by the possibilities of BHRT, you may also be wondering if its covered by insurance.

How Much Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost

Hormones Replacement Therapy (HRT)

By Rhett Richardson

Shopping around for hormone replacement therapy costs isnt easy. There are lots of hidden factors beyond the costs of the therapy itself. You need to learn about several factors to make sure youre getting the most value for the price youre paying.

What complicates this, even more, is the insurance companies dont like revealing prices or even whether or not they will pay for a specific treatment before getting the prescription. What you pay in insurance costs, co-pays, doctors visits, and blood work may be different depending on the type of hormone replacement therapy you get.

What complicates this, even more, is the insurance companies dont like revealing prices or even whether or not they will pay for a specific treatment before getting the prescription. What you pay in insurance costs, co-pays, doctors visits, and blood work may be different depending on the type of hormone replacement therapy you get.

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How Long Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Last

Whenever you begin taking a new prescription, there is a period where it needs to build up in your system. This can be a few hours to a couple of days.

Then, once you hit the optimal level, the type of replacement therapy will dictate how long you remain at peak level. Pellets give you the longest-lasting average level ranging from 3 to 6 months, followed by injections that typically last 1-2 weeks. Patches may last a few days, and pills a single day. Creams and gels only last a few hours.

When you choose a hormone replacement therapy, factor in how often you need to go to the doctors office, travel expenses, how often do you need a real application of the treatment, and any insurance deductibles, co-pays, or unexpected expenses. And, ask your doctor about the out-of-pocket costs, which may surprise you how much lower they are.

HTCA providers are trained to bioidentical pellet therapy, plus keep the additional costs to a minimum. They enjoy the ease of prescribing the pellets and how fast and consistently their patients experience relief.

In our opinion, even though pellets only have a cash payout option, the ease of use and the low frequency of doctors visits and application requirements needed is the most convenient and cost-effective method of treatment. You can search our list of doctors to find one near you.

What Age Is Best To Start Treatment

There is no set age that is a requirement to start bioidentical HRT, but you should have your hormones checked once you turn 40 if you have not already done so. If you start experiencing symptoms of a hormone imbalance before you turn 40, you should take an active approach toward your help and seek a hormone test to determine if an imbalance is behind your symptoms. This way, you can start treatment and get to feeling better immediately.

If you have not started to feel the effects of aging even after you turn 40, we recommend that you get a test anyway. This is so we have a record of what your levels are when youre feeling good to compare with your declining levels later on. Additionally, we will be able to determine if your bioidentical HRT is working because we can monitor your levels and compare them with your baseline levels.

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History And Facts About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The North American Menopause Society reports that about 1.4 million women now use BHRT treatments, which is around 40 percent of all prescriptions for hormone therapy in women who are menopausal or postmenopausal.

To date, no large, long-term study has been done to determine the adverse effects of bioidentical hormones, so safety concerns remain a serious issue. The Womens Health Initiative, one large, long-term study that tested the effects of FDA-approved hormone replacement drugs, determined that side effects are possible in some patients and that these drugs have not been proven to prevent any diseases. That being said, millions of women have reported improvements from using hormone replacement drugs.

As described above, one concern with the use of BHRT is using a custom-mixed solution that has not been FDA-tested. According to the FDA, other concerns can include disguising/leaving untreated symptoms that are really caused by another illness or potential side effects like raising the risk for blood clots, stroke, gallbladder disease, vision changes, skin changes, mood swings, and possibly heart disease or breast cancer. As of now, the FDA has also never approved any drug containing estriol, so keep in mind that benefits associated with products containing this hormone remain especially unknown.

How Bioidentical Hrt Works

My Experience with BHRT – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Before you begin any type of HRT, you must obtain an accurate measurement of your hormone levels. Therefore, this is the first step in understanding how bioidentical HRT works. At our clinic, youll receive a technologically advanced hormone test through blood, saliva, and/or urine to determine if you have a hormone balance and if we believe that bioidentical HRT will be beneficial for your needs. In some cases, we may recommend other treatments for your symptoms.

Once we determine your specific needs based on your symptoms and measured hormone levels, we will develop a custom treatment plan that includes the exact dosages your body needs. These are not mass-produced hormones that can be used in the same doses for everyone. Compounding pharmacies that produce bioidentical hormones will receive a prescription for creating the bioidentical hormones that youll use during treatment. No other person will have the exact same prescription as you.

After you receive your prescription in the form determined to be best for your lifestyle, youll begin taking your personalized doses. The deficiencies in your hormone levels will gradually disappear as the replacement hormones increase your levels to normal. Since these hormones are exact replications of the ones you already produce, your body wont reject them and there will be fewer side effects. Over time, your bodys hormones will be restored to their optimal levels, thereby alleviating your symptoms.

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The Truth About Expensive Bioidentical Hrt

What is bioidentical HRT? Its a term thats bandied around when talking about hormone replacement therapy HRT. The implications is that its better than the NHS standard HRT because its privately prescribed and made in compounding pharmacies. Dont believe everything you hear.

At first glance, bioidentical hormones might appear to be the gold standard of treatment. They are prescribed by private doctors, often out of clinics with prestigious Harley Street addresses. Tailored to your hormone profile, bioidentical hormones can cost hundreds of pounds a month. They sound like a no brainer: who wouldnt want tailored HRT that matches the hormones your body produces?

In fact, they are not only overpriced, according to doctors including MPowereds Dr Louise Newson, but also unsafe, unregulated and should be unnecessary, too. Both The British Menopause Society and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have advised women against taking them.


Every week, we see women who have come from private clinics, and are spending up to £500 a month on these compounded hormones, says Dr Newson. She sees patients at her Newson Health Menopause & Wellbeing Centre in Stratford upon Avon.

Women often cant receive the right help from their GP. This means they end up going to these private clinics, says Dr Newson.

Got a perimenopause or menopause question?

What does bioidentical HRT mean?

ig lives you won’t want to miss

A lack of quality control

How To Maximize Your Bhrt Revenue

Your BHRT revenues need to be stable and consistent. Boosting revenue may depend on offering additional services.

If you run your functional medicine clinic, consider structuring your pricing with creative add-ons such as:

  • Group wellness sessions
  • Offering a selection of tiered packages
  • Offer a monthly membership or loyalty program
  • Sick care prevention
  • Bonus educational tips

Patients are more likely to be willing to pay when they feel special. Take the time to understand their needs and offer programs to help them be more empowered about their health.

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Other Factors To Remember:

Hormone replacement therapy works very well and has multiple different options you can choose from. Based on the cost of just the prescription, you may want to say the pills are your best bet. However, we want you to remember that there are other factors involved.

The cost of the doctors visit is not in the price of the prescription. If you have a co-pay for a doctors appointment, this can quickly add up to hundreds of extra charges for your therapy.

The same is true with bloodwork to monitor your levels. You have to pay for these tests, as many insurance companies have caps on how many blood tests they will pay for in a given year.

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy At Good Cost

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy are used to treat women who are going through menopause and men who are going through andropause. These conditions are when your hormone levels begin to drop or become unbalanced through natural causes. BHRT helps relieve the unwanted symptoms that can derive from unbalanced hormones.

However, many people often question how effective or safe BHRT really is?

Well, BHRT are man made hormones that come from a plant chemically extracted form yams and or soy. They are bioidentical to the hormones that your body produces naturally, which is why your body is able to recognize and process them without a problem. You should consult with an anti aging doctor who is experienced with diagnosing and treating patients through this form of therapy. An experienced doctor such as Dr. Quiroz will be able to understand the exact dosage that you will need in order to restore your health and wellness back to normal.

Is the investment worth it? Well think about it this way, your investing in yourself to live a longer and healthier lifestyle. So why not invest in yourself for a change?

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What Is The Cost Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy is a convenient, proven, and effective treatment for many symptoms of aging, and is superior to all other hormone replacement therapies.

Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy does not take insurance assignment, but we attempt to use insurance for labs before and after the first pellet insertion. We provide the paperwork necessary to receive reimbursement from insurance companies. Fortunately, medical savings accounts generally pay for Bioidentical Hormonal pellet replacement.

For men, the chances are good that their bioidentical hormone pellets will be covered by their insurance long before the next pellets are inserted usually six months. However, women have more trouble getting reimbursement. This is not fair, but its up to patients to pester their insurance company to change this inequity.

Patients save time, money and relationships by replacing hormones in various ways:

Cost of Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy:

The cost for pellet treatment for women who require an average schedule of pellets is $4.25 per day. That is $1,560 a year. All the costs you avoid and the improvement in your quality of life could cut the total cost bioidentical hormone pellet therapy in half, making the cost about the price of a small cup of coffee from Starbucks$2.10/day.

Cost of Men’s Hormone Replacement Therapy:

How Long Has Bioidentical Hrt Been Around

The practice of using bioidentical hormones to supplement hormone deficiencies is not new. They were first used to alleviate menopause symptoms in the 1930s, but when synthetic hormones proved easier to produce, they supplanted bioidentical hormones until health risks were identified with traditional HRT in the early 2000s. Bioidentical hormones have experienced a resurgence as a more natural way to replenish hormone levels.

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Why Is Hormonal Balance Important

Hormones are special chemicals produced by the human body that control nearly all bodily functions. From your metabolism and sexual function, to heart and bone health, hormones are responsible for keeping your body functioning properly.

Its easy to understand that when the levels of your hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are some common examples are low or out of balance, a variety of side effects can occur for both women and men.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctors You Can Rely On

Ageless Forever | Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy ( BHRT ) | Las Vegas, 89118

Inspire MedSpa offers hormone replacement therapy doctors near you! We work to help you find balance. Also, to help you feel better. If youre looking for hormone replacement therapy doctors near you in Blacksburg, VA, then consider working with us.

HRT is usually used as people age and hormone levels drop. Particularly, for women who are in perimenopause or menopause. Its used to bring up the levels of the hormones that have dropped and improve menopause symptoms, including:

  • Hot flashes
  • Loss of interest in sex

We serve a large region of patients for hormone therapy. Some of our geographic areas include:

  • Blacksburg
  • Bland
  • Vinton

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How Often Do You Need To Get Your Hormone Replacement Therapy

The frequency of use may be a significant driving factor for some people. You need to take the pills every day, knowing if you miss one, you may be facing mood swings and an increased risk of various side effects, and will also make the first pass through the liver. If you are disciplined, this may not be an issue. But, you have to take into consideration your habits.

People who are seeking a more natural application can use creams and gels. These need to be used several times per day without fail. It is the most cost-effective method, but the most labor-intensive. Absorption rates may vary greatly from patient to patient and also within the same patient.

Injections need to be done one to three times per week, requiring you to have a doctors visit for each injection or do the injection from yourself. Each time you visit the doctors office, you have to take time off from work, have transportation, and possibly face additional charges that include co-pays for the office visit. Injectables are often associated with uneven absorption and a roller coaster effect of hormone delivery, resulting in high peaks and low valleys.

The Cost Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Depends On The Treatment Plan

For optimal effectiveness, BHRT must be approached on a case-by-case basis. Each case involves several steps, and patients should know what to expect.

Heres an overview of the different phases of treatment for PHRT:

  • Consultation
  • Supplementary services related to wellness and lifestyle
  • Follow-up and additional services as needed

The supplementary and lifestyle offerings are what make this treatment worth it in terms of overall lifetime value. Patients should feel confident that the initial investment may offer savings regarding the prevention of serious health problems. They should also understand that ongoing treatment may be necessary to achieve optimal hormone balance.

For menopausal women, data indicates that BHRT may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and even dementia. In men, testosterone therapy may reduce the risk of weight gain and depression.

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Why Bhrt Is Worthy Of Consideration

When thinking about using BHRT, a key consideration is the fact that its beneficial for use as women get older. Some women that are in either perimenopause or menopause often experience issues that can be quite challenging, such as night sweats, hot flashes, memory loss, sleep difficulties, weight gain and mood changes. It can also reduce a womans libido and cause issues associated with intercourse. BHRT can help with varied personal and health challenges, such as skin conditions, dental issues, diabetes and wrinkles caused by dehydration. BHRT has even been used to treat cancer patients. It can often minimize symptoms related to cancer treatment, such as incontinence, migraines and insomnia.

BHRT is administered like traditional HRT. This includes injections, creams, patches and gels. Other options can be negotiated with the medical professional that prescribes the treatment. Its always important to speak with a doctor regarding your specific issues so that the best possible treatment option can be identified. Your doctor will prescribe a solution and monitor how you respond. This includes monitoring the hormone levels in your body. Its likely that treatment will begin with a low dose. Theres a chance that a higher dose will be required down the road. Additionally, you may start out with a short-term prescription thats extended at a later date, depending on the results.

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