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How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Cost

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Hormone Replacement For Men

Pharmaceutical Options for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Many of the benefits enjoyed by female recipients of BHRT can also translate to their male counterparts. Men who wish to experience a boost in mental focus, decrease in fatigue or loss of libido should call to learn how hormone replacement therapy can improve their general health.

One of the perks of BHRT that is specific to mens physiology is its ability to address loss of libido. Adequate testosterone levels are crucial to drive, focus, lean muscle and are important to maintaining libido. Erectile dysfunction is another common concern among men that may benefit from adequate testosterone. It would be an oversimplification to state that testosterone therapy alone immediately restores a mans erectile function, but it can safely and effectively treat one of the underlying causes of ED. For example, testosterone replacement has been proven to address some of the complications associated with diabetes. Inconsistencies in blood sugar levels tend to lead to a depletion in nitric oxide, the compound responsible for providing rigidity to the penis during arousal.Hormone replacement therapy can replenish testosterone levels, in turn alleviating nitric oxide depletion due to diabetes. By treating a mans wellness holistically, Dr. Castillo can remove some of the obstacles to his sexual issues and improve his overall quality of life.

When To Stop Hormone Replacement Therapy

The duration of HRT varies per patient and the recommendations made by your doctor. There are no limits on how long you can take HRT, though most women stop immediately after their menopausal symptoms cease.

These symptoms usually take a few years to pass. Gradually reducing your HRT dosage is advisable as it is likely to bring back your symptoms in the short term. Always speak with your doctor if you have any worries or questions.

What Are Bioidentical Hormones Used For

As you get older, your hormone levels decline. These changes are usually most significant during menopause, especially with estrogen and progesterone. Lower levels of these hormones can result in symptoms like hot flashes, sleeping problems, and vaginal dryness.

Hormones including bioidentical hormones are used to replace these hormones in your body to help provide relief. This is referred to as hormone replacement therapy . Sometimes the term BHRT is used when specifically talking about bioidentical hormones.

Bioidentical hormones are used to treat a number of menopause symptoms, including:

  • Hot flashes

  • Pain during sex

  • Bladder problems

Some hormone products are also used to help prevent certain medical conditions that are influenced by hormone levels, like osteoporosis.

Depending on your specific symptoms, your healthcare provider will recommend the best option for you. For example, vaginal estradiol may work best if youre experiencing vaginal symptoms. And some healthcare providers may treat other symptoms, like low libido, with testosterone. But this is considered an off-label use for FDA-approved testosterone products.

Bioidentical hormones arent just for women. Theyre used in men, too. Thats because age and other factors can cause testosterone levels in men to decline. Low testosterone can cause symptoms like hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and mood changes. Read more about testosterone replacement options here.

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Bhrt Is An Investment In Your Health

BHRT practitioners often specialize in bioidentical treatment options because they have seen a failure of conventional care to meet the needs of their patients, and they strive to find a better way. They believe strongly in BHRT as part of a comprehensive plan that includes personalized dosing along with lifestyle recommendations to help you feel your best. As such, choosing BHRT is an immediate investment in your quality of life. Within days to weeks, patients commonly experience relief from the physical and emotional symptoms of hormonal fluctuation and imbalance, paving the way for enhanced overall well-being.

BHRT can also be a preventive investment in your future health. Untreated hormone-related conditions can take a significant emotional, physical, and even financial toll. By limiting the development of the serious sequelae of long-term hormone imbalancessuch as depression, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and osteoporosisyou will be improving your outlook for continuing good health.

High-quality, individualized care that includes regular monitoring will ensure that an appropriate risk-to-benefit balance is maintained. This means finding an experienced, hormone health practitioner who can customize the best dosage, route of administration, and treatment duration for youand track your progress over the long-term.

Patients Save Time Money And Relationships By Replacing Hormones In Various Ways:

How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost?
  • Save time spent in other doctors offices waiting for treatment for multiple symptoms.
  • Save money on copays for the medications you will no longer need for blood pressure, cholesterol, dry eyes, osteoporosis, and anxiety/depression.
  • Save your job by decreasing poor work performance.
  • Save your marriage if health and sex are points of contention.
  • Save money on weight-loss programs as you are finally able to lose weight.
  • Delay plastic surgery to look younger as pellets immediately improve skin color, tone, and elasticity.
  • Prevent Alzheimers Disease, and Dementiabetter than the expensive long term care insurance.

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The Process Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

There is always a procedure followed when you require therapy. First, there should be a consultation between the doctor and patient, which is used to provide the best options for the client. You should undergo series of tests and have candid discussions with your doctor to determine the best plan and whether bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is good for you.

Can Bioidentical Hormones Cause Spotting

Bioidentical hormone therapy in perimenopause can affect menstrual cycles, if they still are occurring, or can cause some bleeding to resume after menopause. Careful use of the proper combination of hormones and monitoring hormone levels can alleviate these issues.

Spotting typically occurs as a result of too many hormones in your prescription. Whichever method you choose, there is potential for minimal bleeding as there are elevated hormones circulating in your bloodstream. Dr. Reis will prescribe you a healthy range of hormones based on your individual assessment and offer ongoing advice in your BHRT journey.

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Paying Medical Bills With Your Roth Ira

Typically, if you have a Roth IRA retirement plan, you will receive a tax penalty if you withdraw money from it before you reach age 59 and a half. However, you can avoid this tax penalty if youre withdrawing from your Roth IRA in order to pay for a medical procedure that costs more than 7.5 percent of your annual income.

How Are Biote Pellets Inserted

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy | What you NEED to Know!

Biote pellet insertion is a quick, minimally invasive procedure. A certified providerwho often is a board-certified medical doctor injects a small amount of local anesthetic to numb the insertion site.

Next, your provider makes a small incision and places the pellets directly inside, where they dissolve over time. The area is covered with a bandage until its fully healed.

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How Much Does Bio

All women experience menopause, but many dont really think about it until it comes along. The challenges we face when the first signs of perimenopause appear are quite often a surprise for some women and confusing for others.

During the build-up to menopause, known as perimenopause, our hormones go through a significant transformation process. Their levels fluctuate and can alter our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing resulting in symptoms such as brain fog, hot flushes, anxiety, depression, joint pain, vaginal dryness and weight gain.

Its important that women are aware that they arent alone in their menopause journey and understand that there are plenty of options available to help.

Both men and women can benefit from a treatment known as Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy , an alternative to the synthetic hormones used in conventional Hormone Replacement Therapies .

What is BHRT?

Theres a symphony of hormones at play throughout your life. When your hormones are balanced, you generally feel good. But when the balance of your hormones changes as it will during perimenopause thats when you begin to experience problems. BHRT allows us to custom tailor hormones for your unique lifestyle and symptoms.

Bioidentical hormones are derived directly from natural plant sources such as yams and soy. These are then manufactured into medication which can be taken orally or through creams and skin patches.


How much does it cost?

Why We Use These Compounding Pharmacies:

  • Is their lab sterile
  • Do they get their compounded hormones from plants
  • What certifications do the compounding pharmacy have
  • Where are the plants from, are they safe
  • Are their compounds free of contaminants
  • Are the pharmacies compounds truly bioidentical
  • Do patients feel the difference on these specific bioidentical hormones

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Can You Gain Weight From Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones have no direct effect on weight. They do not cause either weight gain or weight loss, but often people feel much better, which makes their weight loss regimen easier to follow and thus, more effective.

Regulated estrogen and testosterone levels that are a result of BHRT treatments have been proven to have numerous effects on the body including:

  • Building and maintaining lean muscle mass
  • Reducing fat storage
  • Maintaining healthy bone density
  • Regulating energy

When your body is deprived of a healthy amount of hormones found in younger body stages, fatigue increases that can potentially lead to weight gain. While BHRT treatment has no direct effect on weight gain and loss, it does serve as a prominent correlation between an individual feeling energetic or lethargic.

What Should I Expect From Bioidentical Hormone Therapy For Women

How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Cost?

Balancing estrogen in your body takes careful consideration and a comprehensive approach. Our healthcare providers advise patients to follow the treatment plan very carefully. Your symptoms may worsen at first, but this is a sign that your body is adjusting to the higher levels of estrogen. If you experience any issues that are especially troublesome, speak with our staff so we can intervene as needed. Given time and patience, your body will regain a normal and healthy balance of estrogen, and you will see a gradual improvement in your physical health and emotional well-being.

One way that many of our patients see progress is by keeping a journal. Take notes about problems that you have, such as changes in mood, poor hair and skin quality, vaginal dryness, low libido, fatigue, and insomnia. Check these symptoms each week and look for even small improvements. Try not to focus on one specific symptom, but how these symptoms ebb.

Estrogen is important for feminine health, and it affects many aspects of your quality of life. Progressive Health & Rejuvenation Institute offers bioidentical hormone therapy for women in Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach County, FL, and communities throughout the United States. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Why Should You Consider Bhrt

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a modern way to address hormone imbalances. Unlike traditional therapy, BHRT can satisfy the individual needs of each patient. BHRT allows practitioners to adjust treatment plans during the therapy and provide precise medical care. People whove tried bioidentical hormone replacement therapy felt the relief of symptoms in the first few days of the therapy. With BHRT, you may significantly improve your health.

BHRT can prevent severe diseases including heart issues, diabetes, psychological issues, and muscle and bone weakness. Timely hormone imbalance treatment will save you money and bring you a healthy future.

Choose an experienced therapist, if you want to receive personalized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Our professionals will opt for bioidentical hormones based on your medical history and laboratory testing results to help you undergo the therapy smoothly. Ready to step into your healthy future? Contact us.

How Does Biote Work

Biote works by delivering hormones to the body via pellet insertion at specific points, such as the fatty tissue near the hip or buttocks. These rice-like pellets contain hormoneseither estrogen or testosteronewhich are absorbed into the bloodstream over time. Like traditional hormone therapy, Biote affects how people feel by supplementing levels of key hormones.

There are two main types of HT: FDA-approved prescription forms pre-made in standard dosages and compounded drugs. Biote is the latter, as every dose is customized based on a patients consultation and lab work.

While there are some FDA-approved bioidentical hormone therapies, compounded hormone therapy, including the Biote method, is not. Compounded therapies dont go through the same rigorous quality testing and approval process by the FDA, says Amy Roskin, M.D., a board-certified OB-GYN and The Pill Clubs chief medical officer. That being said, some people might benefit from the customization or non-standard dosages from compounding.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists , Customized compounded hormones pose more risk because they vary in strength and purity. That means you can take too little or too much of a hormone without knowing it. There also are safety concerns about a kind of compounded drug known as pellet therapy.

For this reason, ACOG currently recommends using FDA-approved hormones versus compounded ones.

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How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Cost

With aging comes the natural decline in the production of hormones that help maintain our quality of life. For men, testosterone levels drop at around age 50 and trigger andropause. Women, on the other hand, experience a decrease of female hormones like estrogen and progesterone when theyre in their mid-40s to early 50s. This hormonal imbalance during perimenopause and menopause can cause an uncomfortable number of menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and mood swings.

In order to ease the immediate symptoms of low hormone levels and prevent future health complications, most doctors would prescribe bio identical hormones in pill, patch, gel, cream, ring, or pellet form these compounded bioidentical hormones are derived from natural products like yam and soy to mimic the structure and function of human hormones to alleviate symptoms of menopause.

The cost of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is around $200 – $500 per month, which includes the medication, a customized treatment plan, and follow-up appointments. Added costs include the initial consultation with a doctor — which may cost $75 – $200 — and a blood test to check the hormones, which can cost around $80 – $500 without insurance.

Paying For Gender Transition

Bioidentical hormone options – ADC

With all of these costs, paying for gender transition isnt easy. Especially since transgender people are four times more likely to have a make less than $10,000 a year than the average person in the United States. Minorities in general may be more likely to work in jobs that only pay minimum wage. If youre struggling to figure out how you can pay for your transition, here are some things to consider:

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Give Patients A Clear Understanding Of The Bhrt Treatment Process And Benefits

When it comes to the overall cost of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for patients, they should clearly understand everything about the therapy at the outset.

We suggest starting with these key talking points when explaining your services:

  • BHRT hormones are structurally identical to those used in the body.
  • Because BHRT therapy is personalized, costs may vary.
  • Bioidentical hormones are derived from plants .
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help ease symptoms of aging as well as hormone-related health problems.
  • The cost of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy prescriptions to the patient may depend on the delivery format.
  • BHRT is designed to offer wellness benefits that can help improve a patients life for years to come.
  • Wellness practitioners are already aware of such points. But your approach with the patients can change their minds.

    Be sure to explain the steps that are involved in creating an individualized care plan, and what you have to offer that will help them become more empowered regarding their health.

    Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

    Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover bioidentical hormone therapy? It depends on your policy, but Blue Cross Blue Shield does cover some forms of hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, to treat menopause symptoms.

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    Find out what types of HRT it covers and how to get reimbursement for bioidentical hormones with these simple steps.

    Here is a break down of what we will be covering today.

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    The Truth About Expensive Bioidentical Hrt

    What is bioidentical HRT? Its a term thats bandied around when talking about hormone replacement therapy HRT. The implications is that its better than the NHS standard HRT because its privately prescribed and made in compounding pharmacies. Dont believe everything you hear.

    At first glance, bioidentical hormones might appear to be the gold standard of treatment. They are prescribed by private doctors, often out of clinics with prestigious Harley Street addresses. Tailored to your hormone profile, bioidentical hormones can cost hundreds of pounds a month. They sound like a no brainer: who wouldnt want tailored HRT that matches the hormones your body produces?

    In fact, they are not only overpriced, according to doctors including MPowereds Dr Louise Newson, but also unsafe, unregulated and should be unnecessary, too. Both The British Menopause Society and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have advised women against taking them.


    Every week, we see women who have come from private clinics, and are spending up to £500 a month on these compounded hormones, says Dr Newson. She sees patients at her Newson Health Menopause & Wellbeing Centre in Stratford upon Avon.

    Women often cant receive the right help from their GP. This means they end up going to these private clinics, says Dr Newson.

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