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How Much Does Hormone Pellets Cost

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Who Is A Candidate For Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

TRT – How Much Does it Cost? (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

In order to receive hormone therapy through our clinic, an adult must:

  • Have a persistent, serious desire to modify their body by taking hormones that align with their gender identity rather than their sex assigned at birth
  • Be able to understand hormone therapy including risks and be able to give consent for treatment
  • Be able to take medications correctly and be willing to follow up as recommended
  • Be 19 years of age or older
  • Have any medical or mental health conditions reasonably well controlled
  • Requirements are slightly different for people under 19 years of age. People under age 19 need the consent of a parent or guardian and a relationship with a therapist.

    Changes In Hair Growth

    Hair growth is controlled by hormones. Estrogen and progesterone are responsible for controlling the hairs growth phase, helping your hair grow faster and remain on your head longer. As these hormones decline, your hair may start to fall out or become thin.

    Although hormone pellet therapy can help regulate estrogen and progesterone levels in the body, the implant may not increase hormone levels enough. It may need to be adjusted by your doctor.

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    How Are Hormone Pellets Different Than Hormones Delivered By Pills Creams Or Patches

    With the greater awareness and understanding of the health benefits of balanced hormones, pellets are becoming increasingly popular due to their simplicity no need to remember to replace a patch, use a topical cream or have an injection. The pellets provide a steady release of hormones.

    Hormone pellets help avoid the roller coaster effect of hormone replacement that occurs when using other forms. Daily spikes occur with pills, creams, injections or patches, while hormone pellets slowly release into your bloodstream. Pellet delivery can also help avoid changes in the liver sometimes experienced with other therapy and wont increase the risk of clotting.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Hormone Pellets

    The primary benefit of hormone pellet therapy is that it effectively relieves the uncomfortable symptoms of hormonal fluctuation or decline. While many forms of HRT can do this, pellets are unique.Convenience:Because hormone pellets last for 3-6 months, patients typically find them very convenient. When youre able to set it and forget it, its easy to adhere to treatment. This is very different from oral or topical therapies that must be taken or applied daily or injections that require visits to your doctors office every few weeks.Predictability:The steady rate of hormone release helps you avoid the hormonal fluctuations that often occur with other delivery methods.These benefits help explain why more and more patients are choosing pellet therapy.

    How Much Does It Cost

    Cost Of Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy

    The cost for the insertion of pellets is between $400 and $1000 depending on the dose of the hormone and the number of pellets needed. Men need a much larger dose of testosterone than women and the cost is higher. Pellets need to be inserted 2 to 4 times a year depending on how rapidly a patient metabolizes hormones.

    When compared to the cost of drugs to treat the individual symptoms of hormone decline, pellets are very cost effective.

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    Consumer Information Use And Disclaimer

    This information should not be used to decide whether or not to take this medicine or any other medicine. Only the healthcare provider has the knowledge and training to decide which medicines are right for a specific patient. This information does not endorse any medicine as safe, effective, or approved for treating any patient or health condition. This is only a brief summary of general information about this medicine. It does NOT include all information about the possible uses, directions, warnings, precautions, interactions, adverse effects, or risks that may apply to this medicine. This information is not specific medical advice and does not replace information you receive from the healthcare provider. You must talk with the healthcare provider for complete information about the risks and benefits of using this medicine.

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    How Long Does A Person Continue Hormone Therapy

    The decision to continue or discontinue hormones is entirely up to the individual. The physical transition process, during which hormones alter the physical characteristics of the body, can take up to five years. After that, many people choose to continue taking hormones in order to maintain the changes that have already occurred. The goal of hormone therapy is to keep the hormones within the normal, physiologic ranges. Around age 50-60 years, hormone levels naturally decline in healthy people and some individuals might discontinue them then or reduce them to a very low dose.

    If a person has surgery to remove the testes , the body would no longer produce testosterone. A testosterone blocker would no longer be needed but estrogen would still be needed to maintain feminine characteristics.

    If a person has surgery to remove the ovaries , the body would no longer produce estrogen. However, testosterone would still be needed to maintain masculine characteristics.

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    Behind Hrt For Cis Men

    Hormone therapy for cis men is as well-understood as the options available for women, but it has some critical availability issues. While estrogen therapy for women gets done on a prescription-only basis as well, estradiol is not a scheduled drug by the Controlled Substance Act. Testosterone, as an effective anabolic steroid, is a Schedule III drug, which can make it harder to access.

    What Does HRT Treat in Cis Men?

    As with cis women, HRT in cis men gets prescribed to deal with the side effects of a natural tapering off of testosterone production due to aging. It can also be used to treat men who have androgen insensitivities, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, and a host of other physical and mental health issues.

    On the Matter of Cost

    As with hormone therapy for cis women, for most cis men, insurance should step up to the plate to cover the costs incurred by the procedure. However, patients may still need drug discount cards to bring HRT costs down if insurance provides insufficient coverage or the prescription drug deductible is too high.

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    Find Out If Biote Therapy Is Right For You:

    HOW MUCH DOES TRT COST ME? (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

    Book an AppointmentSTEP 1-BLOOD DRAW APPOINTMENT. STEP 2-CONSULTATIONSTEP 3- Please complete a BIOTE NEW PATIENT PACKET and submit it to our office BEFORE your consultation appointment,These packets contain information and consent forms. They are available for download or completion online, please select the method that is most convenient for you.

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    Other Factors To Remember:

    Hormone replacement therapy works very well and has multiple different options you can choose from. Based on the cost of just the prescription, you may want to say the pills are your best bet. However, we want you to remember that there are other factors involved.

    The cost of the doctors visit is not in the price of the prescription. If you have a co-pay for a doctors appointment, this can quickly add up to hundreds of extra charges for your therapy.

    The same is true with bloodwork to monitor your levels. You have to pay for these tests, as many insurance companies have caps on how many blood tests they will pay for in a given year.

    How Long Do I Need To Stay On Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Hormone replacement therapy is designed to be a short-term treatment plan, meaning it isnt something you need for the rest of your life. Generally, you start HRT during perimenopause and stop after the onset of menopause once symptoms naturally resolve on their own.

    Depending on the severity of symptoms, you may stay on hormone replacement therapy for about one to two years. Very few HRT plans last five years or more.

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    S For Taking Estrogen

    Estrogen can be taken in a number of different ways. People receive estrogen through a pill, injection, patch, or even a topical cream. Its not just a matter of preference. The route by which people take estrogen affects some of the risks of estrogen treatmentestrogen is absorbed by the body differently depending on how you take it.

    Much of the research on the risks of estrogen treatment focus on oral estrogensthose taken by mouth. What research has found is that oral estrogen seems to cause an increased risk of a number of problematic side effects when compared to topical or injected estrogens. This is because of the effects of ingested estrogen on the liver when it passes through that organ during the process of digestion.

    This is referred to as the hepatic first pass effect and it is not an issue for estrogen treatment that isnt taken in pill form. The hepatic first pass effect causes changes in a number of physiological markers that affect cardiovascular health.

    These changes may lead to an increase in blood clotting and reduced cardiovascular health. They are not seen as often, if at all, with non-oral estrogens. Therefore, non-oral estrogens may be a safer option.

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    What Is The Cost Of Not Having Hgh Therapy

    Bioidentical Hormone Pellets Before And After

    If you are considering growth hormone therapy, it is impossible to have a discussion about the cost of HGH therapy, without taking into account the cost of NOT having HGH therapy. There are costs involved in having growth hormone therapy, there is no getting around that. But, when considering the costs of a prescription for HGH, what you really need to do, is weigh the benefits of HGH therapy vs its costs. When you do that kind of cost vs benefit analysis, growth hormone therapy almost always comes out to be a worthwhile investment in your health and improved quality of life.

    The actual cost of growth hormone therapy varies greatly. Depending on your growth hormone prescription, and your individual needs and lifestyle, you could expect to pay anywhere from 500.00 to 1000.00 or more per month for growth hormone therapy. Men usually require a lower dose of HGH than women, so men do tend to pay less for growth hormone therapy.

    Even if you have to pay entirely out of pocket for your HGH therapy, there are ways you can work with your growth hormone therapy provider, to keep your costs down. However, if you are suffering from a growth hormone deficiency, when you consider the cost, of not having growth hormone therapy, you will realize that you should not let the cost of HGH be the deciding factor in choosing to take it or not.

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    How Much Does Biote Hormone Pellet Therapy Cost

    Pellets cost $350 for women and $700-750 for men, in addition to the cost of labs which typically cost $150, you may use your insurance plan for labs. Labs are done at the initial consultation 4-6 weeks after initial pellet insertion, then once yearly or sooner if needed. Payment can be made with cash, major credit cards, Paypal, Paypal credit, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp and CareCredit.

    How Long Until A Patient Feels Better After Pellets Are Inserted

    Some patients begin to feel better within 24-48 hours while others may take a week or two to notice a difference. Diet and lifestyle, along with hormone balance are critical for optimal health. Stress is a major contributor to hormone imbalance and illness. Side effects and adverse drug events from prescription medications can interfere with the beneficial effects of the testosterone implant.

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    Side Effects And Risks Of Biote

    There are several side effects associated with , which some patients might experience more acutely in the beginning when theyre just starting treatment, says Dr. Roskin.

    The most common side effects of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, she says, include:

    • Increased facial hair in women

    As with any hormone administration or replacement, if the dosage is not optimized, then adverse events specific to that hormone can occur, says Dr. Karram. Usually these adverse events are mild and can easily be treated or will spontaneously resolve over time.

    Less than 1% of people receiving testosterone via bioidentical hormone replacement therapy report complications, according to a 2021 study in Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and MetabolismDonovitz GS. Low complication rates of testosterone and estradiol implants for androgen and estrogen replacement therapy in over 1 million procedures. Ther Adv Endocrinol Metab. 2021 12:20420188211015238. .

    However, ACOG does note that compounded therapies in general pose more risk, as they vary in strength and purity. Like non-bioidentical hormones, bioidentical hormones can increase the risk of stroke, blood clots and gallbladder disease, and the risks may increase with long-term use, explains Dr. Roskin. Older women who use hormones may have an increased risk of breast cancer and heart disease.

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    How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Work

    TRT – How Much Does it Cost? (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

    Hormone replacement therapy isnt a one-size-fits-all solution its personalized to you.

    We prescribe hormone creams, patches, injections and pellet therapy.

    Once Dr. Brooks gets your lab results back and talks with you about your symptoms, she will tailor your plan to your unique needs. Hormone replacement therapy may involve:

    • Wearing hormone skin patches

    • Pellet Therapy*

    *Often women will need to take progesterone by mouth or cream in addition to the estrogen pellet

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    How Much Does It Cost To Legally Change Your Gender

    Unfortunately, healthcare costs arent the only costs related to gender transition. In order to change you legal sex , you will have to pay a fee in many states in order to have your legal name and gender changed. For example, in Massachusetts a legal name change costs $185. You should speak with your state government in order to find out how much they will charge. There are also some additional costs that you may or may not have to pay as part of changing your legal name and gender:

    • A lawyers fee is youre having difficulty changing your name because of a criminal record.
    • The cost of publishing your name change in a local newspaper, which many states require, but which can be waived by a judge.
    • The cost of new legal identification documents, such as a new drivers license or passport.

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    What Do Testosterone Pellets Cost

    So you want to know what testosterone pellets cost.

    Youve decided to change your life for the better with testosterone replacement therapy. Congratulations! Youve made a fantastic choice! Testosterone therapy is one of the best ways to get your hormones back to optimal levels and relieve the symptoms of hormone imbalance.

    But if you want to talk about the cost of testosterone pellets, the important question is, what kind of Bio-Identical Hormone delivery system will you use?

    We know that many people tend to make a decision about which delivery system to use based on cost. Unfortunately, they dont realize until its too late that the upfront cost of testosterone therapy isnt usually representative of the overall costs. Most of the time, the price quoted in an article or website, or given to you by a provider, doesnt include factors beyond the costs of the therapy itself.

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    Is Biote Right For You

    Biote might be a good option for those who are experiencing hormone imbalances related to estrogen or testosterone deficiency. While a Biote-certified provider can help determine whether its right for you based on an initial evaluation and hormone panel, consider reaching out to your primary care physician first, as they will likely give you their honest opinion about the therapy.

    However, its important to keep in mind that compounded hormone therapy is not FDA-approved, nor does the ACOG recommend it over available FDA-approved therapies.

    Because they vary in strength and purity, customized compounded hormones pose more risk. Also, the risks and side effects associated with bioidentical hormones may vary depending on an individuals medical history, says Dr. Roskin. So that you fully understand the benefits and disadvantages, I recommend talking to your healthcare provider first to see if you might be a good candidate for this type of treatment.

    Hormone Replacement Therapy Through Pellet Implants

    How Are Hormone Pellets Implanted

    Hormone replacement therapy pellets are tiny pellets that are inserted into a person in order to balance the hormones in the body. These FDA approved bioidentical hormones have shown a lot of improvement in men and women and they prove to be much more effective than other forms of testosterone replacement and estrogen replacement therapy.

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    What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy

    As the name suggests, hormone replacement therapy is a way to bring your hormone levels to optimal levels. This can alleviate many symptoms and improve your overall health and quality of life. There are many types of hormone replacement therapy, and each has different benefits, detriments, and costs.

    Telephone Consultation No Cost

    During this telephone appointment, Deborah will give you the results of the blood tests from your first consultation. She will then advise you of any medication that is needed, and address any symptoms identified by your blood results and symptoms.

    Should treatment be required, Deborah will write and order your personalised prescription and instruct you how to contact the Compounding Pharmacy to order your medication. Depending on your prescription, it will usually last for two months.

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    What Is Growth Hormone Deficiency

    An HGH deficiency occurs when the pituitary gland a small but critically important structure in the mid-region of the brain does not supply the body with enough of the human growth hormone that it needs to build healthy bone and muscle tissue, regulate metabolism, and perform other necessary functions in the body.

    Growth hormone, as an anabolic agent, is responsible for the following tasks in humans:

    • Stimulating protein synthesis .
    • Mediation of insulin response .
    • Strengthening bones .
    • Stimulating and regulating the release of insulin-like growth factor 1 by the liver, another hormone critical to metabolic health.

    The absence of adequate supplies of HGH distributed by the pituitary gland is referred to clinically as a growth hormone disorder .

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