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How To Boost Your Testosterone Fast

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Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally With These Foods

Secrets to Naturally Boost Testosterone | How to Check Your Testosterone Levels
  • Saturday, 04 Jul 2020

    1:00 PM MYT

Oysters and crustaceans like Alaskan king crab, seen in this filepic, can help increase your testoterone levels naturally.

Testosterone plays a vital role in the libido for men, and also, a small, but essential, role in women.

Here are some foods to help give you a natural boost in your testosterone levels.

1. Oysters

They are also a good source of zinc, which helps boost your testosterone naturally.

2. Pomegranate

This superfood has a lot of health benefits.

Other than boosting testosterone, it also helps reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and improve sperm quality.

It may not be cheap, but its worth it.

3. Tuna

Tuna is a good source of protein.

On top of that, it is also a great source of vitamin D, which helps boost testosterone naturally.

Other deep sea fish like salmon and mackerel also are good sources of vitamin D.

4. Egg yolks

Egg yolks have gotten a bad reputation for their cholesterol content.

However, the cholesterol from egg yolk is a precursor to testosterone in our body, so its very good for boosting this hormone.

Do take egg yolks in moderation though, as you wouldnt want to take in too much cholesterol.

5. Shellfish

Also notorious for increasing blood cholesterol, shellfish and crustaceans have a high level of zinc.

The Alaskan king crab has one of the highest: just 3oz contains 43% of your daily zinc requirement.

Once again, please eat these seafoods in moderation as too much may increase your cholesterol levels.

Increase Good Cholesterol Levels

Its well known that increasing good cholesterol is good for your health, while bad cholesterol is not. What you may not know is that its good for your testosterone as well.

This study shows that high levels of HDL have a direct correlation with healthy testosterone levels. So, eating food that gives you a lot of HDL, such as beans and legumes, whole grains, fish, nuts, olive oil, berries, and walnuts, makes for a healthy diet based on increasing this vital hormone.

However, be aware that overeating food that gives you good cholesterol may have the side effect of causing cardiovascular diseases, so talking to your doctor is a brilliant idea before you dig too deeply into this new diet.

When It Comes To Increasing Your Testosterone Quality Sleep Physical Activity And Weight Management Come First A Few Supplements Can Help Sustain Healthy Testosterone Levels But Most Supplements Marketed As Testosterone Boosters Dont Work Though Some Can Make You Believe They Do By Boosting Your Libido

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Testosterone is an androgen, a male sex hormone, though females need it too. In males, low testosterone has been associated with low libido and poor health outcomes, such as the development of metabolic syndrome. In males and females, low testosterone has been associated with depression.

Middle-aged and older males see their testosterone levels decrease by 0.4% to 1.6% per year, and many are the males who experience lower-than-average levels even in their 30s. Fortunately, quality sleep, physical activity, weight management, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D can all help sustain healthy testosterone levels.

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Have An Oyster Or Two

Oysters are well known for the aphrodisiac effect that they provide and the way that they promote improvements in sexual performance. These benefits were thought to be a myth for a long time, but there is now scientific support to show that it may be true. In the International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics study, the researchers found that testosterone levels easily increased within the test rat subjects.

The connection seems to be the luteinizing hormones and the increase in nitrous oxide. Oysters are also incredibly good for the body, providing vitamins, minerals, and protein in a way that some other sources do not.

Stress Management For Increasing Testosterone

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Chronic stress can lead to lower testosterone levels and other mechanisms that accelerate aging in the body. On the other hand, very high testosterone can cause reactions to acute stress and possibly even lead to the onset of mood disorders and substance abuse .

Stress management interventions have the potential to give you more testosterone, so handling your anxiety is not only good for your mind but also your hormonal balance .

The resultant effect on your hormones does depend on other factors, such as your normal response to stress.

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Where Do Doctors Insert Testosterone Pellets Generics For Male Enhancement Pills

How Does Testosterone Affect Diabetes Best Male Enhancement At Walmart How To Increase Your Testosterone Fast. Medication To Increase Testosterone Male Sexual Health Enhancement What Might Testosterone Supplements Do To Women. How To Tell If Your Body Is Not Producing Enough Testosterone What Is The Testosterone Level For Men Monster Test Testosterone Booster 240 Count Review.

Promote Higher Levels Of Hdl Cholesterol

Everyone has the belief that cholesterol is bad for the body, but they are only half correct. The toxic and unhealthy cholesterol that can build up in the body is LDL cholesterol. However, HDL cholesterol has a much different impact. Some research suggests that elevated levels of HDL cholesterol have been linked to increased serum testosterone levels.

Even though the connection is relatively minimal, increasing HDL cholesterol extensively can cause heart disease. Anyone who wants to raise their HDL cholesterol to increase testosterone naturally may first speak with a medical professional.

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Surround Yourself With Hot Women

Depending what end of the gene pool your dad doused his hose in before you were conceived might matter here. Because if youre one ugly S.O.A.B its gonna be a tough ride, bro. But if youve got more handsome DNA than the inside of Prince Charmings Fleshlight youll be A-Okay.

What were talking about is surrounding yourself with hot women. Genuine 10/10 smokers that youd drag your nuts across hot coals just to see naked. Why? Well, other than just because tiddies are awesome, it will raise your testosterone.

Thats what scientists are saying anyway . Dang, who wouldnt want to be one of those test subjects? Itd be way better than being part of the group seeing what the max barbell to shin threshold is.

But dont go thinking its a good idea to start settling down, even if your chick is majorly hot. Did you know that being in a committed loving relationship could plummet your T down by 21%? Well, now you do!

So play the field like the alpha you were born to be bro, save the romance for the puny little betas.

Maintaining Optimum Levels Of Vitamin D

How to Increase Testosterone Fast | Boost Testosterone Naturally for Men

Vitamin D has been positive associated with testosterone and semen quality. It can improve the functioning of testes and can modulate hormone production in your body.

It enhances sperm motility and maturation.

As an added bonus it also helps improve metabolism and decrease body weight.

You can either get Vitamin D by direct sunlight or through numerous dietary supplements available in the market.

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Find Natural Sources Of Zinc And Magnesium

Zinc and magnesium are minerals that are necessary for the production of testosterone. Deficiencies of either one can disrupt testosterone production. People who drink too much, who suffer from diarrhea, or who dont dont drink enough water can suffer shortages of these minerals, which, in turn, can cause testosterone levels to drop.

Fortunately, there are many foods rich in both zinc and magnesium, so getting enough shouldnt be a problem. Oysters, crabs, and scallops are all good choices, as are bran cereals, yogurt, and legumes. Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and Brazil nuts are also high in zinc and magnesium, as are cashews, and to a lesser extent, soybeans.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

Thankfully, there are many natural ways to help boost your testosterone levels.

  • Your sleep schedule: Lack of sleep and anxiety increase production of the stress hormone cortisol, which blocks the production of testosterone.
  • Your gym routine: Big compound movements like squats and deadlifts are proven to boost testosterone.
  • Your diet: Lots of micronutrients are the key to upping your testosterone. The amino acids in milk, for example, boost production of anabolic hormones, while chemicals in grapes help raise T-levels and boost sperm motility.
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    Know The Medications Youre Taking

    How To Increase Testosterone Levels Quickly Naturally With ...

    This is something thats often overlooked when guys are trying to figure out why they dont seem to be able to boost their testosterone levels. There are actually a number of prescription medications that are known to interfere to some degree with testosterone production. If you are taking one of these medications and not enjoying the kind of testosterone boost youve been hoping for, your meds might be the reason.

    Medications known to interfere with testosterone production include Cimetidine , Spironolactone , Ketoconazole , and some antidepressants. Opioids and certain chemotherapy drugs can also interfere with testosterone production. If you are taking any of these meds, discuss the situation with your doctor. Dont just stop taking them on your own.

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    How Many Men Experience Low Testosterone

    Suffering from low testosterone is surprisingly common.

    The main issue lies in the fact that as we get older, our testosterone levels are constantly on the decline. Scientists have discovered that after the age of 30, our reserves drop at the rate of one percent every year.1

    However, by the time we reach our 50sthis reduction escalates rapidlyleading men to possess half the amount of testosterone that they did at their teenage peak.2

    But, one of the most alarming factorsis that this trend is worsening around the world. Thirty years ago, men on average possessed 17 percent more testosterone than those of the same age today.3

    The statistics are concerning.

    Currently, experts believe that four to five million men in the US suffer from low T-levelswith an astounding 43 percent of men over 65 with this condition.45

    Be Aware Of The Medications You Use

    Most people know the type of medication they use, but they dont always know its full impact on the body. Many prescription medications can interfere with the natural production of testosterone in the body. Check with a doctor or read through the potential side effects to determine if low testosterone levels are a side effect.

    Some of the most common medications that interfere with testosterone production include Cimetidine, Spironolactone, and Ketoconazole. There are also chemotherapy drugs, antidepressants, and opioids that can negatively impact testosterone in the body. Individuals that have to take any of these medications should not abruptly stop using them, as it can have even more side effects during withdrawal. Speak with the doctor before going off of any medicine.

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    Oysters Are The Best Testosterone Boosters

    Zinc is necessary for testosterone production and overall health. If youre looking to stack up on this mineral, you should turn to oysters.

    They have a massive concentration of zinc, even higher than meat or fish. These hormone-enhancing properties are likely the origin of the conventional wisdom that oysters are an aphrodisiac .

    Avoid Substance Misuse And Intoxication

    5 Intermittent Fasting Tricks To Skyrocket Testosterone FASTER

    Substance abuse and alcoholism have been related to decreased Testosterone Levels. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that alcohol consumption affects the glands and hormones associated with male reproductive health.

    Male libido, erection, ejaculation, and orgasm, as well as fertility, may be harmed by drugs, and study into these impacts is growing. Libido may be reduced by medicines that inhibit dopamine or Testosterone production or drugs that induce dysphoria. Additionally, alcohol may result in reduced Testosterone Levels due to its effects on the body, which include hormonal responses and cell damage.

    Healthy Testosterone Levels and other critical hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are equally critical for women. As a result, everyone should adopt the required lifestyle changes to maintain healthy Testosterone Levels. You will simultaneously enhance your health and physical appearance.

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    Address Any Underlying Medical Conditions

    “I think something many men may not realize is that low testosterone is rarely a phenomenon on its own. It’s often linked to and potentially even caused by one or more underlying health condition that a man may not even know he has,” says Dr. Starke.

    We’ve already discussed that obesity can contribute to low testosterone, but so can other common health conditions, including:

    “Low testosterone can also be caused by medications you might be taking for a health condition you already know about or a previous therapy you’ve received, like chemotherapy and radiation,” adds Dr. Starke.

    Seeing and being evaluated by a doctor who specializes in men’s health can help you understand what might be causing your low testosterone.

    In addition, your doctor can help you understand which of the lifestyle changes above might be most important for you, recommend testosterone treatment and/or refer you to specialists who can help treat any underlying health condition that might be contributing to your low testosterone levels.

    “If you’re having issues related to low testosterone, such as weight gain and difficulty exercising due to fatigue or muscle loss, starting testosterone treatment can make your weight loss goals and lifestyle improvements much easier to achieve,” adds Dr. Starke.

    Next Steps:

    Drink Milk Before Bed

    We have alluded to the fact that a lot of testosterone production goes on during the night while youre sleeping. If you are inclined to help that process along, you might want to try drinking some full-fat milk shortly before going to bed. Full-fat is just another way of saying whole milk, so dont worry, you shouldnt have trouble finding it.

    Whole milk right before bed provides the added benefit of increasing melatonin production, which should help you get to sleep faster. One way to tell if your nocturnal whole milk testosterone experiment is bearing fruit is if you wake up with a serious case of morning wood, as morning stiffies are a sure sign of robust testosterone levels.

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    Take Steps To Reduce Stress

    Like sleep, stress affects your entire well-being including your testosterone levels.

    “When you experience stress, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. This hormone helps your body prepare and respond to this stress, and then your body goes back to normal. But when you’re stressed more often than not , you experience prolonged exposure to cortisol and studies show that cortisol circulating in the bloodstream reduces the level of free testosterone,” explains Dr. Starke.

    And while life is always going to be stressful, you can take steps to reduce stress you may be feeling.

    “One of the best ways to relieve stress is to take time for yourself and do something you enjoy even if it’s only for a few minutes every day. It could also mean actually acting upon those deep-breathing reminders that your smartwatch keeps bugging you about. Just something to get you to slow down, be present and relax your mind and body,” says Dr. Starke.

    And if you’re stress is stemming from your low testosterone level itself, seeing your doctor might help.

    Make Sure You Train Properly

    how to boost testosterone

    Finally, the emphasis on physical activity and weight training cannot be stressed enough because weight training is crucial to increasing testosterone levels naturally. Compound lifts are highly effective, but the volume of the lifting can also make a big difference. Rather than pushing the body to its maximum performance, many researchers say to do no more than 90% of what the individuals limit is.

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