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How To Do Hormone Test

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When Should You Get A Hormone Blood Test

Understanding the DUTCH hormone test

If you have symptoms of a possible hormonal imbalance, you might need to get a hormone blood test. According to the Society for Endocrinology, it’s usually best to have your blood drawn for a hormone test in the first half of your menstrual cycle, because levels are more distinct at that time. However, if you’re having a progesterone test to see if you’re ovulating properly, it will likely be measured on day 21 of your cycle, which is in the middle of the second half.

Blood Tests For Hormone Levels Q& a

Here at the Marion Gluck Clinic, we place a focus on giving you the very best experience and precise, personalised care. We are often asked questions about the blood tests that are required for treatment at the clinic. We sat down with Dr Ghazala Aziz-Scott, one of our hormone doctors, to help answer your most frequently asked questions about blood tests for hormone levels and hormone balancing therapy.

Is This Test Still Useful If I Am Using A Form Of Contraception

If you are taking a progesterone only form of contraception such as progesterone-only pill, progesterone implant, or Minerva coil then this test is still useful as these forms of conception do not suppress normal production of FSH, LH, or oestradiol. This test is not useful if taking a combined form of conception e.g the combined oral conceptive pill .

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Blood Hormone Test Results

A blood test for hormones will produce exact levels of tested hormones in a woman’s blood as well as the normal reference range for those specific hormones, both of which will be analyzed by a licensed medical doctor to confirm or rule out a hormonal imbalance.

Because hormone levels fluctuate on a regular basis, each of the 200 identified hormones and hormone-like substances has its own normal accepted range as well as the best time of the month to test for it.

Signs Of Hormone Imbalance In Women

Hormone Testing MethodsSaliva, Blood, and FSH

So often we attribute our body’s changes incorrectly. As women progress through life, the body responds differently, and it plays out in a number of ways.

1- Estrogen Imbalance

Estrogen is made by your ovaries, your adrenal glands, and to a much lesser extent, by your fat cells. It has many functions, including:

  • Maintaining Bone Calcium
  • Regulating HDL and LDL Cholesterol in Blood
  • Helping Maintain Blood Sugar Levels
  • Helping with Memory
  • Balancing Emotions

Estrogen imbalance can cause numerous symptoms which will depend on whether you are experiencing an overabundance of the hormone or less of it. The causes and signs can be discerned, but they take a watchful eye. Too little estrogen is often caused by:

  • Hypogonadism
  • Hypopituitarism
  • Failed Pregnancy
  • Hot Flashes

3- Testosterone Imbalance

Testosterone is not just a male sex hormone. Women also have lesser amounts of this hormone. It is produced by your ovaries and adrenal glands. Testosterone has the important function of aiding you by protecting you against developing osteoporosis. It has many other effects on your health, including sex drive, mood, energy levels and body fat percentage.

If you have too much testosterone in your body, such as when you have a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome, you could experience:

  • Irregular Periods
  • Increased Body or Facial Hair
  • Hair Loss
  • Acne

Too little testosterone often occurs during menopause and can lower your sex drive, cause depression, weakness of your muscles and fatigue.

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Need More Hormone Help

If youre needing some health upgrading, its time you started you looking into whats going on with your hormones.

Ive designed a 4 day hormone detox and evaluation to help you understand exactly whats out of whack and how you can start getting back to balance so that your hormones no longer have to suffer.

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Home Menopause Test Kits

Home menopause test kits measure the levels of follicle stimulating hormone in your urine. FSH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Its levels increase each month to stimulate the ovarian follicles to release a mature egg. During menopause, your ovaries stop producing eggs and the levels of FSH rise.

Home menopause tests detect the amount of FSH in your urine, but they cant definitively detect whether you are in perimenopause or menopause. Whatever the results of the test may be, you should consult your doctor if you have menopausal symptoms.

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Testing Your Hormones With Blood Testing

The most common testing method for hormones is serum blood testing. This is what you can get done through your regular doctor.

Blood tests measure whats called bound hormone its attached in the blood to SHBG . When a hormone is bound, it cant be used at a tissues receptor site. But hormones acting on receptor sites in tissue are what actually create symptoms.

So in essence, it is not a very good reflection of what is actually causing you symptoms.

Time and time again, I hear from women who clearly have a gamut of hormonal symptoms and a blood test that says everything is completely normal. Which is obviously not true.

However, blood testing can be useful for some things. Testosterone tends to be better tested through blood. And blood testing is where youre going to find out about your LH and LSH and prolactin.

So if you can get a blood test from your doctor, then great. Do it.

But I dont think it gives the full picture. So Id also recommend getting a saliva or urine test done.

Fertility Hormone Testing Overview

DUTCH Test – How Does The Hormone Work & Why Take One?
  • Fertility hormone testing usually involves analyzing a womans blood or urine samples to determine if hormonal issues may be preventing her from becoming pregnant.
  • Hormonal imbalances are a leading cause of infertility in women.
  • Hormone levels can also affect male fertility and hormone testing may be appropriate for men as well.
  • Primary fertility hormone testing involves analysis of follicle-stimulating hormone , luteinizing hormone levels and progesterone.

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What Are Female Hormones

Estrogen and progesterone are the primary sex hormones in females. Most of the body’s supply of these hormones is produced by the ovaries, although small amounts are supplied by other tissues in the body. While best known for their primary function of regulating the reproductive system, female hormones also play a role in other aspects of women’s health, including cardiac function, metabolism, bone health, skin thickness and elasticity, urinary tract health, emotional health and brain function, among others.

Cortisol and the thyroid hormone can become imbalanced for various reasons and affect both men and women. Ensuring a healthy profile means keeping abreast of your body’s levels. A comprehensive hormone test can provide much needed insight.

The three primary sex hormones in women are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Other Things To Be Aware Of With Testing Hormones For Acne

Note that getting your hormones tested when youre on hormonal birth control is pretty useless. The synthetic hormones in it completely suppress and override your natural hormones.

Since hormone testing tests your natural hormones, it will likely say everything is low across the board and not give you anything too useful.

Another thing to note with saliva or urine testing is that it is very important to have someone who understands acne and the testing to help you interpret them. Its pretty useless to get back a test, have no idea what it means or what to do with the info, and have your money be wasted.

Ideally the natural practitioner who you run it through will know how acne works and give you some good advice.

Theres also me, of course. For years I have been helping my lovely Love Vitamins interpret their saliva tests in my Naturally Clear Skin Academy.

So if youd like my help, consider joining us. I also have a special bonus for Academy members only they get an exclusive 30% discount on a saliva test through a specific company .

Do you now feel more confident about getting your hormones tested?


Blog author Tracy Raftl used to have severe acne now she teaches thousands of women how to take back control of their skin through natural, holistic, and mind-body methods.

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Missing Or Irregular Periods

If you have long cycles or your period is irregular , then I suggest starting with the Female Hormone Test and the Progesterone Test.

I think a thyroid test is also helpful in cases like this to see if your thyroid is playing a role in your cycle woes. As above, youd want to do the Thyroid Antibody Test in addition to the Female Hormone Test and the Progesterone Test.

Dont forget the progesterone test needs to be done 5-7 days after ovulation so make sure to be paying attention to ovulation signs. If you dont yet know how to do that, then read this post on charting your cycle.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Hormone Imbalance In Women

Hormone Testing

These can vary greatly, explains Dr. Eccles, but include the following: hot flushes, vaginal dryness, irregular bleeding, fibrocystic changes in the breasts, weight gain, fluid retention, dry skin and hair, hair loss, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, sleeplessness, headaches, breast tenderness, foggy thinking, joint pain, loss of libido and difficulty reaching orgasm.

Acne, depression, fatigue, hirsutism , increased thirst, migraines, infertility, irregular periods, loss of periods , night sweats, pain during sex, poor memory and a puffy face can also be indicative of a hormone imbalan

Hormones affect us through their daily subtle shifts, more strongly through the monthly cycle, and then through the massive hormonal swings during pregnancy, perimenopause and the menopause, says Dr Marion Gluck, womens health specialist and author of Its Not My Head, Its My Hormones . While not everyone will struggle with these changes, many women suffer physically and emotional. Heres the low-down on your hormones, and what happens when you have a hormone imbalance.

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What Happens When Your Cortisol Levels Are High

There are some hallmark signs of Cushing syndrome fatty humps between your shoulders, rounded faces, and pink or purple stretch marks on your skin that can be caused by too much cortisol. In addition to high blood pressure, bone loss, and type 2 diabetes, Cushing syndrome can also cause high cholesterol.

What Should I Do If I Have A Hormonal Imbalance

The testing is complete, the results are in, and it appears as though you may be experiencing some kind of hormone imbalance or age-related hormone change. While this may be frightening, its important to remember that hormone imbalances are often easily resolved.

Depending on the severity and the cause of your hormone issue, you may be able to resolve the issue naturally via careful lifestyle adjustments. In other cases, you may consider replacing the hormones your body is lacking in order to restore balance. This treatment option is called hormone replacement therapy, and its a very common first line of defense against hormone problems of all kinds.

A good hormone health practitioner will help you understand your treatment options and create a comprehensive plan that makes sense for you. With their support, you can find the best path toward symptom relief and optimal health.

If you are interested in hormone testing, BodyLogicMD can help. The practitioners in the BodyLogicMD network are experts in hormone replacement therapy and dedicated to helping patients achieve hormonal balance. Using a functional approach to medicine, each patient is treated as a whole individual, receiving nutrition and lifestyle counseling in addition to any necessary medications. If you need a hormone balance test or are looking for a specialist to interpret the results, contact a local practitioner today. Or take the BodyLogicMD Hormone Balance Quiz to better understand the impact of hormones.

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There Is An Interrelationship With Cancer

HGH testing is essential for most women diagnosed with cancer. After a diagnosis of cancer, the body naturally produces part of its HGH. This moment is when performing the test. If it does not, there is a good chance that cancer will not progress any further. It may die off before it gets any worse.

For many years, women were afraid to test their HGH levels on their own. They were afraid to get the results at home because of the possibility of complications. The variety of ways to do the test has increased considerably. There are many ways to get the test done at home today. It used to be that professionals only did HGH testing. Today, however, it is no longer necessary to go to a professional for your test. You can do this test yourself in the comfort of your own home.

It would be best if you were sure that you have the right equipment before doing a test at home. You do not want to end up paying for something that you purchased second hand. The stuff you should use is something that comes from your local pharmacy. You will also need a blood pressure monitor and a machine that will measure the level of HGH that you have in your system.

Having a doctor do a test on your hormones can take time. The amount of time it takes will depend on the number of hormones that you have in your system. Usually, you have about three months to do your test. Most doctors today will give you a quick explanation of what is going on with your body before they even run the test.

Is It Safe To Have Tests During The Pandemic

How To Test Estrogen Levels

Dr Aziz-Scott: Its understandable that there is some hesitation about being around others at this time, but we would like to reassure you that your safety is of the utmost importance to us. It is safe to have your blood tests during the pandemic and as per Government advice, it is recommended that you keep any appointments or procedures you have booked.

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Health Conditions And Female Hormones

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a condition that stops eggs from developing normally in the ovaries. Symptoms of PCOS include:

  • Excessive hair growth
  • Irregular or missed periods
  • High levels of the male hormone testosterone

Thyroid problems, such as an overactive or underactive thyroid, can also affect the development of eggs in your ovaries and hence affect your hormone levels.

Testing your hormone levels can help you to understand whether a health problem, such as PCOS or a thyroid problem, is leading to hormonal changes in your body.

How To Check Hormone Levels Easily

The Everlywell at-home Women’s Health test is the most comprehensive panel for a complete look at all the hormones that are critical to a women’s well-being. This hormone imbalance test checks your female hormone levels so you can discover if your levels are too high or low compared to reference ranges.

Our Womenâs Health test is taken in your own home, and results are provided by an experienced, CLIA-certified laboratory. At a low price for all of these tests, this is the perfect starting point for those wanting to take a first step in assessing their own hormone levels before turning to more expensive, difficult, or complex alternatives.

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Can You Test Hormone Levels

Yes, you can. Hormone testing is routinely done these days and is available for all types of hormones that commonly become unbalanced, including women hormones, men hormones, thyroid hormones, cortisol and much more. Most hormone imbalance tests are blood tests that measure the level of certain hormones circulating in the blood stream, and in some cases, whether complimentary hormones estrogen and progesterone, for instance are present in the proper ratios to work together effectively.

  • Hormone tests are commonly done for the following purposes:
  • To diagnose hormonal imbalances

Commonly Asked Questions About Female Hormones

Why All Women Should Take The DUTCH Complete Hormone Test

What is the lifelong role of estrogen in female health?

Most people think estrogen is primarily responsible for reproduction, but it also helps with bone, skin and cardiovascular health. In addition, it affects thyroid hormone production. During menopause, estrogen levels decline along with the production of progesterone and testosterone. Hormone replacement therapy , which means replacing lost hormones by re-introducing them into the body, is often suggested to offset the positive benefits of estrogen and can be helpful in reducing common symptoms of menopause. But some studies show that artificial doses of estrogen carry risks and have been linked to cancer, dementia, strokes and arthritis. Never assume that hormone replacement therapy is the right thing to do without consulting your healthcare provider.

What is Puberty? Hormones that control puberty

Puberty is the time in life when children begin to show changes through hormone secretions that indicate they are about to become adults physically. In girls, the most obvious sign of puberty is the onset of menstruation. It can happen anywhere between the ages of 9 17, with a median age of 12. The menses, or monthly cycle, is interrupted during pregnancy and typically ends when the ovaries stop secreting steroid hormones a stage known as menopause.

What are the hormonal milestones in a females life?

What Causes Hot Flashes?

Why do I feel so different during my monthly cycle?

Why dont men have monthly cycles?

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When To Do Adrenal Testing

Feeling tired and worn-out, craving salty foods, and struggling with mood swings? It means your adrenals need your attention.

If you ignore the signs, with the time you may develop adrenal fatigue, or adrenal gland disorders such as Cushing’s syndrome, or Addison’s disease. In other words, adrenal dysfunction may affect your energy, sleep, mental focus, and quality of life in general.

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