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How To Free Up Testosterone

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Get More Zinc Magnesium And Vitamin D3 In Your Diet


Zinc is a mineral that many of us are deficient in around 2 billion worldwide in fact . additionally, youll also see improvements in your immune system, liver function and mood.

Youll find zinc in foods such as oysters, beef, lamb and mushrooms.

Magnesium is also a nutrient we are likely to be deficient in according to the World Health Organisation, 75% of Americans dont achieve the daily recommended intake of this essential mineral. Magnesium increases your total and free testosterone levels, as well as supports your muscle and insulin levels it can also assist with mood and depression . Youll find magnesium in pumpkin seeds, dark green vegetables, beans and nuts.

Vitamin D3 is the perfect nutrient if you want to optimize your T levels. It is plays a major role in maintaining overall health and athletic performance. Studies have reported that vitamin D3 increases both free and total testosterone when supplementing ~3300IUs per day .

This sunshine hormone will also help to optimize your bone health in particular if you are have gone through the menopausal transition or are approaching it . Youll find it in foods such as oily fish, cheese and eggs but your best bet is to get it naturally via sunlight.

For our 10 best testosterone boosting foods, check out this article.

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Have A Little Coconut

Coconut has a high amount of saturated fat, and bodybuilders have been using this type of nutrient for decades to help them bulk up and raise their low testosterone levels. Keeping a steady amount of saturated fat in the diet can help testosterone hormones regulate, but the proof behind this effect has only recently come to light.

Over 90% of the fat is found in coconut saturated fats, providing a natural source .

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Stay Away From Soy Products


When it comes to protein, getting it from a typical source is highly encouraged. Some men may joke about the effect that soy can have on the body, but they are not altogether wrong. Individuals who take on a vegan lifestyle arent likely getting the right source of protein because so he doesnt do anything positive for testosterone production. It may prove to be the exact opposite as it reduces sperm production as well.

Sometimes, having an abundance of soy in the diet can also cause an increase in estrogen levels in men. Raising testosterone levels can become almost impossible if the body has too much estrogen. Plus, soy is not adequately absorbed by the body. Even if it is used as the primary source of protein, the body isnt reaping all of the potential benefits it offers.

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How To Test Testosterone Levels

You can check testosterone levels with an at-home test or at a clinic. The Everlywell at-home test uses a saliva sample that you collect in the morning by spitting in a tube that comes with the kit. You then mail the sample to a lab and get your results online. Testosterone testing at a clinic usually involves a blood test in which blood is drawn from a vein in your arm .

Make Sure You Train Properly

Finally, the emphasis on physical activity and weight training cannot be stressed enough because weight training is crucial to increasing testosterone levels naturally. Compound lifts are highly effective, but the volume of the lifting can also make a big difference. Rather than pushing the body to its maximum performance, many researchers say to do no more than 90% of what the individuals limit is.

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What Should Free Testosterone Be

Does Boron Increase FREE Testosterone? (What You Need To Know)

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, the normal free testosterone range is 0.3 pg/mL to 2 pg/mL .

Or in terms of percentages, your free T is normal if its anywhere from 0.1% to 0.3% of your total T.

And as you might imagine, the only feasible way to determine your levels would be through a blood test.

However, something that I find intriguing from the same source is that this medical center mentions two things that can affect your results.

Guess what they are? Alcohol and obesity.

As I previously mentioned, these two things can affect your hormonal levels.

So you better keep track of your alcohol consumption and body fat percentage!

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Top 36 Best Ways To Boost Testosterone Naturally For Men

  • Friday, July 30, 2021 1:22pm

Most men know that testosterone plays a significant role in their bodies. This hormone is responsible for their sexual function and physical performance in many ways, but there are other benefits it provides. Many men experience improvements in their heart health, memory, sleep, and overall alertness by having adequate testosterone levels.

Increasing testosterone levels might become necessary if the individual is finding himself to be lacking in these areas. Previously, the only way that consumers could improve their testosterone levels was by getting an anabolic steroid shot, but there are many safe ways to naturally increase it instead.

Ways To Increase Free Testosterone

03/12/2018 | 2 min. read

Healthy Directions Staff Editor

Men, if youre feeling more fatigued and out of shape, you may want to get your free testosterone tested. As men age, starting around age 30-35, their bodys testosterone levels decline. While this is normal and natural, there are things you can do to help boost your levels of free testosterone, which is the type that is bioavailable for your body to utilize.

1. Get Your BMI In Check: Having a high percentage of body fat can affect your testosterone levels. If youre carrying around extra weight, shedding those excess pounds can improve your testosterone.

2. Reduce Stress: When youre stressed, your body produces the stress hormone cortisol which suppresses testosterone production. Plus, stress can affect your libido. What can you do? Take time each day to burn off steam with exercise, meditation, or spending time with family and friends.

3. Turn in Earlier: When youre not sleeping enough it raises your cortisol levels, which, like stress, depletes your testosterone levels. So, turn off the TV and the electronics at night and hit the hay earlier.

4. Skip the Junk Food: To keep your testosterone levels up, you want to skip the refined carbs and sugar that can boost insulin and suppress the production of free testosterone. Instead, you want to eat vegetables, fruits, and organic lean meats that supply the vitamins your body needsincluding B vitamins and zincto produce testosterone.

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Why Test For Free Testosterone

Many men are concerned about their testosterone levels. We know that aging causes a decline in testosterone levels over time. Studies show that levels start dropping around age 35 and then decline further after age 80 . But just having low testosterone is not necessarily a problem.

Some people develop symptoms along with their low hormone levels, indicating a testosterone deficiency . Anywhere from 212% of men overall may have a testosterone deficiency . Interestingly, if you look at older men over 80, up to 50% may have low testosterone levels .

If you think you may have low testosterone, talk to your healthcare provider and have your levels checked. Be sure to look at both your free and total testosterone levelsmany people will check total testosterone, but forget about free testosterone levels. However, free testosterone levels may fall faster than your total testosterone concentration . Some men may have normal total testosterone levels, but low free testosteroneso if you only test for one and not the other, you and your provider may not be getting the whole picture .

The most accurate method of testing free testosterone is by a process called equilibrium dialysis however, this test is time-consuming and not readily available to all providers. Therefore, many tests rely on other markers that help calculate free testosterone levels.

Boron For Free Testosterone

100% Natural Testosterone Booster

Boron is a trace mineral that most people have never even heard of

Its present in our natural soil due to the fact that it comes to earth from cosmic ray spallation. Given that we dont eat foods grown in nutrient rich soils anymore , were depleted in multiple important minerals.

And one of them is boron, which has a valuable role in our endocrine system:

a)This human study found out that 10 mgs of boron taken daily for a week was enough to increase free testosterone levels by 28%. SHBG count in serum also decreased significantly which probably explains the increase in free T.

b) In this human study the researchers gave their subjects 6 mgs of boron daily for 60 days. The results showed a similar 29,5% increase in free testosterone, which was again caused by a significant drop in SHBG count.

Im personally supplementing with this boron everyday .

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Increase Hdl Cholesterol Levels

The two most abundant types of cholesterol are LDL and HDL. HDL is considered good cholesterol while LDL is considered bad. There is scientific evidence that strongly suggests a positive link between elevated levels of HDL cholesterol and serum testosterone levels . As a result, you will read lots of blog posts and articles espousing the virtues of packing in the HDL cholesterol.

While the evidence leaves little doubt that more HDL cholesterol equates to more serum testosterone, a word of caution is nonetheless warranted here. Thats because a recent study involving more than 6,000 people concluded that getting too much HDL cholesterol in your diet can dramatically increase a persons risk of heart disease . Therefore, if youre determined to raise your HDL intake to boost testosterone, talk to your doctor first.

Free Vs Total Testosterone: Whats The Difference

Approximately 98% of the testosterone the body produces is bound to either sex-hormone binding globulin , or albumin. This is referred to as bound testosterone. The 2% thats left is known as free testosterone.

This unbound or free testosterone is what connects with testosterone receptors within the bodys cells. When a cell absorbs free testosterone, it enables its functionality, such as cell replication in the bones and muscles. Free testosterone is also responsible for the creation of what are known as secondary sexual characteristics in men. These include things like facial hair and a deeper voice.

As the name suggests, total testosterone is the grand total of all the hormone available in the bloodstream. While some testosterone tests only account for total testosterone, they might not be as helpful as once thought. Heres why.

A 98% proportion is normal for bound testosterone but obviously, anomalies can occur. Limiting testing to total testosterone levels overlooks the possibility of excessive bondage to either SHBG or albumin. Heres why it matters. The possibility of excessive bondage means that it is possible to have normal levels of total testosterone but still have insufficient free testosterone to perform its essential functions. Too little free testosterone can lead to poor muscle development, irritability, lowered sex drive and a host of other issues that one may not readily associate with too little free testosterone.

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Take Up Boxing Or Martial Arts

While there are many ways to naturally increase testosterone, especially with exercise, boxing, and martial arts, it seems to have a little more interaction anyway. It can be just as engaging as it is effective. By taking on more aggressive mindsets in these routines, testosterone production can increase temporarily.

Admittedly, many people would instead not take on a routine that involves them in direct combat with another person. Still, it can be enjoyable and effective for the individuals that take it on.

In Addition To Sperm The Testes Also Produce Testosterone What Is The Function Of This Hormone

how to prevent testosterone loss when drawing up

Zhengongfu Male Enhancement 3000 Mg What Factors Influence The Levels Of Sex Hormones Including Testosterone In Women Is Chixken A Good Testosterone Booster. How To Free Up My Testosterone Testup Testosterone Booster How Long To Take What Should My Testosterone Level Be To Require Trt Does Eating Bacon Boost Testosterone.

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Processed Foods And Testosterone

The typical Western diet of bread, dairy, fried food, and sugar has been linked to higher body fat and lower than optimal testosterone levels. Diets higher in homemade foods and green vegetables, on the other hand, are related to overall healthy composition and hormonal balance

To improve your health and boost testosterone in your body, ditch the takeout, and eat more vegetables.

How You Can Fix Low Testosterone With Lifestyle Choices

Testosterone levels dont only come down to the foods you eat, but also to your lifestyle. The best strategy for testosterone deficiency is to attack the problem from all angles, combining nutrition with sleep, exercise, and stress management.

Here are some tips for maximizing testosterone production in your everyday life:

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Treatment With Clomiphene Citrate

Of the 272 men with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and ED, 228 completed a 4-month course of clomiphene citrate, 50mg orally on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Most of these men were married in a stable heterosexual relationship the single men were in a steady relationship for at least 6 months. A home log was kept in which the couple recorded the number of sexual attempts and successes at intercourse. A successful response was defined as the ability to complete intercourse in more than 75% of attempts a partial response was defined as successful intercourse in from 50 to 75% of attempts. The men who failed did not notice any change in their sexual activity. No men reported side effects caused by clomiphene citrate.

Get Enough Quality Sleep

Test X180 Ignite Free Testosterone Review

Like sex, sleep feels so goodand science is discovering its really good for you. Unfortunately, like sex, too many of us feel somewhat guilty about sleeping, believing its a sign of laziness or a waste of time. But studies show that shut-eye benefits the brain, metabolism, and heart its crucial to preserving your health, including your sexual health. Sleep is a natural testosterone booster. The body makes testosterone during sleep, so if youre not getting enough, or your sleep is low quality , you might see your testosterone levels decline.One small study found that men who slept less than five hours a night for a week had 10% to 15% lower testosterone levels than when they got a full nights sleep . Experts, including the National Sleep Foundation, recommend that all adults get seven to nine hours of sleep nightly .

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