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How To Get Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Support Yourself Naturally When Getting Off Hrt

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Your body has the power to make and balance its hormones at every stage of your life, but it needs adequate support. That means rich nutrition, a well-functioning digestive system that can really absorb nutrients, a strong metabolism, and a steady routine of exercise and stress reduction. If your symptoms are moderate to severe, you can add phytotherapy, nutrients, and make dietary and lifestyle changes to normalize your hormone levels naturally and more quickly. The more severe your hormonal imbalance, the more support youll need. After youve weaned off HRT completely, your body will require less support.

Ideally, you will have the opportunity to put this program of support in place before you begin to wean off HRT. We advise everyone to allow 24 months for the weaning process overall, if possible . If you do it with care, you can feel better than you ever have in your life.

Understanding The Benefits And Risks

Recent findings show that although not completely risk-free, HRT remains the most effective solution for helping with symptoms of menopause and is also effective for the prevention of osteoporosis. It may also provide protection against heart disease.

When deciding whether to have hormone replacement therapy , it is also important to understand the risks.

You may have heard about a link between breast cancer and HRT. Guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence say that HRT is effective and recommend that it should be offered to women with menopausal symptoms.

Option : The Tom Waddell Standards

The Tom Waddell Standards govern hormone therapy and give a general overview of transgender health concerns. This was initially designed by Dr. Tom Waddell who worked in the free/low-income clinics of San Francisco and this was developed with all transsexual people in mind. Today, there are a few clinics other than homeless clinics that provide services to transsexual people under the Tom Waddell system.

I started my hormone replacement therapy at a clinic using the Tom Waddell system without even being aware of it. I started my HRT in November 2007 at Dr. Hunter Hammillâs office in Houston, Texas with no therapist requirement imposed on me. It was however a requirement that I attend a few support group meetings in the Houston area which I have before my appointment.

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How Long Does A Person Continue Hormone Therapy

The decision to continue or discontinue hormones is entirely up to the individual. The physical transition process, during which hormones alter the physical characteristics of the body, can take up to five years. After that, many people choose to continue taking hormones in order to maintain the changes that have already occurred. The goal of hormone therapy is to keep the hormones within the normal, physiologic ranges. Around age 50-60 years, hormone levels naturally decline in healthy people and some individuals might discontinue them then or reduce them to a very low dose.

If a person has surgery to remove the testes , the body would no longer produce testosterone. A testosterone blocker would no longer be needed but estrogen would still be needed to maintain feminine characteristics.

If a person has surgery to remove the ovaries , the body would no longer produce estrogen. However, testosterone would still be needed to maintain masculine characteristics.

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Amy Kossoff Md Burke Virginia Bioidentical Hormone Doctor

Hormonal Hell: How I

Burke Virginia Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Dr. Amy Kossoff has been in practice for over 30 years. She is passionate about Integrative Medicine and ensures every patient receives optimal care. Using an integrative approach, Dr. Kossoff treats the whole person in a dynamic physician-patient partnership combining the best of Family Medicine with medicinal scientific-based natural therapies. She treats most medical conditions to include cardiovascular, fatigue thyroid/adrenal, womens health with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy , diabetes, metabolic syndrome, immune- allergies, infections, and integrative cancer support as well as pain and stress with anxiety and depressive components.

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Choosing The Right Hrt For You

It is important to find the correct HRT to help your symptoms.

A low dose of HRT hormones is usually prescribed to begin with. If you need to, you can increase your dose at a later stage.

Once you’ve started HRT, it’s best to take it for a few months to see if it works well for you. If not, you can try a different type or increase the dose. It’s really important that you talk to your GP if you have any problems with HRT.

Reducing The Cancer Risks Of Hormone Therapy

If you and your doctor decide that MHT is the best way to treat symptoms or problems caused by menopause, keep in mind that it is medicine and like any other medicine its best to use it at the lowest dose needed for as short a time as possible. And just as you would if you were taking another type of medicine, you need to see your doctor regularly. Your doctor can see how well the treatment is working, monitor you for side effects, and let you know what other treatments are available for your symptoms.

All women should report any vaginal bleeding that happens after menopause to their doctors right away it may be a symptom of endometrial cancer. A woman who takes EPT does not have a higher risk of endometrial cancer, but she can still get it.

Women using vaginal cream, rings, or tablets containing only estrogen should talk to their doctors about follow-up and the possible need for progestin treatment.

For women who have had a hysterectomy , a progestin does not need to be a part of hormone therapy because theres no risk of endometrial cancer. Adding a progestin does raise the risk of breast cancer, so ET is a better option for women without a uterus.

Women should follow the American Cancer Society guidelines for cancer early detection, especially those for breast cancer. These guidelines can be found in Breast Cancer Early Detection.

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What Are The Risks Of Mht/hrt

The main risk is that some types of MHT lead to a slightly increased risk of developing breast cancer or thrombosis . However, it can prevent other conditions such as osteoporosis, heart disease, fractures, diabetes and some types of cancers.

Current international recommendations say that the benefits outweigh the risks in women who are having significant symptoms from menopause, and that MHT is effective and safe for most healthy women.

Some women have side effects such as nausea, fluid retention, bloating, breast tenderness and swelling, and irregular bleeding. These often go away with time.

MHT may not be suitable for you if you have or have had:

The risks of MHT depend on your age, the type and dose of hormone therapy you take, duration of treatment, and your medical history.

Talk to your doctor to find out which risks apply to you. If you are unable to take MHT, your doctor may suggest other medications that may be helpful.

Gaht Vs Hormone Replacement Therapy

What You Need to know About Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) with Dr. Sharon Malone

Since these two terms are often confused or used interchangeably, lets take a moment to differentiate GAHT from hormone replacement therapy .

Hormone replacement therapy is classically used to describe the process of prescribing hormones to cisgender people, meaning those individuals whose gender identify matches their sex assigned at birth, often to relieve symptoms of hormone imbalance. For example, testosterone may be prescribed to cisgender men with low testosterone levels who have symptoms like changes in sexual function.

The term HRT, on the other hand, has often been used by the trans community to describe the process of gender-affirming hormone therapy. However, GAHT is a more accurate description of the use of hormones by trans folks because nothing is technically being replaced. The medical community who takes care of trans folks is moving away from saying HRT, and instead, is using GAHT so as not to conflate the different therapeutic practices.

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What Are The Benefits Of Taking Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is a common type of treatment for menopause symptoms. It includes estrogen and progesterone, which are the female sex hormones. HT has many benefits, including improved health of the skin, decreased risk of osteoporosis, lowered heart disease risk, relief from hot flashes, improved mood, and improved sexual function. However, women who take HT must take the medication every day and usually cannot miss more than two days in a row.

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men


Hormone replacement therapy is a bit of a misnomer. Its natural for mens testosterone levels to decrease as they get older. So, hormone therapy doesnt replace anything that is naturally missing.

Testosterone is required for:

  • maintaining healthy levels of red blood cells
  • maintaining bone density

However, the natural decrease of this hormone in men typically doesnt affect overall health any more than the aging process does. Medical experts disagree about the significance of a testosterone level decrease. They also disagree about the health benefits of hormone therapy use to combat the natural aging process in men, especially given the risks.

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Benefits Of Bhrt In Roanoke From Our Clinic

To appreciate all the benefits that you will receive when taking Bioidentical Hormones, it is better to know in advance what effects you can expect.

  • Improving the psychological state, including the elimination of insomnia, anxiety, and signs of depression.
  • Improvement of physical condition, growth of muscle mass, and strengthening of bone tissue.
  • Increasing strength and endurance.
  • Prolongation of the reproductive period in men and women.
  • Increasing efficiency and energy.

And thats not all, because depending on the type of drug and your characteristics, the effects can be much more diverse, but all of them will benefit your body.

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Can You Be Too Young

5 Signs You Need Hormone Replacement Therapy

In the past, hormones were made synthetically and contained special molecular tags added by the manufacturer so the hormone could be patented. These synthetic hormones, with their unusual tags, were implicated in some studies that showed serious side effects among those who took them long-term. Other studies showed no side effects at all. Regardless, there was some reason for concern, and many people preferred not to take hormone therapy any longer than absolutely necessary.

Today, at Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center, we use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT. That makes all the difference, and theres no need to worry about the issues that used to be associated with traditional hormone therapy.

Why BHRT Makes a Difference

These hormones have a different molecular shape from the synthetic hormones of old. BHRT hormones are molecularly and chemically identical to the hormones our bodies produce naturally, and dosages are tailored to the individuals unique needs.

Because of this, the body makes use of these hormones just as it would natural hormones, without worries about side effects or issues with long-term use. This makes BHRT safe for everyone, including younger people who may need to seek therapy for longer in order to enjoy a high quality of life.

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Natural Remedies For The Top Four Hrt Rebound Symptoms

1. Hot flashes. In addition to herbs like black cohosh, red clover and kudzu, we recommend avoiding caffeine, sugar, and alcohol for two weeks to see if your symptoms subside.

2. Weight gain. Carbohydrate consumption is a key factor with weight gain in menopause. Keep the carb content of each meal to 16 grams or less and snacks to 7.

3. Insomnia. We offer a unique sleep and relaxation product to help reset your circadian rhythm, but you might also try setting a regular bedtime and scheduling at least an hour of downtime before bed.

4. Anxiety. Deep breathing, yoga, and being outside in nature are all helpful ways to calm your body and mind.

Bioidentical Or Natural Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are hormone preparations made from plant sources that are promoted as being similar or identical to human hormones.

Practitioners claim these hormones are a “natural” and safer alternative to standard HRT medicines.

However, bioidentical preparations are not recommended because:

  • they are not regulated and it’s not clear how safe they are there’s no good evidence to suggest they’re safer than standard HRT
  • it’s not known how effective they are in reducing menopausal symptoms
  • the balance of hormones used in bioidentical preparations is usually based on the hormone levels in your saliva, but there’s no evidence that these levels are related to your symptoms

Bioidentical hormones are not the same as body identical hormones. A body identical hormone, or micronised progesterone, can be prescribed to treat menopausal symptoms.

Many standard HRT hormones are made from natural sources, but unlike bioidentical hormones, they’re closely regulated and have been well researched to ensure they’re as effective and safe as possible.

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Testosterone Will Increase Your Upper Body Strength Dramatically

This deserves its own section because it is so dramatic. Before T, I spent years working out in gyms, lifting weights, hiring personal trainers. Still I could not do one decent push-up. Within a year of starting testosterone, I could do 20 push-ups with ease. At the moment, I have not set foot in a gym for a year yet I can drop and give you 15 push-ups without breaking a sweat. And they feel light and easy! In short, my upper body strength has increased dramatically since starting testosterone.

What Are The Types Of Hormone Therapy

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

HT is a medical treatment that uses hormones to treat certain conditions. Types of hormone therapy include:

Menopausal hormone therapy, which uses estrogen and progesterone to lessen the severity and frequency of menopausal symptoms

Breast cancer prevention hormone therapy, which prevents breast cancer from developing by lowering the amount of estrogen in the body

Prostate cancer prevention hormone therapy, which lowers the amount of testosterone in the body to prevent prostate cancer

The three types of hormone therapy include oral hormone therapy, transdermal hormonal therapy, and injectable hormonal therapy.

Oral hormone therapy consists of tablets, pills, or patches that contain estrogen and progesterone. These medications can come in different forms and may be taken alone or with a birth control pill, and these medications can be taken for short or long periods.

Transdermal hormonal therapy involves applying a patch that contains both estrogen and progesterone to the bodys skin. This is more commonly used than other forms of hormonal therapy.

Injectable hormonal therapy consists of an injectable form of testosterone and estrogen. After the first trimester of pregnancy, most doctors do not recommend hormone therapy as it can decrease a womans chance of getting pregnant. It also puts her fetus at risk of health complications due to the high estrogen levels.

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Can All Women Take Hormone Replacement Therapy

Most women can use HRT, but your GP may not prescribe it if you have or have ever had:

  • unusual vaginal bleeding
  • a condition called endometrial hyperplasia, which is a thickening of the inner lining of your womb

If you have menopausal symptoms but arent sure if you can take HRT, speak to your GP. Theyll check your medical history to see if HRT is right for you and discuss what your options are. There may be other treatment options that are better suited to you. Your GP may refer you to a specialist for further treatment.

Looking For Hormone Replacement Therapy In Roanoke Get It In Clinic

Our clinic provides high-resultative Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women throughout the US having a branch in Roanoke.

We specialize in HGH Replacement Therapy, Menopause and Andropause Therapy, Testosterone Therapy for men and women, Erectile Dysfunctions Treatment and other methods of HRT.

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Can Increase The Risk Of Blood Clots

Studies have shown that HRT may raise your risk of blood clots and stroke. This risk may be highest for people over 60 or who started menopause over a decade ago. The longer you take HRT, the greater the increase in your risk.

Because of this risk, health experts recommend the lowest possible HRT dose for the shortest period of time for people over 60 or who are 10 years past the onset of menopause.

The Basics Of Ftm Hormone Therapy

Hot Flashes

Hormone replacement therapy goes by many names, including cross-sex hormone therapy and gender-affirming hormone therapy. For transgender men, it is more specifically called female-to-male or masculinizing hormone therapy, as the process changes the level of sex hormones in your body to make you look and feel more masculine. Through masculinization hormone therapy, someone battling with gender dysphoria can feel more at home in their own body and more at ease around other people.

Undergoing masculinizing hormonal treatment is not unlike typical male puberty. Over the course of 12 months to 24 months, you develop âmasculineâ secondary sex characteristics, such as increased facial hair and a deeper voice.

Wed like to point out, however, that medical affirmation is just one dimension of gender affirmation not everyone who identifies as trans or gender non-conforming feels the need to go through it. Other gender-affirming actions include changing oneâs name and gender marker on official documents.

How Do Female-to-Male Hormones Work?

Sex hormones are what aid in the development of your sex characteristics, like your genitals, breasts, pubic hair, etc. Most people are familiar with estrogen and testosterone, but there are actually three kinds androgen , estrogen, and progestogen.

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