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How To Get Rid Of My Hormonal Acne

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Consult Your Doctor About Oral Medication

How I Cured My Adult Hormonal Cystic Acne Naturally (no accutane)

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So what exactly do hormones have to do with your skin? To answer that, Benjamin first gives us a quick biology lesson for those who experience a menstrual cycle. A 28-day menstrual cycle can be broken down into three sections. During the first seven days, estrogen levels are high. On days seven to 14, estrogen begins to drop. Day 14 through day 28 is when estrogen reaches its lowest levels. Benjamin explains that breakouts are most likely to occur seven to 10 days before your period because thats when estrogen, which helps keep your skin clear, is lowest. Also during this time, testosterone increases, leading to an increase in sebum production. Progesterone levels increase, too, causing your pores to constrict. So, youve got low levels of the skin-clearing hormone, plus excess oil and constricted poresthe perfect storm for an acne flare-up.

If your cystic breakouts dont respond to topical spot treatments, talk to your doctor about different oral medication options. Depending on your specific circumstances, they might suggest birth control or spironolactone to regulate hormones and oil production or an antibiotic to target bacteria.

Incorporate A Retinol Treatment

One of Dr. Zenovias favorite skincare ingredients, retinol is one of the most researched and proven actives in dermatology for acne control. Retinol helps regulate sebum production and keeps the pores from clogging, preventing the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts.

Dr. Zenovias Advanced Retinol Night Repair Treatment features highly concentrated All-Trans-Retinol Technology. This alcohol version of the powerful retinoic acid helps support collagen synthesis and deeply penetrates the epidermis through a unique micro-polymer delivery system to support cellular turnover. This delivery system is key in stabilizing this delicate molecule making it both penetrable and giving it a slow, steady absorption.

If you are new to using a retinol, Dr. Zenovia recommends using a pea-sized amount two nights a week, combining it with a moisturizer, and applying it all over the face . If you experience dryness, redness, or peeling take a break for a few days. Then try to incorporate this ingredient slowly into your routine once the skin calms down by mixing it with a moisturizer or water and using it less frequently. Its important to note that you will not see overnight results with retinol. It may take up to two months of consistent application to see a reduction in acne, fine lines, and dark spots.

Adult Acne: How To Get Rid Of Hormonal Acne Naturally

By Jillian Levy, CHHC

If youre someone who suffers from hormonal acne, chances are youve tried numerous home remedies for acne but may not be getting the results you hoped for. Thats likely because this type of acne can be complicated to treat, considering it occurs for reasons beyond having clogged pores, which is often the case with other forms of acne.

How can you stop hormonal acne? One of the first steps is working on balancing your hormones, such as by eating a nourishing diet, managing stress and getting enough sleep.

The next layer in your treatment plan is using the right types of cleansers and topical products. That means those that help clean and soothe your irritated skin without worsening symptoms.

The good news? Youre not alone if youve developed adult-onset acne, since this affects most people at one point in their lives or another based on a variety of factors.

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How Do You Know If Acne Is Hormonal

There are several signs that your pimples are related to hormones. According to dermatologists, here are a few signs of hormonal acne:

While wed love to leave acne behind once we enter our 20s, the reality is acne flare-ups are possible at any time. Hormonal acne is the type thats most likely to attack in your 20-something years, since those are the years when people with vaginas tend to be most hormonally active. Your 20s is often the peak childbearing age, says Dr. Jegasothy. This makes people with vaginas more prone to the intense hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

But age alone wont determine whether or not youll break out. Genetics can dictate when hormonal breakouts start and stop. Throughout my professional career, Ive found that nearly half of women in their 20s experience acneand menopause can cause a resurgence of breakouts, Marina Peredo, M.D.6, cosmetic and medical board-certified dermatologist and associate clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, tells SELF.

This is because these excess hormones in your body stimulate the oil glandsmany of which are around your chin area, says Dr. Peredo. These excess oil glands make your skin a prime spot for these types of breakouts.


How To Treat Hormonal Acne Naturally

The Simple Skin

In some cases, plant-based treatment options may be used to clear up mild hormonal acne.

Natural treatments are usually free of the side effects sometimes caused by prescription options. But they may not be as effective. Research on natural options is lacking, and at this time nothing has been proven to produce results. Talk with your doctor about potential risks and to ensure the treatment wont interact with any medications youre taking.

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Are Levels Of Testosterone And Of Other Androgens Raised In Hormonal Acne

There is conflicting evidence on this though the majority of studies show that elevated androgen levels are are frequent.

A large study from 2013 showed that of 835 women with hormonal acne, 55% had elevated levels of androgens DHEA being the one most frequently elevated. A Turkish study from 2017 of 207 women showed 55% of women with acne had elevations in one androgen. Smaller studies from Brazil and Japan have also showed elevated levels of androgens in adult women with acne.

A Czech study from 2000 of 90 women with acne showed that 81% had an elevated level of at least one androgen. The severity of acne did not vary with the degree of elevation however. However a British study from 1989 showed no elevations in androgens in women with acne.

Our clinical impression is that some women do have elevated androgen levels and hormonal acne may be the only sign of this. Other signs include excessive facial and body hair, irregular periods and hair loss. However, a large number of women have normal levels of androgens and it is believed that these women may just be more sensitive to these androgens. This is the reason they get acne.

The bottom line is routine hormone blood tests may be normal in hormonal acne. Hypersensitivity of the skin means that anti-androgen treatment is still important. Also Testosterone and DHT can be produced in the skin and blood tests would not show if too much of these hormones is being produced in the skin in some people.

Use A Healing Face Mask

If you’re looking for an at-home spa day, try treating your skin with a healing face mask. Clay masks are excellent for gently exfoliating your skin and drawing out impurities.

Look for formulas that contain ingredients like tea tree oil, witch hazel, aloe vera, and charcoal to help soothe and calm your skin .

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Check Your Beauty Products

Hiding acne under a layer of makeup? The products youre using could actually be contributing to your breakouts. As many as 62 percent of acne cases are triggered by cosmetic products. Look for products that specify the product is non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic to ensure it wont aggravate your acne further.

Take Better Care Of Yourselfseriously

~1 THING~ that healed & reset my hormonal acne, NATURALLY | Acne Series

This always feels like the most frustrating piece of health advice, right? Oh, youre stressed? Just work harder at being less stressed! Just try squeezing in some meditation, yoga, exercise, therapy, baths, nature walks, sleep, etc.! How easy! No pressure! Just breathe! Yeah. F*ck that.

First, Ill say that yes, its all true: stress and lack of sleep can worsen hormonal acne. When youre freaking out, your stress-related hormones spike and send your oil glands into overdrive, Dr. Zeichner has said. These spikes then lead to inflammation, pimples, dryness, extra oiliness, and even rashes. Similarly, when you dont get enough sleep, your body is exposed to continuously high levels of cortisol, which can trigger breakouts, he added.

But what are you going to do about it, if youre dealing with final exams, or a global pandemic, or political turmoil, or personal traumas and stresses in your life? Youre going to do the best you can, whether that means going to a dermatologist , downloading a meditation app, or just being aware of your stress levels throughout the day. Hormonal acne is stressful enough without you feeling like its somehow your fault or in your control, okay?

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You Might Also Notice It Popping Up Down There

Seeing any kind of lump anywhere near your vaginal area can set off some major alarm bells. Before you panic, know that some people do report vulvar breakouts before their period.

Hormones can be to blame for breakouts in this area, but there are other possible period-related causes, too.

Menstrual pads, for instance, can rub against your skin, irritating your hair follicles and leading to ingrown hairs and folliculitis.

Other period products can also cause contact dermatitis, which is a reaction to something that touches the skin. Scented tampons, pads, and wipes can do it.

The deep pimples and cysts that sometimes come with periods can be pretty painful for some, but there are things you can do to ease the pain.

To get relief during a painful breakout, try:

  • a warm compress for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, three or four times a day to soothe pain and help draw out pus

Period-related acne can be particularly stubborn. You can help speed up the healing process with a mix of over-the-counter products.

Support Healthy Liver Function

Before toxins can be eliminated from the body, they have to be filtered out of the blood.

And the liver is responsible for that job. It basically takes in blood from the digestive tract, filters it and then sends it out to the rest of the body.

So, maintaining a healthy liver makes it easier to get rid of any toxins that are contributing to inflammation.

Here are a two things you can do to help your liver function properly:

  • Eat more anti-inflammatory foods .
  • Add bitter foods to your diet because they are particularly healing and nourishing for the liver. Choose from things like green tea, endives, radishes, dandelion and kale.

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How To Get Rid Of Hormonal Acne: Diagnosis & Treatment Options

November 26, 2019 by Winslow Blankenship, MD

Hormones are easy to blame for a world of issues particularly for women and teenagers. With acne, its no different. For many teenage boys and girls, women of all ages, or men taking specific supplements, hormones could be the source of your acne problem.

Teenage breakouts are likely due to an increase of androgens which results in the growth of oil glands and increases oil production. Women, while your teenage years bring similar changes in androgens, you have a more complex hormonal environment due to menstrual cycles that may continue to cause hormonal acne.

Medications can trigger hormonal acne as well. Men or women taking testosterone supplements or anabolic steroids may notice an increase in hormonal acne while on these medications.

If you suspect hormones may be the cause of your breakouts, heres how to identify and how to get rid of hormonal acne.

Consider Accutane For Hormonal Acne

The Simple Skincare Routine That Helped Me Get Rid Of My Hormonal Acne ...

STOP! Please dont just scroll by with a big olnope! Despite the myths and supposed horror stories youve heard, Accutane is not as dangerous as youve been led to believe. Yes, its definitely a serious medication , but its honestly the closest thing to an acne cure that dermatologists have, and its usually completed with just one six-month treatment.

Isotretinoin, or Accutane, permanently shrinks your oil glands so they cant be hormonally stimulated as easily anymore, says Dr. Gohara. And no, you dont need a face full of severe, cystic zits to be a candidate either: I have patients with pretty mild yet persistent acne, and because nothing else has worked for them, I have them on Accutane, she says.

Basically, keep your options openif your dermatologist thinks Accutane is the right call for your hormonal acne, at least hear them out, k? And maybe looking at some before-and-after Accutane photos from real people will help calm your nerves, too.

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How To Get Rid Of Acne: 14 Home Remedies For Pimples

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the world, affecting an estimated 85 percent of young adults .

Conventional acne treatments, like salicylic acid, niacinamide, or benzoyl peroxide, are proven to be the most effective acne solutions, but they can be expensive and have undesirable side effects, such as dryness, redness, and irritation.

This has prompted many people to try to cure acne naturally at home. In fact, a 2017 study found that 77 percent of acne patients had tried alternative acne treatments.

Many home remedies lack scientific backing, and further research on their effectiveness is needed. If youre looking for alternative treatments, though, there are still options you can try.

This article explores 14 popular home remedies for acne.

Cut Dairy From Your Diet

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Since, according to Benjamin, chin acne can be attributed to hormones, start by addressing all the factors that could be affecting you hormonally, like the food you eat. Fenton says that a change in diet, especially one thats heavy in dairy, can have a significant difference in your skin. Dairy has been shown to stimulate testosterone production in people who consume it, and spikes in testosterone can worsen acne. Dairy also naturally contains its own hormones, such as estrogen, which can exert their own impact on a persons hormonal balance, he explains.

If youve already made the switch from cows milk to almond or soy milk and are still experiencing breakouts, you might be surprised to learn why. As it turns out, even those dairy substitutes might be the culprits behind hormonal breakouts due to the fact that they both contain high levels of estrogen-like compounds. In short, be wary of dairy and do your research before selecting a nondairy substitute if you already have a hormonal imbalance.

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Can Vitamins Help Hormonal Acne

Yes, vitamins can help hormonal acne by acting as antioxidants, reducing inflammation, and supporting healthy hormone balance. The best vitamins for acne are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and a B complex. You can find many of these nutrients in food, but taking supplements can ensure you’re getting enough.

How To Get Rid Of Hormonal Acne

How I CLEARED my hormonal acne, NATURALLY | 7-30 day plan you can try!

If youre dealing with hormonal acne, youre not alone. It can be difficult to treat, but there are options. To get rid of hormonal acne, three things have to happen: topical treatment, diet, and lifestyle changes, Dr. Patel says. A lot of people immediately resort to medication and dont try to change anything else. Its also important to see a medical professional to ensure you dont have a hormonal imbalance linked to some other medical condition . Heres how to treat hormonal acne, according to experts.

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Clean Your Skin Thoroughly

Cleaning your skin is an integral part of the acne-fighting process. But if you’re trying to get rid of acne fast, it’s even more crucial. While cleansing wont immediately make acne vanish, it can help remove dirt, oil, and acne-causing bacteria from your skin’s surface.

Use lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser or soap. And if you have sensitive skin, look for formulas specifically designed with this in mind, such as our Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Body Wash.

The ingredients in this product have been specially selected to help keep your skin feeling soft and smooth. For example, niacinamide helps lock in moisture, and cleaning agents help keep your pores clean.

Build The Ideal Hormonal Acne Diet

As mentioned above, diet does have an impact on hormonal acne. Growing research shows an association between certain foods and hormonal acne outbreaks.

Dairyspecifically skim milkhas been shown to exacerbate acne. There are a few theories as to how dairy affects acne, Dr. Mack says. First, cows may be given artificial hormones, which affect the milk that they produceand ingestion of the milk results in an increase in hormones in our bodies. Additionally, milk naturally has growth hormones in it that can affect acne.

Its not just dairy you should be wary of, though. We also know that refined sugars worsen hormonally driven acne, Dr. Mack says. Excess sugar consumption has been linked to inflammation. This inflammation in turn drives the inflammatory acne cysts seen in hormonally-driven acne.

Experts recommend limiting dairy and high glycemic-index foods and eating a well-balanced diet. You should be drinking six glasses of water a day, getting eight hours of sleep, taking a multivitamin daily, and taking a probiotic to calm the gut, Dr. Patel says. It is important to eat an anti-inflammatory diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains. You can also incorporate other hormone-balancing foods into your diet to help support clearer skin.

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