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How To Reduce Belly Fat Due To Hormonal Imbalance

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Ways Your Hormones Can Make You Gain Belly Fat

Many women resign themselves to the fact that getting older means weight gain. They assume because so many women gain weight as they approach menopause, that this is a normal part of aging.

To add insult to injury, this menopausal weight gain is often focused on the belly area. Belly fat is not only difficult to hide, its also dangerous for your health. In fact, this type of fat, known as visceral fat, is linked to an increase in heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and certain types of cancer.

Menopause and perimenopause can and do cause weight gain in the midsection, but its not simply because of aging or poor dietary habits. In fact, a womans hormones play a crucial role in a womans body fat distribution as she gets older. Even women who exercise and eat a sensible diet may find a decrease in muscle and an increase in belly fat because of a shift in hormones.

Many people mistakenly think that they simply need to exercise more and eat less, and the belly fat will go away. Unfortunately, this is often not the case because menopausal weight gain is a complex issue.

Heres how a hormonal imbalance can wreak havoc on your waistline.

Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy

Thyroid hormones are a common cause of hormonal imbalances that cause weight gain in the abdominal area. At Synergy Wellness Center, we offer thyroid hormone replacement therapy which includes replacing your thyroid hormone with more youthful or active levels. Thyroid hormone replacement is an excellent option to help get those hormones back on track, helping you lose that pesky lower belly fat*.

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Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

Here are some other health benefits provided by cinnamon, apart from losing belly fat, if you consume it regularly:

Improved Gut Health Cinnamon can help in improving the overall digestive function. which will enhance gut health. When consumed regularly, cinnamon can also help provide relief from flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea.

Managing Diabetes Cinnamon is good for improving insulin sensitivity in the body, which can help in regulating blood sugar level through enhancing the response of the hormone insulin. Regular consumption of cinnamon can also help in reducing risk of diabetes.

Reduced Inflammation Cinnamon is also rich in antioxidants, which help in reducing inflammation. That can aid in weight loss.

Supplements For Hormonal Belly Fat

Why Hormone Imbalance Makes It Hard For You To Lose Weight

Since most hormonal belly fat issues are caused by insulin issues then taking a supplement that helps with this issue is vital.

Intermittent fasting is a great method for naturally lowering your insulin. Combined with a low-carb diet itll produce the best results for resetting your hormones to drop the belly fat.

I recommend taking a C8 MCT powder while youre fasting. Itll boost your results by enhancing your bodys ability to switch over to using ketones for energy. Ketones are made when quick-burning sugars and stored carbs arent available in your body for energy. So your body has to start using your fat stores for fuel and it produces ketones as a result. I like and recommend Keto Elevate.

Support Many of the Keto Benefits Associated With Increased Ketones, & Support Them FAST, but Without the Difficulty of Doing Keto…


  • 3X Better Than Coconut Oil, Butter or MCTs
  • Heightened energy levels

If youre having trouble eating enough high protein and low carb meals then its easiest to add in a protein shake. Just make sure your protein shake is low carb and isnt filled with a bunch of additives or junk.

The Last Word

Does hormonal belly go away?

Focus on doing the things that help to reverse the damage caused by out-of-whack hormones. This includes focusing on your diet, intense workouts, optimizing sleep, and lowering high-stress levels.

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Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Menopausal weight gain, or hormonal weight gain, is a struggle that very few talk about but there are effective ways to get rid of belly fat. While we may not talk about it, belly fat is quite obvious since lower belly fat accumulates, and its pretty hard to hide! How to lose belly fat is a concern for women not just because of appearances, but also for health reasons.

Some foods can act as a belly fat burner and help get rid of belly fat, but the best way to lose it is to understand why you are accumulating it in the first place. While you may have never had a muffin top before, many women gain weight at menopause in the lower belly.

Lose Belly Fat By Balancing Your Hormones

Many people maintain a relatively flat stomach for most of their lives but begin to develop a layer of abdominal fat as they approach or pass the age of 50. This abdominal or visceral fat is often called a spare tire by its owners.

Insulin directs the body to move fats into cells. These fats are then used to produce energy. However, a poor diet and lack of exercise often cause the bodys cells to become less sensitive to insulin a term called insulin resistance. As the body becomes more insulin resistant, it tends to store more fat in visceral layers around the abdomen instead of keeping it for energy use.

Both men and women encounter this effect. When it builds to the point where a spare tireis noticeable around the belly area. This is sometimes called a hormonal belly. Men tend to encounter an increase in estrogen as well as a decrease in testosterone level around the same age as when a woman enters menopause.

Aside from promoting insulin resistance, this increased estrogen level in men adds to the risk of developing Benign Prostate Hypertrophy and increased male breast growth . As estrogen levels rise, belly-fat levels increase and become noticeable.

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Meno Belly Diet Six Key Ingredients

  • Cut the sugar. When your hormones are out of balance in perimenopause, balancing your hormones and optimizing your overall health are virtual requirements for losing unwanted weight and belly fat. Sugar is a trigger for for hormonal imbalance, so keep it to a bare minimum in your diet by eliminating sugary processed foods which are notorious for containing large amounts of added sugar as well as unhealthy fats that also harm hormones. If youre craving something sweet snack on a serving of fresh fruit. Apples, pomegranates and cherries are considered superfoods for hormonal health because they contain hormone-friendly compounds that can improve hormonal balance and satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Eat foods that lower inflammation. As you go through the menopause transition, increasing oxidative damage throughout the body can trigger chronic inflammation. Science tells us again and again that theres a direct link between chronic inflammation and difficulties with shedding excess weight. You can stop this chain reaction and protect your body from oxidative stress by increasing your intake of antioxidant-rich foods. These include: broccoli, spinach, carrots, artichokes, cabbage, asparagus, avocados, beetroot, radish, lettuce, sweet potatoes, kale, nuts and even dark chocolate.
  • How To Prevent Hormonal Imbalances In The Future

    The #1 Tip To Reduce a Hormonal Belly â Gauge Girl Training

    There are several ways to prevent hormone imbalances in the future. Below is a five-point plan to help you keep your hormones in check:

  • First, make sure you eat healthy foods. This includes eating lots of vegetables and fruits, as well as whole grains.
  • Second, avoid processed food.
  • Third, exercise regularly. Exercise helps to release endorphins, which help reduce stress
  • Fourth, try to sleep at least eight hours each night.
  • Finally, keep stress levels low by avoiding negative people and situations.
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    What Is Hormonal Imbalance

    Hormones are basically chemical messengers that tell the cells in your body what to do and support them in doing it. The human body secretes some 50 or so different hormones, each of which has a specific purpose in the body. Most of us know that hormones are responsible for most sex-related processes, but they also help control many more basic bodily processes, including metabolism.

    Hormonal imbalance occurs when you have too much or too little of a certain hormone. Since your hormones all talk to each other constantly, an imbalance in one hormone has a domino effect, causing changes in the entire body and taking a toll on your health. One downside of the stunningly complex interplay between hormones is that its fairly easy for things to get thrown off balance.

    Hormones are produced by the glands of the endocrine system. While any of the hormones produced by any of these glands could potentially get out of balance, certain types of hormones are usually involved when we talk about hormonal imbalance. The three major hormonal systems typically involved in hormonal imbalance are sex hormones , adrenal hormones , and thyroid hormones .

    Because hormones and their functions are so diverse, the signs of hormonal imbalance are equally varied. However, some of the more common signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance are:

    • Irregular period or amenorrhea
    • Weight loss or gain

    Find A Friend Or A Group To Exercise With

    To attack belly fat and any other menopausal weight gain, youll need to burn between 400 and 500 calories most days of the week from cardiovascular exercise, such as walking briskly, jogging, bicycling, dancing, or swimming, Peeke says. Need motivation? Find a friend who needs to exercise as much as you do, and set a date to work out together. Research in the British Journal of Health Psychology found that actively looking for a new workout partner and exercising together is beneficial for both exercise and emotional support.

    If you dont have a buddy to join you on your weight loss mission, it may be time to try a group fitness class at your local gym or community center. Data published in the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine found that participating in regular group fitness classes resulted in a significant decrease in stress and a rise in physical, mental, and emotional quality of life compared with exercising regularly on your own or not engaging in regular exercise at all.

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    What Are The Stages Of Hormonal Change For Women

    Women begin to experience the hormonal changes associated with the cessation of ovulation about eight to 10 years before menopause truly sets in, which means that menopause is a slow process.

    Premenopause and Perimenopause

    For many women, the first stage of menopause happens between ages 30 and 40, with the primary symptoms being cycles that become less regular and hot flashes during the night. Perimenopause is a more substantial stage where the symptoms of hormonal changes become more pronounced. In particular, perimenopause includes faster depletion of estrogen levels however, women are still capable of becoming pregnant during perimenopause, although fertility rates are likely lower.

    Menopause and Postmenopause

    Menopause is the full suspension of the ovulation cycle, meaning women no longer have any periods because their bodies do not produce enough estrogen to ovulate. Menopause is marked by hot flashes, mood swings, sleep disturbance, sexual dysfunction, and more. Many women are surprised to learn that postmenopause, which can occur for over 10 years after the onset of menopause, features a continuation of these symptoms.

    Which Stage Features the Most Potential Weight Gain?

    Hormone Replacement May Fight Belly Fat Study Says

    How To Lose Hormonal Belly

    Hormone replacement may prevent belly fat in postmenopausal women

    The effects last only as long as the woman is on hormones

    If youre a woman of a certain age, you might have wondered: Where did this belly fat come from? Youre eating and exercising no differently than you did before menopause struck, but suddenly, your tummy has ballooned.

    Welcome to life without estrogen.

    Preclinical data has shown that either surgical menopause or declines in estrogen accelerates fat accumulation, primarily visceral or abdominal fat, said Dr. JoAnn Pinkerton, executive director of the North American Menopause Society. Changes over time in how women look such as noticing more abdominal fat, having increases in waist size, pants no longer fitting in the waist or increases in breast size all may be signs.

    Unfortunately, that extra fat can be life-threatening.

    A body fat percentage of 35% or more for postmenopausal women means a higher risk of obesity-related heart and diabetes risks, Pinkerton explained, including higher total and LDL cholesterol and insulin resistance.

    To combat those health risks, women are encouraged to eat healthy, watch their weight and exercise. Now, there may be another weapon in the arsenal: menopausal hormone therapy.

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    Keep Portions In Check And Consider Your Eating Patterns

    Your metabolism has slowed down by the time you hit menopause with some research suggesting it burns a couple hundred calories fewer a day. Extra weight can very quickly add up if you dont reduce the number of calories you consume, says Christine Palumbo, RD, a nutrition expert in Chicago.

    Its also this time in your life, Palumbo notes, when you may be easing up from the daily duties of preparing meals for your family, and you’re delighted to take a break from the kitchen . She has cooked for 25 years, and is sick of it, and she just wants to go out to eat, says Palumbo. What happens then is that you will inevitably eat twice as many calories as you need at that meal, and its often accompanied by alcohol, which is also associated with abdominal weight gain. Order appetizers as entrees and ask for a to-go container for leftovers when you do indulge in a large main course.

    How Does Estrogen Impact Weight Gain

    Produced within the ovaries, estrogen is responsible for optimal functioning of all female reproductive organs. Estrogen promotes the storage of fat for healthy reproductive years. When estrogen is balanced, the right amount of fat helps carry out female reproductive functions. However, when theres too little or too much estrogen, weight gain often results.

    Overweight women typically have high amounts of estrogen, as do women in the first half of pregnancy. Then theres perimenopause and menopause, which are characterized by a notable decrease in estrogen. Its during this time that some women opt for hormone replacement therapy to replace declining estrogen levels.

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    What Causes Belly Fat In Females Over 40

    One of the main reasons why belly fat develops in females is due to a decrease in estrogen levels. Estrogen is a hormone that helps to regulate metabolism and energy expenditure. When estrogen levels decline, our bodies become less efficient at burning calories. This can lead to weight gain, particularly in the abdominal area.

    There are a few things that can cause belly fat in females over 40, but one of the most common is hormonal imbalance. Hormones play a big role in weight gain and loss, and when theyre out of balance, it can be tough to lose weight especially around the middle. If youre wondering how hormones affect weight gain in your 40s, read on to learn more.

    So, what causes middle age belly fat? Well, there are a few things that can contribute including:

    • A decrease in metabolism: As we age, our metabolism slows down and we dont burn calories as efficiently as we used to. This can lead to weight gain.
    • An increase in stress: Stress can cause our bodies to produce more of the hormone cortisol, which has been linked to weight gain, especially around the waist.
    • Hormonal changes: As we age, our hormones change and this can lead to weight gain. For example, women may experience a decline in estrogen as they approach menopause, which can cause weight gain.

    Engage In Regular Exercise

    How To Lose Hormonal Belly Fat â Gauge Girl Training

    Creating an exercise routine and sticking with it can be a significant lifestyle change for some and can take some getting used to. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , you should aim for 150 minutes of weekly, moderate-intensity activity for optimal body function. Exercise is excellent for keeping your hormones in check. If youre searching for tips on how to lose hormonal fat, exercise is the perfect opportunity to burn belly fat and calories.

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    Supplements For Hormonal Imbalance

    The lifestyle changes outlined above are powerful natural remedies for hormonal imbalance in females. However, if you want to give some extra oomph to your hormone-balancing journey, you can also add in some supplements for hormonal imbalance. Again, what works for you will depend on what kind of hormonal imbalance youre dealing with, but well give you the rundown on the major ones that research has shown can bring hormones back into balance. If you decide to take supplements for hormonal imbalance, be sure to consult with your doctor first.

    The Best Supplements for Hormonal Imbalance / Supplements for Hormonal Belly Fat

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