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How To Test Estrogen Levels In Males

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How To Test Estrogen Levels

Its important to keep in mind that everyones hormone levels are unique and there are a number of factors that can play a role in a persons hormonal health. With that said, there are some lifestyle changes that may potentially help in lowering estrogen levels, these include:

  • Incorporate magnesium and B vitamins into your diet
  • Try adding fresh and organic foods to your everyday diet whenever possible
  • Get the right amount of sleep

What Are The Symptoms Of High Estrogen In Men

What are the symptoms of high estrogen in men? According to Dr. Bernstein “erectile dysfunction, weight gain, decrease in libido or sexual drive, enlargement of the breast tissue, depression, loss of energy or feeling tired and decrease in muscle mass” are some of the symptoms you could expect if you live with high estrogen.

High estrogen in men may cause:

How To Check Estrogen Levels

This article was medically reviewed by Aimee Eyvazzadeh, MD, MA. Aimee Eyvazzadeh is a Fertility Specialist and the Founder of The Egg Whisperer Show, a fertility care program focusing on fertility education based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work has been featured in magazines such as People, Forbes, and Marie Claire, and she has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and CNN. She earned an MD from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2001, completed an OB/GYN residency at Harvard Medical School in 2005, and finished a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at University of Michigan, where she also completed an MPH. This article has been viewed 9,443 times.

Estrogen is a hormone that affects the reproductive system and the development of secondary sex characteristics . Estrogen levels can also impact your mood and the health of your skin, bones, liver, and heart.XResearch source Whether you are pregnant, trying to conceive, concerned about a possible hormone imbalance, or taking hormone-based medications, you may need to keep an eye on your estrogen levels. Visit your healthcare provider to get your levels tested, or ask your healthcare provider to order an at-home test kit for you.

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When Should You Check Your Estrogen Levels

There are a few different scenarios that might encourage you to have your estrogen levels tested. The most common is symptomatic and should happen if you are experiencing adverse symptoms related to estradiol and estrone.

Issues such as problems with menstrual cycles, infertility, menopausal symptoms, and vaginal bleeding after menopause are all cause to check estrogen levels. Girls who develop sex organs later or earlier than normal may also get their estrogen levels tested. Pregnant women are routinely given an estriol test as part of prenatal screenings, but it is not always necessary.

However, many symptoms of hormonal imbalance can be misleading and attributed to other issues. For example, weight gain may be linked to a hormonal imbalance, or it may be related to other lifestyle factors. Testing can be a handy tool to investigate any symptom that might fall into this category.

Checking specific levels can give you and your doctor insights into your health. If you are experiencing symptoms that indicate your hormone levels might be off, taking a hormone test can help you potentially find the cause of your symptoms and give you more information about your general health.

Can You Test Hormone Levels

Why Men Should Take The DUTCH Hormone Test

Yes, you can. Hormone testing is routinely done these days and is available for all types of hormones that commonly become unbalanced, including women hormones, men hormones, thyroid hormones, cortisol and much more. Most hormone imbalance tests are blood tests that measure the level of certain hormones circulating in the blood stream, and in some cases, whether complimentary hormones estrogen and progesterone, for instance are present in the proper ratios to work together effectively.

  • Hormone tests are commonly done for the following purposes:
  • To diagnose hormonal imbalances

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Why Estrogen Balance Is Critical To Aging Men

Originally Published by Life Extension Magazine

When we started offering comprehensive blood test panels, men did not understand why we were checking their estrogen levels. Back in those days, estrogen was considered a hormone of importance only to women.

We tested estrogen based on published data indicating that when estrogen levels are unbalanced, the risk of degenerative disease in aging men skyrockets. Of concern to us 14 years ago were reports showing that excess estrogen contributes to the development of atherosclerosis. Human clinical studies conducted more than a decade later confirmed our suspicions. Men with even slightly elevated estrogen levels doubled their risk of stroke and had far higher incidences of coronary artery disease. Our early observations also revealed that men presenting with benign prostate enlargement or prostate cancer had higher blood estrogen levels . Subsequent clinical studies help confirm our early observations.

Insufficient estrogen, on the other hand, predisposes men to osteoporosis and bone fracture.

The fact that 99% of men today have no idea what their blood estrogen levels are helps explain the epidemic of age-related disease that is bankrupting this nations medical system.

New Study Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association

Conventional doctors tend to ignore hard science until it appears in their own medical journals.

Low Estradiol and Testosterone Predict Mortality in Aging Men


Causes Of Estrogen Level Fluctuations

The levels of estrogen in women decrease as they approach menopause. Surgery to remove a womans ovaries can also lead to low estrogen levels. A womans estrogen levels may increase due to medications like birth control. Higher levels of the estrogen estradiol have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer.

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Possible Causes Of Abnormally Low Cortisol Levels

Addisons disease

Also called primary adrenal insufficiency, this is a condition that occurs when the adrenal glands are damaged and become unable to produce enough cortisol and/or other stress hormones. This is most often caused by auto-immune activity, where the immune system attacks the bodys own tissues. Other potential causes include long-term use of steroid medications, certain blood thinners, tumors and infections.

Problems with the pituitary gland

Low cortisol levels can be caused by the pituitary gland failing to release enough ACTH. This latter is important to trigger adequate amounts of cortisol to be released from the adrenal glands. This is typically referred to as secondary adrenal insufficiency, or hypopituitarism and, can be caused by trauma to the pituitary gland, brain tumors, pituitary gland tumors, stroke, autoimmune diseases and tuberculosis, among many other possible causes.

The Connection Between Low T And Estrogen

Male Hormone Imbalance – How To Test Your Hormone Levels

Estrogen levels and testosterone levels are closely related. In fact, one of the primary causes of low estrogen is actually low testosterone.

Mens bodies produce estradiol, a form of estrogen, as a byproduct the breakdown of testosterone through an enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase is found in estrogen-producing tissue, such as the adrenal glands, the brain, fatty tissue, and even the testicles.

Estradiol is often referred to as E2 and is one hormone in a class of hormones called Estrogens. This class includes estradiol, estriol, and estrone, among others.

Estradiol is likely the main estrogen you need to worry about.

The production of estrogen in a male body is a completely normal and necessary process. Estrogen is required for the healthy physiologic functions of your brain and other important organs, including:

  • Erectile function and sex interest
  • Maintenance of bone health

Talk to a TRT expert and get back to feeling the way you’re supposed to.Now serving patients in all Texas cities.

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Normal Estrogen Levels For Males: Optimizing Hormonal Health

As a dominant, strong, confident and lean man youre aware of how important testosterone is for health and performance. But having a normal estrogen level in males is just as important. Heres what you need to know

Estrogen is a primary female hormone. And while its primary role in women is to regulate menstrual cycles, its also pivotal to male health too.

The problem is that while normal estrogen levels are needed for optimal health, too high and youll begin to suffer a wide range of side effects.

Balancing testosterone and estrogen is the key to better physical performance, muscle mass, stamina, libido and sex drive.

In this article we tell you not only what normal estrogen levels for males are but how to make sure they stay that way

Estrogen Levels Vary On A Daily Monthly And Yearly Basis

It is well known that estrogen levels vary based on the month and based on your age .

This variation NEEDS to be taken into account when testing estrogen.

If you go into your Doctors office and your Doctor orders an estrogen on just some random day, it’s almost impossible to make any sort of claim based on that single lab test about your estrogen level.

The only exception is probably menopause because at this time in your life your estrogen is no longer fluctuating on a monthly basis and will stay relatively stable.

Because it is known that estrogen varies based on the day of the month lab tests come equipped with “ranges” which are designed to help with interpretation.

The problem with these lab tests is that the reference range is very wide :

You can see from this example that mid-follicular phase estrogen may vary from 27 to 123.

Mid-luteal phase estrogen can vary from 49 to 294.

So why is this a problem?

Let’s say that you are suffering from some symptoms, such as menstrual irregularities, which leads you to the Doctor for testing.

If your Doctor tests your estrogen and you come back in the normal range for the mid-luteal phase estrogen with a value at 58 you may be considered “normal”.

But what if the true “normal” for you is closer to 200? There would be no way to know what is actually your normal unless you have a baseline testing of estrogen .

This is just one way in which testing for estrogen is not as straightforward as it might seem.

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How Can I Test My Estrogen Levels At Home

Although you might already be familiar with the effects of estrogen on the menstrual cycle and the development of sexual characteristics, it also plays an important role in a number of other functions such as bone health and cognitive function. This is why when levels arent either too high or too low, you may experience mood swings, irregular periods or increased PMS symptoms.

Keeping an eye on your estrogen levels is one of the best ways to get an idea of your hormonal health. As well as getting a comprehensive picture of your fertility status, lab tests can give you an idea of whether or not youre experiencing hormonal imbalances which are commonly caused by an underlying condition such as PCOS, early menopause, or thyroid function issues. If you would prefer to take a lab test from the comfort of home, the most reliable way is with an at-home Female Hormone Test.

LetsGetCheckeds Female Hormone Test requires a simple finger prick sample and provides a broad picture of your hormonal health, with online results in 5 days. This home test checks for Follicle Stimulating Hormone , Luteinizing Hormone , Prolactin and Oestradiol. Our dedicated clinical team are available every step of the way to answer any questions you may have surrounding the process or your results. For accurate results, the sample must be collected on Day 3 of your menstrual cycle to ensure accurate results.

Supplements That Raise Testosterone Levels Foods That Increase A Man S Testosterone

How to test your testosterone levels at home

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Best Testosterone Supplements Men S Health Show Me A List Of Male Enhancement Products Ne W On Market. Tevida Testosterone Booster Reviews How Does Testosterone Regulate Gene Expresion How Testosterone Is Representented On Blood Test. What Is The Normal Testosterone Level For A Female Increase Total Testosterone.

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Hormone Testing For Men: 10 Common Lab Tests And What They Mean

Theres a wide array of hormones in the body. Its normal for their levels to fluctuate, but sometimes, it can be indicative of underlying issues.

Even if your fluctuations are normal, its still a good idea to keep track of them, so if anything serious does happen, itll be more noticeable. Many disorders dont have noticeable symptoms regular testing will catch them as soon as they rear their tests.

Because of this, its important to be proactive about your health. In this article, well discuss the signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance and 10 common Hormone Testing for Men.

How Do Testosterone And Estrogen Differ

Testosterone, the key hormone in men, is the chief regulator of muscle tone and lean body mass, or the very essence of what gives a man his masculine appearance. A normal level of testosterone is a broad term, making deficiencies difficult to detect. The hormone is produced by the adrenal glands and testicles, with levels highest in the mornings and decreasing throughout the day.

Testosterone also regulates a mans sex drive. Lack of sexual desire and performance, often associated with low levels of testosterone, or low T, is a common complaint from men as they age and hormone levels drop. Sex drive and performance, however, require the presence of both estrogen and testosterone.

Estrogen, by contrast, is the hormone responsible for sexual and reproductive development in women and is also referred to as the female sex hormone. Estrogen is really a group of hormones that includes estrone, estradiol and estriol. Estrogen is produced in the ovaries but also by fat cells and the adrenal gland.

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Hormone Testing For Women: 12 Common Lab Tests And What They Mean

Medical research shows that hormonal imbalances affect nearly 50% of women. Of those, 72% dont know the root cause of their symptoms until much later.

Hormone Testing for Women helps to take proactive control of your health. Did you know there are laboratory tests that can identify hormonal imbalances? Opting for hormone testing now can save you a significant amount of worry, concern, and wasted time down the road.

While there are countless lab tests designed to uncover myriad medical issues, today, were focusing in on your hormonal health. Join us as we share twelve lab tests that can give doctors a clear view of your hormone levels so you can designate a path forward.

Ready to learn more? Lets get started!

Behind The Scenes And Under The Surface

How To Lower Estrogen Levels in Men (3 quick tips)

In addition to the outward and recognizablesymptoms, elevated estrogen levels in men can create other health problems thatare not quite as obvious or as immediate or easy to see. Over time, uncheckedhigh estrogen levels in men can lead to serious and possibly deadly conditions.Significantly, higher estrogen levels in men are associated with higher levelsof inflammation and been linked to dementia, depression, cancer, diabetes, andthe formation of blood clots which may lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Estrogen may have a protective effect on the female brain, but it could have a very different impact on males. Although inconsistent, some studies have found that high estrogen is associated with dementia in older men. It is also associated with depression a 2018 research study examining the connection between obesity and depression noted an increase in depressive symptoms in men with higher estrogen levels regardless of body mass index . Although the study did not establish a definitive causal relationship, the association is intriguing.

One of the most dangerous results of a high estrogen level is the increased tendency to form blood clots. This condition is not usually evident until a clot occurs, and by that time it may be too late estradiol-related blood clots may cause catastrophic strokes and heart attacks resulting in permanent disability or even death.

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How Mira Fertility Plus Can Help To Track Your E3g Levels

Because women can only conceive a limited number of days per cycle, tracking your fertility hormones helps you identify exactly when your fertile days occur. Detecting a rise in E2, as shown by measuring E3G levels, is done to predict and detect ovulation.

Mira Fertility Plus measures your actual fertility hormone levels and gives a more accurate picture of fertility tracking by providing precise hormone measurements from multiple cycles. Tracking your cycle and fertility hormone levels can take the guesswork out of your fertility journey and support you with real-time data.

With clinically proven accuracy, the Mira Analyzer offers highly personalized fertility advice and is a complete solution for reliable, personalized, and comprehensive data if you are trying to get pregnant or tracking your hormones for other reasons.

Medically Reviewed by Dr Roohi Jeelani, MD, FACOG and Lauren Grimm, MA

What Causes A Hormonal Imbalance

The causes of hormonal imbalances vary according to the specific hormone involved. However, in general, they are due to changes or dysfunctions of a hormone-producing gland. For instance, a thyroid gland that isn’t functioning correctly may produce too much thyroid hormone, accelerating your bodys metabolism or could produce too little. Thyroid dysfunction can be caused by autoimmune diseases, thyroid nodules, medications or, rarely, thyroid cancer, among other potential causes. Imbalances in male or female sex hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, can be caused by age-related changes, such as menopause and andropause, as well as genetic disorders, stress, nutritional issues, or medications. Excessive stress, poor diet, aging and certain medications can contribute to imbalances in cortisol and other adrenal hormones.

There are many different underlying causes that can result in a hormonal imbalance. Each cause relates to different glands and hormones and, does impact your body differently. Many diseases and other conditions can result in a hormonal imbalance.


Diabetes is characterized by an inability to properly use the insulin hormone. An insulin imbalance can lead to other related hormonal imbalances as well such as disrupting estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, progesterone, and cortisol.

Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

Cushing Syndrome

Addison’s Disease

Turner Syndrome

Prader-Willi Syndrome


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