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How To Up Estrogen Levels

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Causes Of High Estrogen

How to increase low estrogen naturally | my top 3 tips

Males and females can develop hormonal imbalances.

The body may only produce high levels of estrogen, or it may produce high levels of estrogen and low levels of another hormone, such as testosterone or progesterone.

Estrogen levels can also rise in response to medications. For example, people taking estrogen replacement therapy, a treatment for menopause symptoms, may experience adverse effects of high estrogen.

Other medications that can increase estrogen levels include:

  • hormonal contraceptives
  • some herbal or natural remedies
  • phenothiazines, which doctors use to treat some mental or emotional disorders

High estrogen can run in families. Also, certain health problems can cause estrogen levels to rise, including:

High Estrogen In Women

High estrogen in women can trigger a range of total-body conditions and issues that can make daily life challenging.

Most people already know that estrogen is the primary hormone needed by a womans ovaries to complete the menstrual cycle.

But only a few people know that estrogen controls a lot more than a womans period. In fact, high estrogen affects many womens development, wellness, and overall quality of life.

This article looks into some of the main causes of high estrogen in females, and what you can do to re-balance it.

Read on to find out:

  • What is Estrogen?
  • High Estrogen in Women What Does It Mean?
  • High Estrogen in Women Symptoms
  • What Causes High Estrogen in Females?
  • How Do You Fix High Estrogen in Women?

Happy Hormone Levels Happy Life

Pregnancy is a journey, and were here for you through all of it. Toxic hormone disrupting chemicals can throw off balanced hormone levels and decrease fertility, cause irregular menstrual cycles, and more. Want to see what parts of your lifestyle may be negatively impacting your pregnancy journey?

Take Million Markers Detect & Detox Test Kit + Lifestyle Audit to receive customized recommendations and feedback on how to boost your fertility. Well closely assess things from your diet to cosmetic use and provide you with personalized advice on how to balance those happy hormones.

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Foods That Can Help Raise Estrogen And Testosterone Levels

Studies conducted by the Linus Pauling Institute of Oregon State University indicated that eating plant-based foods that contain phytoestrogens may help women raise estrogen levels, such as:

  • Seeds: flaxseeds and sesame seeds
  • Fruit: apricots, oranges, strawberries, peaches, many dried fruits
  • Vegetables: yams, carrots, alfalfa sprouts, kale, celery
  • Soy products: tofu, miso soup, soy yogurt
  • Dark rye bread
  • Legumes: lentils, peas, pinto beans
  • Olives and olive oil
  • Chickpeas
  • Culinary herbs: turmeric, thyme, sage

Results from research conducted by the University of Texas at Austin suggested that men can help raise their testosterone levels by eating foods high in monounsaturated fat and zinc. Also, a study published in Biological Trace Element Research concluded foods high in magnesium can help maintain testosterone levels, for instance:

  • Oils: olive, canola and peanut
  • Avocados
  • Olives
  • Nuts: almonds and cashews
  • Oysters
  • Shellfish: lobster and crab
  • Chickpeas
  • Dark green leafy vegetables
  • Bananas

What Foods Cause High Estrogen

Increasing Estrogen Levels

Foods that are said to increase estrogen in the body are:

  • Dairy. There is a direct correlation between higher estrogen levels in eggs because eggs are produced in the animals ovaries.
  • Nuts and seeds. Its almost indisputable to say that nuts and seeds are high in phytoestrogen.
  • Legumes.
  • Grains.

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Are Phytoestrogens Dangerous

The health benefits of consuming phytoestrogen-rich foods likely outweigh the potential risks, so these foods can be consumed safely in moderation.

However, limited research has suggested that there may be some risks and complications associated with a high intake of phytoestrogens. These findings are mixed and inconclusive, so more research is needed in humans.

Thus, strong conclusions about the dangers of phytoestrogens should be approached with skepticism.

Potential concerns people have raised about phytoestrogens include the following:

  • Infertility. While some research states phytoestrogens may harm reproductive health, the bulk of this research has been conducted on animal models, and strong human studies are lacking (

How Is Low Estrogen Treated

Women who have low levels of estrogen may benefit from hormonal treatment. Hormonal treatment is the standard for low estrogen. There are non-hormonal options to help relieve symptoms. Non-hormonal options are preferred for women at high risk for breast cancer, blood clots, stroke, or liver disease.

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Low Estrogen During Menopause

As women age, hormone levels begin to change and estrogen, along with other hormones, may begin to drop. Since your body is nearing the natural end of child-bearing years, less hormones are needed to maintain your reproductive system.

Changes in estrogen production may become irregular with varying levels in the leadup to menopause, but overall reduced production can affect a variety of bodily functions. Lower hormone levels can impact your brain and nervous system, vaginal health, and urinary system to name a few.

Many symptoms of low estrogen can be managed by lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and quitting smoking. Eating foods that can increase your estrogen levels is one strategy used to help naturally boost hormones.

Treatment For Low Estrogen

How to lower Estrogen levels part 3: Destroying Estrogen!!!

One way to prevent symptoms of low estrogen is to replenish your estrogen supply. You can increase the levels of estrogen in your body through estrogen replacement therapies. At the Center for Womens Health, our team, led by Sharon Breit, MD, diagnoses and assesses your estrogen levels and symptoms in order to prescribe the best options for your issues.

Hormone replacement therapy comes in many forms, including pills, creams, patches, and injections, and with the hormone progestin or estrogen-only. Another option is BioTe® Hormone Pellet Therapy, which contains bioidentical hormones derived from plant extracts.

For more information on how estrogen affects your body and what you can do about it, call us at the Center for Womens Health in Wichita, Kansas, or make an appointment online.

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Testing High Estrogen Levels Summary

The best way to test your estrogen levels is with the DUTCH hormone test. This test not only measures your sex hormones but also assesses how your body is detoxifying estrogen if you have high estrogen levels. This helps implement a more specific treatment plan for you.

Furthermore, the DUTCH test assesses your adrenal function, measuring both your free cortisol and total cortisol production, which is important as high cortisol can be a cause of high estrogen.

Also, testing gut function can be an important step to working out “why” you have high estrogen. I recommend a stool test like the GI-MAP test that measures beneficial and pathogenic bacteria levels, candida and parasites to assess gut function.

The GI-MAP test also measures b-glucuronidase levels which when elevated can be a prime cause of high estrogen levels as it leads to issues with Phase 3 of estrogen detoxification.

Remember: When we are treating high estrogen, we always start with making sure Phase 3 is optimal, which means making sure digestive function is in good health.

Tips To Balance Estrogen Levels Naturally

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Timing Of Estrogen Test

Estrogen levels also fluctuate through the month, peaking with ovulation before decreasing in the luteal phase of the cycle.

I recommend testing your hormones in the luteal phase of the cycle, which will be around day 19-22. If you want to assess your levels throughout the cycle, the DUTCH Cycle Mapping test measures your hormone levels throughout the cycle.

Foods That Increase Estrogen Levels Naturally

Pin oleh Madhavi Praturi di Healing

Written byEmily LunardoPublished onJune 2, 2018

The transition into menopause has been attributed to the decrease of hormonal estrogen in the body, which is responsible for womens sex characteristics. The following are some of the physiological changes that are attributed to estrogen:

  • Responsible for female puberty
  • Control growth of the uterine lining during the menstruation cycle and at the beginning of pregnancy
  • Involved in breast development and breast changes seen during pregnancy
  • Play a role in bone and cholesterol metabolism
  • Helps to regulate food intake, body weight, glucose metabolism, and insulin sensitivity

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Animal Data: Disruption Of Brain Sexual Differentiation

In the rat, genistein readily crosses the placenta and in the fetal brain, the bioactive aglycone form is present at levels comparable to circulating levels in the dam . In addition, the transfer of genistein to the brain from systemic circulation appears to be more efficient in prenatal animals than adults indicating that it and other isoflavone phytoestrogens could interfere with the organization of estrogen sensitive neuroendocrine signaling pathways. Hormone mediated architectural and functional changes within the HPG axis occur during a series of well defined critical periods spanning gestation through puberty, resulting in sex specific physiology and behavior in the adult animal . Interference with the hormone-sensitive formation of these pathways could result in irreversible developmental defects, potentially making development one of the most susceptible periods for phytoestrogen and EDC exposure over the lifespan.

How To Lower Estrogen Levels In Males

Here are some tips on how men can rebalance their hormone levels and lower estrogen levels

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes that rob testosterone from the body
  • Reduce weight by following a ketogenic diet which reduces the excess fat cells that lower testosterone levels by converting it to estrogen.
  • Include strength training exercises to your routine to boost muscle mass and testosterone levels
  • Reduce everyday stress with moderate regular exercise.
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Avoid using cleaning products and cosmetics that contain parabens, phthalates , and sulfates. Reduce the usage of chemicals by using organic plant-based sprays.
  • Consume plenty of organic fruits and vegetables.

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How Do Phytoestrogens Work

Phytoestrogen possesses a chemical structure very similar to that of estrogen and mimics its hormonal roles. It works by getting attached to estrogen receptors in the cells, possibly affecting the action of estrogen throughout the system. However, not all dietary estrogen function in the same way. Some phytoestrogens have shown to exhibit both estrogenic and antiestrogenic effects, which means they may have estrogen-like effects and raises the estrogen levels in the body, while others impede its actions and lower estrogen levels. However, several studies have linked to positive health effects of phytoestrogens including diminished cholesterol levels, eases menopausal symptoms, lower risk of osteoporosis and avert the risk of certain types of cancer.

Here are 5 significant dietary sources that can increase estrogen levels naturally.

Eight Oestrogen Rich Foods For Menopause


Phytoestrogens are plant-based agents that naturally imitate oestrogen in the body. Due to their unique bioactivity, these compounds have received increasing attention for their beneficial health effects.Oestrogen falls sharply in menopause, causing a host of symptoms, such as hot flushes, mood swings, and fatigue. Phytoestrogens are thought to have a balancing effect on hormones, combating low oestrogen, and supporting your health during this time.We can categorise phytoestrogens into three groups: isoflavones, coumestans, and lignans. Consuming more foods with oestrogenic properties may be a helpful addition or an alternative to hormone replacement therapy .

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What Is An Estrogen Test

Estrogen tests detect a deficiency or excess of estrogens, usually in a woman. Estrogen tests help diagnose a range of problems related to an imbalance of estrogens in the body. They also help determine the timing of ovulation, and during pregnancy, help in monitoring the health of the baby and the placenta.

We frequently hear about estrogen levels during pregnancy, estrogen levels in menopause. Now, many will have a doubt of How to test estrogen Levels?

The estrogen levels can be tested in a blood or urine sample estrogens can also be tested in saliva.

Estrogens, also called female sex hormones, are a group of hormones that promote and maintain the female characteristics, reproductive functions such as the growth of breasts, uterus and regulate the menstruation cycle. Both men and women produce estrogens but play a key role in the female reproductive system. In men, estrogen is produced at low levels and it is found to affect the sperm count.

There are 3 main types of estrogen that are commonly tested

  • Estrone, also known as E1, is produced by women after menopause
  • Estradiol, also called E2, is produced by nonpregnant women
  • Estriol, also called E3, increases during pregnancy

Cons: The Endocrine Disrupting Properties Of Phytoestrogens In The Adult Brain And Reproductive Tract

In a 2008 clinical case report, physicians at SUNY Downstate Medical Center treated three women for a similar suite of symptoms including abnormal uterine bleeding, endometrial pathology and dysmenorrhea. In all three cases, symptoms ameliorated after soy intake was reduced or eliminated, demonstrating that consumption of particularly high isoflavone levels can compromise female reproductive health . The youngest of the three had been on a soy-rich diet since age 14 and was experiencing secondary infertility, a condition that resolved and resulted in a pregnancy once she reduced her soy consumption. Isoflavone intake was not quantified, but estimated to exceed 40 g per day in the oldest of the three patients. It remains to be determined if these cases are atypical or sentinels of a legitimate public health concern. Because soy consumption is increasing so rapidly, and so many products now contain soy, along with its isoflavones and other phytoestrogens, this possibility clearly warrants greater attention.

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What Can Phytoestrogens Do For Your Health

A plant-based diet is very rich in natural phytoestrogens in healthy amounts, especially from soy.

To a limited extent, phytoestrogens could serve as a type of natural hormone replacement therapy. This is especially the case with phytoestrogen supplements.

Because they mimic your bodys own estrogen, phytoestrogens accomplish some of the same things. Other potential benefits of phytoestrogens include:

How To Increase Estrogen Hormone Levels

Role of Estrogen Hormone and functions

Women suffering from symptoms of low estrogen are typically desperately searching for ways to effectively increase its levels and find lasting relief. Luckily, women do not have to endure hormonal imbalance forever as healthy estrogen levels can be achieved with a handful of simple steps.

Continue reading to learn how to increase estrogen levels with diet, wholesome habits, herbal supplements, and medications for a symptom-free life in no time!

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Why Do I Need An Estrogen Test

You may need an estradiol test or an estrone test if you:

  • Are having trouble getting pregnant
  • Are a woman of childbearing age who is not having periods or having abnormal periods
  • Are a girl with early or delayed puberty
  • Have symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes and/or night sweats
  • Have vaginal bleeding after menopause
  • Are a boy with delayed puberty
  • Are a man showing female characteristics, such as the growth of breasts

If you are pregnant, your health care provider may order an estriol test between the 15th and 20th week of pregnancy as part of a prenatal test called a triple screen test. It can find out if your baby is at risk for a genetic birth defect such as Down syndrome. Not all pregnant women need to get an estriol test, but it is recommended for women who have a higher risk of having a baby with a birth defect. You may be at a higher risk if you:

How Serious Are Side Effects Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Most side effects of HRT are not severe. However, HRT can rarely cause more severe side effects, including double vision, depression, extreme weakness and fatigue, fever, and severe abdominal pain. If you experience these or any other concerning or persistent symptoms, call your healthcare provider immediately.

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What Changes Happen During Menopause

During the transition to menopause and beyond, the hormone estrogen begins to decline, disrupting your normal cyclical patterns of estrogen and progesterone .

Declining estrogen levels negatively impact your metabolism, potentially leading to weight gain. These changes may also affect your cholesterol levels and how your body digests carbs (

Fortunately, making changes in your diet may help relieve menopause symptoms.


Menopause is a natural transition in a womans life as her menstrual cycles come to an end. Changes in hormones can cause symptoms like hot flashes and poor sleep and may negatively affect metabolism and bone density.

There is evidence that certain foods may help relieve some symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, poor sleep and low bone density.

Causes Of Estrogen Dominance

How To Lower Estrogen levels part 4: Remove Estrogen through Liver Detox !!!

1. Stress. I said it! Chronic stress can cause chronically high levels of cortisol . Read more about all that here. Cortisol actually blocks progesterone receptors which can lead to low levels of progesterone in relation to estrogen. This results in symptoms of estrogen dominance.

2. Xenoestrogens. These are synthetic chemicals that mimic estrogen. They are found in plastics, and many many other products that we use in everyday life. We live in a pretty toxic world. Did you know there are over 80,000 chemicals currently on the market and the majority of them have not been tested for safety, much less proven safe. Xenoestrogens act like estrogen in the body making it seem like youve got more estrogen than you do. They are total impostors and wreak havoc on your delicate hormonal balance. BPA and phthalates are two of the worst offenders.

3. Alcohol. Do you know that alcohol consumption raises estrogen levels and slows down fat burning? Not cool! Just two servings a day for four weeks has been shown to raise estrogen levels by 22 percent!

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