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Infinite Athlete Anti-aging And Hormone Replacement

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What Should I Expect At The First Visit/how Long Will It Take

Get your hormones back in shape with Infinite Healing Center 12NEWScom

You will fill out a registration form and have blood drawn. PLEASE BRING A LIST OF CURRENT MEDICATIONS INCLUDING BIRTH CONTROL/IUD NAME. We will let you know when to come back the following week to discuss lab results and treatment options. The length of time will depend on how busy the clinic is, but generally around 30 minutes.

May Ozone Represent The Elixir Of Life

I thought better to end this Chapter with a cheerful section discussing whether ozone may qualify as the elixir of life. In The Fountain of Youth, Lucas Cranach painted a famous scenery , where crippled and old people, after reaching a pool, could bathe and swim in a magic water, which allowed them to reach the opposite side young, rejuvenated and ready to start a new life-cycle . The ancient dream of overcoming the ageing process and extending life is today more actual than ever because well-off people, believing that the power of money is infinite, hope to buy extra time for our terrestrial life. Everyone knows that the life expectancy in Europe has increased throughout the last century from an average of 47 to about 80. The advent of vaccines, antibiotics, antibodies, anti-atherosclerosis drugs, vitamins, a low-fat and low-calorie diet rich in antioxidants, a regimen of moderate physical exercise and the avoidance of smoking and drinking have been the main factors in lengthening the life span and improving the quality of life.

In this beautiful painting, Lucas Cranach dreamt how mankind could overcome the ageing process by bathing in The Fountain of Youth

During the last 50 years several theories of senescence have been formulated and it appears that aging can be attributed to the following causes:

  • The continuous generation of Reactive Oxygen Species and of Lipid Oxydation Substances
  • The formation of Advanced Glycosylation End substances
  • Ozone Therapy In Pulmonary Diseases

    This section is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Maria Trusso

    Ozonetherapy has not yet been tested in pulmonary diseases, probably because everybody knows that breathing air polluted with ozone is toxic to the respiratory system examined. This daily observation has greatly contributed to establish the dogma that ozone is always toxic and should not be used in medicine. However, an almost irrelevant episode that occurred several years ago suggested to me that this fact has misled us.

    First of all, ozonetherapy improves blood oxygenation in ischaemic areas. This is not a direct effect because, although we reinfuse hyperoxygenated blood , the infusion rate is so small that the pO2 of venous blood reaching the lungs is hardly modified. However, ozonetherapy enhances the delivery of oxygen particularly in ischaemic tissues and therefore metabolic conditions improve, even though findings, such as decreased blood viscosity and increased 2,3-DPG levels in erythrocytes, have not been definitively demonstrated.

    The second realistic possibility is that LOPs, present in mildly ozonated blood, act on endothelium and enhance the release of vasodilators such as prostacyclin, NO and IL-8, while release of endothelin-1 is depressed . It is well known that the release of NO and NOthiols represents the physiological mechanism for vasodilation and contrasts the release of the anion superoxide, which causes vasoconstriction and deploys negative influences on platelets and endothelial cells.

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    The Paradoxical Effect Of Ozone In Orthopaedic Diseases The Problem Of Back

    I believe that in the 1970s, Dr. Alexander Balkanyi in Zurich has been the first to have the idea to inject small volumes of ozone in patients affected by tendinitis and myofascial pain. After him, a number of ozonetherapists have begun to treat acute and chronic polyarthritis , epicondilitis and carpal tunnel syndrome with intra-articular or peri-articular insufflation of small volumes of O2O3 with very encouraging results. In Mortons disease , up to six infiltrations of gas have yielded great pain relief. In a very informative review, Siemsen reported that application of medical ozone in acute and chronic painful diseases of the joints is a complementary method of treatment to obtain rapid pain relief, decongestion, disappearance of oedema, reduction of local temperature and increased mobility. If performed by an expert orthopaedic surgeon, the treatment is not risky and causes only transitory local pain that disappears in 510 min without any other adverse effect.

    Drug therapy is symptomatic, aiming to reduce pain and disability. Inhibitors of cyclooxygenase I are in wide use, with some side effects, and are being substituted, less successfully, with inhibitors of cyclo II. Local injection of glucocorticoids into a given joint can be carried out no more than twice per year.

    Ozone dissolved in the water of synovial fluid, as usual, reacts with biomolecules and generates ROS and LOPs responsible for:

    The Direct Approach

    About Weight Loss And Hormones In Beverly Hills

    Iv Hydration Therapy in Buford &  Cumming

    Weight loss can feel difficult or even impossible to achieve. Youve tried the diets and exercise on your own and for whatever reason, they didnt stick. Oftentimes, the missing ingredient to go along with diet and exercise is understanding hormones.

    Hormones play an integral role in homeostasis, the equilibrium achieved by our bodys vital systems. If youre looking to lose weight, hormones should be taken into account. Hormone therapy isnt a magical way to lose weight. It doesnt replace a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and getting a good nights sleep. Hormone therapy supplements a healthy lifestyle by ensuring the body remains in a harmonic state conducive to balanced eating and regular exercise. Out of balance hormones can undermine even the best diets and exercise. For some, hormones are the main reason why maintaining their ideal body weight feels so difficult. Understanding the role hormones play in weight loss can be the key to keeping that unwanted weight off.

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    Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women

    Hormone replacement therapy , also called menopausal hormone therapy , is a remedial treatment used to relieve uncomfortable symptoms caused by menopause. After menopause, levels of the reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone gradually decrease over time. These hormones regulate your reproductive cycle and help the body utilize calcium.

    Can I Do Additional Therapies While On Trt

    TRT is the beginning of your journey to feeling great! On top of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Infinite Athlete can also provide the following therapy if medically necessary:

    • Nandrolone Decanoate Provides joint lubrication that can alleviate joint pain.
    • Oxandrolone Frees up testosterone and can assist with weight loss.

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    Orthodox Therapies For The Metabolic Syndrome

    First of all patients must undergo routine checks to follow the course of the disease, such as daily tests for blood glucose level and every trimester the measurement of glycated haemoglobin A1c. This is a good marker for revealing the average blood glucose level over time. Moreover patients must check the body weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, typical biomarkers , C-reactive protein levels and so forth. Administration of aminoguanidine, or benfotiamine or carnosine have been suggested for blocking AGEss reactions.

    As it is clear that hyperglycemia represents a continuous risk factor, modalities for improving glycemic control are necessary and they differ for type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. A low fat and a balanced low diet intake is effective in reducing weight and may reverse insulin resistance in patients with type-2 diabetes. A Spartan lifestyle is useful but long-term compliance is usually poor and consequently the prevalent trend is to adopt a pharmacological approach that may reduce the burden of morbidity and mortality due to hyperglycemia. Bell has suggested a flexible triple oral therapy for type-2 diabetes with the possible addition of insulin, if needed. Unfortunately only a few patients understand or accept the importance of a continuous and strict control of glycaemia.

    Hormone Rebalancing Improves Quality Of Life

    How To Use HGH To Lose Weight And For Anti Aging – with Vigorous Steve

    If youve ever struggled with losing weight, youve probably heard the basic mantra calories in versus calories out. Traditional weight loss programs focus on either dieting to limit calorie intake or exercise to burn a greater number of calories. While this basic formula works well in many cases, recent research suggests that it misses an important part of the equation hormones. Hormones play a crucial role in weight loss and weight gain. In some cases, someone might lose a significant amount of weight only to regain the bulk not long afterward.

    Diet and exercise are key ingredients to a healthy lifestyle but some people might require a little assistance to nudge their bodies in the right direction. By understanding the role hormones play in how our bodies manage weight, we can take a more measured and informed approach to weight loss. We ensure the pounds you want to lose stay off and dont return when you least desire.

    Christopher Asandra, MD specializes in understanding the role hormones play in a variety of situations including weight loss and weight gain. With his focus on anti-aging and vitality, he can apply his mastery of hormone therapy to assist patients that seek a comprehensive weight-loss strategy. By using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy , Dr. Asandra can bring your hormone levels back into balance and give you that boost you need to reach and maintain your ideal body weight.

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    The Problems Of Tinnitus And Sudden Hearing Loss Is Ozone Therapy Of Any Help

    Tinnitus is a poorly understood medical problem affecting some 40 million Americans with 12 million being severely affected. Sounds, described as ringing, buzzing, hissing and humming, have been reported to be unilateral or similar in both ears. Tinnitus may be caused by otologic , neurologic, vascular , either infectious or drug related causes, and muscular spasms. If the loss of silence is permanent, it is likely to cause severe hearing impairment .

    Incidence of SHL is at least 20 cases per 100,000 inhabitants per year and is caused by either a disturbance of cochlear microcirculation, or an array of viral infections, possibly complicated by an autoimmune process. At our University, Dr. De Capua et al. determined that some patients may undergo a sudden idiopathic hearing loss owing to hypoplasia or inactivation of the posterior communicating arteries in the absence of cerebro-vascular pathologies evaluated by transcranial Doppler.

    Treatment for tinnitus included tricyclic antidepressants, which improved the symptom in 67% of the patients taking nortriptyline . Many patients have tried complementary therapies: Ginkgo biloba seems to procure an improvement but a firm conclusion about efficacy was not reached . Six randomized clinical trials of acupuncture failed to demonstrate any efficacy.

    Why we tried ozone therapy and was it useful?

    Experimental And Clinical Evidence That Ozonetherapy Is Useful In Diabetes

    Otherwise at this stage clinical evidence that ozonetherapy is useful has been only noted anecdotically several times by ozonetherapists, including myself, but a precisely controlled clinical trial as yet has to be performed. Chronic limb ischemia is often accompanied by type-2 diabetes and these patients have been advantageously treated with AHT. The need to reduce the insulin dose, suggesting either an improved insulin secretion or/and an increased receptor sensitivity, has become a common observation with an enormous importance. The positive results of a cycle of ozonated AHTs in diabetic dogs confirm the validity of this approach. . However it appears urgent to organize an appropriate clinical trial in order to evaluate whether an initial cycle, including 3248 treatments of well performed major AHT during 4 months can modify critical parameters including glycemic and C-reactive peptide levels, non-enzymatic glycosilation, aldose reductase activity, AGEs and the antioxidant-prooxidant balance. Owing to the precise 11 ratio of the AHT, we would prefer this approach, rather than the rectal insufflation. The adopted strategy start low, go slow appears the most idoneous for inducing ozone tolerance and the rebalance of the redox system. Bearing in mind that ozonetherapy may modify glycemic levels, a strict control of it is imperative and obviously it would be very interesting to follow it for several months.

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    The Metabolic Syndrome And Ozonetherapy

    The metabolic syndrome includes several metabolic abnormalities of which insulin resistance is one of the major characteristics. Chronic renal failure , which will be discussed in Section 9, owing to the chronic damaging stress of haemodialysis, unavoidably leads to accelerated atherosclerosis to this syndrome.

    If at least three of the following five diagnostic traits are present , we can make the diagnosis of the metabolic syndrome:

  • Abdominal adiposity .
  • HDL-Cholesterol: < 50 mg/dL in women, < 40 mg/dL in men.
  • Triglycerides, fasting, > 150 mg/dL
  • Blood pressure: > 130/85 mmHg.
  • Fasting glucose > 110 mg/dL .
  • Diabetes is a disease caused by either too little of the hormone insulin , or poor use of the bodys insulin . In Western countries this pathology affects almost 6% of the population, half of whom are UNDIAGNOSED and nonetheless the annual cost of care exceeded $92 billion in 1999 . It is becoming a sort of epidemic , and the OMS has projected a number of 350 millions in 2025. It is sad that the number of people starving or undernourished is threefold higher than the overfed one.

    Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Infinite Energy from Super Good Stuff

    Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can restore a healthy, natural homeostasis to the body. Balanced bodies respond much better to traditional weight-loss strategies than a body with a hormonal imbalance. BHRT can help restore the motivation to exercise and supply you with the energy to follow through with exercise.

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    How Does Infinite Athlete Differ From Any Other Provider

    • Testosterone should be given in conjunction with testicular protective measures. Taking any form of testosterone down-regulates your natural production. The result of taking testosterone alone is: testicular shrinkage, sperm reduction, and failure to produce your own testosterone naturally. Our protective measures guard against this negative feedback system and preserve your natural testicular function.
    • Aromatization is a process performed by the body that turns testosterone into estrogen. Taking testosterone alone will cause a males estrogen to increase causing unwanted side effects. Infinite Athlete provides Anastrozole to block the rising of estrogen.

    What Are The Benefits To Non

    Both surgical and non-surgical anti-aging techniques are valid, and each has its place. Neither solution is going to be perfect for everyone, and which solution is best for you is going to be a highly personal decision. You may only be in your early 30s and feel that a vertical facelift surgery is a little bit extreme just to get rid of a few early forming lines in the lower face. However, if youre over 50 and breastfed three children regenerative medicine is not going to give you the perfect, perky C cup breast this is where a breast lift would likely apply. However, hormone therapy may be used as an adjunct as it can still definitely benefit you by helping to increase energy levels, develop a more youthful skin tone, and regain sexual stamina.

    Determining whether cosmetic surgery or anti-aging hormone therapy is right for you should be discussed thoroughly with Dr. Paul or Nikolas Chugay before making a decision. To give you a better idea about exactly what anti-aging medicine has to offer for both men and women please keep reading and then call or fill out our form for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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    The Role Of Hormones In Anti

    In anti-aging hormone therapy, the goal is to increase the levels of these hormones and thus slow down the natural effects of aging. There are two types of hormones that are used in anti-aging hormone therapy, and these are:

    • Testosterone hormone replacement therapy
    • Human growth hormone replacement therapy

    Growth hormone deficiency is linked with changes in lipid metabolism, bone density, skin elasticity, muscle strength, and the cardiovascular system. This can lead to loss of muscle mass and strength, osteoporosis, low bone density and decreased bone mineral density , increased risk of fractures, frailty, decreased immune function, and increased risk of infection. Human growth hormone replacement therapy in anti-aging hormone therapy may be used to treat some effects of aging. Treatment with growth hormone can increase muscle mass, strength, and bone density in older people. Growth hormone treatment may also help reduce the risk of falls in the elderly and slow the loss of muscle mass and strength that occurs with age.

    Dermatological Diseases And Ozone Therapy

    BEST EXERCISE | Increase Growth Hormone & Testosterone WHILE Naturally Anti-Aging

    There are a number of dermatological infections and burns that have been usefully treated by the combination of major and minor AHT as well as topical therapy with gas or with ozonated water and oil. We have extensively reviewed this topic and the patents issued for as many as 23 different oils . The reader can find all the references in this review. While there is a cornucopia of ozonated oils, it remains difficult and still uncertain to decide which is the oil with the highest cost/benefit. Other useful reports have been published in the Int. J. Ozone Ther. . We are totally deficient in regards to the treatment of burns and it would be valuable to explore the value of ozonetherapy.

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    How To Live Forever: Meet The Extreme Life

    Some sleep on electromagnetic mats, others pop up to 150 pills a day. But are life extensionists any closer to finding the key to longevity? Alex Moshakis meets some of the people determined to become immortal

    In 2016, an American real-estate investor named James Strole established the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, a nonprofit based in Arizona which aims to galvanise mainstream support for science that might one day significantly prolong human life. Standards in modern medicine are allowing us to live longer now than ever before. But that is not Stroles concern. What good are a few more measly years? He is interested in extending life not by days and weeks, but by decades and even centuries, to the degree that mortality becomes optional an end to The End. The deathist paradigm has to go, a line on the Coalitions website reads. Its time to look beyond the past of dying to a future of unlimited living. It describes its supporters as early-adopting advocates, numbering in the thousands.

    Strole has been an evangelist of human immortality since he was a child, when his grandmother died, and he felt a pain you cant even describe, its so deep in your gut. He was 11, still new to the world, and he came to think of death, like most of us do at some point or another, as deeply unfair.

    To keep his mind supple, Marios reads the paper upside down in a mirror

    In any case, it is likely that one single longevity strategy alone wont help us much

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