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Is There An Over The Counter Estrogen Supplement

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How Do I Choose The Best Over

What About Herbal Estrogens?

Choosing the best over-the-counter estrogen product will depend on several factors, including the individuals medical history as well as the product’s strength and composition. While some individuals find over-the-counter estrogen creams to be most effective, others prefer taking supplemental estrogen in a pill form. The strength and mechanism of delivery of over-the-counter estrogen products will affect which products will benefit which individuals.

Before beginning any over-the-counter estrogen treatment, it is important to consult a physician. He or she will be able to take a full medical history and assess the risks of various estrogen therapies. Some studies have found that estrogen products can increase the risks of certain cancers, especially in patients who have a family history of these cancers.

Dosage And How To Take

Black cohosh is available in capsule, liquid extract, or tea form.

Dosage recommendations vary widely between black cohosh brands. Typical doses are anywhere from 20120 mg of standardized black cohosh extract or powder daily .

For menopause symptoms, taking at least 20 mg of black cohosh daily which most brands will provide appears to be effective .

Some health professionals claim you should not take black cohosh for longer than 6 months to 1 year because of its slight potential to cause liver damage .

Because supplements are primarily subject to post-market regulation by the government, you should choose black cohosh supplements that have been third-party tested for quality. Some of these third-party testing organizations include United States Pharmacopeia and ConsumerLab.

Additionally, black cohosh is often sold in blends containing other herbal supplements, including:

  • Red clover. Black cohosh and red clover can be taken together to help manage menopause symptoms, but theres no evidence that theyre more effective than a placebo (

Lifestyle For A Lifetime

The most effective alternative to hormone therapy, however, doesn’t come in a bottle. Physicians say that preventing heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer often boils down to lifestyle, one that includes regular exercise and a healthy diet. A diet high in calcium along with weight-bearing exercise bolsters bones. Avoiding high-fat foods and participating in regular aerobic exercise keeps the heart healthy.

These habits can prevent the diseases; studies have proven it over and over again. Consider it, Greenwood advises. “Those things are so much more effective than any pill you can put in your mouth.”

Nelson Watts, MD, director of the Osteoporosis and Bone Health Program at The Emory Clinic in Atlanta, and principal investigator at the Atlanta site of the Women’s Health Initiative, offers a word of caution. “Often, diet and exercise are not enough by themselves.” he tells WebMD. “A woman needs to first talk with her doctor about what symptoms she wants to relieve, and look at the treatment options.”

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Bhrt: The Gold Standard In Hormone Therapy

Your health is the most valuable thing you have, and your health decisions should be made thoughtfully with the support of experts with the knowledge to provide sage advice. Thats why hormone replacement should always be done with the guidance of a hormone health specialist who can evaluate whether you are a good candidate for HRT and design a treatment plan based on your bodys unique needs. Rather than relying on self-diagnosis and guesswork, working with a hormone specialist means that this treatment plan will be built around measurable biomarkers and an in-depth understanding of the human bodyspecifically, your body.;

Today, one of the safest and most effective treatment methods for low estrogen is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy . Bioidentical hormones are derived from plants and created to be an identical match to the hormone naturally produced by your body. A high-quality compounding pharmacy can formulate these prescription hormones into an array of administration methods, including pills and pellets. They are also available in creams for women who prefer topical applicationwhich is often recommended for those struggling with vaginal dryness and atrophy. Whether you would benefit from estrogen alone or need combination therapy, a bioidentical hormone replacement product can be prescribeded to suit you.

Is Estriol Or Estradiol More Effective

Best Anti

Out of the three forms of estrogen, estradiol is the most potent form. It is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat estrogen-related conditions. Estriol and estrone are not approved in the U.S. for women. However, these estrogens may still be used in some compounded medications.

No head-to-head trials have been conducted with estriol and estradiol. Some studies have shown that estriol is safe and effective for symptoms of menopause. When applied topically for vaginal atrophy, estriol has been reported to be effective with other drugs. Because estriol is less potent, it may have fewer adverse effects. Using estriol, like other estrogen therapies, can still increase the risk of breast cancer, endometrial hyperplasia, and endometrial cancer.

Estradiol treatment can be useful as HRT after menopause. In fact, it is the most common estrogen prescribed for symptoms of menopause. All forms of estradiol are approved for hormone replacement therapy. The transdermal patch has been shown to result in steady estrogen levels for optimal therapy.

Consult your healthcare provider to discuss your options if you are considering medications that affect hormone levels. You may be recommended other forms of estrogen such as drugs containing conjugated estrogens .

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Black Cohosh: Benefits Dosage Side Effects And More

The popular womens health supplement Remifemin contains black cohosh as an active ingredient.

Its flowers and roots were commonly used in traditional Native American medicine, and today its a popular womens health supplement claimed to help with menopause symptoms, fertility, and hormonal balance.

It may be effective because it functions as a phytoestrogen, a plant-based compound that mimics the action of the hormone estrogen. However, theres some debate as to whether black cohosh can be classified as a true phytoestrogen .

Regardless, black cohosh appears to be beneficial for relieving menopause symptoms. Still, evidence for its other uses is lacking.

Black cohosh has a number of potential benefits most of them related to womens health or hormonal balance. Yet, with the exception of menopause symptoms, there is little evidence to support its use for any of these conditions.

What Other Information Should I Know

Keep all appointments with your doctor and the laboratory. You should have a complete physical exam, including blood pressure measurements, breast and pelvic exams, and a Pap test at least yearly. Follow your doctor’s directions for examining your breasts; report any lumps immediately.

If you are taking hormone replacement therapy to treat symptoms of menopause, your doctor will check every 3 to 6 months to see if you still need this medication. If you are taking this medication to prevent thinning of the bones , you will take it for a longer period of time.

Before you have any laboratory tests, tell the laboratory personnel that you take hormone replacement therapy, because this medication may interfere with some laboratory tests.

Do not let anyone else take your medication. Ask your pharmacist any questions you have about refilling your prescription.

It is important for you to keep a written list of all of the prescription and nonprescription medicines you are taking, as well as any products such as vitamins, minerals, or other dietary supplements. You should bring this list with you each time you visit a doctor or if you are admitted to a hospital. It is also important information to carry with you in case of emergencies.

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How Long Will I Have To Take Hormone Replacement Therapy

Most women take hormone therapy for the shortest time possible — and at the lowest dose. There is evidence that serious health risks such as blood clots, breast cancer, and stroke increase after five years of use. If you have personal or family history of these and other health risks, this will affect your decision regarding hormone replacement therapy.

How Do Phytoestrogens Affect Your Health

Over-the-counter hormones?

Phytoestrogens have a similar chemical structure to that of estrogen and may mimic its hormonal actions.

Phytoestrogens attach to estrogen receptors in your cells, potentially affecting the function of estrogen throughout your body .

However, not all phytoestrogens function in the same way.

Phytoestrogens have been shown to have both estrogenic and antiestrogenic effects. This means that, while some phytoestrogens have estrogen-like effects and increase estrogen levels in your body, others block its effects and decrease estrogen levels .

Because of their complex actions, phytoestrogens are one of the most controversial topics in nutrition and health.

While some researchers have raised concerns that a high intake of phytoestrogens may cause hormonal imbalance, most evidence has linked them to positive health effects.

In fact, multiple studies have associated phytoestrogen intake with decreased cholesterol levels, improved menopausal symptoms, and a lower risk of osteoporosis and certain types of cancer, including breast cancer (

3 ).

Soy isoflavones can produce estrogen-like activity in the body by mimicking the effects of natural estrogen. They may increase or decrease blood estrogen levels .

One study found that women who took a soy protein supplement for 12 weeks experienced moderate decreases in blood estrogen levels compared with a control group.

The researchers proposed that these effects might help protect against certain types of breast cancer .

15 ).

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The Benefits Of Natural Estrogen Cream May Be Few And Far Between

To say that there are a lot of symptoms ofhormonal fluctuation and imbalance is an understatement. These can range fromthe public and unpleasant to the private and personal, spanning phenomena asvaried as such as depression, weight gain, hot flashes, low libido, vaginaldryness, and insomnia. Whats more, these can interweave and exacerbate eachother. Under these conditions, its tempting to want a quick fix.;

This is certainly the case for women suffering from low levels of estrogen. Whether due to menopause, perimenopause, or other health changes, the symptoms of low estrogen can be painful, conflict with your daily life, and present have serious health implications. Thats why many women look toward over-the-counter natural estrogen cream for relief; its fast, easy, and looks appealing. But the benefits of natural estrogen cream that you can buy OTC are few and far between.

How To Choose The Best Menopause Supplements

Because most BDS for menopause symptoms rely on similar ingredients, youll want to focus on the product manufacturer and quality when choosing your product.

When choosing top rated menopause supplements, make sure that the product manufacturer is reliable and trustworthy. You can easily determine a manufacturers trustworthiness by looking at the info provided on their website.

Is there a physical address and contact information?

Are there any details regarding product manufacturing?

The more information was given, the higher the possibility that you are dealing with a responsible company that does not sell ineffective and contaminated products.

You also need to look carefully at the product description, the ingredients listed, and the studies behind their efficiency. When it comes to buying health products, taking safety precautions is of utmost importance.

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Warnings Of Estriol And Estradiol

Using estrogen can increase the risk of endometrial cancer, especially when its not taken with a progestin. Estriol and estradiol also have an increased risk of heart attack , stroke, pulmonary embolism , and deep vein thrombosis in postmenopausal women aged 50 to 79 years old. In the same population of women, estrogen use can also lead to an increased breast cancer risk, according to the Womens Health Initiative. Estrogen may also increase the risk of dementia in some postmenopausal women over 65 years of age.

Consult a doctor if you have risk factors including a medical history of:

Women who smoke tobacco may be at an increased risk of blood clots. Estrogen-containing products should not be used in these women.

Estriol, estradiol, and other estrogen-related drugs can harm an unborn baby. They should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Taking Estrogen With A Progestin Vs Estrogen Alone Estrohalt

Treating menopausal symptoms with estrogen and progestin together is known as estrogen-progestin therapy or combined hormone therapy. Although estrogen alone improves the symptoms of menopause, it increases the risk of cancer of the uterus . Adding a progestin to the estrogen lowers the risk of endometrial cancer back to normal. Because of this, EPT is given to women who still have a uterus . EPT can be given 2 ways:

  • Continuous EPT;means the same dose of estrogen and progestin is taken each day. Women often prefer continuous EPT because it rarely leads to menstrual-like bleeding.
  • Sequential EPT;means different amounts of each hormone are taken on specific days. There are different ways to do this. For example, estrogen can be taken by itself for 14 days, then estrogen plus progestin for 11 days, then neither hormone for 3 to 5 days. Other schedules involve taking progestin only every few months. This lowers the amount of progestin that you are exposed to. Monthly regimens are also thought to result in hormone levels that are more like the natural menstrual cycle. Cyclical EPT can produce bleeding like a menstrual period, but it can occur less often than monthly.

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What To Avoid When Looking For Over The Counter Ed Options

Start looking around and you’ll find no shortage of potential options at pharmacies, grocery stores, and even gas stations when it comes to natural male enhancement pills. However, these supplements are held to much lower regulatory standards by the Food and Drug Administration than prescription meds. Just because a pill is packaged and sold does not mean that it’s safe to use. In fact, hundreds of male enhancement pills currently have a health warning issued by the FDA.

Anything on this FDA list should probably be avoided, guys, as well as any other pill that:

  • Is available as a single serving
  • Claims to have incredibly fast, permanent results
  • Contains warnings that are similar to those found on prescription medications;
  • Has a label written in a foreign language
  • Is labeled as an alternative to prescription medications

Lets Understand Estrogen Dominance First

It can happen due to two main reasons:

Reason #1: You have insufficient progesterone to oppose estradiol, the aggressive estrogen that has been connected to the growth of pathogenic cells like in the case of fibroids, cancers, and endometrial tissue.

Reason #2: The way your body is breaking down estrogens to the various estrogenic metabolites, is not favorable to you. I call them the dirty estrogens.

Due to a poor liver function, inappropriate diet, nutritional deficiencies, gut issues, chronic constipation, and use of conventional skincare and cleaning products, your body is receiving and/or creating too much of the antagonistic or dirty estrogen metabolites that cause harm.

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What Else Can I Do To Ease Menopause Symptoms

There are many things you can do to curb hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, vaginal dryness, and lost libido. Lifestyle changes — such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, relaxation techniques, and keeping a regular sleep schedule — can help. If you smoke, quit . Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Lubricants can greatly ease vaginal dryness and heighten sexual sensation.Stay active to avoid depression and seek social support from woemn like you

Your doctor can give you more information about these techniques and other treatment options. The use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors has become more common in women who are not good candidates for hormone therapy or prefer not to use hormones. Paroxetine is the only non hormonal therapy specifically approved by the FDA for hot flahes, but some relief has been found with gabapentin .

May Play A Role In Fighting Depression

Dangers of Testosterone Supplements

The relationship between DHEA and depression is complex.

Some research in women nearing menopause showed that women with depression had higher levels of this hormone than those without depression (

35 ).

Some researchers even caution against the use of it, as higher levels of DHEA in the body have been associated with increased symptoms of depression in middle-aged women .

Overall, more information is needed before DHEA can be recommended for treating depression.

Summary: There may be a relationship between DHEA levels in the body and depression. Taking it to combat depression is not recommended until more information is available.

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Can Supplements Ease Menopause Symptoms

There have been countless studies on menopause supplements conducted over the past 50 years. According to one systematic review of the effectiveness of BDS in the treatment of menopausal symptoms, the most extensively studied ingredients for menopause symptom relief are black cohosh and soy.

The efficiency of these ingredients is believed to be due to their estrogenic effect, but recent studies show that this is not the case with black cohosh.

Instead, black cohosh seems to alleviate menopause symptoms by affecting serotonin receptors and thus improving vasomotor functioning and mood.

Soy, on the other hand, contains high amounts of phytoestrogens which are believed to counteract estrogen deficiency seen in menopause.

However, the mechanism of action of these phytoestrogens is unknown, and studies on their effectiveness are inconclusive. Other ingredients that may offer relief to some women are red clover, dong Quai, evening primrose, hops, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, valerian, lemon balm, licorice root, and many others.

These ingredients were less studied than black cohosh and soy so their efficiency remains unknown.

Do Alternative Remedies Help With Menopause Symptoms

Studies into natural treatments for menopause symptoms have had mixed results. Some have shown that soy helps with hot flashes and night sweats but might be dangerous for women at risk for hormone-related cancers of the breast, ovaries and uterus. Black cohosh may help some women control hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and insomnia — but again, research has been mixed, and some reports have linked black cohosh to liver problems.

Other natural remedies include chasteberry, red clover, dong quai, kava, and evening primrose oil. Your doctor can help you decide whether any alternative treatments are right for you.

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