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Metabolic Renewal Hormone Type 4

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Metabolic Renewal Sample

Metabolism is the process by which your cells use nutrients from food to produce energy. The rate at which you metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats determine how much energy you have available to perform physical activities.

The more calories you take in, the faster your metabolism will be able to convert them into usable energy. If you are trying to lose weight, it is important to keep your metabolism high so that you can burn off excess calories quickly.

This means eating foods that contain healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats. These fats will slow down the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream, keeping blood glucose levels steady throughout the day.

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What Is The 4m Framework

Dr. Teta has designed a 4M Framework that helps women lose weight faster. He has been a personal trainer for more than 25 years and knows how the female body works. He has segregated female hormone types into 7 categories.

This 4 M framework has been designed to give your health benefits for a longer period of time. It not only deals with the physical aspect but also focuses on the mental aspect of your body.

The 4M program has been crafted in such a way that it strengthens your mind and body together.

Below are the 4 Ms mentioned in the order of their importance:

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Hormone Type 2 Hormone Overload

Hormone overload is where your body has too much estrogen.

To use the metaphor of a seesaw with two girls sitting either side.

Estrogen is the heavy one.

Estrogen is sitting on one side, causing the other girl to dangle her feet in the air, high off the ground.

A couple of the effects of estrogen overload Teta mentions are below:

Once again Teta recommends that his program can help balance your hormone cycle.

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Get A Cardiovascular Benefit

With most traditional weight training you will do a set, rest and repeat. Your heart will be working while youre actively lifting, but its not much. Even though metabolic training is centred around strength moves, you dont have the same amount of rest. Your heart will be pumping hard as your body works to keep up the pace. This benefit is important for your cardiovascular health. It also means you dont have to have cardio days like you would with a typical split day weight lifting schedule. Your cardio is built in which saves you time.

Type : Ovarian Shutdown Metabolism

Metabolic Renewal Diet Program Review

In this phase, estrogen and progesterone pretty much bottom out. Menopause is over, and youre in post-menopause.

Your estrogen level is probably at the lowest point ever. That means that youll be more sensitive to carbs than youve ever been. But that doesnt mean that you cant have any carbs. You need them.

Stress is still a significant factor, and a deficit of carbohydrates will send your stress hormones through the roof. The right balance of carbs and fiber will prevent insulin spikes.

The exercise part involves walking and just staying active. But you must get this exercise every day if youre physically able to. Now, more than ever, your body is trying to determine if it needs to store fat.

Staying active and eating regular balanced meals is the way to tell it that it can burn all the fuel it wants to, and theres no need to store energy in the form of fat.

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Hormones Control Your Sugar And Fat Storage

Estrogen actually controls fat distribution. It’s the hormone that helps create the womanly shape: breasts and more prominent fat in the pelvis, buttocks, and thighs.

Aside from its impact on where you put on fat, researchers have even found that it affects the DNA responsible for controlling weight.

That’s not the only way estrogen can affect fat storage. It directly affects how your body detects insulin and uses it.

High estrogen levels will increase insulin resistance, prompting your body to store any extra sugar as fat.

Hormone Type : Hormone Shortfall Metabolism

When progesterone is low and estrogen levels are high, the body can experience symptoms of estrogen dominance such as weight gain, PMS, fibrocystic breasts, and premenstrual syndrome . This imbalance can be caused in several different ways.

A key sign that you may have this type of hormonal imbalance is a high ratio of estrogen-to-progesterone and low-stress hormones such as cortisol and DHEA. Low progesterone levels could indicate an ovarian issue, while high estrogen levels indicate liver or metabolic dysfunction.

Hormone Shortfall Metabolism symptoms are estrogen dominance, progesterone deficiency, low-stress hormones, and adrenal fatigue.

This imbalance typically occurs when your diet is high in inflammatory foods such as processed sugar or grains or if you have an underactive thyroid or sluggish liver. On the other hand, it can also happen because youre not producing enough stress hormones or because youre under too much stress.

Which metabolic renewal hormone type do you currently have? Take the free quiz and find out now.

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An In Depth Look At Metabolic Renewal

I like to know what Im getting into before I jump right in. Im not going to give you a gilded overview. Im going to get into details that no other website can because I would bet most of the other reviews you read out there come from people who dont have a copy of the program.

Here is what you can expect from the program. It all starts with a simple quiz and then gets you moving from there toward your weight loss goals.

The entire program is totally online. You will have access to a friendly and easy-to-use dashboard of your own. There will find an intro video to get you acquainted with the program and all of its tools.

The nice thing about this is that there is no waiting. You will get login information emailed to you within minutes so you can get started right away.

Everything we chat about below comes with the base program. Trust me, its more than you need. Lets take a closer look at everything that comes with it and how you can benefit.

What Causes Weight Gain

15-Minute Total Body Metabolic Workout

There are many factors that can cause you to gain weight. Some people eat too much while others dont get enough exercise or sleep. But what causes your body to store more fat than it should?

The answer lies in your hormones. When youre overweight, your hormone balance changes. This can lead to insulin resistance, which means your cells arent able to use glucose properly. Glucose is the main source of energy for all living things. Your brain uses glucose to function, so if your cells cant use it properly, theyll start storing extra calories instead.

Your body will also produce less leptin, a hormone that tells your brain when youve had enough food. Leptin helps regulate appetite and metabolism. So when you have low levels of leptin, you tend to overeat.

Now let us look at some other reasons for weight gain:

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My Weight Loss Journey

I have struggled with my weight since adolescence, both in my mind and in reality at times. Ive always been curvy, even when I was active, and have had trouble losing weight.

When I was young, I was shaped differently than my sister, and she often called me fat. I didnt know any different, so I thought I was fat. Over time, I realized that we were just shaped differently. I was never skinny, but I wasnt fat either. I was muscular, and always one of the tallest in school. At 12 years old my dad told my sister she better watch out, pretty soon Id be able to bench press her.

However, once I graduated college and began working full-time in an office, my lifestyle became more sedentary and I put on extra weight easily.

Workouts always frustrated me because the only way I can really reach my target heart rate is by running. Nothing else seemed to do it. Which I suppose isnt entirely bad, since it implies a more efficient heart function and greater cardiovascular health. But its frustrating and disappointing when youre trying to get your heart rate up to lose weight.

Ive tried several workout programs over the years. When I was in college, I bought Power 90 with Tony Horton off an infomercial. I really liked it and I went back to it many times over the years until my VCR bit the dust. The warmup segment to the cardio program opened my eyes to power yoga. I found a couple of instructors on YouTube and really fell in love with yoga for the mind AND body.

The Best Exercise For Your Hormones

May 6, 2020

Are you doing the best exercise for your hormones?

Exercise is vital for hormone balance, as it has been shown to reduce stress levels and also improve your insulin function.

But there are a lot of myths out there about exercise. Especially for women who have to look after their hormones!

You can watch the video

or listen to the podcast episode

The Eat Less, Move Moreâ myth

We are constantly told to eat less and move more calories in, calories out right? Burn baby, burn!

For a start, this message is not the right message for us women over 40 who have raging hormones to consider but we are told that itâs true for everyone.

SO you might join a gym or start running, or even sign up to the latest push your body to the max type programme .

And if you get the right balance, it can work brilliantly. If you get it slightly wrong, it can deplete your energy stores, increase carb and sugar cravings, and actually make your body HANG ON TO FAT even more! Ever started a new fitness routine and wondered why you werent losing weight?

So what is the right type and amount for hormone balance? Well that depends a lot on your own individual needs, health and circumstances. But I will explain what is likely to disrupt your hormones and some general tips on what activities can improve your hormone balance.

Hormone Disruptors

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What Is Type 5

Type 5 is a general category for women who donât follow the typical path through perimenopause to menopause. Hormonal birth control may mask many of the symptoms of perimenopause, and since the bleeding that comes during the âsugar-pillâ week isnât a true period, even that doesnât tell us anything.

Younger women who have certain cancers like breast cancer may even go through menopause twice: once from medicines that suppress estrogen, then again later, as their bodies go through the natural decline of hormones.

If youâre a Type 5, that doesnât mean something is âwrongâ with you. It just means your place in your menopause journey may not be identifiable.

How Does The Metabolic Renewal Program Work

The Long and Winding Road to Wellness: Metabolic Renewal Phase 1 # ...

The Metabolic Renewal plan provides you with all the resources you need to reach your desired fitness and weight loss goals, as well as a diet and exercise routine that is specially designed for the hormone type of women, and it also keeps them energetic.

The Metabolic Renewal Program was introduced based on Dr. Tetas 4M paradigm. Women of any age could gain significant advantages by focusing on their metabolism in a number of different ways. The target audience for Metabolic Renewal is mostly middle-aged and elderly women. However, everyone can apply the programs tips to speed up their metabolism.

It combines a low-carb, healthy eating strategy with a special workout routine timed to correspond with each womans hormone cycle. Given that it only requires 45 hours of physical activity each week, we wouldnt classify it as an exercise program. Its also not a diet program because the outcomes dont exclusively depend on a certain metabolic meal plan.

This weight loss program falls somewhere between the two, which is exactly what makes Metabolic Renewal work, irrespective of how often you have been working out or your hormone type. And, of course, the main thing that makes the Metabolic Renewal work is the 4Ms.

Let us take a further look at how this program can help women enhance fat loss while being mindful of their hormone type.

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Type : Ovarian Fatigue Metabolism

Menopause brings changes to every part of the body. Levels of both estrogen and progesterone drop significantly. This puts the body under a ton of stress. The metabolism swings in rhythm with whatever hormone balance the body happens to be in on any given day.

Managing stress is super important for women of all hormone types. But it is the number one thing in this one. Youll learn how to get better sleep. But best of all, youll be introduced to the power nap.

These 10 to 20-minute naps during the day will keep you exhausted from flooding your body with cortisol.

What kind of exercise should you expect? Leisurely strolls through the park, fun dancing, and light yoga are all included. Its more like periods of activity than a workout.

Youll learn how to eat carbs sensibly. If you dont get enough carbs at this point in your life, your body will get stressed out. Too many carbs will cause your insulin levels to spike, which can cause some profound fat accumulation. You have to eat a well-balanced diet.

The good news is that, even though it may feel like your head is spinning due to the changes that your body is going through, your hormone levels will likely soon find the right balance. Think of the change as a transition to something better, at least as far as your metabolism goes.

What Kathleen Zelman Mph Rd Says:

Does It Work?

Research suggests that a Mediterranean diet, similar to Turner’s, can aid weight loss. You will lose weight on the plan because it is low in calories.

But promising that it can “balance hormones,” cure a whole host of problems and diseases, restore sleep, give you glowing skin and healthier hair, and more is not based on solid, scientific evidence.

Eating a clean, natural, preferably organic diet, free of preservatives and processed foods is ideal, but it’s not practical or necessary for weight loss or good health. Nor are the tremendous amounts of supplements, including herbal and bowel cleansers.

Is It Good for Certain Conditions?

Following a Mediterranean-style, low-glycemic diet is a sensible approach to healthy eating and weight loss that could benefit most people. Reaching a healthy weight can improve many conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

The Final Word

The cocktail of supplements and the hormone theories are unfounded and not recommended. Keep in mind that many things affect your hormone levels. It’s not just about your food. To say that certain foods are “hormone hindering” is inaccurate and oversimplifies the role of nutrients in the body.

If you think you have a hormonal imbalance or would like to follow this diet, consult your doctor.

Show Sources

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Cons Of The Metabolic Typing Diet

The Metabolic Typing Diet uses a lot of science to explain how the plan works. Unfortunately, research to support these claims is limited.

  • Lacks evidence:Research for the Metabolic Typing Diet is sparse. One small pilot study published in 2008 found that the questionnaire the diet uses to determine metabolic type may not accurately reflect a persons actual metabolic processing. However, current research suggests that people may benefit from diets that take into consideration their unique metabolic phenotype, a concept known as metabotyping. Researchers hypothesize that people at risk for certain diseases have a distinct metabotype and may need more personalized nutrition plans that address their unique metabolic needs, such as a diet high in fermentable fibers prebiotics for people at high risk of heart disease. Overall, more research is needed.
  • Tends to be restrictive: The authors of The Metabolic Typing diet recommend you follow your diet type for life. However, any diet that severely limits specific macronutrients or food groups may lead to nutrient deficiencies. Additionally, restrictive diets are hard to follow long-term.
  • Includes foods high in saturated fat: The protein type diet encourages high-fat meats, which are also high in saturated fat. Eating animal products that are high in saturated fat may increase your bad cholesterol and your risk of heart disease.

Alternatives To Metabolic Renewal

Metabolic Renewal Review 2020 | Will This Work For You?

Whether youre looking to lose weight, balance your hormone levels, or improve your health, there are several alternatives to Metabolic Renewal to consider, including:

  • WW. Formerly known as Weight Watchers, WW is a weight loss program that assigns foods a points value and gives members a PersonalPoints budget to fit their needs. Members can opt for one-on-one coaching or group workshops for extra support.
  • Noom. This app-based program aims to help you build healthier habits to support weight loss and health. Foods and drinks are categorized as green, yellow, or red based on their calorie density. Members are also assigned a virtual support team and can easily connect with other members of the community.
  • Mayo Clinic Diet. Designed to promote long lasting, sustainable weight loss, the Mayo Clinic Diet is a digital program that provides meal plans, at-home workouts, and an online food log to help you stay on track.

Here is a closer look at how these programs compare:


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Female Fat Loss Workout Plan

The sample female fat loss workout plan below is a 5-day plan, with 4 days of strength training and one day of cardio. I also provided the option for a sixth day to do some active recovery, but you should take at least one full day off from the gym per week.

My favorite way to train during a fat loss phase is to follow an upper/lower split. Each training day will focus on upper or lower body exercises only, and youll train the upper and lower body each twice per week.

I also like to have each day focused on one main compound movement, so each day will prioritize squats, bench presses, deadlifts, or overhead presses. The rest of the movements that follow target the other lower or upper body muscle groups such as the hamstrings and calves or biceps and triceps.

For the first compound movement of each day, I recommend selecting a weight that feels like a 6-7 RPE. This should be around 70-75% of your 1RM. If you dont have a current 1RM, go by how you feel, but be very honest with yourself. Avoid training to failure, as youll want to leave 2-3 reps in the tank so you can keep increasing weight each week.

For the accessory movements, you can aim for an RPE of 8-9. Since youre working smaller muscle groups, the exercises wont be as taxing, and you can afford to push the intensity a bit. However, I would still advise you to leave 1-3 reps in reserve. And if your energy levels are low in the later weeks of your cut, feel free to scale these movements back to an RPE of 6-7.

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