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Non Hormonal Gel Birth Control

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This Non-Hormonal Contraceptive Gel Was Just Approved by the FDA | NowThis

Theres only one brand of copper IUD in the U.S. Its called the Paragard IUD. It lasts for up to 12 years.

You dont have to keep your IUD for 12 years though you can get your IUD taken out whenever you want. If your IUD is going to expire but you want to keep using an IUD, your nurse or doctor can replace it.

Who Is Phexxi Best For

“Phexxi is great for those who are looking for contraceptive alternatives, don’t desire hormones, and are possibly not sexually active consistently,” Jessica Shepherd, MD, ob-gyn, CEO and founder of Sanctum Med Wellness, told Health. Phexxi can be a good fit for those who aren’t interested in taking a daily pill or using a long-acting form of birth control like an implant, IUD, or ring, Dr. Shepherd said.

Phexxi may also be an important choice for people who can’t use hormonal forms of birth control. “Not every woman can use a hormonal birth controlwomen who are at risk for blood clots, hormone-driven cancers like certain forms of breast cancer and other gynecological cancers may be advised to use a non-hormonal method,” Dr. Wider said.

For women who use lifestyle methodslike fertility awareness of the withdrawal or “pull-out” methodPhexxi may be a good addition to their routine, , an ob/gyn at The Women’s Group of Northwestern, in Chicago, told Health. “At worst, it’s 86% effective, but it could be much better if women are watching their cycle,” Dr. Levitt said.

There’s also this to consider, Dr. Wider added: “Non-hormonal methods would likely eliminate some unwanted side effects that women can experience on hormonal birth control like mood swings and weight gain.” If you are especially concerned about any of these things, talk to your healthcare provider about trying Phexxi.

Does Phexxi Have Side Effects Or Drawbacks

One of the concerns with Phexxi is that it has to be timed an hour or less before sex, which can be hard to plan for. It may be easily forgotten and compliance may be far from perfect, Dr. Sekhon says. It is only 93% effective if timed correctly, so user error is a bit of a concern, though if you trust youll remember to use it before sex, it could be a good option.

There are also some physical side effects of Phexxi to know about. The most common side effects reported in clinical trials were vaginal burning and itching, Dr. Sekhon says. Less commonly, users might experience UTI. Male partners may also notice local discomfort , most of which are mild.

There have been a few cases of urinary bladder infection and kidney infection reported in clinical studies. Dr. Chambers says to avoid Phexxi if you have had repeated urinary tract infections or other urinary tract problems. Of the women who used Phexxi in studies, 1.6% discontinued the clinical trials because of an adverse reaction, per the drugs website.

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Benefits Of Nonhormonal Birth Control

Whether youre on the pill, have a patch, or use a ring, hormonal birth control can be a total drag. It can cause annoying-AF side effects like bleeding between periods, boob pain, headaches, mood changes, and nausea.

Theres also a small chance that it could increase your risk of heart attacks, blood clots, or strokes.

You may want to opt for a nonhormonal method if you:

  • have trouble remembering to take a pill every day
  • dont want to change your bodys natural cycle
  • experience bad side effects from hormonal birth control
  • have certain health conditions like severe hypertension, heart disease, vascular disease, certain liver diseases, or migraine with aura
  • Effectiveness: 99%

A copper IUD is a T-shaped piece of plastic thats wrapped in copper. A doctor inserts the device into your uterus through your cervix. Its more than 99 percent effective and gets to work right away. The copper is toxic to sperm, so it helps prevent fertilization. It can also prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall.

A copper IUD is a great choice if you want long-term protection it can last up to 10 years! It can also be used as emergency contraception for up to 5 days after you have sex without a condom or other barrier.

One downside is that insertion can be uncomfortable. Discomfort can range from a slight sting to WHY IS THERE A WASP IN MY VAGINA? But the entire procedure usually takes just 5 to 15 minutes.

  • Effectiveness: 8598%
  • Effectiveness: 7286%
  • Effectiveness: 7688%

What Are The Benefits Of Hormone

MucoGYNE® Gel intime non hormonal

Birth control containing the hormone estrogen can increase your risk of blood clots, stroke, and high blood pressure, and has been linked to increased risk of breast cancer andovarian cancer. With hormone-free birth control, such as Phexxi, you wont experience any of the side effects common with such contraceptives .

Non-hormonal birth control such as condoms offer protection from sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia that hormonal options dont protect from. Though they dont protect you from STDs, non-hormonal IUDs can be used long-termfor 3-12 years.

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What To Do In Case You Take Too Much Phexxi

Call your doctor if you think youve taken too much Phexxi. You can also call 800-222-1222 to reach the American Association of Poison Control Centers or use its online resource. However, if you have severe symptoms, immediately call 911 or your local emergency number. Or go to the nearest emergency room.

If youre interested in learning more about Phexxi, talk with your doctor. Asking questions can help you decide whether Phexxi might be a good birth control option for you. Here are a few to help you get started:

  • Will my other forms of birth control increase my risk of side effects from Phexxi?
  • What should I do if I become pregnant while using Phexxi?
  • What should I expect from using Phexxi?
  • How can I prevent side effects that I experience from Phexxi?

If you would like to learn more about other types of birth control, see this article. For more facts, questions, and information on birth control, see the Healthline birth control hub.

More Birth Control Methods

In this post weve outlined some of the non-hormonal birth control methods available to you. If youre interested in browsing the wider contraceptive landscape, check out our post on birth control options, where you can also see the history and effectiveness of a mix of different methods, including those containing hormones.

At Natural Cycles we believe in more contraceptive choice for all. This is because we are all different and require different methods to reflect our diversity. Our birth control app is just one of the non-hormonal birth control options available.

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Effectiveness Of Nonhormonal Birth Control Gel

When used as directed by a medical professional, Phexxi is 93 percent effective, according to the company. But in typical use , its effectiveness drops to 86 percent.

That means it may not work for roughly 14 out of every 100 people who use Phexxi as their sole method of birth control.

Nonhormonal birth control gel has a higher effectiveness than that of a male condom, female condom, or spermicide, per the FDA . However, its less effective at preventing pregnancy than oral contraception, the patch, shots, IUDs, or surgical sterilization.

Using Phexxi with some other types of birth control can make the gel more effective, though. While it cant be used with vaginal rings, it can be used with:

While Phexxi doesnt come with the same side effects as hormonal birth control, it does have certain risks.

The most common side effects of the nonhormonal birth control gel include:

  • vaginal burning, itching, or discomfort
  • yeast infections
  • bacterial vaginosis
  • vaginal discharge

In clinical studies of the gel, a few cases of bladder and kidney infections were reported, one of which was serious.

With that said, side effects are uncommon, and when they do happen, they tend to be mild. Fewer than 2 percent of participants in clinical trials stopped using Phexxi due to an adverse reaction, according to the manufacturer.

You should not use Phexxi if you or your partner are allergic to the birth controls ingredients, which include:

More Serious Side Effects

Non-hormonal birth control gel gets US FDA nod

Serious side effects are rare with the non-hormonal barrier method of birth control, like with the condom, diaphragm, or cervical cap although allergies can rarely occur, especially if latex is present. Toxic shock syndrome may rarely occur with the contraceptive sponge.

Serious side effects with the copper IUD may include: pelvic inflammatory disease , uterine perforation, embedment in wall of uterus, life-threatening infection, endometritis , ectopic pregnancy, and IUD expulsion.

Other warnings and side effects may occur with the use of non-hormonal birth control. It is important to review the specific consumer information for your birth control choice. Discuss these serious side effects with your healthcare provider. Tell your healthcare provider about all other medications you take, including prescription, over-the-counter, vitamin and herbal supplements.

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Can You Use Iuds For Emergency Contraception

Yes, both copper-containing IUDs and progestin-containing IUDs can be used as a form of emergency contraception when used within 120 hours of having unprotected sex. This is the most effective form of emergency contraception. The benefit of using IUDs for emergency contraception is that youre seeking a method of birth control and youre preventing future unwanted pregnancies.

Progestin-containing IUDs work by causing your cervical mucus to become thicker so sperm cant reach an egg. The hormone also thins the lining of your uterus, so menstrual bleeding becomes lighter. The copper-containing IUD works by stopping the sperm from reaching the egg.

How is it available?

A healthcare provider prescribes and inserts IUDs.

How effective is it?

IUDs can be close to 100% effective at preventing pregnancy when inserted within five days of having unprotected sex.

Phexxi: What To Know About The Non

Lately, a friend of mine has been talking about Phexxia newish non-hormonal birth control gel she was thinking of trying. I dont love admitting this, but I had somehow missed the news on this product and had no idea what she was referring to.

Given that this non-hormonal birth control gel has been growing in popularity, theres a pretty good chance you might have heard of it too. To help you out, our team at Byrdie decided its time to reach out to some experts in the field of gynecology to learn the ins and outs of this new birth control gel.

Meet the Expert

  • Tamika Cross, MD, is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist who practices in the Pearland, TX, area.
  • Sophia Yen, MD, is board-certified in adolescent medicine and holds an MPH in maternal child health. She is the CEO of Pandia Health.

Heres what you need to know about Phexxi birth control gel.

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How Do You Take It

You only need to take Phexxi when you need it. It can be taken immediately before or up to one hour before sex.

According to Gersh, Phexxi “requires thoughtful use and preparation,” so it’s best suited for women who are prepared for some level of forethought.

Phexxi, which comes in a box of 12, will only be available through a prescription. If your insurance doesn’t cover it, it will cost about $250 to $275 per box, or $20 to $23 per dose.

Reversible Methods Of Birth Control

MucoGYNE® Gel intime non hormonal 40 ml

Intrauterine Contraception

Levonorgestrel intrauterine system The LNG IUD is a small T-shaped device like the Copper T IUD. It is placed inside the uterus by a doctor. It releases a small amount of progestin each day to keep you from getting pregnant. The LNG IUD stays in your uterus for up to 3 to 6 years, depending on the device. Typical use failure rate: 0.1-0.4%.1

Copper T intrauterine device This IUD is a small device that is shaped in the form of a T. Your doctor places it inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy. It can stay in your uterus for up to 10 years. Typical use failure rate: 0.8%.1

Hormonal Methods

ImplantThe implant is a single, thin rod that is inserted under the skin of a womens upper arm. The rod contains a progestin that is released into the body over 3 years. Typical use failure rate: 0.1%.1

Injection or shotWomen get shots of the hormone progestin in the buttocks or arm every three months from their doctor. Typical use failure rate: 4%.1

Combined oral contraceptivesAlso called the pill, combined oral contraceptives contain the hormones estrogen and progestin. It is prescribed by a doctor. A pill is taken at the same time each day. If you are older than 35 years and smoke, have a history of blood clots or breast cancer, your doctor may advise you not to take the pill. Typical use failure rate: 7%.1

Barrier Methods

Fertility Awareness-Based Methods

Lactational Amenorrhea Method

Emergency Contraception

Permanent Methods of Birth Control

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How To Use The Contraceptive Gel

  • If you are having sex multiple times in 1 hour, you must insert a new applicator before each sex act.
  • You can use it at the same time as condoms, internal condoms, diaphragms, and some types of hormonal birth control .
  • You can use the contraceptive gel anytime during your menstrual cycle.
  • The contraceptive gel is NOT effective when used after sex.
  • Do not use the contraceptive gel if you:
  • are or might be pregnant or are breastfeeding
  • have had a history of repeated urinary tract infections or other urinary tract problems
  • or your partner are allergic to lactic acid, citric acid, potassium bitartrate, or any other ingredients in the contraceptive gel

Should I Use A Fertility Awareness

Life stages or events that cause your periods to be unpredictable can make FABMs less effective in preventing pregnancy . You may want to consider other types of birth control, if any of the following applies to you :

  • You recently started having periods

  • You are close to menopause

  • You have just ended hormonal birth control

  • You have recently birthed

  • Your periods are unpredictable

  • Have a high risk of getting an STI

  • You are not able to avoid sex or use a barrier method during days with high risk of becoming pregnant

  • Your partner is not willing to participate in the FABM

If becoming pregnant would be dangerous to your health or be very damaging to your life, a more reliable form of birth control may be a better option.

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How Does The Birth Control Sponge Work

The sponge protects against pregnancy in three ways:

  • The spermicide kills sperm cells for 24 hours. You can have sex during that time without needing more spermicide.
  • Itâs designed to trap and absorb before the sperm have a chance to enter your cervix, which connects the to the uterus.
  • It acts as a physical barrier between the sperm and the cervix.

Types Of External Condoms

Women Using Non-Hormonal Birth Control Method Improved or Maintained Sex Life
  • Latex: The most common. Only water or silicone-based lubricants can be used with latex condoms .

  • Plastic : May be useful for those with allergies and can be used with oil-based lubes .

  • Lambskin: May be useful for those with latex allergies. They do not protect against STIs because of tiny pores that could allow viruses to pass through . You can use any type of lubrication with these condoms .

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How Does Phexxi Compare With Other Forms Of Birth Control

Phexxi is an effective form of birth control, but it’s not as effective as some other types of contraception. “When used properly, it is not as effective as an IUD or implant. However, it can be more effective than condom use alone,” Cross says.

The company says Phexxi is 93% effective when used as directed and 86% effective with typical use . This means that with perfect use, 7% of women using it will get pregnant, and without perfect use, 14% of people using it will get pregnant, Yen says. For this reason, she does not recommend using it alone and instead suggests using it in combination with another form of birth control, such as a condom. As we mentioned earlier, be sure not to use Phexxi in combination with a vaginal ring.

“The greatest disadvantage of any non-hormonal birth control methods is a higher risk of pregnancy,” Yen says. “Why take a 14% risk when the pill, patch, or ring have only a 7% risk of failure?”

Is Birth Control Without Hormones Safer

There are so many different types of birth control that you may feel a little overwhelmed when deciding which one is right for you.

Some birth control methods use hormones to prevent conception. These hormone-based birth control methods provide very effective protection from pregnancy.

However, you may be wondering whether birth control without hormones might offer you a safer alternative.

Before you can choose the right birth control for you whether its hormone-based or hormone-free you need expert advice from medical professionals who understand your personal health profile, your sex life, and your family-planning goals.

Here at Womens Healthcare of Princeton in Princeton, New Jersey, our all-female team of womens health specialists can help you make a safe, healthy choice that is best and safest for your body and your life.

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