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Pros And Cons Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Importance Of The Right Medical Guidance

Should I Take Bio-Identical Hormones To Heal My Hormones?

As we mentioned earlier, there are some risks to taking hormones, so its best to seek out medical guidance when considering hormone replacement therapy of any kind. A BHRT professional can test your hormone levels, administer the proper hormone replacement dosage, monitor your blood levels, and give you ongoing support.

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy For Menopause

HRT typically refers to the replacement of estrogen, the production of which declines during menopause, and progesterone, added to protect the uterus from uterine cancer or precancer, says Dr. Dweck. In other words, HRT usually means estrogen and progesterone replacement.

Some women, including those who have had a hysterectomy, dont need to worry about uterine cancer prevention, and may use estrogen alone. This is known as estrogen replacement therapy , she adds.

Just Because It Seems More Natural Become Better Informed

Given these significant differences in experiences, Dr. Jiang has serious doubts that women who opt for bioidentical custom compounds are not adequately informed about the lack of clinical evidence regarding the safety and effectiveness of these products. Nor are they sufficiently made aware that this form of hormone delivery is not subjected to the same level of regulation that is required to meet.

Pellet therapy and other compounded hormone products are regulated only be the rules governing vitamins and nutritional supplements, which means very little. They dont have to meet the same rigor as medications reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration , so theres no assurance that what is promised in the bottle is what youll get, or even that it will work as you expect. Rather, these hormonal products gain the attention of the FDA only after there is evidence of harm demonstrated in the people taking these unregulated products.

The study findings should raise red flags for any woman looking to have her doctor prescribe the compounded pelleted hormone therapy. And if you still decide to go this route, Dr. Jiang says: Women on pellet therapy need to be carefully monitored for their estrogen and testosterone levels.

You should understand that that are bioidentical and offer individualized options to women, he continues. There are FDA-approved hormone supplements available that are identical to human reproductive hormones, in a variety of dosages and delivery methods.

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Its Not Suitable For Everyone

While BHRT can be an effective treatment for many women, its not suitable for everyone. If you have a history of cancer, heart disease, or stroke, you should not take BHRT. Additionally, BHRT is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you have any other health conditions, its important to speak with your doctor before starting BHRT. While BHRT may not be right for everyone, it can be a helpful treatment for many women who are experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance. If youre considering BHRT, speak with your doctor to see if its right for you.

Pros And Cons Of Taking Bioidentical Hormones For Weight Loss

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Theres a new way to lose weight that doesnt involve counting calories or carbs, and it doesnt require you to give up your favorite foods. Bioidentical hormones can help you shed pounds without making any major changes to your lifestyle. But does BHRT work, and is it safe? Heres what you need to know about the pros and cons of taking bioidentical hormones for weight loss.

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Your Guide To Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dont let the term bioidentical hormone replacement therapy intimidate you. It may sound imposing, but the concept and administration of BHRT are quite straightforward. In this article, well break BHRT down into manageable pieces so you have a solid understanding of the whole topic.

Lets dive in!

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets: Pros

Here are five benefits that bioidentical hormone pellets can offer you:

  • Steady dosage. Hormone pellets are designed to release slowly into the bloodstream, causing a steady delivery of the lacking hormone. This ensures that there isnt any sort of roller coaster effect .

  • Simple insertion. Hormone replacement pellets have a super easy and simple insertion that can be done in a matter of minutes.

  • Balanced hormones. Hormone pellets will balance your hormones and get them to steady, ideal levels.

  • Reduction of hormonal imbalance symptoms. The symptoms of hormonal imbalances can make life very uncomfortable, unpleasant, and distracting. Hormone replacement therapy can reduce or eliminate the symptoms that accompany hormonal imbalances so that you can once again enjoy life to its fullest.

  • You can forget about it. Unlike pills and creams which you need to remember to take or apply regularly when you get bioidentical hormone pellets, you dont need to constantly have it at the forefront of your mind. You can forget about it and enjoy a worry-free, hormonally balanced daily life.

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    Risks Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Hormone therapy is a viable option for relatively young and healthy women up to age 59 or within ten years of menopause. Although, there are risks involved. It’s critical to talk to your doctor about these risks before starting therapy.

    The following risks are associated with HRT:

    • Blood clots in the legs and lungs that could result in a stroke.
    • Endometrial cancer if you are taking estrogen-only replacement therapy and you still have your uterus.
    • Breast cancer if you are taking estrogen and progesterone combination therapy for five or more years. This risk decreases after hormone therapy is stopped and is not associated with estrogen-only therapy.

    You are less likely to experience any issues if you follow these suggestions:

    • Start treatment with the lowest dose that works for you for the shortest possible time.
    • Have your doctor closely monitor your treatment and address any concerns you are having.
    • Take progesterone and estrogen if you still have your uterus.
    • Stay up-to-date with your doctor visits, mammograms, and pelvic exams.
    • Stick to localized estrogen therapy if the only troublesome symptom youre experiencing is vaginal dryness or painful sex.

    The Pros And Cons Of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

    A Doctor’s Guide to MENOPAUSE and Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Are you thinking of going in for bioidentical hormone therapy?

    Heres an interesting success story. Nikki always felt tired even if she slept for 10 hours the night before, she had to drag herself throughout the day. And she even gained weight. After taking BHRT, she felt a lot of positive differences her energy levels were way up, and she felt strong enough to exercise.

    Though there may be many success stories, it is important to see whether this therapy suits you. Well, this article discusses all about BHRT, but it would be a smart move to consult your doctor before starting.

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    Hormone Replacement Pellets: Cons

    Here are two cons that accompany hormone replacement pellets therapy:

  • Minor surgery. Because pellets are inserted using an incision, you may need to take a day or two to recover following pellet insertion.

  • Possible side effects. There is always a potential for negative side effects whenever any medical procedure is done. Some potential side effects could be bloating, headaches, or breast tenderness. Always consult a qualified BHRT therapy specialist if you have any concerns about the treatment.

  • Please make sure that you consult your general doctor if you have any concerns about receiving BHRT pellets and always inform your BHRT doctor of any pre-existing medical conditions that you have that could affect the effectiveness of your bodys reception to the treatment.

    Estrogen Side Effects And Risks

    Hormone therapy isnt without its risks. In fact, hormone therapy isnt used as widely as it once was because research began revealing risks with long-term use, such as cancer and heart risks.

    However, thanks to these studies, doctors and medical researchers have a better understanding of who will benefit most from estrogen therapy and who should try other treatments.

    The risk factors and side effects associated with estrogen use include:

    • Blood clots. Estrogen increases your risk of blood clots, which can cause a stroke, a heart attack, and even death.
    • Cancer. Estrogen may increase your risk of certain cancers, specifically breast cancer. Talk with a doctor about your personal health history, your family history, and your risk of breast cancer.
    • Birth irregularities. If youre using estrogen or hormone therapy and become pregnant, your pregnancy may end prematurely. If youre able to carry a pregnancy to full term, birth irregularities are common for babies born to people using estrogen.
    • Dense breast tissue. People who take estrogen may develop dense breast tissue. Dense tissue makes reading mammograms harder, so identifying breast cancer in its early stages may be difficult.

    Doctors typically prescribe estrogen-only medication if youve had a hysterectomy but still have your ovaries.

    If you havent had a hysterectomy, youll usually receive a combination estrogen-progesterone medication. Thats because estrogen-only treatments increase your risk of endometrial cancer.

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    Bioidentical Hormone Treatment: More Pros Than Cons

    By Dr. Lisa Maturo, Naturopathic Thyroid Doctor Phoenix

    In todays society, most women begin to experience the effects of perimenopause or menopause over the age of 40 . As a direct result of this, they may start experiencing one or several classic symptoms of aging:

    • Memory loss

    The hormonal decline that takes place during this stage of life leads many women to seek relief, but some live in fear of synthetic hormone therapy, questioning the impact it will have on their long-term health. The search for a more natural solution has led some women to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

    Advantages & Disadvantages Of Hrt Or Bhrt

    Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Austin TX

    If youre weighing the pros and cons of synthetic HRT vs BHRT, you likely have many questions about whats right for your particular symptoms of hormone imbalance. Well compare the two in our Comprehensive Guide to HRT or BHRT. Heres what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of HRT or BHRT:

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    What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the use of hormones to help resolve symptoms related to hormonal imbalance or decline in hormone production tied to aging. Certain hormone treatments are called bioidentical or sometimes natural because the types of hormones used are chemically identical to those produced by the human body.

    Specific hormones that BHRT aims to increase or balance include those tied to reproduction and youth, such as estrogen , progesterone, and sometimes testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone and adrenal hormones. During the years leading up to menopause, and then through this transition, a womans body produces less of these hormones , which may lead to symptoms like fatigue, hot flashes/night sweats, vaginal dryness and thinning bones. Various hormone therapy products are used to overcome these symptoms, some of which have been approved by the FDA and are available by prescription through health care providers, but many of which have not.

    BHRT treatments include creams, lotions, injections, gels, sprats or tablets that have the goal of raising hormone levels back up to a more youthful state. Examples of popular bioidentical hormone replacement therapy products now on the market include Estrace, Premphase, Prempro, Activara and Vivelle-Dot, just to name a few .

    The Pros And Cons Of Hrt: Finding The Best Treatment For Your Symptoms

    Hormone imbalances like low testosterone and hormonal changes like perimenopause and menopause can bring a host of physical and emotional symptoms that keep you from feeling your best. If youre struggling with hot flashes, mood swings, sleep problems, or low sex drive, you know how disruptive these symptoms can beand chances are that youre looking for relief.

    Hormone replacement therapy is widely regarded as the best treatment for hormone imbalances and age-related hormone changes. By compensating for your bodys diminished hormone levels, HRT can restore balance and minimizeor eliminatehormone-related symptoms. But as with any medical treatment, its important to weigh the pros and cons of HRT to determine if its the right path for you. By learning more about HRT and connecting with a practitioner who specializes in hormone health, you can thoughtfully consider your options and choose a treatment plan that will help you achieve your health goals.

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    What Are The Types Of Hormone Therapy

    There are two main types of hormone therapy :

    • Estrogen Therapy: Estrogen is taken alone. Doctors most often prescribe a low dose of estrogen to be taken as a pill or patch every day. Estrogen may also be prescribed as a cream, vaginal ring, gel or spray. You should take the lowest dose of estrogen needed to relieve menopause symptoms and/or to prevent osteoporosis.
    • Estrogen Progesterone/Progestin Hormone Therapy : Also called combination therapy, this form of HT combines doses of estrogen and progesterone .

    Pellet Therapy: The Pros And Cons

    Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Webinar, Testosterone Pellet Therapy Myths & Misconception

    So you want some straight answers to help you make a decision about pellet therapy. Thats not surprising theres so much pro information out there! Surely there must be cons as well?

    There are! And its important to consider both pros and cons for you, in connection with issues like

    Those are the issues people mostly search for online, and some people also want to know:

    • What if pellet therapy doesnt work?
    • Can pellet therapy cause cancer?

    These are serious questions that deserve a serious answer. And well provide them. Because, although pellet therapy is incredibly convenient and popular, it isnt necessarily the right choice for everyone. There are other methods of delivering the hormone if you decide against pellets.

    If youre someone who prefers to discuss your concerns in person, though, contact us here today to talk to one of our consultants.

    Otherwise, lets clear the air and get the low-down on pellet therapy both pros and cons. Then well answer those two questions.

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    Why People Use Bio

    As people age, their bodies experience a decline in the levels of various hormones. These hormones are estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. The drop in the level of these hormones can cause certain symptoms.

    Some of the common effects of reduced hormones that are common among woman who are in their post menopause phase are the following:

    • Night sweats
    • Floggy thinking
    • Loss of muscle mass

    Hormone therapy is the treatment for these conditions as it replaces the hormones. After using hormone therapy, hormone levels rise, and symptoms improve as well.

    Recommendations from national societies and medical experts state that people should consider the benefits and risks of both bioidentical and conventional hormones. Your physician can share with you the available options and guide you on what to use depending on what you prefer.

    It Doesnt Require Major Changes To Your Lifestyle

    Many weight loss methods require you to make major changes to your diet and exercise habits. This can be difficult to stick to, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. With BHRT, you dont have to make any major changes to the way you live. You can continue eating the foods you love and exercising as you normally would. This makes BHRT a convenient and easy way to lose weight.

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    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Pellet Hormone Replacement Therapy

    If you are experiencing menopause, andropause, or a hormonal imbalance, you know that hormones can have a profound impact on your physical and emotional health. Whats more, you probably already recognize the potential value of hormone replacement therapy to replenish your hormone levels and regulate your body. Today, there are more choices than ever before when it comes to HRT, and treatments such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can significantly minimize or even eliminate many of the symptoms related to hormonal changes. But even if you know hormone therapy is the best option to address your discomfort, you may struggle to choose the best administration method.

    In recent years, hormone replacement pellet therapy has become an increasingly popular option for both men and women seeking to re-establish their sense of wellbeing. So how do you know if pellet therapy is right for you? By exploring the pros and cons of this innovative treatment method, you can gain the insight you need to make an informed choice and take the next step toward wellness.

    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hormone Replacement Therapy For Menopause

    BioIdentical Hormones

    Menopause occurs when a woman’s reproductive hormones naturally decline, and she no longer menstruates, which may result in undesirable or uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately, hormone replacement treatment has been clinically proven to help decrease these symptoms, allowing you to navigate menopause with ease.

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    What Are The Pros Of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

    For men and women with hormones that have seemingly gone off balance due to menopause or andropause, BHRT is an excellent option to help reduce the symptoms such as exhaustion, hot flashes, and sleep troubles. Not only does the treatment help with balancing your hormones, but it also helps with the prevention of osteoporosis and side effects from fibromyalgia. Due to BHRT being a natural solution, it has become a big hit to women and men between the ages of 35 and 45 looking to help with these particular conditions. Once the treatment starts, it is a very short time frame in which the patient starts to see improvements in their symptoms.

    Why People Use Bioidentical Hormones

    As people age, their bodies experience a decline in the levels of various hormones. These hormones are estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. The drop in the level of these hormones can cause certain symptoms.

    Some are common among women who are in their post-menopause phase. Common effects of reduced hormones are:

    • Night sweats
    • Floggy thinking
    • Loss of muscle mass

    Hormone therapy is the treatment for these conditions as it replaces the hormones. After using hormone therapy, hormone levels rise, and symptoms improve as well.

    Recommendations from national societies and medical experts state that people should consider the benefits and risks of both bioidentical and conventional hormones. Your physician can share with you the available options and guide you on what to use depending on what you prefer.

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