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Seed Cycling For Balancing Hormones

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Other Ways To Help Balance Your Hormones

Tips To Seed Cycling For Fertility | Seed Rotation For Hormone Balance

Seed cycling isnt the only method you can use to support healthy, happy hormones.

Other ways you can positively support your hormones are:

Practices to improve your health shouldnt be burdensome, and you shouldnt be doing them because you think you need to.

You can be just as healthy and have balanced hormones whether you seed cycle or not.

The most important thing is that you choose to focus your time and energy on health-promoting practices that bring you joy. These practices should enable you to use your health as a tool to pursue a greater purpose in the world. They shouldnt cause you more stress and anxiety about doing them perfectly.

With or without seed cycling, focusing on practices that both improve your health and fit into your current lifestyle will ultimately give you the best results.

Have you tried seed cycling? Are there any benefits youve noticed from consuming these hormone balancing seeds? Let me know in the comments below!

Seed Cycling: How To Bring Your Hormones Back Into Balance

We talk about hormonal balance a lot here at the Yinova center in fact, one of the most common things we hear when seeing someone for the first time is that they feel their hormones are off in some way: causing disruptions to their menstrual cycles, skin, digestion, energy, or mood. We see hormonal imbalances present themselves in various instances:

Seed Cycling For Hormone Balance We Believe Every Woman Deserves To Feel Their Best Every Day Of The Month

The good news is, there is a natural method in helping you restore hormone balance and start thriving in your life again.

Weve experienced and seen firsthand the positive impacts seed cycling has had on our clients & the amazing results they have had!

Now, we want to help more women discover the benefits of this revolutionary technique with our subscription service.

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The Benefits Of Seed Cycling

So, as weve seen so far, eating seeds for hormone support can help:

  • lower inflammation
  • prevent or improve estrogen dominance
  • support healthy progesterone levels
  • maintain a healthy ratio of estrogen to progesterone

As a result of all this, seed cycling can help improve symptoms and conditions such as:

  • PMS

Balancing Hormones Made Easy With Seed Cycling

Seed Cycling for Hormone Balance and Acne

Ah, hormones. These little chemical messengers do so much for our body. From helping our body grow to managing our stress levels to regulating our appetite — hormones are crucial building blocks for us. But as crucial as they are, hormones can also impact us negatively if thereâs too much or too little of them than the required levels. This Hormonal Imbalance can occur due to a variety of reasons — PCOS, Hypothyroidism, sedentary lifestyle, sleep deprivation, chronic stress, and more.For many women suffering from hormonal imbalance — PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome , menopausal symptoms, low progesterone levels — Seed Cycling offers a natural method for taming those hormones. explains.

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What If My Cycle Is Shorter Or Longer Than 28 Days

You might think if your cycle is shorter or longer than 28 days you might not be able to do seed cycling but that is definitely not the case. Most females cycles are not exactly 28 days.

My cycle has slowly and slowly been getting closer to 28 days, but at first, it was around 37 days. I had no idea how long and when the next time I would get my period since it was so irregular/nonexistent in the past.

Once I would hit day 28 and didnt get my period, I would just start over on the pumpkin and flax and take them until I got my period. Then I would start over again on the pumpkin and flax and take them for 14 days, and then switch to the sesame and sunflower.

Basically, it was a lot of pumpkin and flax in a row. Now I am around 30 days per cycle so it has been helping!

If you are shorter than 28 days, just do the opposite. Once you get your period, start with the pumpkin and flax even though you are not done with the sesame and sunflower. Over time it will hopefully get you to 28 days.

If your cycle is regular and always longer or shorter, just adjust the seeds to fit your needs. You will switch seeds halfway through your cycle when you ovulate. You know your body the best. The way I have been doing it has been helping decrease my cycle length for me, but Im all about finding what works best for you.

So Should You Try Seed Cycling

Seed cycling is not proven to support normal female hormone balancing, nor is there evidence that it supports any of the symptoms associated with imbalanced hormones. However, seeds have many health benefits. Theyre a source of fiber, plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are a part of a healthy diet, and it is a good idea to include a variety of them in your diet on a regular basis.

There is no known harm in trying out seed cycling. If you experience benefits, it could be from the addition of healthful foods like seeds into your diet and not necessarily the act of seed cycling itself.

Ultimately, the decision to try seed cycling is an individual one. It is always best to talk with your healthcare provider if you are concerned about hormone imbalances and to get necessary medical tests done if indicated.

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Seed Cycling : Hormone Balance Throughseeds

Written by: Dr. Amy Beckley, PhD, Founder and Inventor of the Proov test the first and only FDA-cleared test to confirm successful ovulation at home.

Ah, hormones. Most of us remember from 7th grade biology that hormones have something to do with the reproductive system. And many of us have more in depth knowledge about how hormones impact monthly cycles and fertility. But did you know that hormones – especially progesterone – can impact skin, hair, mood, sleep quality, sex drive, weight and general wellness?

If you have been using Proov tests to measure your progesterone and dont consistently get a positive test throughout the implantation window, you may have low progesterone. Other signs of low progesterone include brown spotting before your period and irregular cycles, headaches, mood changes, breast tenderness, and more. For many women with low progesterone, PMS, and PCOS, seed cycling can help balance hormone levels and can also potentially reduce symptoms. Seed cycling is a natural and healthy way to help balance hormones, using…you guessed it: seeds!

What is Seed Cycling?

How does Seed Cycling work?

Seed cycling involves tracking your menstrual cycle and eating specific seeds during different days of the cycle, to help ensure optimal levels of estrogen and progesterone when these hormones are present during the cycle.

How can I do it?

How To Eat Seeds

HOW TO SEED CYCLE | Regulate Your Cycle Find Hormonal Balance

Its best to consume seeds raw rather than roasted or seasoned. Keep them in the fridge or freezer to preserve their delicate fats, and ideally grind your seeds immediately before consuming them.

Sprinkle them on salads or muesli, whizz them into smoothies or make them into raw seed butters or tahini.

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How To Start Seed Cycling For Better Hormone Balance

Day 1 of your cycle is the first day that your period begins. And says 1 through 14 of your cycle are considered the follicular phase. During the follicular phase, your estrogen is increasing and an egg is maturing in preparation for ovulation. Ovulation, which typically occurs on day 14 for women with a 28-day cycle and is characterized by the release of an egg, marks the end of the follicular phase. On day 15, you enter the luteal phase. In this phase, the now-empty follicle turns into a structure called the corpus luteum, which produces progesterone and helps thicken your uterine lining to prepare for a pregnancy. If the egg is not fertilized, you will get your period. The lining of your uterus, also known as the endometrium, will shed during your period, and then your body will begin building it again in order to prepare for a fertilized egg. So how do you seed cycle thought this 28-day series of events? Let’s start with the follicular phase:

Seed Cycling To Help Regulate Your Cycle

Cycles that are longer or shorter than average, or that vary widely from month to month, can all fall under the umbrella of menstrual cycle irregularity.

There is currently no definitive evidence that seed cycling specifically can help regulate your cycle. But in my experience, eating these seeds certainly wont hurt! And many women Ive spoken with in my Get Your Period Back program found a benefit to experimenting with seed cycling.

In general, consuming seeds is going to help you produce healthy, happy hormones. Seeds contain plenty of healthy fats, nutrients, and fiber that are all precursors to balanced hormones.

Cycling seeds, while it can be beneficial, likely isnt necessary for you to see hormonal benefits. Just consuming these seeds on a regular basis can provide a similar benefit as cycling them would.

And consuming seeds is just one piece to regaining hormonal balance. Your overall diet, lifestyle, and mindset are also critical pieces that shouldnt be ignored when it comes to supporting healthy cycles.

If youre not getting a period, check out my free training dedicated to helping women regain normal menstrual cycles naturally.

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Does Seed Cycling Result In Balanced Hormones

There is no scientific evidence to prove that seed cycling results in balanced hormones. However, one review found that consuming phytoestrogens in the diet lowered the frequency and severity of hot flashes in individuals going through menopause. Consuming phytoestrogens may also improve bone mineral density in the spine. Its important to note that this review also found that phytoestrogens have been linked to an increased risk for infertility.

There May Be Other Benefits To Eating Seeds Of Course

Seed Cycling for hormone balance: What is it and how does it work ...

“Seeds are very nutritious,” Linsenmeyer said. “So, the bottom line is yes if you want to incorporate more seeds in your diet, go for it.”

They can be a great source of fiber, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, she said.

But if you’re adding a lot of seeds to your diet at once, you may experience some gastrointestinal changes as your body adjusts to having more fiber. “Frankly, I would expect to see changes in bowel movements that might be just, like, startling to people,” Linsenmeyer said. “The insoluble fiber content adds a lot of bulk to the stool.”

You might also notice yourself feeling fuller sooner or not feeling as hungry when it comes time for your next meal due to the high fat content in seeds, she said.

All of that is why Linsenmeyer recommends people who are interested in adding more seeds to their diet do so gradually over the course of a week or two and be sure to drink plenty of water.

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Does Seed Cycling Work

I did notice a few changes during my 28 days of seed cycling. I usually experience both painful ovulation and painful menstrual cramps. The month I tried seed cycling, my ovulation pain was basically eliminated and I did notice some reduction in period cramping. I didnât notice any changes in mood or bleeding volume or length. The reduction in pain was a tangible benefit, but at the end of the month, I didnât continue with seed cycling because I just became tired of eating the seeds.

While thereâs no real data to support seed cycling, as long as you have no allergies to seeds and can afford to purchase them, there arenât any serious risks to including seeds in your daily diet.

Variations across the menstrual cycle can be normal, yet some changes may indicate an underlying issue that medical care could help resolve. If you experience symptoms of PCOS, irregular bleeding, painful periods, infertility, or irregular periods, itâs worth getting checked out by your healthcare provider. You can use Clue to track your symptoms so you can give your provider more information about your body and symptoms.

Can Seed Cycling Help With Breast Tenderness

Cyclical breast tendernessis a common complaint among women. It typically comes on right before your period. There have been studies showing improvement in symptoms when flaxseeds are included regularly in the diet.

And there have also been studies that have shown the lignans found in pumpkin seeds may be beneficial in preventing breast cancer.

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What If You Have An Irregular Or Missing Period

Its possible to incorporate seed cycling even if you have irregular or missing periods. Instead of rotating with the phases of your cycling, youll follow the phases of the moon as a general guideline.


  • Days 1-14 , eat pumpkin seeds and flax seeds.
  • Days 15-28 , eat sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

It may seem odd or even a little woo-woo, but the moon is powerful. It controls the waves in the ocean, can affect our center of gravity, and have an effect on your menstrual cycle. Have you ever noticed that the moon and the average menstrual cycle are both 28 days? This is no coincidence. Many womens cycles naturally follow the phases of the moon.

All About Seed Cycling

Why seed cycling works to help balance hormones

This post contains affiliate links. Please read my policy page.

Published on | This post contains affiliate links. Please read my policy page.

What is seed cycling? Today we are breaking down all about seed cycling and how it can help with balancing hormones and having a healthy period. A detailed guide on what, how, when, why, and some ideas of how you can incorporate seeds into your lifestyle!

I am so excited about this post!!! Today we are talking all about seed cycling!

If you have no idea what seed cycling is or what Im even referring to, its going to sound a little crazy, but it is magical . It has been so helpful for me for balancing my hormones and having a healthy menstrual cycle over the last 10 months.

Once I start breaking seed cycling down, it might sound a little hippie/woo-woo, but it works. Bonus it is so easy to implement isnt expensive, and has made some drastic changes for some.

If you are not familiar with my history, you can check out my health and fitness journey. That post is a very in-depth look into my diet and lifestyle the past 10-15 years of my life.

For a shorter version, I have not had a regular period for 10 years I went on birth control in 2006 when I entered college. My cycle was never really regular and that is pretty much the go-to from doctors nowadays. I was also in a long-term relationship so it made sense.

Update: I have had my cycle consistently for the past 2 years and it has been great!

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How Does Seed Cycling Work

Seed cycling provides the specific nutrients to help build your hormones. As you’ll read in my book, Beyond the Pill, I recommend seed cycling at any stage in a woman’s life and find it especially helpful for women coming off of birth control or struggling with post-birth control syndrome symptoms like acne, irregular periods, or new onset of PMS.

To use seed cycling you need to know a few things. Youll be tracking your menstrual cycle and changing your seeds to match the phase you are in. Day one is the first day you experience your period . That will be the day you begin the follicular phase seeds and youll continue through ovulation or day 14.

The practice is quite simple, beginning the first day of your cycle you’ll eat 1-2 tablespoons of fresh ground flaxseeds and raw pumpkin seeds, which supports both estrogen production and metabolism. It’s a great way to create balanced estrogen, which is key during the follicular phase.

Following ovulation, which can vary for each woman, you will switch to 1-2 tablespoons each of raw sunflower and sesame seeds. For the purpose of seed rotation, we generally change to these seeds at day 15 of the cycle, but if youre tracking your ovulation then you can switch seeds the day following ovulation. Sunflower and sesame seeds support progesterone levels, which is the key hormone during the luteal phase .

Phase Two: The Ovulatory + Luteal Phase

During the second half of your cycle, youll take the same amount of seedsbut switch up the type of seeds to best suit your bodys needs during these phases. Heres what to take:

One tablespoon of either sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, or both every day for days 1428

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds also contain lignans to help eliminate excess estrogen production. These seeds are high in omega 6, which is a wonderful anti-inflammatory.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds contain selenium, which is also anti-inflammatory. They help balance hormones and aid in proper liver function. Sunflower seeds are also high in omega 6, which is why these seeds can either be used together or taken alone, depending on how much balance you need.

This phase is considered the second half of a cycle. Progesterone levels are going through fluctuations, and there may also be unwanted PMS symptoms like bloating, mood swings, and difficulty sleeping. If you tend to experience these symptoms during this phase, consider using both sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

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