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Texas Healthy Aging And Hormone Therapy

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Estrogens And The Aging Man

The 10 Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy – HealthTexas on SA Live

Estrogens in men are produced through aromatization, a process in the limbic system and brain tissues by which the body converts testosterone into estradiol . Although little is known about the role of estrogens in men, with most studies conducted on animals and not humans, estrogens may have a potential role in the regulation of Leydig cell development and function. During development, estrogens inhibit development of Leydig cells from precursor cells, whereas in adults, estrogens can block androgen production and Leydig cell generation . In the testes, both ER and ER are expressed, however, the role of gonadal ERs in mediating the effects of estrogens during development is not yet clear . Estrogens are important regulators of bone health not only in women but also in men , although the relative contribution of androgens versus estrogens in the regulation of the male skeleton is unclear . Serum levels of both estrogens and androgens decrease with age and are inversely associated with the risk of fracture in aging men.

How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Help

Hormone replacement therapy is a medical regimen that seeks to replace lost hormones. After menopause, estrogen, progesterone, and even testosterone decrease. All are crucial for a womans overall health, including libido. HRT uses synthetic hormones to replace what was lost. An OB/GYN or reproductive specialist can prescribe HRT in a pill, patch, suppository, or topical form. Some doctors will recommend a combination of hormone therapies for the best results. Over a short period, the symptoms that are typical of changing hormones can subside.

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JAMES E. CAWLEY, M.D., P.A. Organization 202 SW 25TH AVE SUITE 900MINERAL WELLS, TX 76067

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Androgens And The Aging Woman

Although women have a 20- to 25-fold lower circulating concentrations of androgens compared with men , androgens are precursors for estrogen production and synthesis and play a key role in the maturation processes of ovarian follicles in women . While it remains to be seen whether testosterone plays a significant biological function in women, androgen deficiencies in aging women have been associated with impairments in sexual function, lean body mass and performance, cognitive function, emotions, bone loss, and frailty . Testosterone levels in women decline in the fourth decade of life and prior to menopause approach 50% of those seen in the third decade . Upon completion of menopause, average concentrations of testosterone in women are approximately 15% of premenopause levels . Additionally, some women experience further reductions within 25 years following menopause . Although the biological role of testosterone in women remains unclear, the sharp and rapid decline in androgen levels that accompany aging in women may play a critical role in the functional limitations seen in aging and may increase morbidity. Thus, there may be a therapeutic role for testosterone replacement among menopausal and postmenopausal women, although careful assessment of the menopause age and monitoring of symptoms should be considered so that the lowest effective dose of testosterone can be selected.

Estrogens And The Aging Woman

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Estrogens also play a key role in regulation of bone mass and strength by controlling activity of bone-forming osteoblasts and inhibiting activity and vitality of bone-resorbing osteoclasts . Bone tissue is essential for structural support and locomotion in the vertebrae and critical for hematopoiesis. Bones also serve as an endocrine organ in the regulation of calcium homeostasis . Besides a marked decrease in muscle mass, postmenopausal women also show a marked decrease in bone mineral density and high-turnover bone metabolism, which leads to postmenopausal osteoporosis . When these women are treated with exogenous estrogens, the decrease in bone mass and increase in bone turnover are reversed. This suggests that estrogens have a bone protective effect .

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Hormone Deficiencies Therapies And Longevity

Hormone deficiencies of all kinds can negatively affect health and longevity, complicating such a discussion. Testosterone therapies, and to a lesser extent estradiol and GH replacement, have increased substantially over the past several years and are widely used as function promoting therapies in older men and women by increasing protein anabolism and reducing protein catabolism in skeletal muscle. Whether this approach will lead to increased longevity remains unanswered, however, mounting evidence suggests that significant gains in health through enhanced functional performance is an approach worth further investigation. Additional large-scale research is needed to provide the data necessary to determine the safety and efficacy of hormone replacement with age and to elucidate what its influence is on functional performance, enhanced health span and longevity.

Npi Validation Check Digit Calculation

The following table explains the step by step NPI number validation process using the ISO standard Luhn algorithm.

Start with the original NPI number, the last digit is the check digit and is not used in the calculation.
Step 1: Double the value of the alternate digits, beginning with the rightmost digit.
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The NPI number 1245771963 is valid because the calculated check digit 3 using the Luhn validation algorithm matches the last digit of the original NPI number.

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How Do I Update My Npi Information

The NPI record of TEXAS HEALTHY AGING AND HORMONE THERAPY LLC was last updated on March 14, 2017. To officially update your NPI information contact the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System at 1-800-465-3203 or by email at NPI Profile data is regularly updated with the latest NPI registry information, if you would like to update or remove your NPI Profile in this website please contact us at:

Estrogens And Skeletal Muscle

What You Need to know About Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) with Dr. Sharon Malone

There is a body of evidence that estradiol plays a role in muscle strength. When estradiol is diminished, significant decrements in the force-generating capacity of hind-limb muscles in mice will occur , even when controlling for physical and muscular activities of the mice . The decrease in strength fully recovers after estradiol replacement, thus estradiol is an important hormone that affects muscle contractile function . Estradiol also plays a role in the level of antioxidant enzymes. Ovariectomized mice have lower levels of antioxidant enzymes in the heart, such as glutathione peroxidase, catalase, and superoxide dismutase . Antioxidant as well as ER- gene expression in skeletal muscle of mice acutely and chronically responds to changes in circulating estradiol, which is another indication of estrogen-mediated mechanisms influencing contractility of skeletal muscle .

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Transform Your Sex Life With Hrt

The hormonal changes that come with age should not limit or destroy sexual desire. Unfortunately, millions of women face reduced libido and poor sexual function. These symptoms can last for several months, severely impacting relationships. HRT is a great option to increase estrogen and other essential hormones. HRT, like other therapies, does have side effects. Make sure to discuss any concerns with a doctor. With HRT, the future of sexual wellness looks brighter.

Potential Risks Of Low And High Testosterone

Testosterone therapy carries a certain risk, especially when the population being treated is unhealthy or when supraphysiologic doses are administered rather than replacement doses. A meta-analysis of Calof and colleagues , including 13 studies in their secondary analysis, showed that the groups of men with testosterone replacement had higher rates of prostate cancer, prostate-specific antigen, and prostate biopsies, although there was a bias toward a greater number of prostate biopsies in the testosterone group. Also, testosterone-treated men had an almost four times higher chance on hematocrit of greater than 50% , the most frequent androgen-related adverse event, compared with the placebo group. Cardiovascular event rates did not differ significantly between testosterone-treated and placebo-treated men , whereas Basaria and colleagues showed that the application of a testosterone gel was associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular adverse events. However, the men studied in this trial were already frail and had mobility limitations. Other potential side effects interrelated with long-term testosterone treatment are acne, oily skin, reduced sperm production, and fertility .

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About Texas Healthy Aging And Hormone Therapy Llc

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Texas Healthy Aging And Hormone Therapy Llc is a primary care provider established in Mineral Wells, Texas operating as a Family Medicine. The NPI number of Texas Healthy Aging And Hormone Therapy Llc is 1245771963 and was assigned on March 2017. The practitioner’s primary taxonomy code is 207Q00000X. The provider is registered as an organization and their NPI record was last updated 6 years ago. Texas Healthy Aging And Hormone Therapy Llc operates as a single speciality business group with one or more individual providers who practice the same area of specialization. The authorized official of this NPI record is Lori Shae Hopper Apn-c

Location Address 202 SW 25TH AVE SUITE 1200 MINERAL WELLS, TX 76067
Location Phone
NPI Entity Type

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Texas Healthy Aging And Hormone Therapy Llc

Detailed information about Texas Healthy Aging And Hormone Therapy LLC in Mineral Wells Texas.

Texas Healthy Aging And Hormone Therapy LLC is a Medical Group that has only one practice medical office located in Mineral Wells TX. There are 5 health care providers, specializing in Nurse Practitioner, Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, being reported as members of the medical group. Medical taxonomies which are covered by Texas Healthy Aging And Hormone Therapy LLC include Family Medicine, Family.

With Age Comes Hormone Changes

Hormones are essential in a womans reproductive health and overall well-being. Yet, hormones change throughout a womans life thanks to pregnancy, birth control, menstruation, and other health reasons. With age comes menopause, one of the biggest challenges women will face. Menopause brings a range of unwanted symptoms, including reduced libido and sexual function. For severe cases, hormone replacement therapy can help reignite that spark in the bedroom.

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Healthy Aging And Longevity: The Possible Testosterone And Exercise Link


Testosterone stimulates skeletal muscle protein synthesis and inhibits protein degradation in the skeletal muscle of humans, regardless of age. Similarly, resistance exercise strongly stimulates muscle protein synthesis . In combination, exercise and testosterone strongly promote muscle hypertrophy and are also thought to promote bone health. Resistance exercise can induce acute subtle increases in serum testosterone however, a high relative intensity and a high total volume of resistance exercise must be performed to acutely induce physiologically significant increases in concentrations of testosterone necessary to increase muscle anabolism . It is more likely that the resistance exercise causes contraction-induced stimulation of muscle protein synthesis rather than an induction of muscle protein synthesis as a result of acute increases in serum testosterone. The endocrine response for the days following resistance training is unclear. Very recently, Aizawa and colleagues showed that 12 weeks of aerobic exercise training enhanced the messenger RNA and protein expression of enzymes involved in steroidogenesis within skeletal muscle of male rats, such as 3-HSD, P450arom, and 5-reductase. This suggests that chronic endurance exercise training improves the production of steroids in skeletal muscle, which may assist in the muscular adaptation in skeletal muscle after training.


What Is Texas Healthy Aging And Hormone Therapy Llc Clia Number

Dr. Richard Walker Discusses Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy for Anti-Aging

The provider’s CLIA number is 45D2129464 for a “physician office” facility with a CLIA Certificate of Waiver. This CLIA certificate is issued to perform only waived tests. CLIA defines waived tests as simple tests with a low risk for an incorrect result. Waived tests include certain tests listed in CLIA regulations, tests cleared by the FDA for home use and tests approved by the FDA for waived status and that meet CLIA waiver criteria..

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Sexual Health And Aging

Aging has nothing to do with sexuality. Sexual wellness has much to do with ones emotional state and feelings toward sex. However, hormonal changes due to menopause can add physical barriers to sex for women. Menopause signals the absence of a period and the end of a womans reproductive journey, significantly decreasing estrogen production. Furthermore, menopause can bring symptoms like vaginal dryness, thinner vaginal walls, hot flashes, mood swings, and insomnia. These symptoms can all negatively affect a womans desire for sex. Even when these symptoms subside, the damage is already done.

Androgens And The Aging Man

The influence of testosterone on protein metabolism is well known , however, testosterone also plays a significant role in glucose and lipid homeostasis and bone metabolism. Low total testosterone levels in older men are associated with an increased prevalence of osteoporosis, increased incidence of rapid bone loss at the hip , and an increased incidence of hip fractures and nonvertebral fractures . Osteoporosis is an increasingly recognized problem in older men with associated fracture morbidity and mortality on the rise. Thus, not only does the loss of testosterone negatively affect muscle mass in older men, it appears to also increase the risk of osteoporosis and fractures further contributing to increased morbidity and mortality in older men .

Whether the age-dependent decline in androgen levels directly leads to the development of health problems in older men is being debated vigorously . Carefully controlled large-scale studies are needed to determine whether testosterones pleiotropic effects are of benefit or harm to healthy aging and longevity.

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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy In Center Texas 75935

Now more than ever people are beginning to recognize the importance of healthy aging and what a profound impact bio identical hormone pellet therapy can have on disease prevention, ensuring great health well into our golden years. BHRT prescribed properly beginning as early as our 30s has clinically shown to significantly improve health in the areas of mental acuity , lean muscle mass, decreased fat, relief from depression, irritability, anxiety, as well as increased energy and sexual performance, just to mention a few.

Through comprehensive research and training our Certified EvexiPEL Providers have become an experts in providing the EvexiPEL Method of Hormone Optimization.

EvexiPEL providers have been trained by some of the most world-renowned experts in hormone therapy and have comprehensive knowledge of how hormones work in virtually every system of the body. The integrative, functional approach utilized in the EvexiPEL Method of hormone optimization is far different than other methods or brands of hormone therapy and our patients definitely FEEL the difference!

The EvexiPEL Method has been developed by medical doctors and practitioners that have decades of experience and research in hormone optimization.

Planning To Visit Palo Pinto County

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  • Palo Pinto County is located in North Central Texas
  • It is part of the DallasFort Worth metro area
  • The county seat is Palo Pinto
  • As of the 2010 census, its population was 28,111
  • Palo Pinto County is known for its picturesque countryside
  • It is home to Possum Kingdom State Park, one of the best state parks in Texas
  • The county also includes Brazos River, recorded as the most-traveled long-distance paddle-streaming trail in Texas
  • Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Dinosaur Valley State Park and Lake Mineral Wells State Park are just a few of the nearby attractions
  • The county is home to several colleges, including Weatherford College, Texas Christian University and Tarleton State University
  • The economy of Palo Pinto County is largely based on agriculture, ranching, oil and natural gas production and tourism

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Is It Suitable For Everyone

Despite the efficacy of HRT, the treatment is not suitable for everyone. HRT is not recommended for women with a history of blood clots, stroke, or high blood pressure. Women with a history of breast cancer or reproductive cancers should also reconsider treatment. Along with HRT, women will benefit from exercise and a healthy diet to improve both physical and mental health. Speaking with a licensed therapist will help women navigate the emotional and physical obstacles that occur with aging.

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As people age, the production of hormones can be affected in many ways. Our Outset Pellet Therapy Program uses your unique biomarkers to create a customized treatment program based on over 40 years of experience helping patients just like you.

The Outset Pellet Therapy Program uses the highest quality FDA regulated bioidentical hormone pellets to combat symptoms that may stem from hormonal imbalances. Implanted Pellets can help maintain a consistent hormone level throughout the day, unlike other therapies.

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