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Vitamins For Women’s Hormonal Balance

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How Can Nutrient Deficiency Impact Hormone Balance

Vitamins for Hormone Balance and Immunity

Deficiencies in certain nutrients can significantly impact hormone levels and disrupt the delicate balance of the endocrine system. For example, deficiencies in vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc have all been linked to lower testosterone levels.

On the other hand, an overabundance of certain minerals, such as manganese and copper can lead to higher estrogen levels. This is why it’s so important to make sure you’re getting all the essential nutrients your body needs for optimal hormone balance.

Also, keep in mind that nutrient deficiencies can also impact other aspects of your health, so it’s important to address them as soon as possible.

If you suspect you may be deficient in any nutrients, it’s essential to speak with a doctor or nutritionist to check your levels and find out which supplements would be best for you. Also, natural supplements are always better than synthetic ones.

Supplements To Maintain Healthy Estrogen Levels

The right estrogen balance is essential when it comes to a woman’s mood and brain, bone health, energy levelsand even how easily she can maintain a healthy weight. But, after age 35, estrogen levels start to deplete. Support healthy estrogen levels with nutrients specifically targeted for women’s health, such as broccoli extract, dong quai and flaxseed lignans.

The Quest For Hormonal Balance

It may seem like its rare to find a woman today that has zero complaints about all things hormone balance-related.

Thats because a combination of stressful schedules, long to-do lists, less-than-ideal diets and other factors make hormonal balance a popular topic.

Here are some of the main culprits that are believed to directly affect womens hormonal balance:

  • Ongoing stress, which can be caused by many factors such as work, being too busy, relationships/family issues, finances, etc.

  • A poor diet, which can negatively impact gut health and lead to low nutrient intake

  • Sleep deprivation

  • High alcohol consumption

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Rebalancing Your Hormones Starts Now

If you think you may be experiencing a hormone imbalance, take our Symptom Checker quiz to help interpret what your symptoms are telling you. If your hormones are imbalanced, the first step is to ramp up the support you give your body. Our effective natural solutions for hormone imbalance include plant-based supplementation and nutrition and lifestyle changes. Together, these steps can resolve the root cause of your symptoms.

Our approach to hormonal imbalance is comprehensive and works with your body to gently restore balance. Weve developed Hormonal Health Programs that include our exclusive Herbal Equilibrium phytotherapeutic complex to ease symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Weve worked with tens of thousands of women to help them find the symptom relief they need to get back to their lives and have a little more fun every day. See the difference we can make in your life.


Best Vitamins And Supplements For Hormonal Imbalance

Hormone Balance for Women by DailyNutra

Vitamins are necessary for your body to function properly, and getting the right balance of vitamins is crucial. Unfortunately, with hectic schedules, eating habits, and environmental factors, many people dont get the right amount of vitamins that they need to maintain good health. The best vitamins for hormonal imbalance include biotin, magnesium, folate, vitamin D, and more.

Here are the 10 best vitamins and supplements for hormonal imbalance:

You likely know by now which foods are highest in omega-3s fatty fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel, cod liver oil, walnuts, chia seeds, herring, flax seeds, hemp seeds, anchovies, and egg yolks are some of the best. If you dont eat a wide array of these omega-3 rich foods, take a high-quality fish oil supplement.

It is true that the phrase the best vitamins for hormone balance is redundant, but there are times when certain vitamins serve specific purposes. For example, vitamin B6 is one of the best vitamins for hormone balance, specifically addressing estrogen-related issues such as PMS and PCOS.

Ever wonder why PMS strikes some women harder than others? The answer might be due to deficiencies in the body of certain vitamins, including vitamin B6.

If youve noticed that you have mood swings, irritability, cramps, fatigue, and depression on a monthly basis, it might be due to the vitamin B6 deficiencies in your body.

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Building The Proper Foundation For Healthy Hormone Levels

While natural supplements can certainly lessen your symptoms, a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of fixing a hormonal imbalance. If the proper building blocks of good health arent in place while taking supplements, you may not see the desired benefits.

The following recommendations can assist in improving your overall health, while balancing out your hormone levels.

Final Thoughts On Using Supplements To Balance Hormones

Supplements are a viable option when treating hormonal conditions and non-specific symptoms of an endocrine disorder. While research shows that they may be particularly beneficial for PMS, menopause, and PCOS, their benefits likely extend beyond these to other types of hormonal imbalances.

We see that many of the above supplements provide the best results when used in combination, such as in our hormone balancing formulas, Estro-Harmony and Progest-Harmony. These formulas can help improve hormone levels and non-specific symptoms in a variety of conditions, and are approved for use in both cycling and menopausal women.

For more help on how to balance your hormones and improve your lifestyle, reach out to our clinic at the Ruscio Institute for Functional Medicine for an appointment. You can also learn how to regulate your hormones by healing your gut in my book, Healthy Gut, Healthy You.

The Ruscio Institute has developed a range of high-quality formulations, including Progest-Harmonyand Estro-Harmony, to help our patients and audience. If youre interested in learning more about these products, please click here. Note that there are many other options available, and we encourage you to research which products may be right for you.


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Things You Should Know About Vitamin D3 For Hormonal Imbalance

There are many studies being conducted about the efficacy of Vitamin D as a vital nutrient source, such as the fact that about half the population already has a Vitamin D deficiency. When it comes to Vitamin D3 for hormonal imbalance, the studies are even more exciting, and complex. Here are the most important things to know about research that has been done so far.

Hormones And Your Health

Supplements to Balance Hormones (What I Take Daily)

Hormones are chemical messengers that help your cells communicate and trigger various actions. Theyre the bedrock of your bodys endocrine system, which regulates growth, reproduction, metabolism, temperature, and even your mood.

Hormones and the endocrine system keep your body in a balanced state of homeostasis. Therefore, having a hormonal imbalance too little or too much of a certain hormone can have harmful side effects.

Oxidative stress, infertility, and endocrine disorders like thyroid disease are just a few conditions that can result from hormonal imbalances (

13 ).

Whats more, Nigella sativa extract exhibits estrogenic activity, meaning it acts similarly to the hormone estrogen in your body .

In fact, some studies in rats are exploring whether nigella seed extracts could be an alternative to hormone replacement therapy during menopause, a time when the body typically produces less estrogen than it used to .

Concentrated Nigella sativa supplements are becoming increasingly popular and sometimes marketed as black seed or black cumin seed. Whole nigella seeds have an herby aroma and are easy to add to bread, salads, and other dishes .

Still, keep in mind that most studies on nigella seeds and hormones were conducted in animals and used concentrated extracts or isolated thymoquinone. Thus, while using whole seeds in cooking can be healthy and delicious, it may not confer the same benefits.

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Go With The Flow Helps Female Hormonal Imbalance

Think of this like a multivitamin for hormone balance.

Go With the Flow features a curated blend of adaptogenic herbs and plants that help balance hormones related to PMS, mood swings, menopause, and even PCOS. The formula includes:

  • Black cohosh root, a proven relief for vasomotor menopause symptoms such as hot flashes.
  • Dong Quai, a root that treats the symptoms of PMS, including mood swings and cramps.
  • Chasteberry, a plant that contains hormone-like compounds that help alleviate issues like PCOS, early menopause, and infertility.
  • Maca root, a powerful hormone balance herb used to treat depression and fatigue, as well as provide a natural boost for your libido.

Go With the Flow ingredients are 100% plant-based and non-GMO. Theyre highly bioavailable, which means that you can start bringing your hormones back into balance in just a few doses.

The Endocrine System Explained

The endocrine system is a system of glands in the body responsible for hormone production and regulation, explains holistic health expert and doctor of chiropractic Suzanna Wong, D.C., founder of Twin Waves Wellness Center in San Diego. Typically, it keeps the levels of our various hormones within whatever range is most optimal for our health and wellbeing.

However, if any of the glandswhich include the pancreas, thyroid, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, ovaries, and testes, to name just a fewmalfunction, the system as a whole can stop functioning optimally, says adds Josh Axe, D.N.M., C.N.S., D.C., founder of Ancient Nutrition and author of Ancient Remedies. In some cases, the endocrine gland saboteurs are lifestyle factors like excessive stress, a nutrient-poor diet, and wonky sleep, he says. But there are other thingslike tumors, infection, injury, and conditions such as diabetes, Cushing disease, or congenital hypothyroidismthat can cause problems, according to Wong.

Regardless of the root cause, a malfunctioning endocrine gland either over- or under-produces one or more hormones.

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Dont Be Out Of Balance

Hormones have a saw in almost every function, organ, and process in the body. When there is an imbalance, symptoms like weight changes, insomnia, skin problems, and infertility occur. Hormonal production relies heavily on nutritional intake, so taking supplements is an excellent way to ensure that the endocrine system is getting enough from the diet. Take action on these symptoms with a visit and full diagnostic from a doctor.

Try First Day Women’s Daily Supercharge

Totally Products Woman

First Day Women’s Daily Supercharge is a high-quality supplement that can help you to meet your daily requirements. It is made with all-natural ingredients and has a high bioavailability.

Additionally, the vitamin gummies provide you with the recommended daily dose of each nutrient.

Hence, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a convenient way to get all their nutrients.


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Reduced Symptoms Of Pms

Premenstrual syndrome is a condition characterized by a variety of physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the days leading up to a womanâs period.

Some of the most common symptoms include bloating, fatigue, and mood swings. The female hormone balance supplements can help reduce these symptoms by providing the body with the necessary nutrients to produce hormones and deal with hormonal imbalance.

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B Vitamins And Micronutrients

Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, is likely helpful in treating PMS symptoms and painful menstruation. Several studies show that thiamine can effectively manage period pain and reduce symptoms of PMS .

Pyridoxine, or vitamin B6, also shows promise in reducing PMS symptoms, but is likely less effective when used alone instead of with other B vitamins . We recommend that you use a high-quality, B-complex formula that contains the active form of B vitamins for maximum benefit.

Research shows that several other micronutrients are also effective in improving hormonal health and reducing symptoms of an imbalance.

  • Zinc: Supplemental zinc can help reduce excess hair growth in women with polycystic ovary syndrome , and may decrease triglycerides, blood sugar, and insulin resistance [32

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What Vitamins Are Best For Womens Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is classified by the excess or lack of hormones in the blood, which in turn can lead to small changes in the body or even more serious consequences. For women, hormonal shifts happen due to the menstrual cycle, the menopause, and pregnancy but hormonal imbalance can emerge from the sorts of food you eat. Therefore, the body needs important nutrients and vitamins to carry out the biochemical reactions that are involved in the production of hormones. If you are worried about your hormones health, heres a list of the best vitamins to improve hormone imbalance in women:

What About Taking Supplements

The IMPORTANCE of Selenium For Female Hormone Balance

If you cannot get enough of these nutrients from your diet, you may want to consider taking supplements. However, it is always best to speak with a healthcare professional before starting any supplement regimen.

Also, check with your doctor if you are taking any medications, as some supplements can interact with them.

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Vitamin D And Parathyroidhormone

Vitamin D has a similar chemical structure as several hormones. Because of this similarity, vitamin D greatly impacts your endocrine system. Vitamin D is also unique in that you can get it from supplementation, diet and the sun.

If you get your vitamin D mostly from sun exposure, your levels will vary with the season. Interestingly, parathyroid hormone also changes each season â in the opposite direction. This inverse relationship suggests that you can use vitamin D to balance your parathyroid hormone levels. A 2019 report in the British Journal of Nutrition tested this hypothesis in healthy adults.

Participants received 60,000 IU of vitamin D each month for six months. The researchers compared the subjects’ vitamin and hormone levels before and after this treatment. The levels obtained before treatment are known as the baseline. Compared to the baseline, the treatment increased the subjects’ vitamin D levels, and decreased their parathyroid hormone levels.

What Controls Hormone Levels

Maybe youve been trying to understand what causes some of your monthly symptoms, like irregular periods, increased PMS, mood swings, acne, or you just had your test and it came back hormonal imbalance. Its possible your doctor recommended progesterone cream or hormonal treatments and maybe youre looking for other ways to balance your hormones.

Below are the best female hormone balance supplements.

Its pretty amazing how much you discover about your body once you battle with hormone imbalance.

Everything from learning that certain foods can harm our fertility , as well as certain medications and even make-up.

Your endocrine system makes and releases hormones.

But hormones are even made and released by the brains, lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, and skin. Hormones are the messengers of the bodythey send chemical messages and affect processes of metabolism, mood, growth and development, sexual function, and reproduction.

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Vitamin B3 Aids Stress

The B-vitamins are an essential group of vitamins for hormone balance. You can take these vitamins to address stress and mood changes related to both PMS and menopause. This kind of stress can trigger tension, anxiety, irritability, and poor concentration.

While it relieves menopausal stress, vitamin B3 can also smooth the transition between estrogen production in the ovaries to estrogen production in the adrenal glands and fat cells instead.

These are both post-menopause estrogen production sites and B3 helps stabilize estrogen production there once your ovaries stop producing it.

Pro-Tip: Along with B3, consider supplementing with folic acid if youre of reproductive age. This vitamin can help prevent birth defects as well as boost a womans fertility.

How To Maintain Hormone Balance: A Guide For Women 30+ Vitamins For Womens Hormonal Balance

Envy Nutrition Estrogen Balance

Hey there!

Have you been feeling off lately? Experiencing irregular durations, state of mind swings, or tiredness? You might be fighting with a hormonal imbalance. Vitamins For WomenS Hormonal Balance

Dont fret. Youre not alone. 1 in 4 females will experience a hormone imbalance at some point in their lives.

The bright side is that there are things you can do to fix a hormone imbalance and feel like yourself once again. Keep checking out to find out more.

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Natures Plus Ultra Fem

This product helps support womens health and well-being. It increases a womans sexual appetite and keeps helps keep her bodys hormones balanced.

The Valerian root that this product is made with can help improve your sleep and help you relax during hot flashes. You may experience increased energy levels associated with your increased overall well-being. If you are vegetarian or have a gluten allergy this may be the perfect supplement for you because it is 100 percent vegetarian and gluten-free.

It meets all strict FDA standards and is NSF registered. This well designed product is made with natural ingredients and can improve womens health.


  • Gives women the energy of a much younger person
  • Promotes a better sleep
  • Not geared towards supporting mens health
  • Not vegan friendly, only vegetarian friendly

What Vitamins Help Balance Hormones

As with many conditions, hormonal imbalances can be caused by deficiency in a necessary vitamin or mineral. Even if the cause isnt a deficiency, a supplement can help alleviate the symptoms of the imbalance and improve your quality of life by supporting your endocrine systems natural functions. Below are a handful of vitamins and minerals that have been found to help balance hormone levels.

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The Best Supplements To Balance Hormones

#1 Probiotics for Mood and Gut Health

Probiotics can do more than improve your gut health. They also may indirectly enhance your brain, too. Research shows that the gut and brain are connected, a partnership called the gut-brain axis.

Probiotics have become increasingly popular in recent years. You might already eat a lot of probiotic foods, such as yogurt or kimchi, or take a daily probiotic supplement to reap their potential benefits.

Gut bacteria are key players in your mood and mental health. They can relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, but they might also make them worse.

How to Take Probiotics

For best results, take probiotic supplements with meals. When you are selecting a probiotic supplement, choose one with a diverse range of bacteria, a high number of colony-forming units , and also be sure that its either been refrigerated or is guaranteed to be stable at room temperature.

#2 Magnesium for Cramps and Stress Management

When your body does not have enough Magnesium then systemic inflammation occurs. This can result in fatigue, headaches/migraines, aches, and pains.

Magnesium helps keep adrenal stress hormones under control too. This is a big deal, as stress hormones throw everything off whack!

In fact, I find it so helpful for pain management that I also use it as salt in baths and as a spray on my abdomen to reduce cramping.

How to take magnesium

#3 Dong Quai for menstrual cramps and PMS

How to take Dong Quai

#4 Maca for Balancing Hormones

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