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Vitamins That Help Balance Female Hormones

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Combine Vitamins For Strong Effects

Vitamins for Hormone Balance and Immunity

Each vitamin has a unique mechanism of action. Because all vitamins work in different ways, you can get additive or even synergistic effects by combining them. However, two vitamins can compete with each other as well. This competition may cause them to block each other.

These three possible outcomes â additive, synergistic and competitive â make it difficult to predict the net effect of combining vitamins. Pairing vitamins also increases your risk of side effects. Nonetheless, combining vitamins can ultimately produce reliable effects. A 2012 report in Calcified Tissue International explored this possibility by giving vitamin D and vitamin K to postmenopausal women.

These researchers used enriched dairy products to deliver a mixture of vitamins and minerals including vitamin D, vitamin K and calcium. Subjects received daily doses of the mixture for a year. Compared to a control group, women taking the combination showed an increase in IGF levels. This treatment also increased anabolic markers like bone mineral density.

How Do Vitamins Affect Your Hormones And Mood

We all experience feelings of nervousness, anxiety and apprehension. Some of us will even struggle with conditions such as depression at some point in our lives. While fluctuating emotions are part of being human, sometimes they can be heavily influenced by whats going on inside of our bodies, not just our minds.

Hormones play a key role in the emotional state of both men and women, but as women we are more likely to experience extreme and sudden changes in mood as a result of our hormones, mainly due to the monthly cycle and changing levels of progesterone and estrogen.

Imbalances in hormones can affect our physical health, as well as our mental health. The hormonal shifts caused by the menstrual cycle, the menopause and pregnancy, can lead to irritability, lethargy, cravings and more for many women. A decrease in testosterone levels that typically occur in men in their 50s, can cause hair loss, weight gain and lethargy. In both sexes, imbalances of certain hormones can lead to thyroid problems and diabetes.

The good news is that with the right nutrition, vitamins and lifestyle, we can help support and regulate our hormones, thereby lessening some of the unwanted physical and mental symptoms of hormonal imbalances.

Stasis Estrogen Balance Supplement

This is a supplement that you can find on Amazon, and claims to be able to help with hormone balance, support menopause, PMS, PCOS and even weight loss!

Diindolylmethanesupports healthy estrogen balanceand doesnt let your estrogen get too high, or too low.

By helping support optimal estrogen balance, products that contain DIM may help women deal with the uncomfortable symptoms from menopause, PCOS, perimenopause, hormonal cystic acne, and weight management.

When estrogen is well-balanced, many may find the uncomfortable side effects such as night sweats, acne, hot flashes, and fluctuating moods disappear.

Stasisis a great supplement to start trying to balance female hormones, and feel better!

The best part? Its 100% natural and found in cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli.

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How Do You Know If You Have Hormonal Imbalance

Ive lived my life with chronic fatigue, mood swings, depression due to endometriosis, and also with huge and regular crashes in energy all day every day.

Our hormone health is really important.

The signs of hormonal imbalance:

  • PMS mood changes and irritability, sadness, or anger
  • Hormonal migraines or headaches

Eat To Include Hormone

Hormone Balance for Women by DailyNutra

You need a good supply of many vitamins, minerals, EFAs, amino acids, etc. for balanced hormones to help boost hormones which are too low, and lower the ones which are too high.

Below is a list of key micronutrients which are essential for balancing your hormones.

Ideally, you would get these from the foods you eat, however even if you eat a perfectly balanced diet, you may not be digesting and absorbing the enough micronutrients, and may need to take supplements to help balance your hormones.

  • This is because the foods we eat tend to be depleted of micronutrients due to modern farming techniques, soil depletion and transportation methods
  • And because we may not be digesting and absorbing the nutrients in the foods we eat due to poor gut health

In addition to micronutrients from foods and supplements, herbal supplements can also be very helpful in balancing hormones.

Mineral supplements are best absorbed when taken at night, whereas vitamin supplements are best absorbed when taken during the day Gluck, M. and Edgson, V. . It Must Be My Hormones. Camberwell, Vic.: Penguin Group , p. 183..

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Try Stress Reduction Techniques

Stress harms your hormones in several ways.

The hormone cortisol is known as the stress hormone because it helps your body cope with long-term stress.

Your bodys response to stress activates a cascade of events that leads to cortisol production. Once the stressor has passed, the response ends. However, chronic stress impairs the feedback mechanisms that return your hormonal systems to normal .

Therefore, chronic stress causes cortisol levels to remain elevated, which stimulates appetite and increases your intake of sugary and high fat foods. In turn, this may lead to excessive calorie intake and obesity (

50 ).

In a review of 21 studies in 2,250 people, those assigned to a short sleep group showed higher ghrelin levels than those who got the recommended amount of sleep .

Plus, your brain needs uninterrupted sleep to go through all five stages of each sleep cycle. This is especially important for the release of growth hormone, which occurs mainly at night during deep sleep .

To maintain optimal hormonal balance, aim for at least 7 hours of high quality sleep per night.


Poor sleep has been shown to decrease fullness hormones, increase hunger and stress hormones, and increase insulin resistance.

Hormonal Acne Key Takeaways

  • Hormonal acne takes a multifaceted approach, but supplements can be a part of the solution.
  • Antioxidant-supportive supplements like vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin E could help lower inflammation and stop free radical damage.
  • Addressing acne with supplements that target healthy hormone balance like probiotics, DIM, or myo-inositol is a helpful root cause approach.
  • In combination with lifestyle habits like diet, sleep, and exercise, supplements can brighten your complexion and help you feel confident in your skin

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Balance By Dr Brighten

Balance supports classic herbal hormonal balancing in the form of vitex, polygonum and black cohosh, along with DIM and chrysin for protection and support of beneficial estrogen aromatase activity. Calcium-D-glucarate promotes the proper elimination of excess estrogens. Rosemary, resveratrol, grape seed extract, and EGCg from green tea are included for maximum antioxidant protection. Vitamins B6, B12, and folate promote proper cell differentiation.* Magnesium and calcium are also included to help support bone and hormone health.

Made with non-GMO ingredients.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

How To Maintain Hormone Balance: A Guide For Women 30+ Best Vitamins Hormonal Imbalance

PCOS SUPPLEMENTS: What I take to help balance my hormones

Hey there!

Have you been feeling off recently? Experiencing irregular periods, mood swings, or fatigue? You might be struggling with a hormonal imbalance. Best Vitamins Hormonal Imbalance

Do not worry. Youre not alone. 1 in 4 women will experience a hormonal imbalance at some point in their lives.

The bright side is that there are things you can do to feel and remedy a hormonal imbalance like yourself again. Keep checking out for more information.

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Common Symptoms Of Hormonal Imbalance In Women

Before you start taking ANY new herbs or supplements, I also encourage you to learn as much as you can about your specific hormonal imbalances. The more you know, the more targeted you can get in your supplement and herb approach, saving you time and money while getting you better results.

Check out this post for the most common hormonal imbalances and symptoms in women, or take this free quiz to investigate further.

Once youve done a bit of research to become your own health advocate, seeking out a functional medicine doctor or naturopathic practitioner who specializes in hormone health to administer root cause testing can make a huge difference in helping you rebalance your hormones quickly and effectively.

Who Should Take Hormone Balance Supplements

If you want to be proactive about staying hormone healthy, or you want to energize your body, you may want to consider adding supplements that support the balance of male and female hormones.

Pro tip: You can take a quiz to determine what hormone tests you should take. Lab work is a great way to know your hormone numbers and reveals any changes needed to stay healthy.

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Other Natural Ways To Help Balance Your Hormones

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to promoting hormone balance. Making sure you have a nutrient-dense diet filled with fruits, veggies, healthy fats, fiber, carbs, and protein is important. In addition to a balanced healthy diet, drinking adequate water is essential. Water helps with better nutrient absorption too.

Stress can contribute to hormone imbalances, so learning how to manage stress is key. Some ways you can promote relaxation include meditation, yoga, or taking up a hobby. You can also support your health by exercising regularly and making sure you get adequate sleep.

Natures Plus Ultra Fem

Natural Hormone Balance for Women Adrenal Support and Menopause Relief ...

This product helps support womens health and well-being. It increases a womans sexual appetite and keeps helps keep her bodys hormones balanced.

The Valerian root that this product is made with can help improve your sleep and help you relax during hot flashes. You may experience increased energy levels associated with your increased overall well-being. If you are vegetarian or have a gluten allergy this may be the perfect supplement for you because it is 100 percent vegetarian and gluten-free.

It meets all strict FDA standards and is NSF registered. This well designed product is made with natural ingredients and can improve womens health.


  • Gives women the energy of a much younger person
  • Promotes a better sleep
  • Not geared towards supporting mens health
  • Not vegan friendly, only vegetarian friendly

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Reset And Rejuvenate 3 Week Hormone Reset

If you are looking to balance your hormones and feel like yourself again, 3 Week Hormone Reset is a great place to start.

It comes with everything you will need to start detoxing your body, and reset your hormones.

This includes my Stress Buster activity guide,

Happy Hormones Nutrition guide, and

Happy Hormones Supplement guide!

3 Week Hormone Reset is an easy to use solution for Women looking to feel better, have more energy and normalize their cycle.

Learn how to reset your hormones, and start balancing them the natural way.

The hardest part of balancing your hormones is knowing where to start, and what to do.

Once you get started, everything else becomes easier!

To learn more, follow this link: 3 Week Hormone Reset

Final Thoughts On Using Supplements To Balance Hormones

Supplements are a viable option when treating hormonal conditions and non-specific symptoms of an endocrine disorder. While research shows that they may be particularly beneficial for PMS, menopause, and PCOS, their benefits likely extend beyond these to other types of hormonal imbalances.

We see that many of the above supplements provide the best results when used in combination, such as in our hormone balancing formulas, Estro-Harmony and Progest-Harmony. These formulas can help improve hormone levels and non-specific symptoms in a variety of conditions, and are approved for use in both cycling and menopausal women.

For more help on how to balance your hormones and improve your lifestyle, reach out to our clinic at the Ruscio Institute for Functional Medicine for an appointment. You can also learn how to regulate your hormones by healing your gut in my book, Healthy Gut, Healthy You.

The Ruscio Institute has developed a range of high-quality formulations, including Progest-Harmonyand Estro-Harmony, to help our patients and audience. If youre interested in learning more about these products, please click here. Note that there are many other options available, and we encourage you to research which products may be right for you.


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What To Look For When Purchasing Supplements And Herbs For Hormone Balance

With SO many supplements and herbs available to choose from, it can be difficult to pick a trustworthy brand that is actually worth the investment. While Ive linked some of my favorite trusted herbs and supplements I use and also recommend to clients in this post , here are a few general guidelines to follow when purchasing herbs and supplements for hormone balance:

  • + Third Party Tested the best way to ensure the quality of a supplement. While not required by law in the US, many companies do so in order to ensure a supplement is free of harmful levels of contaminants and doesnt contain any undeclared ingredients. Look for labels such as COA, NSF, USP, BSCG, or ConsumerLab

  • + Fillers such as gluten, soy or dairy that may provoke an inflammatory response

  • + Contain a safe and ideal level of vitamins and minerals

  • + Consider possible interactions

How Much Should You Take

Supplements to Balance Hormones (What I Take Daily)

Because there are no clear Recommended Daily Allowances for many of the active ingredients used in hormone balance supplements, you should always take the recommended dosage. When addressing a hormonal imbalance, the last thing you need is to overcorrect and get a different type of imbalance, so make sure not to overdo it.

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Herbal And Alternative Medicine:

I love using herbal formulations with my patients in order to provide safe and effective relief for their symptoms. Herbals are a gentle way to treat for many symptoms such as hot flashes, painful periods, unpredictable periods, hormonal acne, fertility, sleep, and more! Here are some common herbal supplements to balance hormones and combat these unwanted issues

Unfortunately, there are so many wonderful herbal supplements to balance hormones that I cannot possibly mention them all. It is also important to know that there is more to herbs that simply checking what health issues they are indicated for. They also have synergistic properties, which means that some herbs work better together! A naturopathic doctor can come up with a herbal formula that is dosed safely and appropriately for your individualized health history and concerns. There are also pre-made supplements on the market which are formulated for hormone balance. My trustworthy brands in this category include Vitanica and Femenessence.

Healing A Hormonal Imbalance Naturally

Every woman and every hormonal imbalance is different. You have to be intentional and make a conscious effort to want to heal, which is what I am learning about myself. And while most struggle with making such a dramatic change to their life, for me it came with ease. I love a good time, but I value my health more. I jokingly tell my friends it all starts in your thirties. I swear. I dont want to be on medication ever or have surgery for anything.

I had to learn acceptance. I had to accept my body was not functioning how it should, even though I looked healthy.

The lab results revealed the truth. And I know Im one of many women that have a hormonal imbalance. Its a common thing. But for me, it was a big deal and was a hard pill to swallow when you keep being told youre healthy. I also had to accept that hormonal imbalances do not go away overnight. It takes time to get your hormones back at the right levels and stay there. Our hormone levels are constantly changing.

When asked how often women should test their hormones and how long it takes to correct a hormonal imbalance, Dr. Brighten states that “it really depends on what is going on. For example, with hypothyroidism that is treated with medication, we often retest 6-8 weeks following dosage changes. Once the thyroid levels are stabilized, we may only follow up every 6-12 months or if symptoms arise. My approach to testing is very individualized, as are most providers.”

Feature image by miniseries/Getty Images

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Ashwagandha + Rhodiola Rosea

Ashwagandha boasts the ability to combat chronic stress levels while restoring proper reproductive function, especially where sexy time is concerned. Other benefits include supporting memory and cognition as well as alleviating symptoms associated with depression and anxiety without side effects. Rhodiola rosea also helps to fight those stressors that plague the body to revitalize overall wellness as an adaptogenic herb. The body-mind connection greatly benefits from its rejuvenating properties to balance your mood and fight symptoms of fatigue or distress. Combining the two creates an amazing blend to sustain your energy and revitalize your mind, with overall body support..

Vitamin E Supports Menopause


Both PMS and menopause are estrogen-related hormone imbalances that occur when women transition from one phase to another.

Vitamin E is a known vitamin for hormone imbalance. It can help soothe depression, mood swings, and stress related to the onset of menopause.

However, it doesnt just help the mental and emotional symptoms, but the physical ones as well studies show that vitamin E can help relieve the intensity and duration of hot flashes.

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What Causes Hormonal Imbalances

The endocrine system is consists of glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream. These hormones control many important body functions, including growth, metabolism, and reproduction.

When the glands of the endocrine are not functioning properly, it can harm hormonal health. The major causes of hormonal imbalance are puberty, menopause, and thyroid disorders.

However, they can also be caused by stress, infection, or certain medications. If you are experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, or mood swings, it is important to see your doctor for a hormone test before taking any hormone balance supplements. With proper treatment, most hormonal imbalances can be corrected.

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