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What Does Hormone Blood Test Show

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Will I Need Other Tests

Hormones (specifically testosterone levels) & blood testing with APRN Cass.

Depending on your PTH levels, you may need more tests.

For example, if your PTH levels are high, but your calcium levels are still low, it could be that your parathyroid glands are working properly. Your doctor may then test your vitamin D, phosphorous, and magnesium levels to see whether they are affecting your calcium levels.

On the other hand, if your calcium levels are high and your PTH levels are also above normal, you may have hyperparathyroidism. Your doctor may order an X-ray or other imaging tests to examine your parathyroid glands.

Hyperparathyroidism may be treated with surgery to remove the glands if they are enlarged or contain a tumor.

If your condition is mild and you have no symptoms such as kidney problems or weakened bones, your doctor may suggest that your calcium and PTH levels be checked regularly. Medications such as cinacalcet may be prescribed. Surgery may not be necessary, at least for a while.

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How To Prepare For The Test

To prepare for the IGF-1 testing that we do:

  • You may be asked to refrain from taking supplements of Biotin, for 72 hrs prior to taking the test.

Certain medicines can affect your growth hormone test results, such as corticosteroids and estrogen . You may be asked to stop taking these medications prior to the HGH testing.

Drugs that can increase HGH levels include the following:

Drugs that can decrease HGH levels include the following:

  • Corticosteroids
  • Phenothiazines which can inhibit dopamine

Certain medicines can affect your growth hormone test results, such as corticosteroids and estrogen .

Are There Any Other Factors That Might Affect The Outcome Of The Test

The blood level of several hormones changes significantly with the time of day. For example, cortisol and testosterone are highest in the early morning. The response of glands to hormones given to patients during dynamic tests may also show this diurnal variation for example, the response of the adrenal gland to synacthen is higher in the morning.

The day of the menstrual cycle also has a major impact on hormone levels. In general, blood samples are best taken in the first half of the cycle when normal and abnormal hormone levels are more clearly separated. However, progesterone may be deliberately measured on day 21 in the middle of the second half to see if ovulation has occurred.

It is human nature to ignore doctors advice. Not taking medication as prescribed, or taking extra the week before the test in an effort to make up for doses missed previously, will give misleading results and the patient may miss out on a full return to health.

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Menopause Blood Test Key Facts

  • Hormonal blood tests are used to work out the presence and level of menopausal hormones in your blood. However, their use and efficacy both depend on your age and your use of contraception and/or HRT.
  • For women aged 45 or above with typical menopausal symptoms and/or typical period changes, hormonal blood tests are not recommended nor needed. We can make an accurate guess due to your age and symptoms that you are most likely perimenopausal or menopausal. Blood tests at this age may be misleading and not give you an accurate representation of where you are in your menopausal journey.
  • Hormonal blood tests are generally recommended for women under 45 with potential menopausal symptoms and/or relevant period changes. However, the results may still not give you a clear answer.
  • For women aged 50 or above who are not experiencing periods, blood hormone levels may be useful when deciding whether or not contraception can be safely stopped. However, it is important to remember that if you are using either HRT or combined hormonal contraception, the tests will not reflect accurate results.
  • For women not using any hormones, contraception can be safely stopped two years after your last menstrual period if you are under 50. If you are over 50, you are safe to stop contraception one year after your last menstrual period.
  • All women over 55 years can safely stop contraception, no blood tests are needed, as pregnancy is extremely rare at and after this age.
  • The Best Time For Female Hormone Blood Testing

    Dutch Complete Hormone Test

    As menstrual cycle timing is crucial related to female hormone blood testing, most premenopausal women will find labs to be at their most accurate state at days 19-21 of their monthly cycle. This period is when they are at their peak production of progesterone. As alluded to before, progesterone will be lower during other points of the cycle to even seemingly nonexistent during the follicular stage.

    As many women supplement with progesterone, often for fertility purposes, one might ask how this would impact their choice in timing? If a woman is supplementing with medical progesterone, as it is usually only taken during the luteal phase of her cycle, which is when progesterone is sometimes only taken for fertility purposes it is important to have blood work done at this point to view accurate results. As is with the woman who is not taking progesterone, we are merely attempting to test our hormone levels when progesterone is at its peak.

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    What Hormone Causes Diabetes

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    Difference In Reference Ranges At Different Laboratories

    Reference ranges can differ between laboratories due to varying operating conditions, differing criteria for selection of healthy subjects, and different populations. Test results can be confusing, therefore it is important to speak to your physician if there is anything you dont understand or are concerned about.

    Anti-aging panels can be carried out to determine if anti-aging treatment with bioidentical hormone replacement is required. For a full list of tests carried out in an anti-aging panel click for men and women.Imbalanced hormones cause a range of symptoms that can have a negative effect on your day to day life, but there is no need to suffer alone. Through comprehensive hormone testing, you can work with your doctor to pinpoint hormone imbalances. Private MD Labs can provide you with confidential laboratory testing to help you take charge of your own health. You can order your lab tests by clicking here or call us on 283-7882 for further information. By understanding your test results you can be proactive in your healthcare. However, even with a good understanding, hormone testing and test results can be confusing. Your doctor is there to explain your results and support you if you have any concerns or questions.

    * Refer to the terms and conditions for more details.

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    What Is Hormone Testing For Women

    Hormones are substances that send chemical messages in the body and have a variety of effects on processes like physical development, reproduction, and mood.

    People of any sex have a wide range of hormones in their body. Hormone testing for women and people assigned female at birth often focuses on hormones that play a role in puberty, fertility, menopause, and health conditions more common in this population.

    Hormone testing may be used for a variety of purposes in women and people assigned female at birth. Hormone testing can be used to confirm pregnancy, track menopause, detect hormonal imbalances, and understand the cause of reproductive health issues.

    Whats The Role Of The Adrenal Glands


    You have two adrenal glands, one on top of each kidney. These glands make most of the bodys DHEAS. The testicles in the male reproductive system and ovaries in the female reproductive system also make small amounts of DHEAS.

    Your adrenal glands:

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    How Is Low Testosterone Diagnosed What Treatments Are Available

    Most healthcare providers will measure their testosterone levels by having a blood test, doing a physical exam and having the patient describe his symptoms. Finally, they may order additional tests to rule out other possible diagnoses.

    Testosterone is sometimes prescribed for men with low testosterone. Almost all hormone supplements and testosterone treatments are available in different forms, including lozenges, patches, gels and creams.

    Because of the limited knowledge regarding this condition, challenges in having a proper diagnosis, as well as the possible side effects of treatments, HRT should not administer for men without proper testing, retesting and consultation with a healthcare provider to discuss the pros and cons. One may want to consider an endocrinologist who specializes in hormones.

    Why Cortisol Testing Is Important

    Cortisol testing is important because that system does not always function in the normal, healthy manner outlined above. Sometimes cortisone levels can stay too high for too long, which can have far-reaching effects on your health, such as:

    • Problems with memory and/or concentration

    Issues That Can Cause Abnormally High Cortisol Levels include:

    1- Chronic stress: The bodys natural fight-or-flight stress response system is set up to manage short-term stress situations. Stress in todays world is often a longer-term health issue. Rather than being stressed by a sudden encounter with a predator, a situation that can be resolved quickly by running away, we are more likely to face ongoing problems that cause stress, like job pressures, for instance, or financial ones. This can cause long-term activation of the stress response system, leading to chronically high levels of cortisol.

    2- Problems with the pituitary gland: Tumors on the pituitary gland or excess growth of the gland can cause it to release too much ACTH, increasing cortisol levels.

    3- Problems with adrenal glands: Tumors on the adrenal glands can cause overproduction of cortisol.

    4- Other tumors: Growths in other areas of the body can increase cortisol production.

    5- Medications: Overuse of corticosteroid medications or long-term use of them can lead to abnormally high cortisol levels.

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    What Is The Difference Between Treatment You Can Get With And Without Blood Test Results

    Dr Aziz-Scott: GPs follow the NICE guidelines which state that if a patient is over 45, blood tests are not mandatory and HRT can be initiated, depending on symptoms. It is only if a patient is under 45 that an FSH blood test is required. LH levels will also be checked, but estrogen will not be. This means that patients may be getting a one-size-fits-all treatment.

    At the Marion Gluck Clinic, all patients are required to undergo blood tests to allow us to provide bespoke, personalised treatment tailored precisely to your bodys requirements.

    Youll note that:

    • We will complete a detailed hormone analysis and provide the correct hormones in the appropriate dosages for your individual needs. We know that estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA all interact, and that a balance of hormones is essential for optimum health and controlled symptoms. It is therefore the gold standard to have all hormones analysed before treatment.
    • The free testosterone that we can measure in the private sector is not usually available on the NHS. We can check total testosterone and SHBG to work out the free androgen index, which tells us how much testosterone is bioavailable in the body.
    • We monitor our patients hormone levels and adjust treatment accordingly. We are always monitoring the treatments efficiency and efficacy.

    What Happens During A Dheas Test

    DUTCH Test Hormone Series PART 2

    To draw the blood, a provider:

  • Ties an elastic band around the upper part of your arm to force more blood into the blood vessels. This increase in blood volume makes it easier to access a vein.
  • Sterilizes your skin with an antiseptic.
  • Inserts a thin, hollow needle into a vein on the inside of the arm. You may feel a slight pinch as the needle punctures the skin, but the procedure shouldnt be painful.
  • Draws the blood into syringes or vials .
  • Removes the tourniquet toward the end of the blood draw and then withdraws the needle.
  • Places sterile cotton gauze on the puncture site and applies gentle pressure to stop the bleeding.
  • Uses medical tape to secure the cotton gauze to the needle puncture or puts a bandage on the site.
  • Sends the blood to a lab for analysis.
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    How To Read Blood Test Results

    While every laboratory or test-providing company may structure their result reports differently, they all must include the same components as mandated by federal legislation.

    Some of that may be administrative content, such as the name of the person who did the blood test, the date the test was done, and the name of the doctor who ordered the test.

    When it comes to understanding the results, you can look for the following :

    • Quantitative test result. Results will be typically written out numerically in cases when the test measured the quantity of something. For example, if the test measured the amount of cholesterol in your blood.
    • Abnormal markers. Often, a laboratory report will include some kind of marker to let you know if a result is outside the normal interval, and therefore abnormal. For example, you may see the letter H to indicate high, the letter L to indicate low, or the acronym WNL for within normal limits. You may see an asterisk and some additional comments in text if your results come out as highly abnormal. In this case, youll typically get a call from your doctor.
    • Reference range. Every laboratory will have its own reference range for each type of test. Typically, this reference range will be written in your laboratory report next to the numerical value of your result so you are able to see where your result falls in the range.

    To a blood test, the nurse or technician:

  • Cleans the area on your arm where theyll draw the blood from.
  • How Does A Cortisol Test Work

    Cortisol can be measured in the blood, urine, saliva or a combination. Your healthcare provider will tell you which test they recommend for you.

    • Blood test: In an office, clinic or lab, a healthcare provider inserts a thin needle into a vein in your arm. The needle collects a small sample of blood into a tube. You might feel a slight sting when the needle goes in.
    • Saliva test: You or a healthcare provider puts a swab in your mouth and waits a few minutes until the swab is saturated with spit. If you do the test yourself at home, your healthcare provider will give you a special kit. Theyll tell you what time to perform the test and how to return the sample.
    • Urine test: Your healthcare provider gives you a container to collect your pee. Most urinary cortisol tests collect all the pee you produce in 24 hours. Your healthcare provider may ask you to store the urine in a cold place, then return it to their office or a lab.

    You may need to repeat cortisol testing twice in one day or multiple times over several days because cortisol levels vary.

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    What Should The Patient Expect When They Visit The Hospital For A Test

    Bring a fully filled-in request form . It is important to make sure that the patients name, date of birth, and date and time of collection are written on the container if urine or faeces has been collected.

    Most samples can be taken in the family doctors surgery. However, some hormones last such a short time in the sample that the test must be taken in hospital. Most blood tests in hospital are taken in a phlebotomy unit without having to make an appointment, although some, such as a glucose tolerance test, may require an appointment.

    Dynamic tests are more detailed and usually involve resting in bed while blood samples are taken over a period of time. An overnight stay is not usually needed and patients should come with details of their medicines and prepare as instructed, for example, without having eaten breakfast.

    Any queries about the details of individual tests should be discussed with the patients doctor.

    Health Conditions And Female Hormones

    How Many Days Past Ovulation Will a Blood Test Show Pregnancy?

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a condition that stops eggs from developing normally in the ovaries. Symptoms of PCOS include:

    • Excessive hair growth
    • Irregular or missed periods
    • High levels of the male hormone testosterone

    Thyroid problems, such as an overactive or underactive thyroid, can also affect the development of eggs in your ovaries and hence affect your hormone levels.

    Testing your hormone levels can help you to understand whether a health problem, such as PCOS or a thyroid problem, is leading to hormonal changes in your body.

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