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What Is Testosterone In Men

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Signs And Symptoms Of High Testosterone In Men

What is Testosterone & How Does it Affect a Man’s Overall Health?

Men with high testosterone can experience a variety of troubling symptoms and possible health consequences. Excess testosterone can lead to more aggressive and irritable behavior, more acne and oily skin, even worse sleep apnea , and an increase in muscle mass. With too much testosterone pumping through your system, you may have a lower sperm count and shrunken testicles.

Sexual Function Physical Function Vitality

Results from the first three trials were reported in February 2016 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Inclusion in the Sexual Function Trial required participants to have a decrease in libido along with a sexual partner willing to have intercourse two times a month.

Inclusion in the Physical Function Trial required participants to have slow gait speed, difficulty walking, and difficulty climbing stairs. Men who couldnt walk, had severe arthritis, or had severe neuromuscular disease were excluded.

Inclusion in the Vitality Trial required participants to have fatigue and low vitality.

Raising testosterone levels from low to a normal range improved sexual function modestly as well as mood and depressive symptoms. However, testosterone supplementation didnt improve walking ability or vitality.

Overall, the researchers suggest that there werent enough participants to draw definitive conclusions in these three trials.

What Is Low Testosterone

This medical condition is also called hypogonadism. A low T level is one that is below the normal range, which can very widely. It is measured with a blood test. Some signs or symptoms of low testosterone are problems with erections or decreased sex drive. Testosterone levels should be checked early in the morning, and an abnormal test should be repeated. Testosterone levels vary throughout the day, and a mans T level will vary from one test to the next.

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What Are The Options If Your Testosterone Levels Are Low

Testosterone replacement therapy is currently only FDA approved for men who have been diagnosed with hypogonadism, but its also prescribed off-label for older men who take it in hopes that it will improve their libido. The use of testosterone therapy is increasingly common in the United States, with more than 2 million men receiving the therapy. Not every man benefits from taking testosterone supplements. Testosterone is available in different forms, including topicals such as gels, creams, and patches injections and pellets that are surgically placed directly beneath the skin.

Testing Testosterone Levels Faqs

Dr. M.S Siddiqui

Lets address some common questions about testing testosterone levels:

What Time Of Day Are Testosterone Levels Lowest?

A normal range for testosterone levels is roughly 300-1200 nanograms per deciliter. Your normal level might be very different from the next guys, but its important to keep in mind that this level can change drastically from day-to-day, hour-to-hour and literally minute-to-minute.

If you have your testosterone level checked after 2 pm, well, its probably wrong. After 2 pm is the time of the day that is most likely to end up showing lower testosterone levels.

So, when is it best to measure testosterone?

What Time Is T Highest?

Traditionally, the morning time is usually when T levels are highest. Specifically, 8 am to around 11 am.

This time frame does change with age.

If you are younger than 45, you should have your levels drawn earlier. Draw at around 7 am, if possible. The reason for this being that men of other ages have been proven to have significantly lower levels of testosterone as the day progresses.

On the other hand, if you are 45 or older, you can have your levels drawn anytime before 2 pm without skewing results too much.

When testing testosterone, does it need to be a fasted test?

According to Lab Testing Online it is important that a fasted result be obtained.

Its not absolutely necessary, but it will give the most accurate result.

What Are Some Related Tests?

  • Follicle stimulating hormone

Get your levels checked ASAP.

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What’s A Normal Testosterone Level

Testosterone is a natural hormone produced primarily in the testicles, and it helps men maintain everything from bone density and body hair to sex drive and sperm production. However, you don’t have to hit a certain number or level to be “a real man,” despite what the constant flow of ads may tell you. What matters is who you are and where you are in your life.

On average, a testosterone level of 3001,000 nanograms per deciliter of blood is normal. Hypogonadism reduced testicular function generally occurs when the total testosterone is less than 300 ng/dL. However, a healthy level for you depends on your age, lifestyle, and bioavailable testosterone level the unbound testosterone your body isn’t using for daily functions.

Unlike many low-T clinics, we calculate bioavailable testosterone by measuring levels of two proteins, sex hormone binding globulin and albumin, that typically bind to testosterone. It’s possible to have a normal total testosterone level and experience low-T symptoms if this balance is off.

Having a normal bioavailable testosterone level tells us your body is making plenty and you likely won’t benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. If your bioavailable testosterone level is low, we can discuss options.

How Common Is Testosterone Deficiency

Men are more likely to develop testosterone deficiency as they get older. It is also more common in men who are overweight and men who are in poor general health with long-term health conditions.

One large study in Europe found that testosterone deficiency affected about 2 in 100 men aged 40 to 79 years. Testosterone deficiency affected about 5 in 100 men aged 70 to 79 years.

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The Trend Towards Rapidly Declining Testosterone Levels

According to research, mens testosterone levels have dropped at least 20% in the last 20 years with more and more younger men suffering the effects of low testosterone.

This is not a new trend. Seventy-year-old men in 1987-89 had an average testosterone level that was almost 100 points higher than even 55-year-old men in 2002-04. Meaning that the average 22 year old man today, has an average testosterone level roughly equal to that of a 67 year old man in 2000. Therefore, its likely that your testosterone levels are half of those of your father and undoubtedly significantly less than your grandfather.

With this in mind if testosterone levels decline naturally as we age, these statistics should have remained constant over time. But we know that they arent. Far from it. The negative trend seems to be getting worse and happening to men at much younger ages than ever before.

Approximations Of The Truth

What Is Testosterone? Obsidian Men’s Health in McLean, Va

Testosterone takes action when it joins onto its receptor in any particular cell in our body. But how well it does this to bring about the functions mentioned above differs from person to person, which is influenced by genetics. So what might be considered a low level for one person may actually be OK if they have a more sensitive receptor capable of carrying out testosterones actions at lower concentrations. In fact, when we look at some diseases in men that are thought to result from low testosterone, not everyone below the normal range develops the disease.

It is unclear whether it is also due to similar genetic factors, but testosterone can also be different depending on where you live and how wealthy you are. So a universal normal range may not apply to all groups of people.

Establishing a normal level is complex, and measuring testosterone on its own may not be enough to estimate what is the correct level to have in the blood for any one person. Still, research tries to define levels that are healthy, and levels that may be related to disease so patients can be identified and treated. Still, these are approximations of the truth in specific populations with specific genetics, backgrounds and disease. Like the story of the blind men feeling different parts of an elephant, we can only build up a picture of the truth from small parts in the search to find the answers.

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What Foods And Diets Can Boost Your Testosterone Levels

What foods can I eat to increase my testosterone? Which foods and diets are most effective in increasing testosterone levels?

As they get older, many men are worried about testosterone levels. This male sex hormone is believed to increase muscle mass, drive, and vigor. But individual foods are unlikely to have an impact on testosterone levels though drinking excessive amounts of alcohol might. You can try changing your diet to lose weight if youre overweight. This is because low testosterone can be caused by excess weight. However, any increase in energy, libido or muscle mass may not be noticeable if you are restricted to certain foods and diets.

If someone was not overweight, I wouldnt put them on a specific diet to raise testosterone based on the data we have now, said Alexander Pastuszak, an assistant professor of urology and surgery at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, who co-authored a review on alternatives to testosterone therapy

Normal testosterone levels for men are between 300 to 1,000 nanograms in a deciliter of blood. It is unlikely that testosterone levels will change from the normal range. Only when levels consistently drop below 300 points as confirmed in two blood tests by an accredited laboratory are symptoms like low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, low mood or loss of muscle mass likely to appear, a medical condition known as hypogonadism.


Albumin Bound And Bioavailable T Levels

Albumin is a protein in the blood.

It is the most prevalent protein of all proteins in your blood. Roughly 50% of the testosterone in our blood is attached to albumin.

When testosterone is attached to albumin it is technically biologically inactive. That being said, when bound to albumin, the attachment is significantly weaker than when bound to SBGH. Because it is so weakly attached, albumin-bound testosterone is still considered to be bioavailable.

This may seem contradictory, but as research has shown, bioavailable testosterone increases when albumin-bound T increases.

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Low Testosterones Effect On Male Fertility

Low testosterone does not always directly cause infertility. Men with low testosterone can still produce healthy sperm because sperm production is mainly stimulated by other hormones. However, low levels of testosterone may result in decreased production of sperm. The levels of testosterone in the testicles, where sperm is produced, is much higher than testosterone levels in the blood.

Low testosterones indirect effect on fertility involves a reduced sex drive that can result in a lack of desire to even have sex. It can also cause erectile dysfunction by causing a man to have fewer erections or erections that arent as strong as they once were. This can make it difficult to reach climax or to have sex often enough for reproduction.

Ranking The Best Testosterone Boosters Of 2021

Testosterone Deficiency in Men

Testosterone is the granddaddy of all hormones, helping men add muscle mass, boost their energy levels, shed body fat, and improve their libido and sexual performance.

Testosterone levels naturally decline as men get older, and low testosterone can contribute to health problems ranging from obesity to erectile dysfunction or depression.

Enter testosterone boosting supplements. These supplements provide natural ingredients that aim to increase your bodys natural capacity for producing testosterone, leaving you stronger and more energized. Our research team tracked down and reviewed the best-performing testosterone boosters on the market. Here are our top picks.

  • For Muscle Gain: TestoFuel
  • TestoFuel has been a commercial success because its arguably the most potent, taking over the T-boosting market the last few years.

    Main benefits

    Many users have found that TestoFuel is able to raise their strength, libido, testosterone levels, as well as being able to lose more belly fat.

    How it works

    Each dosage is stuffed with oyster extract, D-aspartic acid, ginseng, fenugreek, zinc, magnesium and vitamin D, B6 and K2.

    Oyster extract not only contain high levels of zinc but also lots of amino acids, taurine, omega 3 & 6 fish oils, along with zincs co-factors copper and manganese.

    They dont hide anything, either. No additives.

    Translation: more strength, more libido. Designed to give the 30-and-beyond male more energy.

    The verdict? The purest, most effective testosterone booster.

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    What Causes Testosterone Deficiency

    Testosterone deficiency can be caused by normal ageing. However, there are many other different causes of testosterone deficiency. Some causes of testosterone deficiency can be inherited. Testosterone deficiency may be present at birth or it may develop later in life.

    Being significantly overweight or obese at any age may be linked to testosterone deficiency.

    Temporary testosterone deficiency may be caused by a physical illness, surgery or emotional stress. The testosterone level will go back to normal once the underlying problem has been treated.

    What Are The Tests For Testosterone Deficiency

    Many older men with testosterone deficiency are never diagnosed. Often the general problems of tiredness, low sex drive and erectile dysfunction are thought to be due to the normal ageing process. Therefore many men don’t go to see a doctor to see whether they have testosterone deficiency.

    Testosterone deficiency is often identified if you see your doctor about decreased sex drive or erectile dysfunction. Your doctor will arrange tests, which will include your blood testosterone level.

    Men who don’t respond to the medicines that are used to treat erectile dysfunction , should also have their testosterone level checked.

    If tests confirm you have low testosterone, further testing can determine if a problem with your testicles or a pituitary gland abnormality is the cause. These further tests may include:

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    Recovering Fertility After Testosterone Therapy

    Regaining fertility is not guaranteed, but it is possible for some patients depending on their age and duration of testosterone use. The first step is to end any testosterone therapy and get baseline lab tests to know where your levels truly are. Often, we find that the patient’s LH production has been suppressed. In those cases, the next task is to increase it. Most patients start with Clomid. If that isn’t sufficient, we may consider hCG injections.

    In rare cases when neither therapy works, we can consider increasing the FSH level as well with injections of the FSH substitute hMG. This drug is more expensive, and success is not guaranteed.

    If you are concerned about low-T symptoms, or if you’ve tried therapies that didn’t work, talk with your primary care doctor or urologist. Feeling better starts with a conversation about your needs, goals, and lifestyle. Personalized care from a board-certified urologist or male fertility expert is the healthiest way to get there.

    To visit with a men’s reproductive health specialist, call orrequest an appointment online.

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    How Is Testosterone Deficiency Treated

    Early detection in boys can help prevent problems from delayed puberty. Testosterone treatment can stimulate puberty and the development of sex characteristics, such as increased muscle mass, beard and pubic hair growth, and growth of the penis.

    Early diagnosis and treatment in adult men provide better protection against loss of bone density and cardiovascular disease. Treatment can also improve tiredness, general well-being, erectile dysfunction and sex drive.

    The treatment for testosterone deficiency also depends on the underlying cause.

    Causes Of Low Testosterone In Men

    What causes your testosterone to dip downwards? As it turns out, there are both direct and indirect causes of low T levels in both young and older men:

    • Testicular failure â resulting from genetic and metabolic disorders, as well as autoimmune diseases and testicular trauma â is a direct cause.
    • Indirect causes of low testosterone include excessive exercise, malnutrition, synthetic steroid abuse, and hormonal imbalances in the pituitary gland.

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    High Testosterone Levels Can Cause Problems In Women

    But when a premenopausal womans testosterone levels are too high, it can lead to polycystic ovary syndrome , a condition that increases the risk of irregular or absent menstrual cycles, infertility, excess hair growth, skin problems, and miscarriage. High levels of testosterone in women, whether caused by PCOS or by another condition, can cause serious health conditions such as insulin resistance, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

    The FDA has not approved the use of testosterone therapy in women, and in their most recent guidelines, the Endocrine Society recommends against the general use of testosterone therapy in healthy women for the treatment of the following conditions:

    • Infertility

    Should Older Men Take Testosterone Supplements

    Signs of High Testosterone In a Man

    As men get older, the levels of testosterone in their blood often drop. This drop in testosterone has been hypothesized to lead to various things, such as decreased sexual function, anemia, and bone breaks.

    Testosterone supplementation is used by some healthcare providers to help with such bodily issues. In recent years, there has been increased interest in the clinical utility of testosterone supplementation in older men.

    However, large, long-term studies have not been performed to figure out whether testosterone treatment actually helps with such conditions. In 2003, an Institute of Medicine panel concluded there was insufficient evidence supporting the benefits of testosterone in older men and recommended further research.

    Consequently, in 2010, the National Institute on Aging, which is part of the National Institutes of Health , launched the Testosterone Trials to see whether testosterone can help with symptoms associated with low levels of testosterone secondary to older age .

    The T Trials were intended to serve as a prelude to lengthier and more robust trials in the future. Results from the T Trials have been coming in and overall results are mixed, with testosterone replacement associated with some benefits and some risks.

    More research needs to be done to figure out the balance of these potential benefits and risks as well as the precise clinical utility of testosterone treatment.

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