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What Kind Of Melatonin Can I Give My Dog

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Can You Give A Dog Melatonin For Jet Lag

Can I Give My Dog Melatonin?

Humans may use melatonin supplements to overcome the insomnia associated with jet lag. It can also help older dogs with cognitive dysfunctions regulate their biorhythms and get a better nights sleep, Morgan says. What I use melatonin most commonly for is the treatment of Cushings disease , Morgan says.

Editors Choice: K9 Choice Melatonin For Dogs

Specially formulated for dogs, this supplement contains 3mg of melatonin per serving- which is more than enough to get your pet relaxed before a stressful event such as fireworks or visits to the groomers. As a chewable tablet with peanut butter flavor, this supplement is not difficult to administer: most dogs will see it as a treat! In case your dog suffers from chronic anxiety, has trouble sleeping or other issues that require regular use of melatonin, this dosage would translate into two chewable tablets per day if they weigh less than 30 pounds, and double that if they weigh more.


  • Chewable tablet with peanut butter flavor can be given as a treat


What Is Melatonin And How Does It Work

Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland thats located in the middle of the brain. All mammals produce melatonin, and it helps with the sleep-wake cycle by telling us when we should be tired and when we shouldnt.

Once darkness starts rolling around the pineal gland will start producing melatonin thanks to signals the brain sends it. As you can guess once the morning and sunlight pops its head up the brain stop signally the pineal gland and melatonin production greatly slows down.

Melatonin is key to sleep, and when melatonin production is disrupted, youll find that you just cant fall asleep or stay asleep. And the same thing can happen to our fur nuggets. And just like us, not getting sleep will make them sick. Our bodies are working hard when we are sleeping repairing cells from the stress and wear-& -tear of the day.

We all know how awful we feel when we dont get a good nights sleep. Think about how angry we become? We feel so susceptible to stress and anxiety and feel too weak to fight these nasties away. All of this can happen to your dog.

Melatonin is so popular amongst people because it has minimal side effects and works fantastic. But this makes pet owners wonder if melatonin is safe for dogs.

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Melatonin For Dogs Summary

Melatonin is a fascinating hormone. We know it has lots of roles inside us and our dogs to help us function properly. We just dont know how it manages it all yet. Melatonin for dogs already has some established uses treating fear, anxiety, stress, and hair loss. Perhaps one day it could also be a routine part of some surgeries to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing. Used correctly it is incredibly safe. It can have fewer side effects than its pharmaceutical alternatives.

Dog Melatonin Side Effects

Can I Give My Dog Melatonin? Dose Rates, Info, Side ...

Unwanted side effects of melatonin are rare, but not unheard of. Look out for the following signs that extra melatonin is not sitting well with your Lab:

  • changes in fertility
  • gastric upset and stomach cramps
  • increased heart rate

If you notice any of these, stop using melatonin immediately, and consult your vet again.

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Are There Any Side Effects Of Melatonin With Dogs

Melatonin is a generally safe medication, but it still comes with a list of potential side effects. The chance of these symptoms increase with larger doses, but should always be on your mind when offering this supplement to your beloved pup.

Side effects of melatonin in dogs include:

  • Gastrointestinal upset such as diarrhea and vomiting
  • Itchiness or skin irritation

Melatonin In Dogs: Everything You Need To Know About This Versatile Supplement

ByCatherine Barnette DVM12 September 2021

Can you give a dog melatonin? Maybe, depending on your pooch and your goals. Read on to learn about the uses of melatonin in dogs

Have you ever considered the use of melatonin in dogs or found yourself wondering can you give a dog melatonin? If so, youre in good company! Many people turn to melatonin when they need help sleeping, so its only natural to wonder if melatonin can offer similar benefits for our pets. Additionally, several canine medical conditions can be treated with melatonin, so your veterinarian may prescribe melatonin for your dogs treatment, in some cases.

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Melatonin For Dog Anxiety

As pet parents, many of us find ourselves asking, What can I give my dog for anxiety? If your dog follows you everywhere due to mega separation anxiety or just tends to be nervous in general, neither of you should have to suffer any longer.

Ask your veterinarian what melatonin can do for your dog, and with their okay, consider treating your pup to a delicious and soothing supplement containing melatonin to promote calming for both you and your pet.

Is It Ok To Give My Beagle Melatonin

Can I give my dog 10 mg of melatonin?

FYI: Melatonin also works well as an overall canine calming aid and for reducing the effects of separation anxiety. The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a study of 5 Beagles given various amounts of melatonin. Behavior, vitals and urine were examined for excreted concentrations as well as serum levels.

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Is Melatonin Safe For My Dog

While some pet owners like the natural properties of melatonin as opposed to chemical medications, you should talk to your veterinarian before deciding on a melatonin regimen. There has not been much study of its side effects and safety, nor has it been approved by the FDA for use in animals.

Side effects of melatonin in dogs, although rare, include:

  • Changes in fertility

Drug Interactions And Risk Factors Of Melatonin For Dogs

“Is melatonin safe for dogs?”

If your dog is currently on any medications or is undergoing any treatment for a known illness, you must consult your vet before beginning any kind of supplementation. Melatonin shouldn’t be given to pregnant dogs or puppies as to avoid any potential risks.

There’s a chance that melatonin can interact with other medicines, so if your dog is being treated with other medication, be sure to check with your vet if it is safe to use in combination. For example, a research specifies that melatonin contributes to insulin resistance in dogs with diabetes, which can have dangerous implications for your pup’s health.

Supplements aren’t always regulated in all countries, so it’s crucial to check ingredient labels before giving your dog melatonin. Many brands of melatonin supplements for humans contain xylitol, a sugar substitute, which is toxic to dogs and can cause some serious health problems if given to your dog. If you’re unsure of which brand to use, check with your vet, who will be able to recommend one that is safe for your dog.

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How Does Melatonin For Dogs Anxiety Work

Melatonin taken orally is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. But after that, no one quite knows how it works! Dr Aronson, vets, and dog owners across the country have replicated her observations thousands of times over. But surprisingly, no further clinical trials have been carried out. No one has tried to find the mechanism by which melatonin works to regulate stress, anxiety or fear.

At The Same Time Or This Is A Mistake

Can I Give My Dog Melatonin? Dose Rates, Info, Side ...

There are a lot of questions dog owners have on their minds at any given moment. Can I give my dog Benadryl and melatonin at the same time? Before we give you a simple answer we will have to cover the main basics and also reveal all the things you would normally want to know regarding this topic. It will be an amazing journey where we will explain all the main things you should know.

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How Is Melatonin Used To Treat Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Its often used to calm dogs who suffer from different types of anxiety, such as separation anxiety or noise anxiety caused by fireworks, thunderstorms, etc. Melatonin may possibly reduce any kind of phobias or panic, and some dogs have been entirely cured of their fear of loud noises with use of this supplement.

Can U Give Dogs Benadryl

The standard dosage for oral Benadryl is 1 mg per pound of body weight, given 2-3 times a day.

Most drug store diphenhydramine tablets are 25 mg, which is the size used for a 25 pound dog.

For most dogs, the appropriate dosage of Benadryl is perfectly safe. It will begin to reduce symptoms like skin rashes in about an hour. Getting the dosage right is important because most Benadryl tablets are intended for humans. Some dogs can be quite small, so they need less Benadryl than a person.

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When To Give Your Dog Melatonin

For what reason would you give a dog melatonin? Actually, there are a few.

Ultimately, one of the biggest appeals of using melatonin to treat dogs is that its natural.

Some vets have had luck prescribing melatonin to dogs who have conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, Cushings disease, and alopecia. It often lessens some of the symptoms associated with these disorders while producing negligible side effects. Read on to find out more about these disorders and decide whether or not you should talk to your veterinarian about treating your dog with melatonin.

Your Dog Has Anxiety

An estimated 20-40% of dogs suffer from some level of separation anxiety. Beyond the distress this causes the dog, it can also lead to behavioral issues and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Some owners return from work to discover that their pup has chewed up her bedding or has been obsessively cleaning the same spots on her paws.

In addition to separation anxiety, some dogs experience situational anxiety, from the fear of car rides to the fear of thunderstorms.

Some owners have found success with using melatonin to treat their dogs anxiety. It can help them to mellow it in times of stress, lowering the chances of behavioral problems or unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Your Dog Has Insomnia

Cushings Disease


Recommended Dosage For Melatonin Treatment: Research Recommends Not Exceeding A Dosage Of 3 To 6 Mg Every 8 To 12 Hours

Melatonin For Dogs: Is It Safe & How Can It Help?

A general guideline is:

  • 1 t0 1.5 mg for dogs under 25 lbs, once or twice daily
  • 3 mg for an average medium to large sized dog 26-99 lbs, once or twice daily
  • 6 mg if the dogs weight exceeds 100 lbs, once or twice daily

If melatonin makes your dog too sleepy during the day, only give it once daily and give it at night. Research shows melatonin is a very safe supplement, which is why the range is so large in the recommended dosing.

A couple of reliable, cost-effective suppliers of melatonin are or Swanson Vitamins Brand.

Note: It is always best to consult with your veterinarian before concluding that your pet has a particular ailment. In the case of Canine Alopecia, you should make sure that your veterinarian rules out thyroid disease, Cushings disease, parasites, mites, and certain bacteria. All of these can cause symptoms similar to Canine Seasonal Alopecia. To test for thyroid or Cushings disease, your veterinarian will need to perform a blood test for parasites, mites and certain bacterias a skin sample may need to be taken.

Are you interested in improving the health of your pet with natural remedies or herbal medicine? Call us!

  • Melatonin Therapy for Canine Alopecia by Manin Paradis
  • Natural Remedy for Alopecia In Pets
  • Seasonal Flank Alopecia

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How Much Melatonin Should You Give Your Dog

The literature is limited when it comes to the appropriate amount of melatonin to give your dog. According to Plumbs Veterinary Drug Handbook, the appropriate dose for dogs with sleeping disorders is between 3 and 6 milligrams. If your dog is suffering from anxiety disorders, then Plumbs Handbook indicates 0.1 milligram of melatonin per kilogram of body weight.

Talking to your veterinarian about the right amount for your dog based on their age, weight, and any other health issues or medications is your best course of action. If your veterinarian recommends giving your dog melatonin, make sure you purchase it in the right amount. Supplement options that are preweighed allow you to easily administer the correct dosage according to your veterinarian.

What Does Melatonin For Dogs Do

Melatonin potentially has lots of clinical uses. Well look at some promising new applications on the horizon later. So far, the main at-home use of melatonin for dogs is to treat fears, anxiety and stress.

Using melatonin in this way was pioneered by Dr Linda Aronson at Tufts University, Massachusetts. In 1999 she wrote a review of her trials for the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. To this day it is still the most cited evidence for using melatonin to treat dog anxiety and phobias. Dr Aronson reported that melatonin supplements partially or completely eased the signs of distress in 80% of the dogs she treated.

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How Should I Give Melatonin To My Dog

Once you and a qualified veterinarian have agreed on a melatonin supplementation plan for your pup, there are many ways you can administer the melatonin.

For dogs with low-frequency doses, try tossing a melatonin treat to get them to take their medicine and enjoy it, too. Dogs who need more frequent doses have tons of options to choose from: there are melatonin tablets, pills, drops, and chewables that all can easily be mixed into dog food or peanut butter.

However, be sure to read the label of any melatonin supplement you give your dog. Some melatonin supplements contain an artificial sweetener calledxylitolwhich is extremely toxic to dogs. If the supplements youve chosen contain xylitol, dont kick yourself. Just cut your losses, get a new bottle, and your four-legged friend may be snoring soundly in no time .

If youre interested in learning more about better ways to care for your pet, head on over to our dog page for regular tips and tidbits on how to keep your dog happy and healthy!

Final Thoughts On Melatonin For Dogs

How much Melatonin can I give my dog?

While melatonin is a natural supplement that can be given to dogs, owners should never treat any ailments in their dogs without consulting a trained veterinarian. Studies about melatonin’s effectiveness for dogs are few, and most successful results are anecdotal.

There’s a tiny chance for adverse reactions when supplementing with melatonin, but potentially an even greater risk when given to dogs already on medication for other illnesses. Pregnant dogs and young puppies must never be given melatonin as this can cause serious issues.

We say this a lot but always consult your vet. When it comes to the health and wellbeing of your canine companion, a vet should naturally be your first point of contact before trying to administer treatment yourself. A vet will know what melatonin dose, if any, is appropriate for your dog and which brand of melatonin supplement to use that doesn’t contain ingredients that could harm your dog.

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Melatonin For Dogs Anxiety

For example, your Lab might benefit from taking melatonin if they panic in thunderstorms or fireworks. Dr Aronson recommended melatonin for any fear. But she observed that it is particularly effective against noise phobias. She also used melatonin to successfully treat separation anxiety. As well as anxiety or stress caused by strange surroundings or situations, for example flying.

If youre worried about dog anxiety, take a look at some of our articles here:

What Should Be The Dosage Of Melatonin 5

You also should discuss dispensing this medication with your doctor to ensure there are no reasons why your child should not take melatonin 5. Dosages between 2.5 mg and 10 mg should be a safe range for giving to your child, according to Keep Kids Healthy. You may wish to start at a lower amount and increase until the desired results are achieved.

However, little research has been done about the long-term side effects of melatonin, and because of that, many doctors are wary to recommend melatonin for sleep issues in children. How Often Can I Give My Kids Melatonin?

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The Science Of Melatonin’s Affects On Dogs

Unlike many of the other medications that may be prescribed to your dog throughout their life, melatonin isn’t a drug that was invented in a lab by people in white coats. Rather, melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland, which is located in the center of the brain.

As production of the hormone is inhibited by daylight, it only takes place at night, and as a result, it plays an important role in regulating your dog’s internal clock. And because the hours of daylight vary throughout the seasons, your dog’s melatonin levels will also fluctuate. These seasonal changes have an impact on the reproductive system, while melatonin also affects thryoid function and immune function.

Therapeutic use of melatonin in humans first gained widespread attention in the 1990s, mainly to combat jetlag and insomnia, but the hormone’s calming effect also saw researchers begin to consider using it to treat other conditions.

In dogs, melatonin can be prescribed to help treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • To control sleeping patterns, for example in older animals suffering from the disrupted sleeping patterns caused by sundowner syndrome
  • To treat various kinds of anxiety, including separation anxiety
  • To promote hair growth, for example in a dog suffering from hair loss due to alopecia
  • To combat a range of phobias
  • To help dogs gain weight after an illness or after undergoing surgery

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