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What To Do If Hormones Are Causing Weight Gain

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Does Hormone Therapy Cause Weight gain?

With todays modern lifestyle, hormone imbalances are becoming increasingly common due to stress and other factors. Fortunately, you can make some lifestyle adjustments to your everyday routine to help get your hormones back on track. Here are some top tips for how to reduce belly fat and combat hormonal misfiring:

Youre Not Getting Enough Vitamin D

Possibly due to our awareness of skin cancer and the use of sunscreen, our levels of vitamin D are lower than they were decades ago. Not to mention that we are spending more time working indoors in front of computers, or exercising inside vs. in the great outdoors. Vitamin D, synthesized by the action of sunlight upon the skin, is converted to a vital hormone in our bodies, and deficiency has been linked to allergies including food allergies, asthma, weight gain, fatigue, diabetes, and even cancer. Vitamin D levels can be tested through your provider with our Weight Management Profile and if testing uncovers a deficiency, supplemental vitamin D is cheap and readily available.

Hormones Influence Body Weight

Fat storage and breakdown are strictly regulated by certain hormones in the body. Hormones also influence energy expenditure, or the number of calories your body burns on a daily basis.

For this reason, fluctuations in hormone levels may lead to weight gain or loss, as well as body fat accumulation in specific areas.

For example, the thyroid secretes hormones that are responsible for metabolism regulation.

When the thyroid gland is overactive, it releases too much thyroid hormone. This puts the body into a hypermetabolic state, where it burns more calories . This is known as hyperthyroidism.

Conversely, an underactive thyroid, characterized by low thyroid hormone levels, leads to less energy expenditure . This is known as hypothyroidism.

This is why people with hyperthyroidism may lose weight, while those with hypothyroidism may gain weight.

Insulin is another hormone that can affect body weight.

Cells need insulin to use glucose for energy and store it for later use in the form of glycogen. Insulin is also required for storing energy as fat and inhibiting fat breakdown to maintain body weight .

Keeping insulin levels within a standard range is critical. Chronically elevated insulin levels may lead to insulin resistance, where cells stop responding appropriately to insulin.

Human and animal studies indicate that this may lead to the impairment of hunger and fullness hormones, excessive fat uptake by organs like the liver, and compromised metabolism (

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The Link Between Hormonal Imbalance And Weight Gain

Underlying health issues and getting older can both cause hormonal fluctuations, making you feel less than your best. A hormonal imbalance can even cause weight gain, along with a few other unpleasant side effects.

Our dedicated primary practitioner, Gordon Hart, PA-C, at Balance Hormone Center, promotes healthy hormone balancing using gentle and effective methods. These compassionate treatments include holistic solutions to help rebalance everything your body needs to stay active, happy, and healthy.

Injectable Meds For Type 2 Diabetes

How Phytoestrogen Helps You Lose Weight

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Hormones And Weight Gain: How To Fix The Hormones That Control Your Weight

Did you know that your weight is directly related to your hormones? This is a fact many of us forget as we travel along the often slow and frustrating road to weight loss. To maintain a weight thats healthy for our unique bodily makeup, a delicate balance of hormones is required. If certain hormones are off-kilter, weight gain often results.

In order to lose weight and keep it off we must understand the intricate inner workings of our many hormones. Once we understand the relationship between hormones and weight gain, we can take the proper steps to balance these hormones and lose weight in a sustainable, healthy way.

Causes Of Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can be the result of a variety of risk factors. Though both lifestyle and diet can contribute to hormonal imbalance, it often develops from illness.

Issues with the thyroid or adrenal glands are a very common catalyst for hormonal imbalance. Thyroid conditions can affect the production of certain hormones. Hypothyroidism, in particular, is linked to significant weight gain. The weight gain and obesity that often comes with hypothyroidism is a result of hormonal imbalance.

Other causes of hormonal imbalance include:

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Engage In Regular Exercise

Creating an exercise routine and sticking with it can be a significant lifestyle change for some and can take some getting used to. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , you should aim for 150 minutes of weekly, moderate-intensity activity for optimal body function. Exercise is excellent for keeping your hormones in check. If youre searching for tips on how to lose hormonal fat, exercise is the perfect opportunity to burn belly fat and calories.

How Can I Balance The Hormones That Affect Weight

Can Hormones Cause Weight Gain?

Once you understand the various hormones roles in your body, you will see how to balance them.

1. Insulin

Insulin plays a key role in weight loss and weight gain. Secreted in the pancreas, insulin stores sugar and uses it depending on the bodys needs. The hormone stores fat and decides how much fat the body will hold or convert to energy.

To maintain balanced insulin levels and avoid insulin resistance, eat regularly, but dont eat too much. Reducing your carbohydrate intake can also keep your insulin stable. Increased insulin levels eventually lead to weight gain.

2. Leptin

Leptin is the appetite suppressant hormone. Ideally, this hormone “talks” to your brain, telling it when you are hungry or full.

Just like insulin, keeping leptin levels balanced requires you to be on top of your diet. Remember to eat less processed sugar, include more fiber, exercise more, and consume anti-inflammatory foods.

3. Ghrelin

Ghrelin is the hunger hormone. It sends signals to the brain telling it to eat. Every time the stomach is empty, the body releases ghrelin into the bloodstream.

One way to keep ghrelin levels balanced is to consume more protein. Protein makes you feel full, so you should incorporate it into every meal.

4. Cortisol

Cortisol is the stress hormone. Whenever your body is under any form of stress, it releases cortisol into the bloodstream. Studies have linked high levels of cortisol to overeating.

5. Estrogen

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Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Weight Gain

Yes, certain hormone imbalances can cause weight gain, including:

  • Hypothyroidism: This condition happens when you have low levels of thyroid hormone, which causes your metabolism to slow down. This can cause weight gain.
  • Cushings syndrome: This is a rare condition that happens when your body has too much of a hormone called cortisol. It results in rapid weight gain in your face , belly, back of your neck and chest.
  • Menopause: During menopause, many people assigned female at birth gain weight due to hormonal changes that cause their metabolism to slow down. Its important to remember that this type of hormonal imbalance is natural and an expected part of life.

Several other factors contribute to weight gain. If youre experiencing unexpected weight gain or are concerned about your weight, talk to your healthcare provider.

How To Regulate Blood Sugar

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What Can I Do About A Hormonal Imbalance

At Balance Hormone Center, we have some easy solutions if youre experiencing the effects of a hormone imbalance.

Hormone therapy can help women before, during, and after menopause, and its also an option for men experiencing a drop in testosterone levels. Regardless of age, diet, or environmental factors, a natural hormone replacement therapy treatment plan can decrease or eliminate imbalances. At Balance Hormone Center, we specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy .

When diet and exercise arent enough to shed excess pounds, consider personalized treatment options for weight loss. You can take control of your weight loss under the supervision of a certified specialist by developing unique treatment plans that help you reach your goals.

Getting your body back in balance is a critical part of your happiness.

Are you ready to make an appointment at Balance Hormone Center in Norman, Oklahoma? To find out how we can help you return to a happy and healthy hormonal balance, our office today or use our convenient online scheduling tool to request an appointment.

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Balance Your Hormones For Weight Loss

Pin on hormone balancing

There is a strong connection between hormones and weight gain. When hormone levels increase or decrease, a chain of events occurs. Your body forgets its full, the metabolism slows, and your weight increases.

Thankfully, hormonal weight gain is treatable. Our team strives to assist men and women struggling with hormonal imbalances. Contact us to learn more about our hormone and weight loss treatments.

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Are There Preventative Steps Or Measures To Avoid Hormonal Weight Gain

Seeking early evaluation with an endocrinologist so the appropriate interventions can be started sooner will help with minimizing and possibly reversing hormonal weight gain. Additionally, improving dietary choices, increasing physical activity, getting more sleep, managing stress levels effectively, quitting smoking, and limiting alcohol are all ways to decrease and avoid hormonal weight gain.

Hormones Incidental In Weight Gain

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, hormones can control everything from metabolism and energy levels to growth and development. Hormones play a role in weight, experts told USA TODAY but they are not the primary driver of weight gain, as the post claims.

Dr. Artur Viana, clinical director of the Metabolic Health & Weight Loss Program at Yale University, said that while hormones are involved in obesity, they are not the sole cause. Robert Lustig, professor emeritus of pediatrics at the University of California-San Francisco, told USA TODAY theres an ongoing debate in the nutrition field over the extent to which hormones contribute to obesity.

Is obesity a problem of energy balance, or is obesity a problem of energy storage? he said. If its a problem of energy balance, its all about calories. If its about energy storage, then the question is: Whats storing it? And the answer is one of two hormones: insulin and cortisol.

For example, when blood sugar rises, the hormone insulin goes up, allowing sugar to exit the blood and enter cells where it is needed. But when cells receive more sugar than they need, fat begins to accumulate. However, insulin itself doesn’t cause weight gain.

Lustig’s recommendation for people looking to lose weight is simple: Stop eating sugar.

Thats numbers one, two and three, he said. Get rid of the sugar, get rid of the sugar, get rid of the sugar.

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How Is Hormonal Weight Gain Different

When weight gain is the result of hormones, simple shifts in diet and exercise habits arent always enough, and a medical diagnosis is needed to identify the source and prescribe correct treatment.

Hormones are your bodys chemical messengers, controlling such important elements as growth, sexual function, reproduction, metabolism and even your mood. And changes in these hormones can sometimes result in unexpected and uncontrollable weight gain. A few examples include:

Estrogen shifts. During menopause, a decrease in estrogen is linked to lower muscle mass and increased fat stores for women, usually around the midsection. Conversely, higher than normal estrogen levels can cause endometriosis, fibroids or menstrual bloating.

Testosterone decreases. For both men and women, a decrease in testosterone means reduction in muscle mass, which lowers the bodys metabolic rate, resulting in increased body fat.

Increased androgens. In women, an increase in hormones called androgens is linked to polycystic ovary syndrome , which not only interferes with fertility but can cause cysts and weight gain.

Diabetes. Treating diabetes can cause weight gain if your daily prescribed insulin intake is higher than the energy you burn each day.

Thyroid deficiency. Underactive thyroid, also called hypothyroidism, slows the bodys ability to burn calories.

Does Estrogen Cause Weight Gain

Does Progesterone Cause Weight Gain or Weight Loss?

Estrogen levels that are too low or too high may contribute to weight gain or weight fluctuations. This is because estrogen plays a role in cholesterol metabolism, glucose metabolism, and insulin sensitivity. All of these factors can influence things like appetite, hunger, satiety, and energy levels, which in turn can have an impact on body weight.

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How Long After Alcohol Does Blood Sugar Take To Lower

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Hormonal Belly Fat: What Is It And How To Get Rid Of It

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  • HORMONESHormonal Belly Fat: What Is It and How to Get Rid of It

Lower belly fat affects many people, and recognizing and understanding its causes can help you burn it off. Sometimes hormones can be the culprit for excess belly fat. As we age or experience lifestyle changes, our hormone levels can fluctuate due to several factors, such as menopause or high stress levels, resulting in a hormonal belly.

Fortunately, many tips and treatment options are available to help you get your hormones in check and lose hormonal body fat to achieve your ideal body weight.

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The Zrt Laboratory Blog

If you cannot figure out why you are gaining weight or can no longer shed pounds easily like you used to despite your best efforts to eat right, exercise, and take your vitamins every morning you might be walking around with a hormone imbalance that has you hardwired to put on pounds.

Even when we think were being healthy, hormonal triggers to unwanted weight gain are too often neglected or overlooked. Testing can help you find the answer. But in the meantime, lets boil this down to the collective wisdom on eight big culprits behind unwanted weight gain.

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