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What Vitamin Helps Increase Estrogen

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How To Increase Estrogen Levels With Supplements

Anti Estrogen Supplements – Help Decrease Estrogen Levels

If your hormones are going haywire, it could be due to the low estrogen levels in your body. Lower estrogen levels can affect your health and mood. But fortunately, there are things you can do to increase the level of estrogen. In this article, we discuss how to increase the level of estrogen with the help of supplements and natural ways to boost estrogen in your body. Lets dig in.


Naturally Reducing Estrogen Levels

The best wayto reduce estrogen levels is to eat lean healthy food and to avoid man-madeestrogen-mimic chemicals. Outside of this, there are several supplements thatcan help by either inhibiting the aromatase enzyme or by down regulating theactivity of the estrogen towards receptors. If supplements are the way youchoose to go, below are the top 5 scientifically proven choices.

Determination Of Estradiol 25

Blood samples were collected in tubes and centrifuged. After centrifugation, serum was separated, frozen and stored at 20°C until biochemical assessment. Estradiol levels were assessed using commercial available ELISA kit . The sensitivity of the estradiol ELISA kit was 1.0 pg/ml. Measurement of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 levels was performed by ELISA kit . Technical variability for 25-OH-VD3 ELISA kit was low with coefficients of variation of < 10% intra-assay and < 15% inter-assay. Detection range of 25-OH-VD3 levels was 20100 g/L. The sensitivity of the 25-OH-VD3 using ELISA kit was 5.0 g/L. Calcium concentrations were detected by spectrophotometric method using calcium assay colorimetric kit . The sensitivity of the calcium kit was 0.1 m/M. All the procedures of estradiol, 25-OH-VD3 and calcium kits were conducted following the manufacturers instruction manual.

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What Happens When The Estrogen Level Drops

The estrogen levels might drop either due to genetic defects or poor nutrition, the most common risk factor for low estrogen level is age. When there is a decrease in levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in the body, it can increase the risk of various diseases like It can disturb sexual functions and increase the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis. These reiterate the fact that estrogen is essential to maintain good health.

The Contraceptive Pill And The Suppression Of Progesterone

Increasing Estrogen Levels

As touched upon earlier, most contraceptive pills purposely disrupt the natural menstruation cycle by producing progestin and suppressing the production of progesterone and Luteinising Hormone , as well as producing synthetic progesterone). Eating foods that are naturally rich in certain nutrients and taking supplements can help boost your progesterone levels and balance the hormonal disturbances caused by taking the contraceptive pill.

Vitamins and nutrients that are associated with boosting progesterone levels include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Sulphur

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Tips On How To Increase Estrogen Levels With Supplements:

1. The first thing that you should do is consult a physician and have your estrogen level tested. Dont just rely on what you have been feeling, or worst, what you just read to influence your decision in starting a hormone therapy program.

In fact, it is more advisable that you get a complete physical checkup and not just an FSH test as your estrogen count constantly fluctuates during the day.

2. Taking the right kind of supplement as well as the timing is of utmost importance. Unless you previously had a hysterectomy or a procedure wherein a part or the whole of your uterus was surgically removed, you need to take a supplement that can balance your estrogen level with your progesterone.

Otherwise, you will be exposing yourself to the risk of endometrial cancer. As for the timing, you should start hormone replacement therapy once you are on the threshold of becoming menopause or when your estrogen level has sharply dropped prematurely. Taking supplement several years after the advent of menopause will only lead to little to no benefits at all.

3. Start by supplementing your diet with plant and herb foods that are rich in phytoestrogens. Eat more cruciferous vegetables such as kale, cauliflower, and broccoli, and legumes such as peas, lima beans, and of course, soybeans and soy by-products .

Chaste Tree Berry

It likewise aids in managing symptoms of menopause such as migraines, bloating, fatigue, hot flashes, and mood swing.


Red Clover

Black Cohosh

Vitamin Cs Effect On Estrogen

Vitamin C appears to have a positive effect on estrogen levels in your body. Consuming adequate vitamin C promotes correct estrogen production, whereas people with a vitamin C shortage may experience lower estrogen levels. The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests that vitamin C supplements can enhance the estrogen-boosting results of hormone replacement treatments, possibly triggering a drastic increase in estrogen in individuals who formerly experienced a vitamin C deficiency.

While additional vitamin C can increase estrogen levels in your body, the existence of estrogen can also impact the activity and level of vitamin C. A research study released in Ann Univ Mariae Curie Sklodowska in 2004 studied the result of estrogen supplements on vitamin C levels in rats.

The study discovered that receiving estrogen injections diminished the rats vitamin C shops, indicating that estrogen injections may increase the risk of a vitamin C deficiency. However, the impact of estrogen on vitamin C needs extra investigation, including research studies performed in human beings.

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How Do I Get More Vitamin D

So, as you can see, vitamin D is definitely linked to quite a few hormonal issues throughout the body! Beyond this, though, the pro-hormone can have a number of positive health impacts which is why its so important to stay on top of our intake. Getting plenty of exposure to sunlight is our primary way of producing the nutrient but, if you live somewhere like the UK, this exposure is not always guaranteed, especially during the darker winter months.

Of course, you can still source vitamin D from your diet, but these forms arent always as well absorbed and can present problems in the case of dietary restrictions such as veganism or vegetarianism. This is possibly why vitamin D supplements have sky-rocketed in popularity, although the dose offered in most products is far, far too high!

Ideally, if you are supplementing with vitamin D, you dont want to be getting any more than 10-20mcg a day. Thats why I try to recommend a gentle vitamin D supplement, one that your body is going to be able to absorb without too much trouble, so nothing is wasted. This is why Im particularly fond of our Balance Mineral Drink enriched with a sensible 5mcg dose of vitamin D, this refreshing strawberry-flavoured drink also contains other nourishing nutrients, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and zinc to help give your energy levels a nice little lift!

Tips On Using Supplements To Increase Estrogen Levels

How to Boost Your Estrogen Levels through Food

If you, for any reason, are looking for information on how to increase estrogen levels with supplements, we warmly welcome you to this discussion.


We surmise that you are a woman of a certain age or physical condition. It is possible that you have been sporadically experiencing hot flashes, irritability, and irregular or absent menstrual periods lately.

Or perhaps, youve been noticing that your skin is getting drier and looser, your stamina and vitality is diminishing, and you are getting more prone to ailments such as UTI and migraine. All of which are classic symptoms of falling estrogen level.

Although waning estrogen production typically happens to menopausal women and those who had a hysterectomy, it could likewise afflict younger ladies with medical conditions. Among the most common causes are premature ovarian failures, hypoactive pituitary glands, anemia, eating disorders, and lingering kidney disorders.

Over-exercising can also cause estrogen level to drop for both male and female, albeit it is usually advantageous to the masculine gender.

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A Practical Alternative To Estrogen

This study suggests that vitamin D supplementation may be a practical alternative to estrogen-lowering drugs for overweight and obese women to reduce their breast cancer risk, McTiernan said.

âMedications to lower blood estrogens, such as aromatase inhibitors, reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in women at increased risk, but those medications are expensive and can have adverse effects,â she said. âSo itâs important to identify other ways to safely lower blood estrogens for all women.

âWeâve shown in the past that weight loss significantly lowers blood estrogens. Now we know that vitamin D can add to that, but only if a woman takes enough of it to increase her vitamin D blood levels to a normal range,â she continued.

The optimal circulating range of vitamin D is thought to be between 20 and 50 ng/ml. Blood levels lower than that may be inadequate for bone health and levels higher than that are associated with potential adverse effects, such as an increased risk of kidney stones.

There is no consensus, however, regarding the optimal blood level of vitamin D necessary for lowering sex hormones, Mason said. âWe saw benefit for the women whose levels increased the most, but we donât know whether we might have seen even more benefit had the women taken more vitamin D or had increased their blood levels to a higher threshold.â

Which Foods Contain Vitamin B6

Foods that are high in vitamin B6 include tuna, beef , spinach, cabbage, bok choy, broccoli, kale, collard greens, bell peppers, carrots, turnip greens, beet greens, swiss chard, asparagus, walnuts, eggs, sockeye salmon, poultry, sweet potatoes, potatoes, sunflower seeds, garlic, pinto beans, and maca root.

You can learn how to add more hormone-balancing ingredients to your meals with our FREE 19 Estrogen Balancing Superfoods Guide here.

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Estrogen Pathways Are Where It Begins

In a nutshell, there are three different ways your liver breaks down extra estrogen in your body to take it out of commission and prevent it from accumulating:

  • The first, 2-OH pathway, is the safest, least cancerous pathway. This is the one we want to encourage .
  • Next, 4-OH pathway is the most dangerous pathway. Estrogens that follow this path increase your risk of cancers.
  • Finally, 16-OH pathway is the one that causes things to proliferate or grow. The estrogen remains in your body, leading to estrogen dominance. It also causes things like heavy or fibrous breasts during PMS and heavy periods, clots, and uterine fibroids.

THIS is why I cant emphasize enough how important it is to support your liver. It is literally the gatekeeper to safe estrogen metabolism. The condition of your liver determines which pathway the estrogen follows in your body.Now lets talk about how you can leverage supplements to support each phase of your livers detoxification process:

Digestive Support For Clearing Hormones

Increasing progesterone naturally

Once your liver has done its duty of metabolizing and neutralizing the estrogen in your body, its up to your gut to get it out before it can recirculate in your body, but there are a few hang-ups here that can make your estrogen dominance worse:

  • Gut inflammation: If your gut is inflamed, its likely that some of these particles could be re-entering your bloodstream thanks to leaky gut . Removing inflammatory foods and taking digestive enzymes can help heal your gut and keep the waste where it belongs.
  • Slow elimination: Thats right, if you dont poop every day, the waste has more of a chance of re-entering your body. One of the best ways to support healthy bathroom habits is with Magnesium supplements .
  • Imbalanced bacteria: Your microbiome is essential for keeping things moving in your gut. Quality probiotics and fermented foods can help support your intestinal bacteria to make sure the estrogen gets OUT.

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What Foods Are High In Estrogen

  • What Foods Are High in Estrogen? Center
  • The food you eat can impact the way your body produces hormones or even contain hormones. Different vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, animal products, and even herbs have chemicals in them that contain, engage with, or imitate hormones.

    Phytoestrogen is a common compound that imitates estrogen in foods. This is because phytoestrogens are essentially the plant version of estrogen. Human bodies will process them the same way as regular estrogen, but it is weaker than synthetic or natural estrogen.

    Another source of estrogen in foods is animal estrogen. Products like eggs or milk contain high estrogen levels because they are produced in parts of the animals body that regulate its hormones.

    Eating high estrogen foods can help people who suffer from various conditions related to low estrogen levels. Conversely, there are some health scenarios in which eating foods high in estrogen can be harmful. Knowing what foods are high in estrogen helps either situation limit or increase your intake of those foods intentionally.

    Does Soy Increase Estrogen In Males


    But before we proceed, let`s answer a pertinent question.

    What is Soy?

    Soy is short for soybean or soya bean, a legume native to East Asia and widely cultivated for its edible bean which has multiple uses. Soybean is a popular vegetarian staple because of its high protein content, high unsaturated oil content, and particularly low starch content. Soybeans are processed and consumed in various forms, including

    • Cooked Soybeans
    • Soy milk
    • Tofu
    • Tempeh
    • Edamame
    • Miso
    • Textured Soy Product , or foods made from textured soy flour.

    So, Does Soy Increase Estrogen in males?

    Consuming soy products will increase estrogen levels in everyone male or female. This is because soybeans contain isoflavones genistein and daidzein, which are sources of phytoestrogens in the human diet. Phytoestrogens are estrogens of plant origin. These phytoestrogens bind productively to estrogen receptors in the body, thereby effectively increasing the total estrogen in circulation. Consequently, consuming sufficient quantities of soy products will definitely increase estrogen in males .

    But what quantity of Soy is sufficient?

    Soybeans are particularly rich in phytoestrogens compared to other legumes like peanuts and chickpeas. These isoflavones have a structure similar to estradiol, the main estrogen produced by womens ovaries.

    However, isoflavones are weak estrogens and are anywhere from one ten-thousandth to one one-thousandth as potent as estradiol.

    Here are Some Soy-food Serving Suggestions

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    How To Reverse And Manage Estrogen Dominance

    The best approach that will generate the fastest and most profound changes is when you combine diet changes with supplements.

    Diet is your foundation.

    Supplements are your amplifiers and healing accelerators.

    Since this article is focused on supplements, I will dive right in.

    Key Products I Recommend:

    #1 DIM

    Ideal for you, if:

    • You know that your 2:16 hydroxyestrone balance is off, this is a great product to add.
    • You are high in testosterone and you convert testosterone to estrogens.
    • You need Phase 1 liver detoxification support .

    #2 Sulforaphane

    Sulforaphane is a compound high in broccoli sprouts. It is a potent Phase II liver detox facilitator, acting on the sulfation pathway. Sulforaphane has also been linked to being anti-carcinogenic in estrogenic cancers.

    #3 Calcium D-glucarate

    Calcium D-Glucarate helps the elimination of excess estrogen and other toxins and protects against re-absorption. It supports Liver Phase II, glucuronidation pathway detox.

    These Five Supplements Will Help You Lower Estrogen Levels

    4 Supplements That Increase Estrogen Levels In Men

    #1. Zinc

    Zinc is oneof the 24 most essential nutrients for human survival and is responsible forregulating enzymes as well as ensuring the immune system is functioningproperly. Zinc supplements have been shown to reduce the activity of estrogenreceptors as well as inhibit aromatase. Zinc can also increase thyroid hormoneproduction which lowers levels of SHBG this means more free testosterone isavailable. Ideally you want to make sure you include more lean meat in yourdiet but a high quality supplement of 15-30mg will deliver results. For optimalresults, combine a lean meat diet with zinc supplements.

    #2. Boron

    This tracemineral is completely essential and just so happens to pack a pretty meanestrogen-lowering knockout blow. With 10mg a week men have seen freetestosterone levels increased by 28%, decreased free estrogen levels,DHT levels increased by 10% and a significant drop incertain inflammation markers. 6 mg of boron a day for two months resulted inincreased testosterone levels by 29% as well as improved absorption of vitaminD. The best results will be seen with consumption of 6 to 10mg ofhigh-absorption boron glycinate and eating plenty of raisins.

    #3. Grape Seed Extract

    #4. Resveratrol

    #5. Tongkat Ali

    Final Thoughts

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    Does Vitamin D Affect Testosterone

    So, vitamin D can impact your parathyroid hormones, but what about a hormone thats slightly better known, like testosterone? Well, as it turns out, studies have found that an adequate level of vitamin D is actually pretty important for regulating this crucial sex hormone.

    This is because vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to lower levels of testosterone in men. In one study, 65 participants were organised into two groups. The first group was required to take a high strength vitamin D supplement every day, over the course of a year, compared to the control group which did not engage in this practice. At the end of the trial, the vitamin D group found that their testosterone levels had increased by 20%.1

    This doesnt mean that you should go rushing to your nearest health food shop for a high-dose vitamin D supplement, though! Its important to note that supplementation may only be necessary if you are already deficient in this nutrient. If you are not, overloading your body excess with vitamin D could actually do more harm than good.

    Best Supplements For Estrogen Dominance

    by Magdalena Wszelaki | Last updated May 20, 2021 | Articles, Estrogen Dominance |

    • 1.6Kshares

    I want to cover a hormonal imbalance that way too many women suffer from, but most do not know they have it.

    Im talking about estrogen dominance.

    The common symptoms of estrogen dominance are:

    • tender, lumpy, and fibrocystic breasts
    • estrogenic cancers such as breast, ovarian, uterine
    • fibroids
    • cellulite and stubborn fat on the butt and thighs
    • water retention
    • weight gain, especially around the butt and hips
    • infertility
    • lack of ovulation

    Note: Even though you might be headed for peri- and menopause, you can still be experiencing estrogen dominance.

    How so?

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