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What Vitamins Are Good For Female Hormones

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What Causes Micronutrient Deficiency

How To Balance Hormones with Supplements

As I mentioned in the previous section, sometimes micronutrient deficiency just happens, even when youre doing everything right. But there are some habits and practices that might seem healthy but that, in fact, deplete essential micronutrients and make hormone imbalances worse.

Here are 8 common ways you might be unintentionally speeding up micronutrient loss in your body:

  • You drink caffeine. Caffeine leaches precious micronutrients from the body.
  • You drink alcohol regularly. Regular alcohol consumption bleeds the body of micronutrients, too.
  • You take the pill . Same problem as caffeine. The pill causes your body to jettison micronutrients faster than you can replace them.
  • You engage in extreme diets. Maybe you only eat one or two types of food, or you are following a food protocol that has you cut out some macronutrients all together . Restrictive diets cant give you the wide breadth of micronutrients you need for optimal hormone health, no matter how healthy the foods youre eating are. Same goes if you dont eat enough calories each day. Eating too few calories can present separate challenges for hormonal health, but not getting ample micronutrients is one of them.
  • You exercise too much. Over-exercise depletes the body of essential micronutrients faster than you can replace them.
  • You use conventional health and body care products. These products are full of toxins that tax the endocrine system and prevent optimal micronutrient levels.
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    The 10 Best Hormone Balance Supplements In 2021

    Cant sleep? Mood swings? Cramps? Annoying headaches?

    Blame it on the hormones!

    We throw the word hormones around to explain just about anything. But few know how vital they are to the proper functioning of our organ tissues. Basically, all organs need hormones to survive.

    Hormones are produced and released by endocrine glands. Even slight fluctuations in this process can lead to a hormonal imbalance.

    This can happen because of malnutrition, stress, or anything that throws your endocrine glands off… and queue feeling irritated at every little thing your coworkers do all day.

    The good news is that you can successfully treat light cases of hormonal imbalance by taking hormone balance supplements.

    There are plenty of options out there, but weve scraped the internet and gathered the very best hormone balance supplements for you to try.

    Without further ado, lets get to it.

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    The Types Of Vitamins: Water

    1. Water-soluble vitamins

    These types of vitamins are found in watery portions of our food. Water-soluble vitamins easily get dissolved in our body, where they mix and circulate with our blood.

    The kidneys regulate water-soluble vitamins all the time, so its hard for the body to store them. Experts say vitamin B12 is an exception to this rule because it can be stored in our liver for many years. Folic acid and vitamin C may also be stored in our bodies for days. There are 9 water-soluble vitamins:

    • Vitamin B1/Thiamine
    • Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid

    2. Fat-soluble vitamins

    This type of vitamin is broken down into fats and stored in our fat tissues. Unlike water-soluble vitamins, its hard to flush out fat-soluble vitamins. Since they stay longer in our bodies, they have long-term effects.

    Fat-soluble vitamins dont go together with our blood. Instead, they travel through our lymphatic system and gut lining. There are 4 fat-soluble vitamins:

    • Vitamin A/Retinol
    • Vitamin E/Tocopherol
    • Vitamin K/Phylloquinone

    A friendly reminder, because fat-soluble vitamins remain in our body, toxicity is possible. But this is more common when we take supplements, because its rare to get too much fat-soluble vitamins from food alone.

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    Which Type Of Hair Loss Is This

    What Vitamins Are Good For Hormone Imbalance

    If youre hair is thinning or falling out during peri-menopause or after menopause the first thing to figure out is whats causing it.

    80% of the time peri-menopausal and postmenopausal thinning hair is caused by EFFLUVIUM.; This is by far the most common type of hair loss in women, and its related to hormones and menopausal changes.

    Were going to dive deeply into what you can do about this type of hair loss.

    But if youre not sure, check with your doc or healthcare practitioner to rule out other less common causes of hair loss like fungal infections or a thyroid disorder.

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    Take These Vitamins To Fight Menopausal Mood Swings

    Mood swings are common during menopause, so you may find yourself feeling great one minute and then angry, sad, or irritated the next. If you are in perimenopause and you are experiencing mood swings, rest assured that you certainly arent alone. Talking to your doctor about what you are going through is the first step in determining if your mood swings are indeed related to perimenopause and the hormonal fluctuations that come with it, or if there is another cause for your imbalanced emotional state. But if it is all just a matter of your body going through the usual changes that come with age, there are things that you can do to regain control.

    Even though mood swings can definitely be challenging, you could talk to your doctor about treatment options, such as hormone replacement therapy , prescriptions, and even therapy sessions with a psychologist. Beyond that, you could focus on eating right, exercising, and finding ways to reduce the stress in your everyday life. And you could also take certain vitamins for menopause mood swings, some of which are listed below. So keep reading to learn a bit more about the nutrients that your body needs to remain as balanced as possible as you go through the changes of menopause.

    Female Hormones For Men

    There are many temporary as well as permanent effects of female hormones on men. The following article will discuss some of these effects.

    There are many temporary as well as permanent effects of female hormones on men. The following article will discuss some of these effects.

    Hormones are chemical signals that are released by cells in one part of the body that have an effect on other body parts. Cellular metabolism is affected or altered by the presence of really minute amounts of hormones. These hormones affect the physiology of a person and help differentiate a man from women. The anatomical differences between a male and female body is attributed to hormones.

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    Whats The Best Hormone Balance Supplement For Women

    The raspberry leaf is widely used by women due its health benefits.

    Its mainly used for its uterine therapeutic effects, but it also helps women by increasing fertility, preventing miscarriage, decreasing heavy menstrual flow, easing pregnancy nausea, and relieving menstrual cramps.

    Due to its healing powers, tablets of raspberry leaf have also become available.

    Black Cohosh As A Controversial Menopause Supplement

    Vitamins for Hormonal Acne : Skin Care Tips

    Some studies show black cohosh helps alleviate many menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness . However, there is no conclusive scientific evidence to support this. Black cohosh seems to alleviate menopausal symptoms associated with reduced estrogen levels in particular.

    Black Cohosh is not recommended for people who are pregnant, on hormone therapy, or taking blood pressure medication. You also should not take black cohosh in conjunction with many of the other menopause supplements listed here, including chasteberry, evening primrose oil, and St. Johns wort.

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    How B6 Beats Pms

    Tearful before your period arrives? A study by Keele University found taking 50mg of vitamin B6 once or twice a day could help soothe PMS-related mood dips, along with other symptoms.

    The vitamin, also known as pyridoxine, probably helps because it has a role in producing the chemical messengers that carry information between brain cells, including âfeel goodâ serotonin.

    Healthy food sources of vitamin B6 include porridge oats, brown rice, eggs and soya beans.

    What To Look For When Purchasing Supplements And Herbs For Hormone Balance

    With SO many supplements and herbs available to choose from, it can be difficult to pick a trustworthy brand that is actually worth the investment. While Ive linked some of my favorite trusted herbs and supplements I use and also recommend to clients in this post , here are a few general guidelines to follow when purchasing herbs and supplements for hormone balance:

    • + Third Party Tested the best way to ensure the quality of a supplement. While not required by law in the US, many companies do so in order to ensure a supplement is free of harmful levels of contaminants and doesnt contain any undeclared ingredients. Look for labels such as COA, NSF, USP, BSCG, or ConsumerLab

    • + Fillers such as gluten, soy or dairy that may provoke an inflammatory response

    • + Contain a safe and ideal level of vitamins and minerals

    • + Consider possible interactions

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    Recommended B Complex Supplement

    For some people, especially when depleted, its hard to get all the needed B vitamins from food.

    This is when a supplement can become very helpful in your healing journey.

    The Wellena B Maximus is a complete B complex formulated with key B vitamins in their metabolically active form.

    The active form of this B vitamins allows the body to use them readily without having to convert them, especially for those with MTHFR genetic defect .

    I dont take many supplements but;B Maximus is part of my daily protocol.

    Additional ingredients:; TMG and choline were also added to support methylation.

    Made with non-GMO ingredients. Free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and colors.

    Practical tip: Take vitamin Bs in the morning as they can be stimulating and keep you awake if taken at night.

    Ive learned it the hard way.

    To learn more about how to balance your hormones with supplements , you can download our FREE Supplement Guide here.

    Using Complementary Therapies Safely


    Many people use complementary therapies without first checking with a health practitioner. They may do this because they think the therapies are natural and so theres no harm in taking them. However, complementary medicines can have side-effects or interact with other medications. Or people may take the wrong type of therapy, and miss out on the right type of medical care.;

    If you want to use complementary therapies, be informed about the type of treatment you choose. Make sure you are advised by a healthcare practitioner trained in natural therapies. They can prescribe appropriately and know when to refer you for medical treatment.;

    Some complementary therapies are regulated under the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency . These include:

    • traditional Chinese medicine
    • osteopathy
    • chiropractic.

    Complementary therapies that are not regulated by AHPRA are unregistered professions in Australia. They are self-regulated by their own professional associations. Standards of education and levels of expertise can vary a lot.

    Always tell your doctor if you are taking any complementary medicines.;

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    Supplements You Should Be Taking After Menopause

    Hormonal shifts are responsible for most of the wonderful side effects of menopause, including an increased risk of certain diseases and conditions. When estrogen drops, the risk for osteoporosis and heart disease risesas does the tendency to suffer from symptoms such as;hot flashes, mood changes, and vaginal dryness.

    To combat this, vitamins and supplements can be a key component of a woman’s care during and after menopause, but the process of deciding which ones to take can be overwhelming. “When it comes to supplements for menopause, there isn’t just one pill,” says Jacqui Justice, a clinical nutritionist at the NY Health & Wellness Center. “It’s a process. It’s a complex system.”

    Keep in mind that supplements are not regulated or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, but you can often get a better quality supplement with fewer fillers and more of the key ingredient when you purchase them through a certified practitioner, says Mark Menolascino, MD, a board-certified physician in internal medicine, holistic medicine, and advanced hormone management and anti-aging medicine, and key medical opinion leader at Lycored.;”Functional medicine practitioners like me use pharmaceutical-grade supplements that have been tested prior to and after manufacture. They are 99% pure, whereas the average retail supplement may be only 1 to 20% pure and full of binders,” explains Menolascino. “If you work with a practitioner who understands the quality, then there is a huge benefit.”

    Consider Supplements And Alternative Medicines

    There is some evidence that alternative therapies or supplements may address some hormonal issues.

    For instance, a found that a Chinese herbal therapy routine resulted in doubled pregnancy rates among female participants with infertility when compared to Western, drug-based treatment.

    A reports that Nigella sativa, known as black seeds or fennel flower seeds, helped raise estrogen levels in an animal model.

    If studies in humans confirm these findings, the supplement may be beneficial for people going through menopause.

    The following tip may benefit males:

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    Top Diet Tips To Control Acne

    Everyone’s body is different and a person sticking to one diet may help clear up their acne while the same diet may not work for someone else. Lee suggests maintaining a low-glycemic dietincluding lots of fresh vegetables as well as some fresh fruits, beans, and steel-cut oatsto help minimize pimples. And no matter what, make sure you’re cleansing your skin morning and night, and incorporating benzoyl peroxide, an effective antimicrobial agent that helps with hormonal acne as well as inflammatory acne, into your skincare routine.

    What Other Important Vitamins Should You Take

    3 SUPPLEMENTS for HORMONAL IMBALANCE in WOMEN – Health Tips for Women

    In addition to the vitamins listed above, there are several other important vitamins that you can talk to your doctor about if you suffer with menopausal mood swings and other uncomfortable symptoms. Your doctor will be able to help you decide which supplements would be best for you and which ones are considered safe to take, especially if you have a medical condition or you are taking prescription medications.

    Some of the other vitamins that may help you feel more emotionally balanced and physically strong and energized during menopause include:

    • Vitamin A: This nutrient could help support the health of your bones as you age, and this is especially important for women who are approaching menopause, as well as for those who have already reached menopause.
    • Vitamin C: You probably already know that vitamin C could help you maintain a strong immune system, but it could also help your body produce red blood cells, and it could even support your bodys ability to heal more quickly.
    • Vitamin D: Many people are deficient in this vitamin, so taking a supplement could be beneficial. It helps support strong bones in women who are getting older and are more susceptible to conditions like osteoporosis.

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    What Are The Causes Of Hormonal Imbalance

    Typically, the most common causes of hormone imbalances include improper diet, lack of hydration, changes in mineral balance, stress, or infection. Gut health also plays a major role in hormonal balance, because your gut microflora is directly tied to hormone levels. For women, hormonal birth control is often a common culprit due to the presence of added hormones in the body, which can easily throw off your body’s natural balance.

    Herbal Supplement Blend For Female Hormones

    Top Choice: Womens Balance from Gaia Herbs

    How to use: take as instructed on package.

    This is the third foundational supplement for hormones and its an herbal blend that contains:

    • St. Johns Wort and Oats milky seed extract .
    • Red clover and dandelion .
    • Vitex and black cohosh .

    This herbal blend is made by Gaia, a brand that I was first introduced to several years ago by my naturopath.

    Since then Ive used many of their herbal supplements and have become a dedicated fan!

    One thing that is great about Gaia is that they use the whole herb, not just one or two extracts from the herb.

    The goal with this blend is to give you an extra boost and support, while you work on transitioning into a diet and lifestyle that support your hormones.

    For a detailed breakdown of each ingredient in this blend and their benefits, be sure to read this post on herbs that balance female hormones.

    You can get Womens Balance directly from Amazon.

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    Enrichedcoquinone And Hormone Levels

    Scientists have modified coquinone to create an electron-rich formula known as ubiquinol. Your body better absorbs this form of coquinone, and better absorption should lead to more powerful effects. A 2016 report in the Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry tested this hypothesis in women struggling with fertility issues.

    Participants received 150 mg of ubiquinol each day for several months. Compared to baseline, this treatment caused follicle-stimulating hormone to triple and luteinizing hormone to double. It also decreased the prolactin levels of the women.

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