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Where Can I Buy Estrogen Blockers

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Foods That Increase Estrogen In Males

Two Weeks on T-Blockers: Transitioning Update

A wide range of foods contain a class of substances called phytoestrogens, which are basically estrogens of plant origin.

Phytoestrogens are capable of mimicking the actions of estrogen when ingested by humans. In essence, when these foods are eaten, they increase the estrogen levels in the body.

As you probably know, estrogen is the hormone responsible for female sexual characteristics like developed breasts, curvy hips, high-pitched voice, etc.

Consequently, increased estrogen in males can result in the slowing of body and facial hair growth, fat redistribution in the female shape and boosted breast growth.

To increase estrogen in your body, include these foods in your diet:

  • Flaxseeds: These golden yellow to reddish-brown seeds of flax top the list of foods containing phytoestrogens. They contain incredibly large amounts of phytoestrogens called lignans, which boost body estrogen levels. Ground flax seeds can be used as a topping on oatmeal or breakfast cereal or added to smoothies.
  • Soybean and Edamame: Soybean is a ubiquitous legume with numerous established health benefits, while Edamame beans are green whole, immature soybeans, sometimes referred to as vegetable-type soybeans. They are both very rich in phytoestrogens known as isoflavones, which produce estrogen-like activity in the body by mimicking the effects of natural estrogen. There are numerous fun ways to consume soy, including cooked soybeans, soy milk, soy yogurt, tofu, and miso.
  • Do Estrogen Blockers For Men Help Or Harm

    Inthe early 90s, a book called Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus wasa huge sensation. And while there were some cute parts to it, it was a sort-ofscientific extension of bad standup comedy: hey, did you know that men andwomen are different?

    Therestruth to that, but that kind of thinking does a few things. For one, it erasescomplexity of sex and gender. For another, it promotes dangerous thinking abouthealth. If women and men are so differentindeed, dimorphicthen hormones thatare more prevalent for women must be bad for men.;

    Ofcourse, such logic is scientifically inaccurate, but that hasnt stopped peoplefrom thinking that estrogen is something men should avoid. This, in turn, hasspurred the growth of over-the-counter estrogen blockers for men, which can beharmful and confuse the sometimes-genuine need for estrogen moderation.;

    The truth is that estrogen is an important hormone for mens health, and artificially blocking it is usually unnecessary or ill-advised. Often, there are better, healthier, and more effective ways to improve the symptoms of low testosterone.

    Estrogen Blockers For Men

    Estrogen blockers can significantly benefit men who are experiencing hormone imbalances relating to heightened estrogen levels. The supplements help men suffering from a hormone imbalance where they see an increase in estrogen and a decrease in testosterone. This may be due to several reasons: a genetic predisposition to increasing estrogen or the result of medication, changes in diet, or as men age. Men who have increasing testosterone levels will also see a rise in their estrogen levels, with some side effects that may be unwanted.

    Estrogen ensures that the male body functions appropriately and plays a vital role. There are three types of estrogen:

    • estriol,
    • estrone, and
    • estradiol.

    The primary type of estrogen that is active in men is estradiol. It is responsible for allowing sperm to develop naturally, it also keeps mens joints and brains healthy too.

    A hormone imbalance where there is too much estrogen in the male body can lead to:

    • gynecomastia, or the development of female-type breast tissue,
    • cardiovascular or prostate issues,
    • increased risk of stroke, or
    • weight gain.We stock only the best estrogen blockers at the cheapest prices. Buy estrogen online! Below youll find the best estrogen inhibitors for men.

    Estrogen Inhibitors For Men

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    Benefits Of Estrogen Blockers

    The benefits of estrogen blockers will depend on what you are taking the medication for. But, no matter what you are taking them for it is most likely going to improve your quality of life. Removing unwanted symptoms and enhancing your other treatments makes estrogen blockers a great addition to many treatment regimes.;

    When taking estrogen blockers with hormone replacement therapy there are specific benefits that make the medication so useful. The first is that it works with your body chemistry to simply prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. During aging you want to preserve as much testosterone as possible, so by helping to prevent the aromatization process you can help to keep the testosterone your body has worked so hard to make, increasing your free testosterone levels.;

    The other big benefits are the physical benefits. You may see its effects in the mirror. Estrogen blockers help to prevent the formation of gynecomastia, or large breast tissue. The other location you might see a difference is the reduction of body fat. You may see less fat in the abdominal area and reduce the amount of water that is retained in the body. This can all help you to look and feel your best.;

    What Are The Risks Of Elevated Estrogen Levels

    Estrotase Maximum Strength Estrogen Blocker

    While any form of medical treatment comes with risks, no studies exist that show increasing estrogen levels in men causes harm. Some case studies have actually shown increasing estrogen levels may be beneficial in reversing heart disease by giving oral estrogen to men if needed. Men naturally produce estrogen and blocking that production can definitely do more harm than good.; There is also no research that shows men benefit from lowering estrogen levels with AIs. In fact, there are many studies that show HARM from blocking estrogen in men and many studies that show increased risk of all causes of death in men with low estrogen levels!;;

    At EVEXIAS Medical Centers our Practitioners understand the important role of balancing testosterone and estrogen, and our male patients can rest assured that through blood tests and conversations with the Practitioner that they are in perfect balance!;;

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    What Does Estrogen Do For Men

    Estrogen is an important hormone for bone and vascular health in both males and females, and its role in sexual function, erectile function, sex drive, weight loss, and performance in men is becoming more well known. Estrogen levels tend to rise for men undergoing testosterone replacement therapy , which may require including estrogen blockers as part of the treatment plan.

    What Are The Good And Bad Facts About Penis Pills

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    Alternative: Androsurge Natural Estrogen Blocker For Men: A Detailed Analysis

    Androsurge is the first scientifically-formulated all-natural estrogen-reducing supplement designed just for men.


    The top active ingredients in Androsurge include grape seed extract and diindolylmethane , which have been scientifically proven to help reduce estrogen levels in men.

    Product Claims

    Androsurge Natural Estrogen Blocker for men is an elite product that helps men build muscle, increase strength, and burn fat.

    Androsurge also works to help promote muscle âfullnessâ during intense training sessions and even reduce muscle catabolism, which is the breaking down of muscle tissue into smaller muscles.

    This can eventually lead to strength and muscle loss.Androsurge Natural Estrogen Blocker claims to increase energy, vitality, and libido. By increasing energy levels, men can power through their workouts, their days, and their lives. â

    They will likely also experience a sense of vitality, strength, and power, leaving them looking and feeling great. This sense of vitality then leads to an increase in confidence, reduced stress levels, and an increased libido for an all-around effective health-boosting solution.

    Androsurge also claims that users will see noticeable, visible results in approximately 8 to 12 weeks.

    How Does Androsurge Natural Estrogen Blocker Work?

    The Science Behind Androsurge

    Some of the natural vitamins and minerals that help men achieve this important hormonal balance include Grape seed extract, Vitamin D, Zinc and many others.


    Winner: Dim Supplement Plus Bioperine For Natural Estrogen Balance: A Detailed Analysis


    This product is the first of five that we will review.

    Some of the products that we will review are designed for men only, but this product promotes natural estrogen balance in both men and women.


    In addition to balancing estrogen levels, it also acts as an acne treatment, menopause reliever and treatment, and a bodybuilding supplement.

    Product Claims

    Smoky Mountain Naturals is the company behind the DIM and BioPerine supplement for a natural and healthy estrogen balance.

    In fact, the company claims that this DIM product is the number one menopause solution and womenâs health supplement that money can buy on Amazon. This DIM supplement is rated as an âAmazonâs Choiceâ product, so there may be some substance to this claim.

    DIM is clearly the top active ingredient in this estrogen-balancing supplement, and has proven to be one of the best and natural hormonal therapy solutions for both men and women.

    How Does this DIM Supplement Work?

    By now we already know that DIM is natural compound that aids in digestion. What you may not know is that DIM can also be consumed naturally from cruciferous vegetables, such as arugula, bok choy, collard greens, cabbage and watercress, just to name a few. However, it can be difficult to consume a lot of these vegetable as they often are expensive and do not come with a long shelf life.

    Other benefits that men and women have seen from taking DIM plus BioPerine supplement include the following:


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    How To Make Your Penis Bigger

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    What To Expect From Progesterone Therapy

    We unfortunately dont have any evidence to show that progesterone causes significant changes within gender-affirming care, mostly because the studies have not been done. While the research is lacking, there are a fair amount of folks who feel that it helps with things like breast development, including rounding out the breasts and areolar development, adding fullness to the hip area, and possibly improving mood and increasing libido. It does appear to be safe based on current evidence.;

    Some risks and side effects of progesterone therapy include drowsiness, nausea, and occasional weight gain. There is also a risk of androgenizing effects because some synthetic forms of progesterone are made from hormones in the same family as testosterone. Micronized progesterone is less likely than other forms of synthetic progesterone to cause these androgenizing effects.;

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    Which Of The Following Testosterone Dosage Forms Should Not Be Used In A Transman Best Testosterone Supplements In Austin. Best Natural Testosterone Booster Tiger Fitness Where Is The Best Place To Inject Testosterone Cypionate What Does An Elevated Testosterone Level Mean. When Do You Have The Highest Testosterone Levels Does Liftong Weigts Increase Testosterone In Women.

    Best Estrogen Blocker For Men

    DIM Estrogen Blocker

    Youll find loads of products that claim to be the best estrogen blocker for men. But the truth is, most of them will contain little to no effective ingredients and will only drain your wallet.

    Trust me Ive tried many of these so-called best estrogen blockers for men. I went through at least 10 different products before I stumbled upon the best out there.

    The product I swear by is called Rebirth PCT. It is hands down the best estrogen blocker for men out there.

    I know what youre thinking what makes Rebirth stronger and more effective than the other products out there?

    Well, it is actually properly formulated and backed by science. Many estrogen blockers dont really contain any ingredients that have shown to decrease estrogen levels.;

    Rebirth contains a highly effective aromatase inhibitor called Arimistane, known for successfully lowering estrogen levels.;

    On top of that, it also has plenty of other high-quality ingredients. Youll find that it has over 2500mg of D-Aspartic Acid. And in case you arent familiar with D-Asp, heres why its so interesting

    D-Asp supplementation elevated testosterone levels to approximately 50% of the clinical range

    Yep, thats right, its actually one of the few ingredients to have shown to enhance testosterone safely. So Rebirth is pretty much a testosterone booster with estrogen blocker.

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    How To Increase Estrogen In Males

    Estrogen is a sex hormone primarily responsible for the sexual characteristics and reproductive ability of females. It is equally present in males, where it plays a role in the formation of sperm and maintenance of a healthy libido.

    Males can benefit from increased levels of estrogen under certain medical conditions, including prostate cancer, breast cancer, and schizophrenia.

    More importantly, increased estrogen in males has been successfully used in male-to-female feminizing therapy for trans-women and other genderqueer persons, to tilt their physical and sexual features in the feminine direction.

    This results in the slowing of body and facial hair growth, fat redistribution in the female shape and boosted breast growth. If youre interested in learning more about estrogen, to include how to identify and treat low estrogen, how to increase estrogen levels fast in men, women, and MTF transgender during the transition, then check out our new website;

    Estrogen in males can be increased in three primary ways:

    • Administration of synthetic estrogen preparations.
    • Diet Adjustments.
    • Lifestyle modifications.


    Prescription estrogen preparations are available for use in males. The most common estrogens used in transgender women includeestradiol and estradiol esters such as estradiol valerate and estradiol cypionate.



    Ranking The Best Estrogen Blockers Of 2021

    Estrogen blockers are supplements that counter the action of estrogen, the primary female sex hormone.

    Theyre similar to testosterone boosters except they specifically address the blocking of estrogen.

    It generally works in opposition to testosterone, meaning high levels of estrogen will cause you to gain fat, lose muscle mass, and, for men, lose their libido and sexual potency.

    None of these are good things, especially if you are looking to get stronger and perform better as an athlete. Weve combed through a huge number of supplements to come up with the best estrogen blockers on the market.


    PrimeMale attacks the causes of low androgen levels and high estrogen levels on all fronts. First, it takes care of anything that could impair your testosterone levels with a strong dose of vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc.

    Next, its got Asian ginseng, a powerful androgen booster, as well as aspartic acid, nettle root, and boron. The bioavailability of all of these ingredients is augmented by BioPerine, a proprietary black pepper extract.

    This broad-based strategy to suppress estrogen and boost androgens makes PrimeMale our top pick.

    TestoGen is a natural testosterone booster that has been getting some pretty amazing results. And yes, it is a natural T booster, but it works to block estrogen as well.

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    Effects Of Aromatase Inhibition In Obese Men

    Peripheral androgen aromatization is enhanced in subjects with increased body mass index . Massively obese men show markedly increased plasma estradiol concentrations and low testosterone concentrations . In three small studies, letrozole or testolactone has been administered to morbidly obese men to improve their testosterone levels . Treatment resulted in normalization of testosterone levels in all subjects, with a concomitant suppression of the originally increased levels of estradiol. This normalization of the estradiol/testosterone ratio might be of advantage, because of the suppressive effects of testosterone on the expression of the estrogen receptor , which in itself, in the presence of high levels of estradiol, can suppress the expression of GLUT-4, leading to insulin insensitivity . A case study describes a morbidly obese infertile man, who after a similar treatment with anastrozole showed a normalized pituitary-testis axis, spermatogenesis and fertility . However, testosterone levels will also improve on weight loss , which is the intervention of choice for obese men with or without low testosterone levels.

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