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Who Needs Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Venous Thrombosis And Hrt

How To Know If You Need Hormone Replacement Therapy

Venous thromboses are blood clots that form inside veins. Women under 50 years of age, and women aged 50 to 60, face an increased risk of venous thrombosis if they take oral HRT. The increase in risk seems to be highest in the first year or two of therapy and in women who already have a high risk of blood clots. This especially applies to women who have a genetic predisposition to developing thrombosis, who would normally not be advised to use HRT.

Limited research to date suggests the increased risk of clots is mainly related to combined oestrogen and progestogen in oral form, and also depends on the type of progestogen used. Some studies suggest a lower risk with non-oral therapy or tibolone.

What Is Known About Hormone Therapy And The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Taking combined hormone therapy can increase your risk of developing breast cancer. Here are some important findings:

  • Taking combination hormone therapy showed a rare increase of absolute risk of less than one additional case of breast cancer per 1000 person years of use.
  • There was a nonsignificant reduction in breast cancer seen in women with hysterectomies on estrogen only therapy.
  • If youve been diagnosed with breast cancer you should not take systemic hormone therapy.

Telltale Signs You Need Hormone Replacement Therapy

At different stages in our lifecycle, hormone deficiencies can cause major changes in our bodies. Although these hormone imbalances are just a natural part of the aging process, they can cause a number of negative symptoms to our everyday health. Luckily, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, also known as HRT, can help reduce many of these unwanted symptoms.

In fact, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy can improve the health of both mind and body for men and women alike. And the best part? One of the major benefits of hormone replacement therapy is that most HRT treatments can be tailored to fit your bodys individual needs.;

But, what are the signs that you need hormone replacement therapy? And how can treatment help you feel happy and healthy again?;

In this article, we are going to give you the top 5 telltale signs that you need hormone replacement therapy. We will also tell you everything you need to know about treatment and who you can go to for the best results.;

Ready to get started? Lets take a look at our first telltale sign.;

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Anti Aging With Hgh And Hcg Therapy

  • HCG causes your hypothalamus to move fat out of abnormal fat storage locations, making it available for use. Thus, your body uses calories of fat from abnormal fat stores, so you lose weight.
  • HCG maintains your normal basal metabolic rate , which is your bodys resting energy need. With calorie intake that equals your BMR, your body doesnt go into conservation mode, so you lose weight and feel good.
  • Finally, HCG resets your hypothalamus so you dont gain weight in the future. After 40 days on the diet, your body will want to stay on the diet once you stop using HCG. This way, youll be able to continue losing weight for a few days or weeks after you stop taking HCG.
  • Whether you want to get rid of chronic pain, look and feel younger, or simply increase your energy level so you can pursue your goals with renewed fervor, the team at Richardson Pain & Wellness is ready and able to help you do it. Our doctors have years of experience designing custom-made wellness plans suited to each patients individual needs and wants, ensuring that they not only feel renewed in our office but for many years to come. Best of all, our medical experts offer HGH therapy, conservative pain management, hormone therapy, medical weight loss, and anti-aging treatment to offer patients a 360°, truly integrated approach.;In men, HCG stimulates the testes, because of the hormones similarity to natural occurring LH and FSH that normally encourage testosterone and sperm production.

    Whatto Expect At Your Hormone Replacement Therapy Appointment

    5 Signs You Need Hormone Replacement Therapy

    AtPulse Health & Wellness Center, your hormone levels can bechecked to determine the level of hormone replacement therapy youneed.

    Hormonereplacement therapy is often combined with lifestyle counseling toincrease your level of exercise, modify your diet, and incorporatestress management techniques into your life.

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    Hormone Imbalances In Men

    Did you know? Hormone imbalances affect more than just women. Thats right, plenty of aging men experience extreme swings in their hormone levels as well. In fact, 20% of men experience negative hormone deficiency symptoms.;

    But, why? Let us explain;

    As men age, they can undergo a biological process called andropause. This natural process causes testosterone levels to slowly decrease and usually begins to affect men in their 40s and 50s. In many cases, men going through andropause will experience sexual dysfunction, changes in mood, and lower metabolism.

    Heres the good news: many men opt for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy , a popular treatment to eradicate many of these unwanted andropause symptoms. With BHRT, you can improve your bodys testosterone levels and feel healthier and more energetic.;

    Along with andropause and menopause symptoms, there are many other telltale signs that indicate the need for hormone replacement therapy. Lets move on to our next sign;

    What Are The Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance In Women And Men

    Signs of hormonal imbalance in females differ compared to males. Most often caused by aging, hormone replacement therapy can provide relief for many symptoms experienced by men and women. For women, the underlying reason for hormone instability usually occurs because of menopause, oophorectomy, early menopause, primary ovarian insufficiency, breast cancer, infertility, and endometrial hyperplasia. Men experience hormone fluctuations because of andropause, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism.

    In women, signs may include:

    • Hot flashes

    Men may experience symptoms like:

    • Unexplainable weight loss

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    Extreme Menopause And Andropause Symptoms

    When we talk about hormone deficiencies as we age, most of us will instantly think of menopause. For hundreds of thousands of women around the world, extreme perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause symptoms can cause a lot of discomfort in their everyday lives.

    Negative symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and even a lower metabolism are commonly caused by the gradual changes in estrogen and progesterone levels before, during, and after menopause. This is where hormone therapy can help. By restoring the bodys hormones to optimal levels, many of the negative side effects from menopause can be eliminated.;

    Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy | What you NEED to Know!

    Thyroid hormone therapy is the use of manmade thyroid hormones to raise low levels of natural thyroid hormones in the body. Thyroid hormone is usually given in pill form. Its often used to treat an underactive thyroid. This is a thyroid that secretes little or no thyroid hormones. The most commonly prescribed thyroid hormone replacement is pure synthetic thyroxine .

    Who needs thyroid hormone replacement therapy?

    Thyroid hormone therapy is prescribed when your thyroid doesnt make enough thyroid hormone naturally. This is a condition referred to as hypothyroidism. Its the most common reason people need hormone therapy. Other reasons for using thyroid hormone therapy may rarely include:

  • To control the growth of the enlarged thyroid gland
  • To control the growth of nodules on the thyroid gland
  • Treatment after the removal of the thyroid for cancerous or noncancerous disease
  • After treatment of hyperthyroidism by radioactive iodine ablation
  • How is thyroid hormone replacement therapy dosage determined?

    Healthcare providers do careful blood testing to find the best dose of hormone replacement therapy for each person.;The blood tests show levels of thyroid hormones in the blood, as well as thyroid-stimulating hormone ;released by the pituitary gland.

    To make sure that your thyroid hormone replacement works, consider the following:

  • Have routine visits with a healthcare provider.
  • Tell a healthcare provider if you have any new symptoms.
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    Herbs And Supplements During Menopause

    Many over-the-counter natural products are promoted in stores and online as helpful with menopausal symptoms. These include vitamins and soy-based and herbal products . There are also endless arrays of special blends of herbs and vitamins that claim to reduce the discomforts of menopause.

    These products are considered dietary supplements . They have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration to be sure that they work or even that they are safe. Some supplements have been tested in small clinical trials, but often the studies only looked at taking the substance for a short time , so it isnt clear how safe it would be if taken for a long time. Another concern has been applying the results of a study of a particular version and dose of a supplement to others that werent tested.

    Most of the plain herbs that are touted for menopausal symptoms carry a low risk of harm for most women, but some can interact with other drugs and/or cause unexpected problems. You should discuss herbs or supplements with your doctor before taking them.

    Well-controlled scientific studies are needed to help find out if these products work and if they are any safer than the hormone therapy drugs now in use.

    You can learn more in;Dietary Supplements: What Is Safe?

    Hrt Today; Key Points

    The balance of benefit to harm always needs to be assessed but appears to have shifted favourably for HRT. Users can be reassured provided:

    • HRT is taken for the correct reasons, i.e. to alleviate the symptoms of the menopause. It has a role in the prevention of osteoporosis but long term use is often required
    • The dose and duration of HRT use should be made on an individual basis after discussing the risks and benefits. No arbitrary limit should be set on duration of use
    • HRT users are assessed by their GP at least once a year.

    If women start HRT around the time of menopause the risk is very small and there appear to be cardiovascular and bone protective benefits. It is not usually appropriate for women over 60 to be starting HRT but as the WHI study shows, women initiating it over 60 years do not seem to be at increased risk of cardiovascular events or mortality.

    Many women seek advice on the effects of HRT on sexual activity and desire. Whilst there is no definitive answer, case studies indicate that the estrogen in HRT can help maintain or return sex drive. It will also help other menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness and pain with intercourse. If vaginal symptoms are the only problem, then the use of local vaginal estrogen or dehydroepiandrostenedione may be preferable. Separate factsheets on Sexual Health are available for download from the Womens Health Concern website.

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    What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Hormone replacement therapy means restoring hormone levels to your younger years. The best and most effective way to do this is through taking custom-made supplements.

    ;At The Riegel Center, renowned hormone specialist Dr. Riegel creates his own proprietary hormone replacement formulas using bioidentical hormones. These bioidentical hormones are precise molecular copies of your bodys natural hormones, which makes them very easy to ingest.;;

    Your body immediately accepts bioidentical hormones just as if you produced them yourself, which means they yield the same benefits as natural hormones.;

    When To See A Doctor For Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Menopause: Should you take hormone replacement therapy ...

    Menopause is a normal part of aging and most symptoms will pass on their own. Some people find them mildly uncomfortable and others find they interfere with normal living. When you begin to experience menopausal symptoms or find them unbearable, you can see a doctor to discuss how to proceed.

    If you have symptoms related to other conditions, like early menopause before age 45, or chronic period problems, abnormal periods or bleeding, or infertility, you should see your doctor to determine the cause.

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    What Does A Hormone Imbalance Do

    Hormones regulate everything sleep patterns, metabolism, hunger, etc. If you do not take care of your various bodily needs, from sleep to nutrition, you can create an imbalance in your hormones. Also, various life stages as we get older can trigger changes in our hormones.

    This imbalance can cause stress, an increased or decreased body temperature, and issues related to the reproductive system. The bodys endocrine system is so exact that even a slight imbalance in the secretion of hormones can make a big difference in how we feel.

    Who Was Involved In The Hrt Trial

    Two groups of women were involved in the HRT trial. In one group, women who had undergone hysterectomy took either estrogen or a placebo . Women in the other group were also postmenopausal but they had not undergone hysterectomy. These women took either combination HRT or a placebo. The specific brand of combination medicine used in this group was Prempro. There are other brands of combination-therapy HRT available. Only Prempro was used in this study.

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    Evaluation For Hormone Therapy

    All candidates for HT should be thoroughly evaluated with a detailed history and complete physical examination for a proper diagnosis and identification of any contraindications.

    Baseline laboratory and imaging studies before administering HT include the following:

    • Hemography

    • Fasting lipid profile

    • Blood sugar levels

    • Serum estradiol levels: In women who will be prescribed an implant and in those whose symptoms persist despite use of an adequate dose of a patch or gel

    • Serum follicle-stimulating hormone levels: To monitor women taking oral preparations for symptomatic control, especially those with premature menopause

    • Ultrasonography: To measure endometrial thickness and ovarian volume

    • Electrocardiography

    • Papanicolaou test

    • Mammography: Performed once every 2-3 years and annually after the age of 50 years

    Endometrial sampling is not required in routine practice. However, the presence of abnormal bleeding before or during HT should prompt consideration of ultrasonography to check endometrial thickness , followed by outpatient Pipelle sampling and hysteroscopy. In women with a tight cervix, formal hysteroscopy and dilation and curettage under general anesthesia are advised.

    Does It Cause Weight Gain

    What You Need to Know About Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Some people worry that hormone treatment might lead to weight gain, but there is no evidence to support this.

    Eating a healthful diet and getting plenty of exercise can help manage the weight gain that commonly affects both females and males in midlife.

    There are various ways of delivering hormone therapy, and the different types provide different combinations and amounts of hormones.Common types include:

    Estrogen-only HRT: A doctor may recommend this if a person has had their uterus and ovaries removed, in which case progesterone is not necessary.

    Cyclical, or sequential, HRT: This may be a good option if symptoms occur before menopause; the dosage can align with the menstrual cycle.

    Continuous HRT: After menopause, a doctor may prescribe a continuous combination of estrogen and progesterone.

    Local estrogen: Vaginal tablets, creams, or rings can help with urogenital symptoms, including vaginal dryness and irritation.

    The doctor will prescribe the lowest possible dosage that addresses the persons symptoms, and arriving at this dosage may take some trial and error.

    Ways of delivering HRT include:

    • tablets
    • vaginal rings
    • skin patches

    When a person no longer needs the treatment, the doctor will describe how to stop it gradually.

    Various lifestyle adjustments can help manage the symptoms of menopause.

    They include:

    Also, it is a good idea to ask the doctor about nonhormonal treatment options.

    Always speak to a doctor before using any supplements.

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    Ask Us Your Hormone Replacement Therapy Questions

    With HRT, the proper dosages of hormones can be difficult to achieve. With compounding services, you can tailor the treatment to your needs. Are you a candidate for hormone replacement therapy? Talk to your doctor today. After you are sure that HRT is right for you, get in touch with us. We work with patients and physicians to help them achieve optimal treatment.

    Contact us to learn more about how we can help. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

    Do I Need A Prescription For Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Your Questions Answered By Internal Specialist Dr Mera

    Do I need a prescription for Bioidentical Hormones Replacement Therapy?

    • Yes, bioidentical hormones are compounded prescription drugs that are produced in a specialized compounding pharmacy.;
    • Each prescription is hand made from the highest quality ingredients and made by pharmacists that specialize in formulating drugs. Since every patient is unique, the strength or the dosage form needs to be specially made to fit the individual.;

    If you have any further qestions then contact Dr Mera personally on,

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    Both Genders Can Benefit

    Estrogen hormone replacement therapy for women has been successfully used for years to beat the hot flashes, loss of bone density, and other byproducts that come with menopause, a natural but sometimes upsetting period in a womans life and health.;

    Its also clear now that men can experience symptoms associated with aging and decreased levels of testosterone. While research is not as extensive regarding the effects of waning testosterone levels for men, we do know that some men can benefit from HRT.;

    Menopausal Symptoms Treated By Hrt

    5 Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy You Need to Know

    Menopause is defined as the absence of a menstrual cycle for at least 12 consecutive months. Its a normal part of aging in women that occurs because their sex hormone levels decline. The ovaries also stop releasing egg cells, which means that women cant get pregnant anymore.

    Most women experience menopause during their 40s or 50s, but around 1% of women go through premature menopause even if they havent reached 40 yet. Women usually start noticing changes in their bodies about a few months or years before they reach menopause. These symptoms are caused by hormone deficiency in the body, which is why most doctors recommend HRT to help patients relieve pain and discomfort.

    Want to find out if youre a candidate for HRT? Here are eight menopause symptoms that tell you to start considering hormone replacement therapy:

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