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Women’s Hormone Imbalance Test

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Men And Estrogen: What You Need To Know

Hormone Imbalance and Saliva Testing | Coyle Institute

Estrogen is known primarily as a female hormone that helps regulate menstrual cycles, yet the hormone plays a bigger role in mens health than most people realize. Men produce small amounts of estrogen as part of their normal functioning male reproductive system, along with the male hormone testosterone. As they age, less testosterone is produced.

Yet questions are beginning to emerge as to what specific part estrogen plays in male development, especially as a man ages. Once largely ignored, estrogen levels in men are now under the microscope as researchers are trying to determine this hormones role in men and how it affects the bodys different hormone levels.

A decrease in estrogen, for example, may be a factor in fat accumulation in men as well as women. One endocrinologist at Harvard Medical School reported in a 2013 study that some of the symptoms of testosterone deficiency in males, including a decline in libido, were at least partially caused by lower estrogen production.

Hormone Replacement Therapy What Men Should Know

Many think of menopause and hormone replacement, as the period when women suffer of hot flashes. But it turns out that men, too, experience effects of fluctuating hormones. Some even reported symptoms that are very similar to those of women who are in the stages of pre and full-blown menopause.

It has long been debated whether such a condition actually exist and how it could be affecting men. All this debate led to labeling the whole hormonal changes in men period as low testosterone. Sometimes it is called male menopause. Most experts agree that it is the result of a gradual decline in hormones, including testosterone and DHEA, due primarily to aging. Typically, testosterone levels in men begin to decline between the ages of 25 and 50, with up to a 50 percent reduction by the time a male reaches his 60s. However, some men can witness a simultaneous spike in their estrogen hormone levels.

Blood Hormone Test Results

A blood test for hormones will produce exact levels of tested hormones in a womans blood as well as the normal reference range for those specific hormones, both of which will be analyzed by a licensed medical doctor to confirm or rule out a hormonal imbalance.

Because hormone levels fluctuate on a regular basis, each of the 200 identified hormones and hormone-like substances has its own normal accepted range as well as the best time of the month to test for it.

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Everlywell Testosterone Test Best For Mens Sexual Health

This at-home testosterone test kit is a basic option for men. It measures your free testosterone or the amount of testosterone that isnt attached to proteins in the blood.

Testosterone is important for male sexual health. It plays a role in libido and erectile function. But it also affects muscle mass, bone density, weight, mood, energy, and hair growth.Everlywells Testosterone Test can check for testosterone deficiency and excessive testosterone levels in men.

Key Features:

  • A CLIA-certified lab analyzes your salive samples
  • Digital results are sent directly to your PC or mobile device
  • Rates your testosterone as low, normal, or high
  • Provides lifestyle changes so you can naturally improve your testosterone
  • You can discuss the test results with your doctor
  • Privacy meets HIPAA compliance

If you want a more complete alternative to this home testosterone test, we recommend Everlywells Mens Health Test .

What Is A Female Hormone Panel

Statistics for Female Hormonal Imbalance in 2020

The Female Hormone Panel is a series of tests designed to assess the hormone levels in women, which can be useful in determining whether or not a patient is beginning menopause, or in cases of infertility, what deficiencies might exist that could point to a medical cause. Many of the tests offered by Private MD not only evaluate a patient for hormone levels, but also check a patients general health in order to provide comprehensive results on other internal abnormalities that could be causing symptoms related to a condition outside of menopause.

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How Can I Balance Back My Hormones

If you have been diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance, your doctor can advise you on ways of bringing your body back into proper balance. Typical treatments for improved hormonal balance include hormone replacement therapy and lifestyle changes, such as dietary changes, stress management and exercise. In the case of thyroid dysfunction, medications and/or surgical intervention may be necessary to restore health levels of thyroid hormones.

Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones

Most natural remedies for hormonal imbalance in females can be found in widely available supplements. Many people also experience relief from certain lifestyle changes, including:

Hormones have a great role in many processes in our bodies. As weve seen, disruptions of these hormones can cause a variety of symptoms. Sometimes, a hormonal imbalance can have several serious effects. If you seek treatment as soon as possible, youll have the best chance of managing any complications.


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Hormonal Imbalance And Men

You may think that women are the ones facing hormonal imbalances. But this is not the case. Men, as well as womens bodies, produce several hormones that are essential for wellbeing. One very well-known male hormone is testosterone. But, did you know that men, also, produce estrogen? Testosterone is mainly produced in the testicles and, a small amount is produced in the adrenal glands. It is responsible for ones manly characteristics, such as:

  • Facial and Body Hair
  • Muscle and Bone Density

It also stimulates the production of sperm and affects your desire for sex. It also plays a major role in the way one gains weight and, how and where the body will end up accumulating these fat cells. Finally, red blood cells production is linked to testosterone levels.

Estrogen is made from testosterone with the help of an enzyme known as aromatase. As you age, not only do your testosterone levels naturally drop, but your estrogen levels go up simultaneously. The loss of testosterone with age is referred to by some professionals as andropause male menopause.

However, testosterone levels can drop, even in young men, from several causes, such as:

  • Injuries to Scrotum or Testicles
  • Testicular Cancer

In fact, one study has shown that 30 percent of men who were overweight had low testosterone, as opposed to only 6.4 percent of men of normal weight. Another study found 24.5 percent of diabetic men having low testosterone as opposed to 12.6 percent of non-diabetic men.

Cortisol Imbalance

Can Your Hormones Make You Feel Sick

Everywell Women’s Health Test| Worth it?| Hormonal Imbalances| Results| What’s Next?|

Yes. Everyone feels sick every now and then, but hormone imbalances can make you feel sick frequently. If you experience symptoms that may be caused by a hormone problem, seek medical assistance.

You can learn more about other topics on health, wellness, and sexual and reproductive health at now.

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Female Hormone Imbalance Saliva Test

Many hormone imbalances can be missed if comprehensive testing is not run. For example, many practitioners will not screen women for testosterone because it is considered a male dominant hormone. In fact, testosterone is the most common hormone imbalance in women.

Why Saliva Hormone Testing?

The reason why you want to run the salivary hormone test is simple. Most of the contents of the blood end up in the saliva, including female hormones. However, there is one important difference between the hormones in the blood vs. the hormones in saliva. Most female hormones in the blood are tightly bound to proteins and only hormones that are not bound can do their job and have an impact on your body. What is great about hormone saliva testing is that the salivary glands do the unbinding for you. The saliva sample gives you accurate levels of female hormones that ultimately impact your system.

11 Sample Female Hormone Saliva Test

This female hormone saliva test also tests hormone levels throughout your entire cycle. This map is important because it can reveal hormone imbalances that may otherwise be missed when testing just one sample. The information gathered is also used to give in-depth details information on breast cancer risk, infertility, and more.

Whats Being Tested:

  • Estradiol / Estrogen

Common Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalances

Heres the thing: Hormonal imbalances can have a lot of symptoms and they can have a lot of different symptoms, depending on which ones are at the root of your issues. Those symptoms may seem muddled or initially unrelated, and theyre not always related to hormones at all.

Hormones can cause so many symptoms, but that doesnt mean theyre always the cause of your symptoms, Dr. Batur says, so its really important to be seen by a doctor for an individualized assessment. Here are some common symptoms of hormonal imbalances in women and what they might signify.

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Treatment Of Hormonal Imbalances

A primary healthcare provider can diagnose hormonal imbalances, but the management is generally planned by specialist doctors known as endocrinologists.

Treatment generally depends on what is causing the hormonal imbalance and whether the hormone is too much or too little.

Hormone replacement therapy is the primary treatment if your hormone levels are below normal. Depending on which hormone is deficient, you may use either an injection or oral medication .

Depending on the underlying cause, there are numerous treatment options if your hormone levels are higher than usual. Medication, surgery, radiation therapy, or a combination of any of these are available options.

Some common treatment modalities are mentioned below:

Why Take A Womens Hormone Test

Saliva Women

A hormone level test can tell you a lot about your bodyâs well-being. The test results can point you to a hormone imbalance, which can affect your health. This is because hormones regulate many vital functions in the body by acting as âchemical messengers.â So out-of-balance hormones can disrupt your bodyâs normal, healthy functioningâand result in a variety of symptoms.

For example, if your thyroid-stimulating hormones are out of balance, you might experience hormone imbalance symptoms like fatigue, cold sensitivity, irregular periods, dry skin, thinning hair, and more.

Or if your steroid hormones are imbalanced, you could have symptoms like increased body fat, lowered sex drive, loss of strength, and so on.

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What Hormones Should Be Tested

1. Estrogen: The ovaries produce most of a womans estrogen. This hormone is responsible for the physical changes that occur at puberty, including the start of menstruation. Estrogen also helps regulate the menstrual cycle, is important for fertility, helps control cholesterol, protects bone health, and affects the brain, heart, and other tissues. The body may make too much or too little estrogen, and women may take in estrogen through birth control pills or HRT.

The body makes three main types of estrogen:

A: Estradiol This hormone plays an important role in female reproduction. During menstruation, estradiol levels increase, causing the maturation and release of an egg and the thickening of the uterine lining in preparation for implantation of the fertilized egg. Estradiol levels decrease as women age and especially during menopause.

B: Estriol A positive, mild-acting form of estrogen that is measured to aid control of hormone replacement therapy in menopausal women.

C. Estrone Is a type of estrogen produced by the ovaries, and its role is less well understood. It is found in higher levels in postmenopausal women. It is possible that low estrone levels may be linked to the development of osteoporosis and menopausal symptoms, as these are associated with too little estrogen hormone.

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Your Female Hormone Test List: The Results Are In

Theres likely no best method when it comes to evaluating your hormone levels. Dried blood-spot and dried urine testing are likely the preferred methods when you want multiple measurements of your hormone levels, such as in cycle mapping. This can be useful in evaluating menstrual abnormalities and non-specific symptoms of a hormonal imbalance.

These are also the preferred methods for women on hormone-replacement therapy, as they can measure hormone metabolites. However, these tests can be expensive and time-consuming, and arent necessarily indicated in all situations.

If youre looking for a quick, inexpensive, and accurate way to diagnose an endocrine or reproductive disorder, serum blood testing is likely a safe bet. Furthermore, certain methods like saliva testing arent suitable for young women, but can be very helpful in diagnosing infertility.

In short, there is no one size fits all option when it comes to hormone testing, and its best to speak with your healthcare provider about which method is best for you. If youre considering hormone testing, and would like assistance in addressing the root cause of your chronic health symptoms, reach out to our functional medicine clinic today.


What Are The Different Types Of Hormones


Endocrine glands are located throughout the body. These glands include the:

  • Hypothalamus: controls thirst, hunger, sleep, sex drive, moods, body temperature, and the release of other hormones
  • Parathyroid: controls calcium
  • Thymus: controls the adaptive immune system
  • Pancreas: controls blood sugar levels
  • Thyroid: controls heart rate and calorie burn
  • Adrenal: controls stress and sex drive
  • Pituitary: controls growth
  • Ovaries, in women: controls female sex hormones
  • Testes, in men: controls male sex hormones

There are several different types of hormones in the body. When you have a hormonal imbalance, you may have a problem in one of more of these glands. The specific hormone thats imbalanced will determine the signs and symptoms that you experience as a result. Some of the major hormones found in the body include:

  • Estrogen: controls sex drive in both men and women, and regulates the menstrual cycle in women
  • Progesterone: influences the bodys changes through pregnancy
  • Testosterone: controls sex drive in both men and women
  • Cortisol: controls stress
  • Melatonin: controls the bodys circadian rhythm and sleep cycles
  • Serotonin: controls sleep cycles, appetite, and mood
  • Growth hormone: controls the reproduction of cells and their subsequent growth
  • Leptin: controls appetite, signaling when youre full
  • Ghrelin: controls appetite, signaling when youre hungry
  • Insulin: responds to sugar in the bloodstream

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How We Chose At

When researching at-home hormone tests, we read online reviews to determine the best tests on the market. We also ensure that people who work for these services are licensed, and each test is analyzed in a certified lab.

In addition, we also considered the available research that supports each test, the companys reputation, and their marketing processes. We review products and services periodically to be sure they continue to meet standards set out in our vetting process.

LetsGetChecked has an average 4.3-star rating, with over 8,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Customers praise LetsGetCheckeds customer service, easy instructions, and fast results.

The company carries a variety of tests for hormones, sexually transmitted infections, and overall wellness. Of the options, LetsGetChecked offers two thyroid tests targeting various biomarkers.

The basic Thyroid Test tests for biomarkers like TSH, fT4, and fT3 three core components to look at when evaluating thyroid function. The biomarkers can help diagnose conditions like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

The Thyroid Antibody Test goes a step further to test thyroid antibodies that can provide information on damage to the thyroid. The test measures TSH, fT4, fT3, thyroglobulin antibodies, and thyroid peroxidase antibodies.

Results are typically received in 2 to 5 days, and nurses are available to discuss results and answer questions 24/7.

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Introduction To Laboratory Tests

Laboratory tests seek to answer questions raised by doctors after talking with and examining the patient. For example: How can I confirm the diagnosis? Are related illnesses present? Is the treatment working? Are side-effects present?

Laboratory tests are usually carried out on samples such as blood, dried blood spots on a card, saliva, single urine samples and 24-hour urine collections. The type of sample will depend on what is being measured, the accuracy required and/or the age of the patient. Once the sample is taken, the patient does not need to be present for the results to be produced.

The results of hormone tests when healthy vary in response to natural pressures such as food, drink, rest, exercise and the menstrual cycle, which can make results in health and disease overlap. In dynamic tests doses of hormones, drugs, glucose and natural pressures such as exercise or restriction of water intake, are used to control the influences on results and make them more predictable.

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How To Test Cortisol Levels

Cortisol levels are measured with lab tests. These may be blood tests, which measure levels of the hormone in the bloodstream, or saliva tests, which measure cortisol levels in a saliva sample. Cortisol testing is typically done early in the morning, when levels are normally highest. Often, to produce the most accurate results, testing is repeated in the afternoon of the same day. Cortisol testing is often done in conjunction with ACTH level tests, since this pituitary gland hormone works to regulate cortisone levels. ACTH tests measure levels of the hormone in the bloodstream.

Getting tested can be done through your health care provider, who can order your tests for you, take your blood or saliva samples or send you to a lab to have them done. Then, your provider will let you know your results once they are delivered to his or her office.

You can also order these lab tests yourself online or over the phone from independent testing services, like Health Testing Centers. Ordering your own tests is generally less expensive, since you skip the cost of an office visit, and more efficient, since the results are delivered directly to you.

However, it is important to note that if your tests show that your cortisol and/or ACTH levels are abnormal too high or too low following up on those results with a visit to your healthcare provider is essential. Abnormal levels of these important hormones require further examination and testing.

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