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Hormone And Antibiotic Free Chicken

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Organic Meat Delivery & More: Us Wellness Meats

Progressoâs Journey to Antibiotic Free Chicken Soup

U.S. Wellness Meats is an online purveyor that sells grass-fed and humanely-raised beef, lamb, bison, free-range poultry and wild-caught seafood. Other specialty items that are available for purchase include raw honey, butter, cheese, bone broth and organic produce.

They also sell a variety of ready-to-eat meals, which include pre-cooked items such beef short ribs and barbecue shredded beef. In addition, the company offers keto-friendly, sugar-free meats such as bacon, meatballs, jerky and sausage.

U.S. Wellness Meats believes in going back to the original roots of farming. For this reason, all of their products are sourced from small, sustainable family farms. Doing this helps to eliminate big-business farming practices that have a harmful impact on animals, the environment, and our health.

To conclude, although grass-fed and organic meat can be hard to find, there truly are top-notch meat delivery services available. You just have to do a bit of research and then sign up for one that suits your preferences. This will enable you to have easy access to high-quality meat, no matter where you live!

Where Can You Buy Beef Without Hormones

The truth is that you cant. You cannot buy beef without hormones because you cannot buy any food without hormones. Fruit, veg, meat, milk, eggs, nuts everything we eat comes from a living plant or animal. And ALL living things need hormones to survive and grow, making it impossible to buy beef without hormones.

Now, that being said, you can buy beef that has been raised without added hormones. Wait. What?! What exactly are these added hormonesyou speak of? And why are they used to raise beef if hormones are already naturally occurring?

Well, Im glad you asked! Why? Because Im a mom. And as a mom, I completely understand questioning everything, especially when it comes to providing for your fam. That being said

Added hormones are, as the term suggests, added hormones.

But to be more specific, added hormones are steroids. Naturally occurring steroids such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can be can given to cattle via small pellets called implants.

This is an illustration of the true size of an actual implant. Tiny, right? Also illustrated here is how my husbands hands look after a long day of ranch work before he washes.

If a farmer or rancher chooses to use implants, they carefully place the implant just under the skin on the back side of the animals ear. Once the implant has been placed, it begins to release the steroids over time, promoting lean muscle growth.

Why use them in the first place?

Thats great, but is the beef safe?

True story.

Even Our Cleaning Is Organic

All of the cleaning agents in our processing area are organic certified. And all of our processing procedures are certified organic too no chlorine or other toxic chemical disinfectants are used anywhere around your meat.

The water that we use to chill the chicken is ultraviolet treated. UV light kills bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals or bleaches that are often used to clean water.

Our small chicken processing facility ensures that organic integrity is maintained and upheld through all phases of processing. And that allows you to trust that your Whispering Meadows chicken is as healthy, natural and safe as it can be.

Heres how to get your chicken

We deliver your naturally-raised meats frozen, right to your door, anywhere in Southern Ontario. Farther afield, we can also send your order frozen to shipping terminals around the province.

Another option is to meet us at one of our weekly group drop-off points, free of charge. If you select a pick-up option at checkout, well be in touch to arrange a time for you to meet us there.

You can also choose how you want your chicken prepared:

The finished chickens come frozen, packaged and labeled in clear freezer bags.

You can order each chicken either whole, or pre-cut.

Each WHOLE chicken comes sealed, skin on, with the neck, feet, and organs removed. They each weigh an average of 3.4 pounds, ± 510%.

  • 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts,
  • 2 boneless skinless thighs,

chicken stock

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Taste The Difference: Benefits Of Local Hormone

One thing is for sure: people are hungry for change, not just food at good prices. We dont only see meat on our dinner plates anymore demand for livestock to be cared for humanely is increasing across the board. Chicken, the staple of all staples, is no exception. Poultry production has changed a great deal over the last decade, expanding to accommodate evolving perspectives and tastes. DArcys is a leader in this field by being a champion and retailer of local, hormone-free, antibiotic-free chicken.


DArcys chicken is locally sourced from nearby poultry farms. This means we know our farmers and they know us. We have a real relationship with the people that tend the chickens that we sell and we aim to keep it that way. Local means supporting a member of your community. Local means less greenhouses gases created by large-scale shipping. Local means you are making a statement on where you want your food to come from and how you want it to be handled.


Performance enhancing drugs are banned from all sports and pastimes, so why would we want them anywhere near our food? DArcys only sells hormone-free chicken. Chickens raised without hormones age and grow naturally, instead of bloated for more meat and a quicker trip to your table. Support a more biologically appropriate and humane method of poultry production by choosing hormone-free meat exclusively.


Is Organic Chicken Really Better For You A Nutritionist Weighs In

Local Chicken Bones

If chicken is on your grocery list which wouldn’t be too surprising considering the average American eats over 93 pounds of chicken each year it might be time to take a closer look at that package label.

Many people often have a go-to package of poultry, whether it’s skinless, organic breasts, pre-frozen tenders or a whole bird for roasting, but with ever-expanding options lining the poultry aisle, it really does pay to pay attention to what you’re buying.

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Will The Antibiotics Harm Me

Antibiotics are used globally by the livestock industry to prevent and treat infectious bacterial diseases, the Singapore Food Agency said on its website.

Nonetheless, poultry treated with antibiotics may not be processed for food until a specified withdrawal period has been observed to allow antibiotic residues to be sufficiently cleared from the system.

The SFA prescribes maximum residue levels so that we know the chicken we buy is safe for consumption, said William Chen, the director of Nanyang Technological Universitys food science and technology programme.

There is a strict inspection scheme to ensure that drug residues do not exceed those levels, the professor added.

Just last month, the SFA suspended the import of live chickens from a farm in Malaysia after detecting drug residues exceeding MRLs in samples collected from a consignment of the farms chickens.

All imported and local food products are subject to regular inspections and sampling, including for harmful bacteria.

The chances of antibiotic-resistant bacteria going into chicken flesh are also very low, as these bacteria are typically found in the birds digestive system, said Chen.

When we properly cook the chicken, all the bacteria whether theyre antibiotic-resistant or not will be killed off. So consumers shouldnt be overly worried about eating chicken bought from the supermarket or wet market.

Best With Instructions: Marx Foods

What sets the Marx Foods site apart from its peers is the level of guidance youll get with your purchase. Between the test kitchen, the recipes, and the culinary techniques on their website, its a pretty sure bet youll find help cooking the food you buy, whether youre looking for a recipe for wild boar or youre wondering how to properly trim your meat.

Besides a ridiculously wide range of meat products, including camel for the most adventurous, youll also find fruits, vegetables, cheese, and even edible flowers. If youre looking for something really special, you can even find fresh truffles to finish off your perfect steak.

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Major Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Antibiotic

With the rise in living standards that we enjoy today, many of us have become more aware of the food that were putting into our body. But besides the usual call to eat more organic produce, there has been a greater demand for antibiotic-free meats such as chicken!

Since chicken is such a widely consumed source of protein, it only makes sense that consumers are concerned about what goes into our flightless friends. To shed some light on the benefits of eating antibiotic-free chicken, weve listed these main reasons below!

Protects Immune Systems

Historically, many conventionally farmed animals have been given human antibiotics as part of the rearing process. This, of course, is alarming due to the sensitive nature of antibiotic consumption. A simple solution many farms and regulatory bodies have come up with is to state that the livestock is not fed any antibiotics that are medically important to humans.

But dont be fooled, there can be a far cry from consuming antibiotic-free chicken and chicken that just dont consume those specific antibiotics. This is because studies have shown that resistance genes dont discriminate between the types of antibiotics you consume, and exposure to one type can still create resistance to another.

Bacteria in Animals

More Demand Means More Supply

Antibiotic-Free Chicken Singapore

  • Fresh From Farm Daily

Are Chickens Administered Growth Hormones In Australia

Zorabian Chicken. 100% Safe Antibiotic & Hormone Free.

Australian chickens are not fed hormones, nor are they administered hormones in any other way. Their rapid growth occurs naturally due to improvements in selective breeding and optimal nutrition developed over the last 60 years or so. Independent tests and surveys confirm that Australian chicken meat is free of added hormones.

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Raised Without Drugs Antibiotics Or Artificial Growth Hormones

Antibiotics have been used routinely to raise chickens since the 1940s, when it was discovered that including antibiotics into their feeds makes the chickens grow faster, and reduces feed costs for the farmer.

But as food safety is growing in everyones awareness, the dangers of creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria and of eating antibiotic residues are causing major concerns. Our health management protocols ensure that your chicken is never given antibiotics at any point in its lifetime.

There are also many other drugs that are commonly used as growth promoters in chickens. We believe that our food should remain free of these kinds of drugs, and be raised as naturally as possible for our health and wellbeing.

So Whispering Meadows chicken is 100% free of antibiotics, drugs and synthetic hormones. And it always will be.

Are We Actually Eating Antibiotics In Chicken Meat

This is a common question we get, based on a common misconception. We recently created a series of short videos to explain about this and some other concerns we hear about antibiotic use in the chicken industry. Check them out!

The first video in the series tackles the residue versus resistance question. Despite some information out there, chicken is not full of antibiotics and does not contain antibiotic residues.

This is because Canada has strict regulations on how much time passes between when an animal is last treated with antibiotics and when it is sent to the processing plant. Its called a withdrawal period and it ensures that residues arent in the meat. Withdrawal periods are inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and there hasnt been an issue with residues in chicken meat in Canada in decades.

So if you buy chicken labelled Raised without the use of antibiotics this means that no antibiotics were given to the chicken during its lifetime. But remember that all Canadian chicken is free of antibiotic residues.

Resistance is a different issue entirely, and that is explained in the second video.

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Why Are Premium Chickens So Costly

A bromelain-fed chicken costs about S$19 per kilogramme, while a cage-free corn-fed and soya-fed chicken costs about S$23/kg. A 100 per cent free-roaming, organic chicken costs S$42/kg.

They cost a premium because antibiotic growth promoters are usually not administered to them, so they take longer to reach the ideal size for slaughter.

For example, it takes at least 56 days for a free-range chicken and 81 days for an organic one, compared to 40-odd days for a broiler chicken.

Then there is the amount of space given. Organic chickens get the most space, at about 10 chickens per square metre free-range chickens at about 12 chickens per sq m and conventional broilers at about 17 chickens per sq m.

WATCH: The full episode Is free-range chicken better for you?

Some premium chickens are also fed with slightly more premium feeds, like corn, soya, organic feed, brown rice and probiotics.

Organic Meat & Sustainable Seafood Delivery: Thrive Market

Antibiotic &  Hormone Free Whole Chicken  Beretta Farms

Thrive Market is an impressive online retailer that sells healthy, organic food at wholesale prices. I like to think of it like Amazon meets Costco meets Whole Foods .

Thrive Markets organic meat selection includes 100% grass-fed beef, certified free-range chicken and pasture-raised pork. All of their meat is directly sourced from family-owned farms and is completely free of antibiotics and hormones. Their seafood selection includes sustainable, wild-caught seafood like fish, shrimp, sea scallops, crab and lobster.

Their meat and seafood gets delivered to you in a bundled box, which you have many different options for. For example, you can get a single-animal protein box, such as the Thrive Market Free-Range Organic Chicken Breasts Box. Or you can order a curated variety pack, such as the Thrive Market Meat Sampler, which contains chicken, beef and pork. You can also build and customize your own meat and/or seafood box, if you would rather pick and choose items yourself.

If you want to order anything from Thrive Market, you will need to sign up for a Thrive Market membership. And if you use the link below, you will get an exclusive bonus when you join:

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Chicken Stock And Bone Broth

We take the bones from our organic chickens and pasture-raised cattle, and simmer them for 24 hours with organic vegetables and seasonings, to produce what we think is the richest, most flavourful, and nutrient-packed stock & broth you can buy anywhere.

Chicken stock and bone broth have been known for their health benefits for thousands of years, by almost every traditional culture. They are both excellent sources of collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, gelatin, amino acids, minerals, and other compounds supporting the health of your muscles, joints, hair, nails, and skin.

What Do Chicken Package Labels Really Mean

Since terms like “healthy” and “all natural” are not regulated by the government or any authoritative industry , Taub-Dix said consumers should ignore the jargon and look out for the following phrases when shopping for chicken:

  • Antibiotic free: There are stringent Federal Drug Administration and United States Department of Agriculture regulations that ensure all chickens are weaned from antibiotics well before they’re sent to be processed, packaged and delivered to grocery stores and butchers. However, according to the World Health Organization, the use of antibiotics in animals at any time during their lifecycle is contributing to the risk of superbugs and harmful bacteria that can cause deadly illnesses in humans who eat them. In November 2017, the WHO revised its guidelines on antibiotic usage related to animals being raised for food. The new guidelines recommend “that farmers and the food industry stop using antibiotics routinely to promote growth and prevent disease in healthy animals” and “aim to help preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics that are important for human medicine by reducing usage in animals. If avoiding livestock that have been administered antibiotics is important to you, double check that the package label reads “antibiotic-free” or has a USDA Organic label.

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What Is Hormone Free Beef

Hormone free beef is beef from cattle that have not been treated with hormones. The use of hormones in the agricultural industry has become more and more popular over the last few decades, especially for cows who are used to produce milk.

The hormone estrogen can be injected into a cows body so they produce more milk than normal, but this is harmful to their health because it reduces bone mass. If you want to avoid eating meat from animals that have been given artificial hormones, then buy hormone-free beef!

What Does It Mean For A Chicken To Be Raised Without Antibiotics

Jamaican Poultry Operators go Antibiotic Free | TVJ Business Day

When animals are raised without antibiotics, it means that they have not been given antibiotics through their feed, water, or injections. Opting for meat and poultry raised without antibiotics is an important step in preventing the public health crisis that antibiotic resistance would become in the future.

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What Is The Future Of Poultry Farming

There is a growing number of poultry farmers in Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries who are switching to farming without the use of antibiotic growth promoters, and on a larger scale, said Sim.

This is to give consumers a healthier choice in terms of good-quality protein.

His chickens even roam in barns with piped music, namely classical music.

Its a way to promote a calmer and less stressful environment. If they dont feel so much stress, they grow up healthier and their meat is a bit tenderer, he said.

Watch this episode of Talking Point here. New episodes on Channel 5 every Thursday at 9.30pm.

Cheaper Meat Can Mean Better Flavor

While chicken breasts are loved by those looking to lighten up their lunches, dark meat shouldn’t be totally forgotten.

According to Taub-Dix, thighs and drumsticks have a higher concentration of myoglobin, which is basically the red pigment that makes the meat darker. Myoglobin is found in the muscles that are used more frequently when the chicken is alive and therefore are higher in fat, cholesterol and calories, but these parts are also richer in the essential mineral iron.

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